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  • Published on May 11, 2022
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Comments • 284

  • Me Shave
    Me Shave 15 days ago +7

    Well done Biniam🇪🇷 No matter what position you’re in!! But still Roaring like a Lion💪

  • Bes Santo
    Bes Santo 16 days ago +85

    For Bini to finish up there with those 3 fast men is so impressive 👏🏿

    • Doom Monger
      Doom Monger 15 days ago +1

      @keren7 He was never alone out in front leading the rest of the sprinters.

    • keren7
      keren7 16 days ago +1

      Immagine.. Bini was left alone the last 1km..

    • Sean
      Sean 16 days ago +4

      @Doom Monger Well their 3rd last man got taken out of it so i cant blame them. Cav probably could have launched a bit later aswell

    • Doom Monger
      Doom Monger 16 days ago +7

      Well Cav is 37, a prime Cav would smoke all these sprinters. His team left the old man dangling at the front far to soon.

  • Matt Abraham
    Matt Abraham 16 days ago +31

    More than anything, I'm so proud of the consistency from Ghirmay !!!

    • T. Rick
      T. Rick 15 days ago

      Girmay sew close again!

    • Dan Mc
      Dan Mc 16 days ago +1

      Yes, but it looked like the Quickstep train got taken out by riders pulling off the front, then Morkov worked hard to get Cav near the front and had little left, so Cav launched early. The train was on the right, and the race was on the left.

  • Charlie Dillon
    Charlie Dillon 16 days ago +14

    Biniam actually had two teammates leading him out and they sat up at 1km to go and left him to wheel surf to another 4th place.

    • Asier Teklit
      Asier Teklit 16 days ago

      Yes u r great point raised

    • keren7
      keren7 16 days ago +1

      They should have brought him till 500m... They dont have great lead out riders.

  • Tedros Mehari
    Tedros Mehari 16 days ago +14

    Well done Bini Grmay we so proud of you brother!!!

  • lom
    lom 16 days ago +14

    Bini we proud of you boy. It is dream to us to complete in sprint with Mark. Way to gooooo!

  • Red Lobster Skull
    Red Lobster Skull 16 days ago +39

    Cav did a great lead out for Demare/Ewan.

    • Tony Baihao
      Tony Baihao 14 days ago

      @David James Oh come on ! I don't have to list EVERY SINGLE incident which happened in this Giro. I'm simply talking about a recurring incident, but this doesn't mean it is the only one that I saw. I know the Quick-Step train was hampered too, by Davide Cimolai, if that's what you want to hear.

    • David James
      David James 15 days ago +1

      @Tony Baihao well since Demare won he can hardly have any complaint. But if you want to ignore what else goes wrong in the race, except when it involves Cav, then you're entitled to your blinkered opinion.

    • Tony Baihao
      Tony Baihao 15 days ago +1

      @David James I would only blame Morkov for not moving out of the way and blocking Démare. At least Cavendish didn't win this time, so I won't complain much more.

    • David James
      David James 16 days ago +1

      He was left with no choice after Cofidis took out his train. It meant Morkov had to work harder and do a longer stint and Cav had to go earlier. If the moron from Cofidis (not sure who it was) hadn't wandered across the sprinting line like a novice Cav would have been left with a 2 man lead out and Morkov taking him to the line. I'm not saying Cav would definitely have won as Demare and Ewan were both up for it, but Quickstep weren't really to blame here.

    BYAN UTEG 16 days ago +3

    Binyam this is so good for you and your team make it history please.
    We’re so proud of you the whole nation in number is nine but one ☝️ nation.

  • Pinoy Cycling Network
    Pinoy Cycling Network 16 days ago +5

    That was really close.. congrats to Demar. The confidence of true sprinter is back.

  • Daniel Grigg
    Daniel Grigg 15 days ago

    I can't explain how happy I was when Morkov won Olympic gold, after all the work he got through for Bennett and Cavendish the last couple of years.

  • NwSahil Mountains
    NwSahil Mountains 16 days ago +34

    🇪🇷 We still Super Proud 4th place in the Biggest Race 🇪🇷🚴🚴🚴 3of'em .... for Now

    MARITN FIAY 15 days ago

    I love how the team now protects Biniam 👍🏽

  • Zeg Dagmawi
    Zeg Dagmawi 16 days ago +29

    There are still another 14 stages to go. This year's Giro d'Italia will be one of the most exciting and memorable in cycling history. At the end of this grueling sport, there is no doubt a new era of cycling will usher. Best wishes to all cyclists and their fans, of course, I am Bini Girmay's fan.

    • Mulondo Kalemera
      Mulondo Kalemera 15 days ago

      @Queen1516 They are so irritating. They are everywhere with their non-knowledgeable comments.

    • Mulondo Kalemera
      Mulondo Kalemera 15 days ago

      @keren7 You can support without being irritating. The Slovenians were not like that when Roglic came onto the stage.

    • Queen1516
      Queen1516 15 days ago

      @Mulondo Kalemera let the guy enjoy the giro for heavens sake dont have to get worked up

    • keren7
      keren7 16 days ago

      @Mulondo Kalemera .. For us Eritreans it is the most exciting.. As Bini and other 2 eritreans are participating for the first time..just be happy for us :)

    • Mulondo Kalemera
      Mulondo Kalemera 16 days ago

      @zecliff leaf Don't say things you don't understand. You can't claim this is the most exciting Giro when you've never watched it or know nothing about the tours' history.

  • László Blue
    László Blue 16 days ago

    Egészen elképesztő!
    Hajrá Attila, Barna, Erik! :-D

  • lom
    lom 16 days ago +5

    What a sprint? Good team lead out intermacheWG today and putted Bini in good position.

  • corcoranger
    corcoranger 16 days ago

    Great to hear King Kelly's observations, thank you!

  • Life is Good
    Life is Good 16 days ago +7

    Bini we Eritreans and Africans are proud of you.

  • Nicholas W.
    Nicholas W. 16 days ago

    Thanks for posting the race in it's full length!

  • Angosom Yigzaw
    Angosom Yigzaw 16 days ago +17

    Well done Binyam Grmay👍👌

  • Pier G
    Pier G 16 days ago

    What a Sprint !!!

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo 8 days ago

    What a Sprint !!!

  • Thuthukani Ndlovu
    Thuthukani Ndlovu 16 days ago +16

    They actually crossed the line at the same time!

  • Highlights Est_Afro!
    Highlights Est_Afro! 16 days ago +28

    4th place! 💪🏾 You've got that down pat! Ghirmay~ 🇪🇷 ሓበን ሃገር!

  • MrMattie725
    MrMattie725 16 days ago +2

    Is Gaviria out of the race yet? What was that?
    The Cofidis rider was questionable but we also don't like it when they just stop in the middle of the road. But Gaviria is just pushing multiple riders at 60kph.

  • Senait Tesfamariam
    Senait Tesfamariam 16 days ago +4

    Congratulations BINIAM Girmay 🎉🎉keep it up the Amazing job 👏 Bini you are Star 🌟 🌏💙💙🌴

  • Cool Dog
    Cool Dog 16 days ago +1

    Damn that should have been Ewan's with a proper throw but fair play to Demare!

  • Philippe Marchand4431
    Philippe Marchand4431 16 days ago +29

    Deamrre wins was better at bike throwing. Might be just that he has longer arms!!

    • bahaman
      bahaman 16 days ago +4

      The way he came back, take over Ewan from the last 70m, he was just the best today and that is well deserved

  • MG
    MG 16 days ago

    Working hard together one team one winning 🏆

  • Abraham Mehari
    Abraham Mehari 16 days ago +1

    Bini anbesa I’m so proud of you amazing sprint with constantly wins

  • Rodrigo Abreu
    Rodrigo Abreu 16 days ago

    Amazing Demare, is worthy👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.
    Biniam is in all , already gets a victory...

  • IronMaidenQc
    IronMaidenQc 16 days ago +8

    Demare boxed in by his own teamate ! What a comeback for the W

    • Tony Baihao
      Tony Baihao 14 days ago

      @David James In which sprint finishes did he weave ? Let's still remember that last year, Démare what struggling to position in World Tour races, and his leadout was also disorganised in these races.

    • David James
      David James 15 days ago

      @Tony Baihao get over it. You don't seem to have a problem when it happens to quickstep. Salty or what? I didn't see your comments slagging off Demare when he was weaving all over the road last year in several sprint finishes.

    • Tony Baihao
      Tony Baihao 15 days ago

      I don't think that's exactly the case. Did you notice the Quick-Steps boxing in the Groupama-FDJs ? Morkov first boxed Démare's leadout man before blocking Démare himself. I'm glad Démare still managed to get out of there to outsprint the Pocket Rocket and the Manx Missile. This is the 3rd time I see Quick-Step and particularly Morkov make a punishable leadout. Morkov boxed the Groupama-FDJ leadout train against the barrieres, and instead of switching to the other side of the road, stayed in the pack, incidently blocking Démare. I don't see much fairplay in this behaviour, were it intentional or not. I remember Morkov blocking Démare's leadout in a similar way at this year's UAE Tour, on stage 2, a stage won by...Cavendish ! He is really getting on my nerves now. What do you think about Morkov's leadouts ? I'm namely talking about the ones on stage 6 of this Giro, stage 2 of the UAE Tour, and if you can find it, stage 6 of the 2021 Tour de France (the intermediate sprint).

  • Mohamad Maflas
    Mohamad Maflas 16 days ago +1

    Keep going girmay... i Belive one day u are the champion of the world

  • Rahwna Woldehiwet
    Rahwna Woldehiwet 16 days ago +5

    God bless Biniyam 🙏⛪️🌿🇪🇷

  • Kingston
    Kingston 16 days ago +5

    Amazing job Team IntermarcheWG! And outstanding performance from the new and young cyclist Biniam Ghirmay! We do not expect anything more from Bini coz he already is winning! Being on the forefront with the best of the best in itself shows his ability for the next tours!

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 10 days ago

      @Asier Teklit Grrrr, my eye, said Biniam when he failed to see a cork coming.

    • Asier Teklit
      Asier Teklit 11 days ago

      @Red Lobster Skull have u seen him biniam in stage 10th. Today. Do you believe his winning Today or not?

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 15 days ago

      @Asier Teklit You can't say anyone has won that jersey until the races finishes. For now, he isn't the maglia blanca wearer.

    • Asier Teklit
      Asier Teklit 15 days ago

      @Red Lobster Skull .I think u have forgotten, the white Jersey he had in the first stage.his second rank. 🤔

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 15 days ago

      @Asier Teklit No, it's you fan boys who are missing something - he's not won anything.

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy 13 days ago

    Damn that should have been Ewan's with a proper throw but fair play to Demare!

  • frank cawley
    frank cawley 16 days ago +2

    I would need to see a photo.
    That looked a dead heat.

  • Paul Solon
    Paul Solon 16 days ago +8

    Girmay v good, but not as fast as others in a pure sprint.
    But he can do damage in other ways, and can win sprinters jersey, which wd be fine prize.

  • campyc40
    campyc40 16 days ago +15

    Amstel Gold jury would have declared the winner within 5 seconds.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue 10 days ago

    Damn that should have been Ewan's with a proper throw but fair play to Demare!

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi 9 days ago

    Damn that should have been Ewan's with a proper throw but fair play to Demare!

  • Sam
    Sam 16 days ago +2

    Cofidis with two terrible moves in this last 1.5k. Aggressive shoulder on QuickStep rider just before 1k (completely off his line) and then the swing out and brake grab. Probably no punishment but dangerous and weak racing from that team. Embarrassing.

  • Vic Ge
    Vic Ge 16 days ago +4

    well done bini 🎉🎉🎉 don't give up one day will be the first 🎉

  • Nature profonde
    Nature profonde 16 days ago +6

    Démarre 💪

  • le duch
    le duch 16 days ago +4

    the 4 fastest man of this giro ! in order well deserve win .it should be a draw,, biniam toujours la !

  • lom
    lom 16 days ago +15

    I can’t wait to see the first stage win for for Bini, Eritrea and first black African!!!

    • lom
      lom 16 days ago +1

      @Red Lobster Skull he will win on sprinters stage. He is a sprinter and puncheurs too.

    • lom
      lom 16 days ago

      @Red Lobster Skull sorry for any inconvenience. I corrected it.

    • lom
      lom 16 days ago

      @Red Lobster Skull Yes I said that because I didn’t know that they already won.

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 16 days ago +1

      @Life is Good Probably, on a puncheur's stage.

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 16 days ago

      @lom You said that you looked forward to him winning a GT stage as the first African, discounting the non black cyclists have have already done that. You made his ethnicity the factor.

  • Mark M
    Mark M 16 days ago +7

    Looks a dead heat to me 🥵

  • Yonas Ghebre
    Yonas Ghebre 16 days ago +1

    Biniam was good position but difficult to beat demare and Cavendish

  • Tekle Zegergish
    Tekle Zegergish 16 days ago +4

    Viva Binni, & I paused the video three times to know the winner🧐

    MARITN FIAY 15 days ago

    Biniam has to go little bit early and back himself , he’s to self conscious of what’s going around him , do what worked at Gent make them chase him , it’s all about timing and confidence

  • Kiflom Garya
    Kiflom Garya 16 days ago +1

    Bini we are proud of you 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷

  • Mind Your Business
    Mind Your Business 16 days ago +1

    great team work inter

  • Tesfay Haile
    Tesfay Haile 16 days ago +6


  • Acberet Yemane
    Acberet Yemane 16 days ago +1

    Ajoka Bini🇪🇷🇪🇷💪

  • Danis ZIRNOW
    Danis ZIRNOW 16 days ago +1

    poor Gaviria :(

  • Peace Pilot
    Peace Pilot 16 days ago +4

    Biniam Girmay is hero❤🇪🇷

  • Ronaldo heilberg
    Ronaldo heilberg 16 days ago

    impressionante !

  • TMU b101109160
    TMU b101109160 16 days ago

    heartbreak for Ewan

  • Tomas Tekleab
    Tomas Tekleab 16 days ago +1

    Bini Anbesa🦁

  • Mihret Tesfay
    Mihret Tesfay 16 days ago +2

    Zegerm eu bini kemey dika jigna Eritrean 😍🇪🇷🙏

  • Modeley Abofikiri
    Modeley Abofikiri 16 days ago +2

    Bini nice job bro

  • Mihret Tesfay
    Mihret Tesfay 16 days ago +1


  • DB 613
    DB 613 16 days ago +7

    If only Ewan rode 28c tires would beat Demare's 25c tires 🤷🤦🤣 Marginal gains has a new meaning

    • George
      George 16 days ago

      Definite that extra millimeter would have taken it.

    • DB 613
      DB 613 16 days ago

      @Joe Tyler a wider tire is also a few cm taller/longer

    • Alzibaba
      Alzibaba 16 days ago


    • Mark M
      Mark M 16 days ago

      @Joe Tyler 31mm longer circumference ie 31mm further per revolution…. And statically 1.5 mm thicker on the rim = Marginal gain 🥵😁

    • Joe Tyler
      Joe Tyler 16 days ago +3

      Not sure why you think a wider tyre would help...

  • Dahlak Dahlak
    Dahlak Dahlak 16 days ago +3

    Well done A. Demare, Caleb ,M.Cavandish and well done Biniyam/Biny as well .
    አጆኻ፡ ቢኒ፡ ከምኡ፡ "ውን፡ መርሀውን፡ ናትናኤልን 👍 ኮሪዕናን፡ ንኾርዕን፡ ንሕበንን ፡አለና፡ ብአኻትኩም ። Viva Bini we proud of you Bini ,Merhawi and NatnaEl .
    Viva 👍👏 Siamo Fieri Di Te ..Bini ,NatnaEl and Merhawi .
    Keep up .. the tours and scoring points , winning and making histories ..

  • ALEXANDRE Barsotti
    ALEXANDRE Barsotti 16 days ago

    TOP !!!!!

  • Sami Raja
    Sami Raja 10 days ago

    Er 🇪🇷 of power full 🇪🇷♥️🇪🇷♥️🇪🇷♥️🇪🇷 I love you my Country 🇪🇷🇪🇷♥️🇪🇷♥️♥️ bini king 👑 of kings ♥️🇪🇷

  • T C
    T C 16 days ago +1

    What the hell is Gaviria doing?!! (5:43)

    • Karmelokarlo
      Karmelokarlo 16 days ago +2

      dude cut into the lead out and pushed the sprinter to the barriers, what a tool

  • M McEwen
    M McEwen 16 days ago

    Tie goes to the Maglia...

  • Teklit Habtai
    Teklit Habtai 16 days ago +2

    Bini black diamond

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan 12 days ago

    Damn that should have been Ewan's with a proper throw but fair play to Demare!

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue 10 days ago

      Amazing Demare, is worthy. Biniam is in all , already gets a victory...

  • Lucas Favey
    Lucas Favey 16 days ago +1

    Top rider

  • Daniel jewani
    Daniel jewani 16 days ago +8

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ bini

  • aswer huio
    aswer huio 11 days ago

    Damn that should have been Ewan's with a proper throw but fair play to Demare!

  • Daniel jewani
    Daniel jewani 16 days ago +12

    Gavira please don't push bini

    • Paul Solon
      Paul Solon 16 days ago +1

      No. Girmay had clean path, he’s not as fast, but did v good

  • gustavo gaviria velasquez


  • Adventure Cycling
    Adventure Cycling 16 days ago

    Could not be closer! The distance or difficulty should be raised, othervise a short sprint would be enough to see a sprint finish. Or am I wrong? 🚴

  • Glywnnis Wells
    Glywnnis Wells 16 days ago +1

    Demare out powered Ewan

    ERI-DAIRY ERITREA 15 days ago

    Biniam Girmay team did great job to win 4th.

  • Harris Mazari
    Harris Mazari 16 days ago +1

    cavendish is so slow when world class sprinters actually have a good run in to the finish. He has the best train so he will win a lot of races and i am happy for that as a cav fan

    • Harris Mazari
      Harris Mazari 15 days ago

      @David James Umm yes eh will hopefully. Because Morkov is on his side. If morkov was in any other team cav wouldn't win half the races he will otherwise win this year.

    • David James
      David James 16 days ago

      Slow? You know nothing. Cavendish has consistently beaten the best sprinters and will do again. He does have the best train, but that train was disrupted today by the idiot from Cofidis veering across the track and taking the lead man in the train out. It meant Morkov had to work harder for longer in the headwind and Cav had to go earlier. Their whole approach was ruined as they had to slow and then speed up again. Ewan just sat on Cav the whole way as his team's train is not the best, which is fine but that is not always possible - you will get boxed in more often that not if your train is not good enough and then it doesn't matter how fast you are. If Cav were sitting on Ewan's back wheel with 100m to go then Cav would undoubtedly win. I'm willing to bet that Cav will win more races this year then either Ewan or Demare.

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 16 days ago

      Slow? Do you know anything about cycling? He effectively did a lead out for his rivals here.

    • Harris Mazari
      Harris Mazari 16 days ago

      @Zack Reynolds He went early because demare was boxed in by his team. Morkov put on the burners and delivered him to 200 metres. The old Cav would have burned everyone. He is still av ery good sprinter but not really in the top 3 right now.

    • fireblade2681
      fireblade2681 16 days ago

      I think cav is still the fastest, he faded at the end because he had to sprint too early but no-one was coming passed him until he faded.

  • Melancholic Duck
    Melancholic Duck 16 days ago +6

    I hate it when riders ending their pull dive bombing others’ sprint trains

    • M McEwen
      M McEwen 16 days ago +1

      @SKULLUXE Cimolai's might not have been intentional, but he went sideways like Alaphilippe in a tight sprint.

      SKULLUXE 16 days ago +2

      Where should they go? They peel off, they can’t see behind, it’s not intentional. If they stay in the bunch and slow it would cause all sorts of chaos and crashes

  • Tim Roden
    Tim Roden 16 days ago

    That looks like a dead tie if there can be one.

  • Grzegorz Labencki
    Grzegorz Labencki 16 days ago +2

    Where is the photo finish photo?

  • Abel Tesfu
    Abel Tesfu 16 days ago

    Girmay is my love and

  • Koffe
    Koffe 16 days ago


  • Filippo Cevenini
    Filippo Cevenini 16 days ago +5

    Gaviria Bad and dangerous. Great Bini

    • J C
      J C 16 days ago

      @FILMON MICHAEL That doesn't win.

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 16 days ago

      @FILMON MICHAEL How? Did he eat too much?

      FILMON MICHAEL 16 days ago

      Red lobstor Bini is a full rider

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 16 days ago

      Why is Biniam great? He hasn't won a stage.

  • Red Lobster Skull
    Red Lobster Skull 16 days ago +4

    For you on the Biniam hype train, he did not win.

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 11 days ago

      @Shidan Shikonan I predicted a win for either Girmay or MVDP today on cycling streams based on the parcours, you silly fan boy!

    • Shidan Shikonan
      Shidan Shikonan 11 days ago

      @Red Lobster Skull take your medication now....Bini🇪🇷

    • Shidan Shikonan
      Shidan Shikonan 15 days ago

      @Red Lobster Skull definitely if you not 100 years old you going to see it very soon. If you are pray to God instead of watching Biniam.

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 16 days ago

      @SavagePro Your question has nothing to do with my original comment. Girmay has won nothing here.

  • Melania Monica Craciun

    The true Giro d'Italia spirit fans, a never ending adventure of a kind, every single day another surprise , all riders are our most beloved heroes because so special so unique and great, yeah, save efforts riders to the last day, see ya in Belluno guys, Marmolada peak will kill you, be careful guys

  • H Bosman ❤ 🎵
    H Bosman ❤ 🎵 16 days ago +3

    I've looked at the photo 10 times.. How do they decide that? Flip a coin?

    • bahaman
      bahaman 16 days ago +1

      There is another angle of the photo you can see more clearly, but yeah its very close

    • Be-yo-nd-ALL
      Be-yo-nd-ALL 16 days ago +1

      if you look again in a slow motion, you can see his wheel touches the line first but it can only be determined by photo finish

  • Tifrik
    Tifrik 16 days ago

    Can we talk about the UAE guy at 5:45....what is he doing?

  • David O Brien
    David O Brien 16 days ago

    Looks like Cavs leadout man dropped him off one bus stop too early.

  • Bini1221
    Bini1221 16 days ago

    Bini bini bini bini bini 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷 GIGNA

  • Sami Ab
    Sami Ab 16 days ago +1

    Bini is the best

  • ቀንዴል ሓርነት

    Bini bini bini ma hero

  • Gurum tecle
    Gurum tecle 16 days ago +1

    For bini atiwedi!!@

  • kidankin gbera::!!!
    kidankin gbera::!!! 16 days ago +6

    Bini super legend!

    • J C
      J C 16 days ago +1

      @Red Lobster Skull It seems cycling videos are now spammed by Africans and their 4th placed hero.

    • Red Lobster Skull
      Red Lobster Skull 16 days ago

      How is he a legend?

  • Semu Nipsey Tube
    Semu Nipsey Tube 16 days ago +3

    ደቂ ጋንታ ቢኒ ግን🤔 ጸገም ኣለዎም

  • Mehari Okbagebriel
    Mehari Okbagebriel 16 days ago +1

    Biniam Ghermay aur Hero from Eritrea 🇪🇷

  • ኪንዮው ጸላም ብርሃን ኣሎ


  • Patrick Peterson
    Patrick Peterson 15 days ago

    Come on merlo

  • Liver Pool
    Liver Pool 16 days ago +4

    Bini bezzi wen egubat ena 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷