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  • KB
    KB 7 hours ago

    Look up 5g radiation

  • BroBoss20.50.2018 g
    BroBoss20.50.2018 g 8 hours ago

    You should do a IOS 13 JailBreak.

  • Slate Montgomery
    Slate Montgomery 9 hours ago

    Can you please drop a link to this wallpaper

  • Angel Cerritos
    Angel Cerritos 9 hours ago +1

    The real question is does it scratch at level 6.

  • Mitchliit Blog 2019
    Mitchliit Blog 2019 9 hours ago

    Hello please hug me back please

    AHMET HALIFEOGLU 9 hours ago

    Real Apple airpods vs Fake apple airpods please

  • Tyrese Letmon
    Tyrese Letmon 10 hours ago

    How y’all seen this yet.

  • OwnIt4 FreeOfficial
    OwnIt4 FreeOfficial 10 hours ago

    Too many adverts in your video ruins your videos.

  • ArJuN Mangal
    ArJuN Mangal 10 hours ago

    Where is new 16" macbook pro review?

  • Mathias Celis
    Mathias Celis 10 hours ago

    Just saw this video on twitter about a future iPhone. Can you talk about this??

    • Mathias Celis
      Mathias Celis 10 hours ago

  • Infovest
    Infovest 10 hours ago +1

    So Trevor didnt get the new mac book pro 16" that other favored ytubers got from Tim Apple. What happens when Apple get pissed when you release leaks. lol. Now he has to buy one off the shelf. *welp*

  • Selmer Nybø
    Selmer Nybø 11 hours ago

    Iphone 12😀

  • Willi Hansen
    Willi Hansen 11 hours ago

    I so want to give him a chap stick!

  • Zhywy Chou
    Zhywy Chou 11 hours ago

    Dammmnnn apple should rest(take a break)
    Wallet: RIP

  • Aditya Nair
    Aditya Nair 12 hours ago
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  • Wacky Blox
    Wacky Blox 12 hours ago

    Honestly I wish that they would put a usb thing on the new I phone for like hardtives and sending stuff to computers

  • Faraz Ahmed
    Faraz Ahmed 13 hours ago

    Hi, Filip. Could you review this most expensive phone case on Amazon? You usually review the phone cases, too, just like that of LV’s case. I’ll just get a small commission if you can buy it from here and review it.

  • Suvank Chhetri
    Suvank Chhetri 13 hours ago

    Yo what’s up can we talk

    SAYYAD KHAN 13 hours ago


  • FFS SargentSWAG
    FFS SargentSWAG 16 hours ago

    Could you put anymore ads?

  • AKIRADAWE Christian
    AKIRADAWE Christian 18 hours ago

    too much adds makes me loose interest in video

  • RaSean Pittman
    RaSean Pittman 18 hours ago +1

    iPhone 12: Hey guys I’m coming in 2020
    iPhone 11: "IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT"

  • hazitz iklil hessly hafiz

    2.28 something walking behind the blinds

  • HYASH_4444
    HYASH_4444 19 hours ago

    I love u video but when me see u video I feel jealous because I can't afford m9bile and u broke all mobile :😢😢

  • Joshua M
    Joshua M 19 hours ago +1

    Anyone down for the magnet looking charging port? At 6:23 (gold iPhone)

  • Topkittycat 87
    Topkittycat 87 20 hours ago +1

    iPhone 11 pro max:I have 3 cameras
    iPhone 864 pro max: I have 145,098 cameras
    Iphone 11 pro max:😮😮😮😮😮what the f*ck

  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus 20 hours ago

    See Santa’s new TheXvid channel
    Just click the link below

  • rod laurente
    rod laurente 20 hours ago

    iPhone12 is only the same with faster speed and 5G thats it

  • Char Mitchell
    Char Mitchell 21 hour ago

    New subscriber 🤘🏽🔥look forward to your content

  • Braxton James
    Braxton James 21 hour ago +1

    I just switched from android to iPhone. I want to let the iPhone community know, I was a die hard android guy, shitting on iPhone people all the time, because androids have potential and innovation, while iPhones have luxury and security. I’ve never owned an iPhone, I just got my iPhone 11 Pro Max, upgrading from my Samsung Galaxy Note9. I wish to say, that I got bored with android and have done everything that’s possible, from torrenting to apk’s to z64 game launcher, and once I got my iPhone, I was impressed, easy to use, beautiful, luxurious, and best of all, better battery, performance, and no lag. I will always love android, but I have officially fallen in love with Apple and their products. I’m not a fanboy, just giving Apple a chance, and I will say, I’m not disappointed, nor let down. Proud to have an Apple sticker now!

  • Jordan Anthony
    Jordan Anthony 21 hour ago

    I still got the 6s plus 🤦‍♂️

  • Eyad Elchehabi
    Eyad Elchehabi 21 hour ago

    I was supposed to be getting the iPhone 11 Pro in the next week or so, I really need it with my iPhone 6 its starting to die. But I am looking at all the leaks and rumors for the 2020 iPhone, and it looks like it is going to be amazing. But I really am needing a new phone, so what do I do?

  • Dishaan284
    Dishaan284 22 hours ago

    bro what about the jailbreak?

  • Odom - Pech
    Odom - Pech 22 hours ago

    Is there another AirPod coming?

  • roul3688
    roul3688 23 hours ago

    Love the “boring motion” display. That’s great

  • 23 hours ago

    I have a question why the hell on gods green earth are you wearing a winter coat and a beanie hat in doors?? You look absolutely ridiculous 😂🤣

  • Lefe
    Lefe 23 hours ago

    iPhone XR bypass? I got locked out of my phone and don’t know my apple ID

    • Lefe
      Lefe 11 hours ago

      @Active brothers ill check it out

    • Active brothers
      Active brothers 16 hours ago

      Lefe Use 3utool

  • Công Linh
    Công Linh Day ago

    Hello, can I reupload your video by translating it into my home language? Vietnamese.

  • Lambro X
    Lambro X Day ago +1

    Who waiting for the iPhone 12

  • Scott Delisser
    Scott Delisser Day ago

    Where are ya not seen u in nearly a week here??

  • Ayrial R
    Ayrial R Day ago

    Talking about Apple watch 6 generation and I'm still on the first one... 😂😂

  • EthanHPLAYS
    EthanHPLAYS Day ago +1

    You need to make a video about the checkra1n jailbreak

  • Sawyer Howell
    Sawyer Howell Day ago

    IPhone 12 xs t u v m d t i o max pro lite

  • Sawyer Howell
    Sawyer Howell Day ago

    Not one not two not three..... but 8 cameras

  • Toby Gammond
    Toby Gammond Day ago

    can i have hedfons

  • MrRayli29118
    MrRayli29118 Day ago

    No charging port? Soooo it comes with AirPods and wireless charger? Damn if that happens I shouldn’t have got the 11 pro

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    • Sam Wirth
      Sam Wirth 19 hours ago

      Super Avesome Experiments been here since 100k subs.

  • Layla Rose 卌
    Layla Rose 卌 Day ago

    i just bought tHE 11 PRO MAX *WHAT ARE YOU DOING*

  • ElmaBCasting
    ElmaBCasting Day ago

    There Will not be iphone 12 next year.
    Only update of already existing one.

    PUBG TV Day ago

    Collecting money for iPhone x plzzz donate me paytm no. 9876755393

  • Ray Ivey
    Ray Ivey Day ago

    Imma wait for the iPhone 12 to come out so the iPhone 11 price will go down then the iPhone X price will go down so then I can get iPhone X

  • Smart Phone Fix
    Smart Phone Fix Day ago

    previous iphones - metal = 500 bucks
    today iphones - glass = 800 - 1000 bucks
    next iphones - plastic = 1500 - 2000 bucks
    future iphones - cardboard box = 5000 bucks

  • Smart Phone Fix
    Smart Phone Fix Day ago

    new smartphone release and after week nobody cares and can't wait for another new to release.. I think these vids making ppl stupid...

  • Alan H
    Alan H Day ago

    I would prefer more thin and less Cameras so many on phone...they can get one with the job of 4 lol

  • Joey Alvarez
    Joey Alvarez Day ago

    iPhone 11 Pro releases...
    iPhone 12 Leaks: Aiight ima head out

  • im not o - fucking - kay

    :o when the iphone 12 comes out, the previous iphones will be cheaper. meaning, i'll get a cheap iphone 7!

  • World Wide Music

    apple fans believing in this design since 2014...

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V Day ago

    Blah blah blah. Same crap every year. I won’t buy another iPhone until they remove that ugly notch!

  • MrGamerJeff & More
    MrGamerJeff & More Day ago +1

    Like = amd
    Comment = Intel

  • Mopar Charger
    Mopar Charger Day ago

    Damm chill, let us enjoy the iphone 11 first...