Manchester United v Aston Villa | Key Moments | Third Round | Emirates FA Cup 2021-22

  • Published on Jan 9, 2022
  • Key moments from Manchester United's third round tie with Aston Villa in the Emirates FA Cup.

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  • McRonald Burger
    McRonald Burger 21 hour ago +4

    David de gea isn’t just saving shots anymore, he’s saving the whole club…

  • Мистер Огонёчек

    "David De Gea" best player for United this season ❤️

  • MYOB
    MYOB 21 hour ago +1

    "Dave saves" he just about saves the entire team.

  • OMG
    OMG 19 hours ago +10

    Cannot believe Villa didn't score once!! They could have scored about 4 just in the first half!

  • Matthew Thomson
    Matthew Thomson Day ago +2

    Cannot believe Villa didn't score once!! They could have scored about 4 just in the first half!

  • mick antonio
    mick antonio 21 hour ago +395

    The wisdom says:" the goalkeeper is the half of the team" but in Man united De gea is the whole team

  • SID Khan
    SID Khan Day ago +1

    We need to start Elanga from now on. Whoever is saying why Dalot or Shaw didn't over lap it's because they've been told not to go too forward because Greenwood and Rashford will stay wide to cross the ball.

  • Breeze
    Breeze 21 hour ago +18

    David De Gea is the goat one of the best goalkeepers in the world

  • Gary Cronshaw
    Gary Cronshaw 21 hour ago +629

    The best performance I have seen from an Aston Villa side in a game of that stature since their glory days. They should have every chance of competing with West Ham for 7th place in the Premiership.

  • Along Aier
    Along Aier 21 hour ago +389

    That last attack where greenwood didn't pass to rashford is just beyond my imagination!!! Ddg and the goal post helped us beat villa else, villa deserved the win... I dnt see ourselves winning at villa in the premier league with such performance!

  • Alban Goranci
    Alban Goranci Day ago +611

    Man Utd forwards are very selfish most of the time. Rashford today and Greenwood in general should pass to teammates for simple tap in. Counter attacks will be more effective if they focus more in team work. The team needs massive changes in midfield and defense, Maguire, Lindelof, Bissaka should definitely go and new players must come.

  • Amol Borgaonkar
    Amol Borgaonkar 21 hour ago +28

    Thanks De Gea! Your commitment to keeping us alive in each game is exceptional given the lax defending in recent times. You the Man! Dave 🧤 💯

  • Frankie Maltby
    Frankie Maltby Day ago +1

    Another paper over the cracks performance by United. Got an early goal then completely dominated at home by villa. Also, someone tell Rashford to cheer up, he's living most people's dream yet sulked about the pitch like a teenage boy tonight.

  • StONe AGe
    StONe AGe 21 hour ago +336

    Greenwood had to cut it back to Rashford there, that's the difference between top forward players. Greenwood and Rashford won't hit the levels of Mahrez, Silva, Mane until they realise when to pass the ball, defenders know they'll shoot at tight angles and throw themselves at it, you have to make them think twice about the other player at least to keep them on their feet.

  • Laureus
    Laureus 21 hour ago +12

    David De Gea is practically a one-man army! Fantastic performance, as usual! 💪💪

  • Tyler
    Tyler 21 hour ago +106

    This FA Cup ball looks like a dream to play with honestly. Seems like you can really hit the ball with some real power behind it, but it doesn’t fly into the stands everytime

  • Chris Patel
    Chris Patel Day ago +190

    2 things: If it takes 3 mins to decide on whether or not its a goal, its not an obvious error.

  • Dafa Derilla irawan
    Dafa Derilla irawan 21 hour ago +11

    Big respect for fighting spirit Aston villa 🔥

  • Rel Stuff7
    Rel Stuff7 Day ago +399

    I like Rashford and his community help but he lacked motivation today and i am worried about his mental health, i hope the psychologist there helps him and others.

  • FurioussBear
    FurioussBear Day ago +605

    United are officially the jammiest team I've ever seen play. This is Norwich level with a world class goalkeeper and the fact that they will squeeze a goal in somehow. Should be getting hammered on a weekly.