Conor McGregor's FULL court appearance

  • Published on Apr 6, 2018
  • Conor McGregor had his bail set at $50,000 during a court arraignment in New York on April 6. McGregor faces assault and criminal mischief charges stemming from a melee that broke out backstage during a UFC event on April 5.
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  • KORN 1999
    KORN 1999 Month ago


  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Month ago +1

    Mcgregor’s lawyer loves pouting

    TAQI IPROP Month ago


  • Adam O'Connor
    Adam O'Connor 2 months ago

    Look at Conor's face, especially around his eyes. I think he was cutting weight

  • Jills Mcfarland
    Jills Mcfarland 2 months ago

    He didn't appreciate when that lawyer started to clown

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 3 months ago +1

    7:55 Hey look it's my old uncle Vinny in the big brown suit.

  • FemmeMS
    FemmeMS 4 months ago

    Anyone know the guy in the grey nike sweater. Whats his name

  • Naza Kia
    Naza Kia 5 months ago

    What time is it?

  • Plastpackad
    Plastpackad 5 months ago

    Connor is trying to hide his tattoo !!

  • OUHIA achraf
    OUHIA achraf 5 months ago

    take a look at conor his just like a cute cat

  • Humayun Laskar
    Humayun Laskar 5 months ago

    How i will not face Habib Nur in October 😝

    AUDIOHOSTEM187 6 months ago +1

    [ Small, Gnome-Like, Hairy Creature ] Obviously, Leprechauns Are More Than Just A Fairy-Tale.

  • mohd halim
    mohd halim 6 months ago

    haaa stupid gragor

  • syafiatul khusnah
    syafiatul khusnah 6 months ago

    society is so corrupt, I thought this just happen in my country but this can be happen in any country 😭😭😭

  • Den Amien Amien
    Den Amien Amien 6 months ago

    he deserves to go to prison. because it damages the good name of UFC sports ... humans are not moral bas

  • russell england
    russell england 6 months ago


  • Buv Leiz
    Buv Leiz 6 months ago

    Those four suspect stand in the court face the judge...

  • Zurine dd
    Zurine dd 6 months ago

    Padan muka kau... jahanammmm....muka kdk sial....😠😠😠

  • Bear 7
    Bear 7 6 months ago

    Who else thinks that this trial took place hella fast?! Connor was in and out in no time. Back to acting like a child your honor. Thank u. Pure and utter crap and corruption. Loud and clear.

  • raymond wood
    raymond wood 6 months ago +1


  • Rose Red
    Rose Red 6 months ago

    such a POS nutjob, a disgrace to your people. I am nearly half Irish and even I rooted for Khabib because of your damn ways.

  • Dodik.Choiron Choiron
    Dodik.Choiron Choiron 6 months ago

    Bad attitude and stupid

  • Ali Kasikci
    Ali Kasikci 6 months ago

    Not a big mouth now is he

  • Nurul Isma
    Nurul Isma 6 months ago


  • Mustafa Shams
    Mustafa Shams 6 months ago

    Don't he is good boy now, after khabib punished him

  • Pussy Destroyer
    Pussy Destroyer 6 months ago

    Mcgregor pls make a rematch to that khabib. Your fan like me still loves you.

  • Matthias Römer
    Matthias Römer 6 months ago

    9:41 - he is thinking: Damn, do i have 50,000 cash in my left or right pocket ??

  • Riyadh sport
    Riyadh sport 6 months ago

    khabib could handle this case better than the court itself just handle those two guys to him lol

  • ImDino
    ImDino 6 months ago

    Your honor, et cetera is not pronounced excetera

  • political correctness
    political correctness 6 months ago

    Coner got smashed to bits last night ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • RealKekec
    RealKekec 6 months ago

    What he needs is a BBC group session in his cell every 2 hours,7 days a week.

  • Lemonhead86
    Lemonhead86 6 months ago

    Ay! They hired Joey Baciagaloop!

  • e b
    e b 6 months ago

    dont agree with mma keep hire this mc gregor.... people should stop give their money to mma and stop watching it. mma is a joke....

  • Djordje Tosic
    Djordje Tosic 6 months ago

    He should be happy because he is not deported...

  • Dave
    Dave 6 months ago

    Why didnt mcgregor hired Harvey from Zane Specter Litt to defend him SMH

  • David Saunders
    David Saunders 6 months ago

    Wtf. Its all for publicity

    VINOM 6 months ago


  • Keitarious Williams
    Keitarious Williams 6 months ago

    Wasn't it a Dolly? Not a chair.

  • shady king
    shady king 6 months ago +1

    So hows there mot a protected order for khabib. Whata croc of shyt

  • K.O. Edit
    K.O. Edit 6 months ago +1

    The lawyer on the left is lowkey doing the duck face

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 6 months ago

    Since when did a transport dolly become a chair...!

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 6 months ago

    Those guys on the Bus will tear the lining from his fat pockets...

  • Berkcan Turan
    Berkcan Turan 6 months ago

    I wonder if Conor paid the other guy's bail

  • Doug Gunner
    Doug Gunner 6 months ago

    fkn prick hasn't learned his fkn lesson

  • TL Strength & Conditioning

    Lawyer on the left looks like he represented Jon Gotti before he got!

  • Agua Menti
    Agua Menti 6 months ago +2

    Do you think McGregor can be a badass in jail?

  • Alex cooper
    Alex cooper 6 months ago

    Funny Conor didn't say anything about his whiskey in court

  • Lassana Kenneh
    Lassana Kenneh 6 months ago

    This is just here Conor defeat in UFC 229 has started.

  • Muhammad Uzair
    Muhammad Uzair 6 months ago

    Its good to see connor in jail and appear in court hahahaha his advocates just do nothin infront of judge

  • doddieweir forever
    doddieweir forever 6 months ago

    Ugly on outside as well as inside, inbred !!

  • kalil Abraahim
    kalil Abraahim 6 months ago

    The other guy that got pinched with him is so irrelevant ahahaha

  • Andi Muttaqin
    Andi Muttaqin 6 months ago


  • Feminist Dan
    Feminist Dan 6 months ago

    Ok, first, Connors hands slipt and hit the bus plus the bus driver asked him to throw it. I think the person who should be arrested is the bus driver.

  • XTheDentist
    XTheDentist 6 months ago

    Lawyer on the right looks a bit like Doug Stanhope

  • unknown
    unknown 6 months ago

    What did pewdipie do in this video probably went to far on making fun of someone

  • thierry gaudin
    thierry gaudin 6 months ago

    il faut plus le malin là

  • Astro T
    Astro T 6 months ago

    This was on my birthday, how did I miss this?

  • Round
    Round 6 months ago

    Has no prior criminal history, throws a dolly through a bus window and beats people half to death for a living. Lol

  • Ghost -
    Ghost - 6 months ago

    Undefeated in court 1-0

  • h d
    h d 6 months ago

    Pocket money

  • Daniel Hateley
    Daniel Hateley 6 months ago

    Judge sounds fine!!!!!!11

  • Malatesh R M
    Malatesh R M 7 months ago


  • 087 Yildirim
    087 Yildirim 7 months ago

    The Notorious King Connor Mcgregor!

  • Kin Yas
    Kin Yas 7 months ago

    Mahkemelere kamera sokulmuyor diye biliyorum bunu nasıl çekmişler?

  • Michael Blanchard
    Michael Blanchard 7 months ago

    Connot spends 50g's on lunch

  • janeb
    janeb 7 months ago

    he still looks fine ngl

  • Mark Carlyon
    Mark Carlyon 7 months ago +1

    Connor is worth 100 million. 50k bail is nothing.

  • Andy Babay
    Andy Babay 7 months ago

    Imagine having jury duty and being in this courtroom

  • Matt Bayley
    Matt Bayley 7 months ago


  • Nicholas Benner
    Nicholas Benner 8 months ago

    I’m still a Connor fan

  • hhdhxbcdhh mvjk
    hhdhxbcdhh mvjk 8 months ago

    kahib going to lose

  • Jonathan Sumangil
    Jonathan Sumangil 8 months ago

    50Gs beybeeeeeeeeeee haha youll do fookin notin!!

  • ErikShestakov
    ErikShestakov 8 months ago +1

    Judge made him humble ahaha

  • ErikShestakov
    ErikShestakov 8 months ago +1

    The comment section is even better than right lawyer’s hairline

  • Matt Media
    Matt Media 8 months ago

    He is both like a chicken... no dicipline and no respect to other ufc fighter

  • ahmad afiq
    ahmad afiq 8 months ago

    Act like a thug and end up like a idiot..savage from mcgregor ginger

  • usssanjacinto1
    usssanjacinto1 8 months ago

    Jason Bedwetter

  • Marouane Zoubir
    Marouane Zoubir 8 months ago

    If I'm fames and rich like you I will do more thene that

  • Just an Account
    Just an Account 8 months ago +1

    But Connor wants to apologize to NOBODY😂

  • Epic R3v0luti0n
    Epic R3v0luti0n 8 months ago

    You can tell Connor Mcgregor was angry at 3:45 when he heard Micheal cheisa name

  • KxNE
    KxNE 8 months ago

    He’s still raging

  • James Rooney
    James Rooney 8 months ago

    Love him to loose all his money that he stole of us from that scam of a boxing match

  • The seeker
    The seeker 9 months ago

    Connor for WWE

  • Trent Brown
    Trent Brown 9 months ago

    Conor runs NEW YORK.

  • redcinos
    redcinos 9 months ago

    Connor thinks he's in Ireland, where you can do whatever the heck you want and no repercussions for breaking the law.

  • Michael schroeder
    Michael schroeder 9 months ago +1

    Bruh he’s supposed to be the second most payed athlete in the ENTIRE WORLD SO 50GS IS A PENNY TO HIM IT DAMN NUUTIN LETS GO CHAMP HE WILL F8*@ up khabib

  • Bandit
    Bandit 9 months ago +1

    Umm... mcgregor...ummmm...threw..

  • Mart Fildes
    Mart Fildes 9 months ago

    You can take the boy out of Ireland but you can’t take Ireland out of the boy eh. And yes I said as a man does not act that way.

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 9 months ago

    Didn’t Connor’s lawyer are used to be an agent against the Bonanno family?

  • Cliffey Trembling
    Cliffey Trembling 10 months ago

    I hate New york's corrupt legal system! At least he has the bail. I think he would do fine at Riker's Island. Play the corner and learn to fight.LOL

  • Rita Lemen
    Rita Lemen 10 months ago

    What a under the blanket

  • JHDM 1997
    JHDM 1997 10 months ago

    50gs baby haha

  • Ryan Last
    Ryan Last 10 months ago

    People like conner make the sport look bad,that's not a way to conduct yourself as a professional fighter more like professional criminal it's a shame.he is a good fighter but that can go out the window really quick.

  • Cypher
    Cypher 10 months ago

    Judge: What do you have to say about this Mr. Conor?
    Conor: You fooking cowaard and you fooking wheezel

  • Coffins
    Coffins 10 months ago

    Connor Mcgregor is the Justin Bieber of the UFC!

  • Inkompatibel
    Inkompatibel 10 months ago

    Its so easy to lose money you worked so hard for. A lot of ppl will sue the hell out of him.

  • dok951
    dok951 10 months ago

    Conors case should be thrown he did not throw a chair

  • Jayvyn Grant
    Jayvyn Grant 10 months ago

    I do not get it..But maybe im missing something here.. Money.. Fame.. respect by the MMA world... wife or girlfriend who loves you.. and is the mother of your child... and you go out and act silly.. U are safer in the cage then out...

  • Gnu4886
    Gnu4886 10 months ago +1

    Connor needs to put his damn head/chin down smh

  • LiangHuBBB
    LiangHuBBB 10 months ago

    why did conor attack the bus at all?