Meek Mill On Justice Reform, Possible Drake Collab, Kanye, Robert Kraft & Spits A Freestyle


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  • Black Bruce Wayne AJ
    Black Bruce Wayne AJ 4 hours ago


  • Wrap Burrito
    Wrap Burrito 20 hours ago

    I thot drake hard a ghost wroter

  • Retrograde Beats

    Got them wavy beats on deck

  • PrettyDiana Loyal Ones

    Love Watching Meek Mills Interview Very Smart Man🤗😍💯

  • eric davila
    eric davila Day ago +1

    That man said she a slavechaser your a dreamchaser..."yall could of both made it out the plantation but she chased you down so far grabbed you and drugged you back"...#realspit...

  • F16
    F16 Day ago

    Meek Mill and Drake, a pair we didn't get enough of!

  • DVERSE Presents
    DVERSE Presents Day ago

    They need to only give years to people who commit violent crimes. for anything else, it should only be weeks

  • Eyemhasan
    Eyemhasan 2 days ago

    The DA say she hate me .. I don’t understand.. when I jus rocked a show in front of 50 thousand FANS” - The Ride - Meek. DC2
    Meek evolving. I’m happy to see him grow as a person an artist.. watched his becoming all these years. Much respect Meek !!

  • Houston Beers
    Houston Beers 2 days ago

    i didnt hear a freestyle

  • Mailke Booker
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    ABN RAY 3 days ago

    i almost cried when he started to freestyle

  • F. MM’s Live
    F. MM’s Live 3 days ago

    What is his plan is it a illuminati agenda

  • Bow To Me
    Bow To Me 3 days ago

    Been listening to meek since the headshot freestyles..stay solid my g we never fold

  • Kayla Superstar
    Kayla Superstar 3 days ago

    he read books and brushed his hair in jail

  • Rain Owens
    Rain Owens 4 days ago

    Well, TECHNICALLY, he DOESN'T take care of Papi. Faheema does, and she never took him to court for Child Support. All he does is spend time with him.

  • 014jtr
    014jtr 4 days ago

    I wonder if the da and these billionaires and the system as a whole would have went after or against a white judge the same way the did the black judge

  • 014jtr
    014jtr 4 days ago

    You got to watch Rosenberg what did he say? the Jewish community help people from time to time. what he saying is look at us the Jewish people helping black people give us credit.

  • Whitne Harvey
    Whitne Harvey 5 days ago

    Make a movie meek !!

  • Sean Dafny
    Sean Dafny 5 days ago +1

    I love when Meek Mill get in his bag n start speakin in 3rd person

  • Hugo
    Hugo 5 days ago


  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J 5 days ago

    meek and 50 cent right now give the best interviews.

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J 5 days ago

    dope sit down meek.

  • kosha dillz
    kosha dillz 5 days ago

    damn 5 months i did 3 and the internet did not help with me....

  • MasterYoda
    MasterYoda 5 days ago

    A song with drake yeaaa it’s going platinum

  • Char Doll
    Char Doll 5 days ago

    Great interview! & Shout our to Jay Z also

  • ÅN DRĘ
    ÅN DRĘ 5 days ago

    Yo meek mill seams different I don't know what it is but there's something about him I think meek is trying to be more humble what u guys think let me know

  • Derek McLaughlin
    Derek McLaughlin 5 days ago

    He said I can afford it but can’t really afford it that’s real !!!

  • Charles Gussom
    Charles Gussom 5 days ago +1

    The judge is obsessed, and possessed!

  • Ronnie G
    Ronnie G 5 days ago

    This is America

  • Cory Sutton
    Cory Sutton 5 days ago

    Marijuana is harmful if it has higher levels of thc than cbd

  • Just1of Thosedays
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  • Charles Gussom
    Charles Gussom 6 days ago +1

    I'm from Philly and the Pennsylvania justice system has been corrupt since Ben Franklin!!!... They are true Tyrants! Love my homie..."Bless up Meek!"

  • YoungKBandz
    YoungKBandz 6 days ago

    "Hov texted me.." wait what?

  • Greg Witkowski
    Greg Witkowski 6 days ago

    Government will kill him shortly like they did pac

  • Amadden mind
    Amadden mind 6 days ago

    Were are all the people that was giving him L's ?

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 6 days ago

    Meek I got bigger things goin on I'm not arguing with a 🐜😂😂😂🙌

  • Juno Cash
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  • Kenny J
    Kenny J 6 days ago +1

    well DAMN ebro can the man finish his answer before you cut em off ? wtf

  • Bling 4Hunnid
    Bling 4Hunnid 6 days ago

    Love from GC

  • nicolas olivier Potvin

    ...." this is a piece of paper" LOLOLOLOL

  • Jared Hunter
    Jared Hunter 6 days ago +1

    How could you dislike something like this? It’s some real haters in the world

  • Meek Forever
    Meek Forever 6 days ago


  • JuJu Baby
    JuJu Baby 7 days ago

    I got more Respect for Meek, keep doing you.

  • regularnick
    regularnick 7 days ago

    16:37 , 16:46 has anyone tried He- ron?

  • Çhäñçë Åłł dãÿ

    meek mill biography...

    • lifestraight
      lifestraight 7 days ago

      Çhäñçë Åłł dãÿ He should write a book

  • billy bob
    billy bob 7 days ago

    I love you Robert, Meek Mill. You are a beautiful man. I believe you are a blessing to us. Thank you Ebro, Ros and the Hot97 crew. Love y'all..

  • salaam knowels
    salaam knowels 7 days ago +1

    Can some one tell me whats Dykman? I heard him say this before

    • Lamie Jimmeh
      Lamie Jimmeh 5 days ago

      A street in Manhattan some ppl consider it a hood’s kinda like the new Rucker Park. A lot of basketball tournaments happen there.

  • Vandal Wraith
    Vandal Wraith 7 days ago

    Crazy that his son will probably play with Hov's daughter before Ye's

  • Mia Gillespie
    Mia Gillespie 7 days ago +1

    This sounds like some modern day Tupac stuff, with the corrupt police and underhanded people, trying to take you down prayers are with Meek, God to protect him and his family...

  • saz19s8
    saz19s8 7 days ago

    We need R.I.C.O 2 !!!

  • Glenn Murphy
    Glenn Murphy 7 days ago

    Love 👑

  • Yepac Shakur
    Yepac Shakur 7 days ago

    these guys talk about Kanye every chance they get SMH

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC 7 days ago

    Love for Meek is so amazing right now... Im happy we all get a chance to hear him again... He deserves our support... Sometimes i be feeling like he expects too much from people, but its cause he goes so hard for others... Overall im happy he is home, and all the bullshit is in the past now

  • Ramzi Al-Omari
    Ramzi Al-Omari 7 days ago

    His story has opened my eyes to the major injustices in the system. Inspired by his strength, unbelievable.

  • Sk Boi LSN
    Sk Boi LSN 7 days ago

    Meek is a tru inspiration towards every move i MAKE.
    If u ever faced difficulties in life,it will be easier 4 u to RELATE.

  • Jennifer Nunez
    Jennifer Nunez 7 days ago

    I hope that Meek dedicates his time to with justice reform. The system is sentencing young adults to 20+ years! SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE

    • thug8200
      thug8200 4 days ago

      Jennifer Nunez just got a guy off a life sentence

  • shola i
    shola i 7 days ago

    Smart man

  • Jay Rob
    Jay Rob 7 days ago

    Meek and Drake collab would change the game forever.

  • Romelle Brown
    Romelle Brown 7 days ago

    the way he casually dropped the bars at the end... such a sick guy

  • Peter Loyal
    Peter Loyal 7 days ago

    When he said that about he was planting the seeds for them to bury him you know like a plant he will grow again now that was genius

  • Peter Loyal
    Peter Loyal 7 days ago +1

    No wonder why I love meek

  • Peter Loyal
    Peter Loyal 7 days ago +1

    Love MEEK

  • Peter Loyal
    Peter Loyal 7 days ago

    See I knew meek ain't no REAL violent person why couldn't the black judge sees that

  • Peter Loyal
    Peter Loyal 7 days ago +1

    Mark my words?? Robert Williams will go down in history if not already

  • Anthony Howze
    Anthony Howze 7 days ago


  • Tony Lorente
    Tony Lorente 8 days ago

    He's really really well spoken. Meek is only going up man.

  • SirJayDubz
    SirJayDubz 8 days ago +1

    Been rockin witchu since youngbob headshot days! Keep doin you! BH WE STRAIGHT!

  • Life Motivation
    Life Motivation 8 days ago

    He looks so much like Martin Luther king

  • Fugazi World
    Fugazi World 8 days ago

    Its easy.... Meek is the voice of philly..Gentrification is coming..But its not all bad, hopefully factorys start opening up in the area and gives alot of people jobs. Hopefully they dont come and kick out the poor people. Hopefully the area is rebuilt.. Kanye for chicago Meek for Philly.

  • Bad azz
    Bad azz 8 days ago


  • albanian_anis
    albanian_anis 8 days ago

    soooo good 1 of the best ever did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ant p
    ant p 8 days ago

    Jews and black always had a relationship

  • Parrish Thomas
    Parrish Thomas 8 days ago

    They actually let him talk instead of interrupting him and cutting him off. Good job guys,do this more often. This interview was well balanced on both ends

  • Klay Anthony Clarke
    Klay Anthony Clarke 8 days ago +2

    "Saying 'thank you' is almost like disrespect!" I've felt this way so much. When people even raise a finger to help me, thank you isn't enough. I was raised to never ask for help, so when people offer and act without my word, it's a different feeling. Respect!

  • Micheal Jackson
    Micheal Jackson 8 days ago

    The dude behind Ebro looks mad af! Probably a low key hater bul off and on his phone. dont look like he care what meek saying if you ask me.. Bul speaking facts!

  • MGang TV
    MGang TV 8 days ago

    This is dope material

  • troy savvy
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  • Funny Mannn
    Funny Mannn 8 days ago

    Is that a CANBOTTLE next to Meek

  • Funny Mannn
    Funny Mannn 8 days ago

    I wonder if Meek whoop ass

  • bmarcus89
    bmarcus89 8 days ago

    Black privilege

  • jose martinez
    jose martinez 8 days ago

    Interview SOBxRBE!!

  • Gerrilla Goons TV
    Gerrilla Goons TV 8 days ago

    Meek is playing dumb about illuminati but yo I'm glad he free 🙏🏽

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor 8 days ago

    Our judicial system is pure trash and designed as a business to ensure people (usually blacks) loose their life to prisons and jails

    • Sean Taylor
      Sean Taylor 8 days ago

      And that coon my bad Koonye West judge should go to prison

  • Christopher Hernandez

    them wavessss

  • Coby De Laveaga
    Coby De Laveaga 8 days ago

    I literally love you Meek you are doing so much good right now keep doing exactly what you are doing you are saving lives and you were chosen for this never change #freemeekforlife

  • Guud Life
    Guud Life 8 days ago

    Shout out to the rappers wit a voice speaking out against the injustices goin on in the system...Thas what hip hop is about...raise awareness, spread the message & create change.

  • LordTool
    LordTool 8 days ago

    It's amazing how Ebro thinks he is always the most important person in the room. Always reminding us that he is black.

  • Anna Garcia
    Anna Garcia 9 days ago

    11:53 total shade @ Nicki

  • Cierra R
    Cierra R 9 days ago

    These laws are sad.....

  • Samuel Branyan
    Samuel Branyan 9 days ago


  • 7even 5th
    7even 5th 9 days ago

    I was put into the system at 11 yrs old bc I left home the streets was safer then the house I was living in ,being abused and tourchered but how TF I was the one being charged like a criminal they dumped me into juvenile prison for running from danger wtf there's more ... stay tuned

  • Raydio Twins
    Raydio Twins 9 days ago


  • Rebel Natty LocX
    Rebel Natty LocX 9 days ago

    Dont agree with them on some of the issues, but love they having the conversation. Great headspace he in. Welcome home meek

  • Ape Boy Lou
    Ape Boy Lou 9 days ago

    that freestyle at the end was fire

  • mikeissweet
    mikeissweet 9 days ago

    36:32 Ebro discusses how the democrats ruin black neighborhoods

  • obi was here
    obi was here 9 days ago +6

    Ebro gotta stop cutting ppl off. Let’s hear the complete thought, damn!

  • Too G
    Too G 9 days ago

    Meek home

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 9 days ago

    Meek Millie been the truth man blessed trust me plus he got me through nuff hours and lifted me man bless you Meek Millie STRAIGHT...