Priyanka Chopra on Beauty Standards and Life With Husband Nick Jonas | Beautycon 2019

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • ET spoke with the actress at Beautycon 2019 in Los Angeles about makeup, marriage and more.
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  • Mukesh Deep
    Mukesh Deep 10 days ago

    Hi Priyanka AAP ke khooley Baal jada Best lagte hai🤔🤔🤔🤔😘😘😘

  • Nysha Rai
    Nysha Rai 12 days ago +1 sweet is that! Nick is such a loving hubby! I pray that they stay together forever and ever! lots of love to Nick and Priyanka! I hope they make lots of cute babies! hehe

  • Neisha M
    Neisha M 25 days ago

    i don’t like the interviewer...she has a passive aggressive bitchy streak. Priyanka you handled her beautifully.

  • lazi weary
    lazi weary 26 days ago

    To all people who are in India and wondering about Priyanka is faking accent....The people here do not understand if you speak in Indian accent, to make them understand, every immigrant or non immigrant worker who stay for long, start speaking like the locals though they cannot completely blend. At the same time, many switch to Indian accent amongst Indian friends. However, over a period of time the accent slowly changes to American accent. Imagine a foreigner learns and start speaking Hindi in India, you would not know what he is speaking- hear the Hare Rama chants by foreigners. We go nuts hearing them. When they stay in India, they learn the language well and pronounciation. So stop being dumb like Kareena Kapoor who asked like an idiot on karan johar's interview when he asked her about success of Priyanka, 'where does she get accent from?' or some stars/fans commenting on Madhuri about it or asking your friends and relatives about it as it shows your ignorance. People here have to change so the locals understand you. Slowly the accent changes like the people around you. On other hand, I have seen a Indian born here befriended lot of Masters guys from India and I could see he speaking in a bit of Indian English. It sounds weird, but one can understand. It is really dumb to talk about faking accent to a woman who spend all her time talking to people in that accent, she is going to change. So accept it and grow up from stale talks.

  • Sara Lin
    Sara Lin 28 days ago +2

    Are u done venting priyanka? The condescending way you spoke to a young girl in beauty con was beyond pathetic, a hypocrite should never be an ambassador of any sort. 🤪😝

  • Shaeda Ali
    Shaeda Ali 29 days ago

    Priyanka looks ugly

    • Asmita Pandey
      Asmita Pandey 28 days ago

      Haha she is a global star. You a dumb woman in purdah whose husband can dumb your ass by uttering talak thrive. Go fight for your non-existent rights before bitching about a successful well to do woman. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  • sri lankan qweer
    sri lankan qweer Month ago

    Luky star my priya gid bless you good luk you

  • Prasha Thakuri
    Prasha Thakuri Month ago

    No offense... but ... What the hell is Woman with color???
    Explain to me please coz I seriously don’t know and don’t even wanna google.
    So there’s different kind of woman?? 🤨
    One group Woman and another woman with color?? 🤷‍♀️

  • Positivelyhappy mom

    What does “ Women of color “ mean ??? We are women it’s just in the west that they have all these weird words

  • Monikuntal Gautom
    Monikuntal Gautom Month ago


  • natacha pem
    natacha pem Month ago

    Amazing and Beautiful woman

  • Alex Herman.
    Alex Herman. Month ago +7

    to all u haters there's a good news priyanka is being awarded by UNICEF this year.

  • Jyotirmayee Sahoo
    Jyotirmayee Sahoo Month ago +1

    She is one of the most confident talented lady, always nailed any interview she is part of. Perfect combo of beauty with brain. People who complains about venting and accent, get your life.

  • Faz U
    Faz U Month ago +4

    Priyanka beauty is not supporting a genocide in Kashmir.
    Self determination for Kashmir.

  • Addicted Soldier
    Addicted Soldier Month ago

    I wish they break up 🖕

    • Jenni Lyn
      Jenni Lyn Month ago

      I wish you'll find some happiness in your life

  • Addicted Soldier
    Addicted Soldier Month ago +1

    She's ugly as hell idk why nick married with her 😡 hater from Ca 🖕

  • Shaheen Ali
    Shaheen Ali Month ago +1

    Are you done venting Priyanka.

  • Farhana Fathima
    Farhana Fathima Month ago

    Everything is just fab, despite the work she got done. The one thing that's putting her off is her Forced ACCENT. But WHY. You are so successful n y this fakeness☹

  • Tiger 1
    Tiger 1 Month ago

    Is this Kim Kardashian ?

  • Tiger 1
    Tiger 1 Month ago +1

    20+ boyfriends she had, wow

  • Tuya Rad
    Tuya Rad Month ago +6

    The way she answers the questions shows that she is a smart woman 👌

  • UNITED gaming
    UNITED gaming Month ago +1

    Her accent so fake

  • winchester
    winchester Month ago +1

    With nicks money, you can do what you want

    • Zuzana Musilová
      Zuzana Musilová Month ago

      Damn, I don't know how you came to that conclusion, but she actually seemed to be doing (financially) pretty good before marrying Nick ;)

  • Rene Daniels
    Rene Daniels Month ago +10

    I don't know the name of the interviewer but I really like her! ET, we need to see more of her! I love the positivity and the questions were really good! Thoroughly enjoyed this interview! ❤

  • Neelesh Kumar
    Neelesh Kumar Month ago +1

    U r the best

  • Shweta Singh
    Shweta Singh Month ago +5

    Nick nd Priyanka looks so happy together ❤️ ND that's what matter the most

  • Yousra Slaoui
    Yousra Slaoui Month ago +4

    They are so sweet together.. I am so happy they found each other.. And NO ONE should insult Nick's physical appearance As Priyanka said he is Hot ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!! Love you Nick and Priyanka

  • Anika Amrin
    Anika Amrin Month ago +2

    Priyanka' s biggest claims...
    I never had nose surgery
    I support war against pakistan but m a peace ambassador
    I hv asthma bt I do smoke too
    M patriotic bt I dont live in my country anymore by choice..

  • sugahznspice
    sugahznspice Month ago +4

    “I’m just working” what work Piryanka??

    • Trendsetter 38
      Trendsetter 38 Month ago +2

      @chris san idiot, she spent maximum time in Indian villages like Bareillyand Jamshedpur. 2 years of high school doesn't give you American accent. How come her accent was desi until she did that shit shiw? Also it changes back to village accent when she comes back to India. Now go worship a real Queen not a Drag Queen!

    • chris san
      chris san Month ago

      @Trendsetter 38 she did her highschool in us. so zip it already.

    • Trendsetter 38
      Trendsetter 38 Month ago +1

      Haha... working on her fake American (ness).

    • chris san
      chris san Month ago

      u broke.

  • Saleena Young
    Saleena Young Month ago +4

    She’s so pretty

  • Franny Ward
    Franny Ward Month ago

    I came here after the Jonas Brothers and this Woman showing up in a cancer hospital here in Philly. I know nothing about Her so I cannot comment at all. Neither should any of you unless you actually know the Woman.

    • S jonai
      S jonai Month ago

      Go to and read about the biotch, if you don't know her. That was also a damage control move, using the cancer patient as a photo op.

  • Sasha Narkis
    Sasha Narkis Month ago +20

    Queen. Look at the likes lol you all wish you could be like her. Millions of people admire her. Go girl

    • Asmita Pandey
      Asmita Pandey 28 days ago

      Millions around the world love her and a few thousand in Pakistan sit around writing smack on some website. You made your stupid point. Now go off. Stop venting like a maniac now.

    • S jonai
      S jonai Month ago +1

      Ha! Thousands hate her. Go to to read about the petitions.

  • Benazir Qureshi
    Benazir Qureshi Month ago +1

    Ye space se aae huwe alian jesi kyun lug rahi hai 😂

  • Haya Ahmed
    Haya Ahmed Month ago

    Priyanka Chopra you're not having a baby why? I mean you're getting older

  • Naomi Dabreo
    Naomi Dabreo Month ago +4

    God bless u priyanka

    • S jonai
      S jonai Month ago

      God doesn't bless war mongers.

  • Anannya Sharma
    Anannya Sharma Month ago +4

    People learn one phrase and everyone follows like a herd of sheep. What the heck does she mean by “woman of color”? Nothing against her, but it just doesn’t sound right.
    These are the same people who talk about how racism is wrong and should be eliminated but end up using phrases like these. Shows nothing but ignorance.

  • violet storm
    violet storm Month ago +69

    Nose job or not, at least she keeps her nose to herself. So should you.

    • Asmita Pandey
      Asmita Pandey 28 days ago

      That's just epic. And the worst part is that women and Indians are the ones talking the most smack. I mean why would the world respect you when you can't even respect the 1 global artist that we have. And ladies don't be fake feminist to get attention from men while at heart you are just jealous bitches who can't respect a fellow woman. Shame on all of you talking shit.

  • BaeNa
    BaeNa Month ago +1

    You are accusing her for the adverts she made!

  • alia ehsan
    alia ehsan Month ago +6

    She looks like a a woman from 70's era..

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali Month ago

    Lanat hai tum pe

  • Vineet Chandra
    Vineet Chandra Month ago

    Nick Jonas couldn't find another bollywood celebrity to marry, someone that he will actually look good with, and someone who isn't taller than him?

  • George Rivera
    George Rivera Month ago +11

    She is so elegant

  • peace lover
    peace lover Month ago +1

    Beauty😂😂😂😂 lol

  • carly hice
    carly hice Month ago +9

    She’s so beautiful 🥰♥️💃🤤😍 inside and out - plus I love how real she ALWAYS is!!!

  • Elisabetha Vazhakala
    Elisabetha Vazhakala Month ago +11

    It's okay to be vulnerable! You are right, Priyanka. No one need validation from others. Live your life and let others live theory would be a perfect mantra for everyone. At the end,
    No one is exclusively or purely belong to a certain place. It is more like, you belong to nowhere and you belong to everywhere at the same time!
    Here are some interesting Ethnicity DNA test results which are tremendously surprising, wow!
    You can be fanatically patriotic or religious as much as you want but the truth can be surprising.

  • linewsuga
    linewsuga Month ago +24

    Hhh so many hate comments If you can't say something good just don't say anything,hinding under the screen, can you get succeed like her??? and yeah please don't say you don't want to succeed like her

    • Shaheen Ali
      Shaheen Ali Month ago

      Everybody has write to you opinion. It is not necessarily hatred. Like I find her fake. This doent mean I hate her. Are you done venting Priyanka.

    • Alex Herman.
      Alex Herman. Month ago

      true 👏👏

    • Nargis Ahmed
      Nargis Ahmed Month ago

      linewsuga her success will be short lived sorry to hurt your feelings 😂😂

  • Sam Khan
    Sam Khan Month ago +1

    She looks like auntie still people admire bravo

  • LeopardPrint Production

    Now there are hate comments between Pakistanis and Indians, good job so called "peace ambassador"

    • S jonai
      S jonai Month ago

      @Nichole M Anericans do hate her as well. Especially those of us who used to donate to UNICEF.

    • Nichole M
      Nichole M Month ago +1

      There was hate from longtime, it's not her fault that some of you misinterpret what she said and Americans don't hate her. Here's a tip: if you can't stand her, don't watch her videos. It's that easy.

    • alia ehsan
      alia ehsan Month ago +1

      LeopardPrint Production even Americans hate her too 😂

  • Slpsa Slpsa
    Slpsa Slpsa Month ago

    I love Priyanka, she is beautiful. Every has their political views. We can’t all get along.

  • Jon spryzon
    Jon spryzon Month ago +19

    I love you Priyanka,ur accent,ur face ,ur opinion ........😘😘😍😍

    • Jon spryzon
      Jon spryzon Month ago

      What I wrote I really meant ,I was not criticizing her but if u felt like it , i am sorry 😊.

    • bubu joo Estes
      bubu joo Estes Month ago

      She is very beautiful and brilliant and well spoken.
      Wish the people who find time to criticize her can use that time to get an education to enrich their own pathetic lives

    • bubu joo Estes
      bubu joo Estes Month ago

      Rajesh Gour Accents are something you develop as you go about your lives.Pryanka is working a lot in America .You automatically acquire a mixed accent.Leave this woman ALONE.Indians love to bring down their own.Is it the green eyed monster Jealousy.

  • Alexander Holden
    Alexander Holden Month ago

    I am not a big fan of her but she looks confident and beautiful.

  • Oooops selle
    Oooops selle Month ago +72

    She is living her life with the flow. Her husband is American and it is normal to pick up accent from the people around her. She has earned her fame with her own effort. So proud of her. Keep up the good work.

  • Nick Lavigne
    Nick Lavigne Month ago +4

    Love u pc😘😘

  • zunaira mahum
    zunaira mahum Month ago +4

    She is looking witch

    • BaeNa
      BaeNa Month ago

      You have wasted your time trying to pull down Priyanka instead of focusing on Kashmir issues. Moreover the UN clarified that she can say whatever she wants in her own capacity. At least thank her for the publicity she has given to your issues.

    HINA FATIMA Month ago

    I feel very sad about the end this beutiful face..this beautiful body...everything will burn one day when she will die...then she would be helpless but actually this would be start only...after that who knows what will happen with her soul...she will leave everything in this world..she will leave money fame....and thats reality but no one is worried about that

  • Arati Muralikrishnan

    All jealous people, spoil your day and get depressed. PC is not venting at all. Like you mean people, she would have faced a million times.

  • Mishqa Achmat
    Mishqa Achmat Month ago

    She is so gorgeous and strong women

  • Ayesha Haque
    Ayesha Haque Month ago +1

    Nicks get rid of this old hag she is a fake hor idol woshipper bitch she is a oppertunist hor

  • Ayesha Haque
    Ayesha Haque Month ago

    She is not pretty fake nose plastic surgery still look like made in Mumbai street jharoo wali bhangan

  • David Gurung
    David Gurung Month ago