Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #7

  • Published on Dec 24, 2014
  • Special Guest star Freddie Williams III joins us on this episode of Wheel of the Worst!!!
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  • HealingChurchPotluck

    Amazing rich evans prank call, and Len cameo was the icing on the cake

  • Ben Bruflat
    Ben Bruflat 6 days ago

    I've been binging these for the first time, and I've gone from not knowing the name Len Kabasinski to wanting him in everything I watch.

  • Carl Czech
    Carl Czech 9 days ago

    The "How to become a Teenage Ninja" Song at the End is actually way better than the stupid Vanilla Ice Song from Turtels 2.

    TEEN1DOL 13 days ago

    Stumpy Baldwin lmaoo

  • Jesse
    Jesse 24 days ago

    Air bag mascot should have been a puffer fish.

  • Best Bout Gaming
    Best Bout Gaming 29 days ago

    Len Kabasinski still top tier

  • Uncanny X
    Uncanny X Month ago +2

    I know that the music at 52:17... I just can't remember where it's from

  • Schlenderman
    Schlenderman Month ago

    I died when Josh stole Jay's spin lmfao

  • Adam Zaro
    Adam Zaro Month ago

    Don Beverage narrated the Ice Dam video

  • TheNikean
    TheNikean Month ago

    Goddammit, Rich, it hurts so bad XD

  • AschenDog
    AschenDog Month ago +1

    I know this is old, but I'm extremely disappointed there wasn't an actual link in the description for that gif.

  • NormallyScott
    NormallyScott Month ago

    Fun Fact: Vanilla Ice in 2017 signed on to the same Label that ICP (Insane Clown Posse) are under. He's also done shows with that, crazy fucking world.

    • lindinle
      lindinle Month ago

      whit is up with ICP?

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago

    That ending

  • M T
    M T Month ago

    "I dont' want 'em to smash my ass" - Freddie Williams

  • Sebastian Brinkmann

    Did Mike have a lady friend?

  • IncoherentMoron
    IncoherentMoron Month ago

    lmfao the pan over the group at 12:50 reminds me so much of the audience shots during the first act of "Springtime for Hitler" from The Producers

  • MrPooPooJohn
    MrPooPooJohn Month ago

    Code of the Ninja:
    1. Corn Ledge!
    2. Shelf Patrol!
    3. Spanx!
    1. Keurig!!!
    Hoo. Sausage Eggroll!!!
    Hree. Drink!!!

  • BirdieRafael
    BirdieRafael Month ago +1


  • Captain McDog
    Captain McDog Month ago +1

    If the last few minutes of my life were spent listening to Rich's crank call I would not consider that to have been a waste.

  • Riley Myers
    Riley Myers Month ago

    Frank Miller illustrated the wolverine solo series, Chris Claremont was the writer

  • Dave Booshty
    Dave Booshty 2 months ago +1

    27:58 Frank Miller might have had a part in the Ninja showing up in the Daredevil Comics too? Maybe?

  • // REDACT3D
    // REDACT3D 2 months ago

    self patrol

  • Joonas Vainikainen
    Joonas Vainikainen 2 months ago


  • carlsberg 6254
    carlsberg 6254 2 months ago

    This is super late but I just noticed. The moves that Len was doing on the ninja tape were the same moves that Geteven was doing. Holy hell, was this a secret Geteven reference?

  • DangerAce
    DangerAce 2 months ago

    In 1983, exposure to the newly published Ninja Magazine lead me to purchase my very first VHS tape, Enter The Ninja (1981, suggested retail price: $80), which as far as I can tell, may be the oldest artifact of the Ninja Fever that would sweep the USA. While there are older films featuring Ninja in Japan, Enter the Ninja may be the first marketed in the West. Also, dogs have the potential to recognize hundreds of words. It is said that an adult dog possesses intelligence equivalent to a two year old human.

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones 2 months ago +1

    God that woman was annoying.

  • SirSamJuan
    SirSamJuan 2 months ago


  • Mark Weller
    Mark Weller 2 months ago +1

    When they said Wheel of the Worst I thought they meant wurst - as in bratwurst. I thought we'd see lots of great Austrian sausage. *wah wah* sad trumpet

  • magnum66
    magnum66 3 months ago +3

    I'm sad they missed the golden opportunity to call the bear airbags "Bearbags"

  • Bublee
    Bublee 3 months ago

    I'm gonna make my ringtone the go ninja rap

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley 3 months ago

    The "Beam through the eye like Raiders of the Lost Ark" is what got me laughing my ass off.

  • Edward
    Edward 3 months ago

    That ending was the best

  • Red
    Red 3 months ago

    I think we need a phone call between Don Wilson and Mr. Plinkett on half in the bag. Clearly they went to school together and have sooo many stories to tell.

  • Losers Incorporated
    Losers Incorporated 3 months ago +2

    Is that Steve from How to Spot Counterfeit Beanie Babies?!

  • Jennifer Boddaert
    Jennifer Boddaert 3 months ago

    Omg, these drawings of the teddy airbag are amazing!!

  • bryon jackson
    bryon jackson 3 months ago

    Len and Rich in a buddy ninja movie. Make it happen.

  • Cycada Acolyte
    Cycada Acolyte 3 months ago

    Remember when Marvel published comics?
    Pepperidge Farms remembers...

  • Кристина Шакирова

    This episode was great! Freddie is awesome, the artist renditions are gorgeous, the prank call was hilarious, and the ending with Len was just a cherry on top. I love your work, guys. Greetings from Russia.

  • tofargone19
    tofargone19 4 months ago

    I can't believe this was as entertaining as it was

  • SpongeBobaFett
    SpongeBobaFett 4 months ago +2

    The Frank Miller Wikipedia page still lists that he wrote the Ninja Rap in the Daredevil section to this day

  • Ian Weigand
    Ian Weigand 4 months ago

    I would pay a lot of money for an entire RLM comic illustrated by Freddie Williams

  • timbre x tempo
    timbre x tempo 4 months ago

    Rich Evans is an improv master. Don't @ us. Cheers 🍺

  • astrogallotron
    astrogallotron 4 months ago

    4 years later and Frank Miller's page has not been updated yet.

  • Bob Sloppy
    Bob Sloppy 4 months ago

    who called the number?

  • multidwproductions
    multidwproductions 4 months ago

    Giraffes are now an endangered species, someone didn’t return Don Wilson’s voice mail

  • Garrett OKelly
    Garrett OKelly 4 months ago

    Josh confirmed as a a fan of Boyhood...

  • the mouth of Sauron
    the mouth of Sauron 4 months ago

    the ending was so cool lol

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine 4 months ago

    I lost it when Rich was prank calling the guy and started talking about solar radiation to prevent kids from torrenting the DVD.

  • Riotous Behaviour
    Riotous Behaviour 4 months ago

    Fun Fact: The wheel scenes of this episode are lit in such a way as to hide the shadows and sores on Mike's face from his chronic alcoholism and occasional heroin use. Love this show.

  • Noah Ariss
    Noah Ariss 4 months ago

    That airbag video, we watched that in driver's training

  • Jin Luncheonmeats
    Jin Luncheonmeats 4 months ago

    33:46 Rich’s delivery of the line “What? No!” should be dubbed over Mark Wahlberg’s “What? No!” in The Happening. Learn from a professional Markie Mark!! THIS is how you deliver That line!!
    But that Ending was EPIC!!

  • João Vítor Souza
    João Vítor Souza 4 months ago

    23:23 Mike having a stroke

  • DomoPhoenix
    DomoPhoenix 4 months ago

    25:47 mike shakes the smile off his face

  • The Monster MW
    The Monster MW 4 months ago

    I like seeing all these comments from 1-4 years ago . It’s like time travel

  • Major_Shake_
    Major_Shake_ 5 months ago

    I called the number, I was shocked when a man named bob answered asking how he could prey for me.

  • B.M. Winn
    B.M. Winn 5 months ago

    I’m from Des Moines and Don Wilson is a household name here. We love our wildlife preserves. We even named a disease after him: “Don Wilson Syndrome”. Known by the formal scientific name: Diabetes. Moral of the story is long live Don Wilson, he really is an Iowa treasure, that and Methamphetamine. They’re both equal to eachother.

  • Knight Time
    Knight Time 5 months ago

    "I don't want to get my ass smashed!"

  • Maverick Houston
    Maverick Houston 5 months ago

    I call bullshit on the ninja masters, they are clearly using Chinese weapons.

  • Flint Ironstag
    Flint Ironstag 5 months ago

    kid sand airbags

  • MarcusWelby
    MarcusWelby 5 months ago

    Not a link for the GIF. Unsubscribe!

  • paul coy
    paul coy 5 months ago

    Wait, aren't the Ninja ethics Infiltration, Deception, and Assassination ?

  • Jonathan Dinh
    Jonathan Dinh 5 months ago

    The "ninja master" is using a Chinese Broadsword

  • Happy Camper
    Happy Camper 5 months ago

    Dogs can detect flicker at 75 hertz and old TVs used to run at around 55 hertz (humans can't detect flicker at that speed) so dogs wouldn't have been able to see the video properly anyway.

  • Shotgunbundy
    Shotgunbundy 5 months ago

    15:55 anyone ever try calling the number?

  • Bart-René Thiel
    Bart-René Thiel 5 months ago

    Who else would want to trade their job for a internship at Red Letter Media? No pay, no problem!

  • Raymond Mockridge
    Raymond Mockridge 6 months ago

    Not sure if it was intended or not, but I just noticed after all the times I watched this video that Len Kabasinski filmed his segment in a somewhat tight little set just like the Teenage ninja video was filmed. If it was intentional, good job and if it wasn't, lie and say that it was.

  • Brian Printy
    Brian Printy 6 months ago


  • Daniel Griffiths
    Daniel Griffiths 6 months ago

    Bair Bag

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W 6 months ago +1

    The pig shootout in dog sitter was definitely filmed on the set of the Medora musical in Medora ND in case anyone wants to know the secrets.

  • Boppper
    Boppper 6 months ago

    Why is Freddie so huggable?

  • Eric Winkler
    Eric Winkler 6 months ago

    Rich first introduced himself as Dan Wilson, but at the end he was Don Wilson! Still awesome crank-call though! 😂

  • Stuurminator
    Stuurminator 6 months ago

    Why would you need to use subliminal messaging on dogs, even if it were possible? Would they feel overly patronized if the video told them "good boy" at a normal volume?

  • Eric Winkler
    Eric Winkler 6 months ago

    I think Rich Evans may be the greatest human of all time! A God amongst men.

  • Eric Winkler
    Eric Winkler 6 months ago

    Did they ever watch “The Shoji Tabuchi Show!” which is shown in the intro to these vids? I’ve wanted them to watch that particular video since the first time I saw that picture, with that guys freaky looking pudding-bowl-haircut! 😂

    • Eric Winkler
      Eric Winkler 6 months ago

      Kyle Solesky Cool, thanks. I’ll go check it out 🙂

    • Kyle Solesky
      Kyle Solesky 6 months ago

      Yes I think it's Wheel Of The Worst #3 when they watched it.

  • Alex Pohorily
    Alex Pohorily 6 months ago +1

    The boyhood of ice damn videos

  • Obscene Vegetable Matter

    Len Kabasinski could make a living as a George Lucas impersonator.

  • Brady Greenawalt
    Brady Greenawalt 6 months ago

    The whole KTC thing really pisses me off

  • 64xenx
    64xenx 6 months ago

    bair bag that is all

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris 6 months ago

    Just finished updating Miller’s wiki with “Miller wrote the theme song “Ninja Rap” sung by the great lyricist Vanilla Ice”

  • System509
    System509 7 months ago

    The legendary origin of Dan/Don Wilson

  • Diego Forero
    Diego Forero 7 months ago

    I search for the link for the gif... What I have done with my life

  • Paul T
    Paul T 7 months ago

    Why need to make up fake copy protection when Macrovision had been around since 1985?

  • fantom58
    fantom58 7 months ago

    7:54 Nice to see Keenan Ivory Wayans in a public safety video.

  • The Guardian
    The Guardian 7 months ago

    best improv ever

  • Brian Thomas
    Brian Thomas 7 months ago

    I saw the Kids And Airbags tape in Driver's Ed

  • Кропоткин Мичкин

    why rich looks so stoned sometimes? I wonder

  • Sorath84
    Sorath84 8 months ago

    waiting for Special Guest Star Don Beveridge.

  • ThusFar Official
    ThusFar Official 8 months ago

    Bless Rich Evans

  • Rus Alexander
    Rus Alexander 8 months ago

    Is Don Wilson Mr. Plinkett's meth head son? He certainly sounds like he could be related.....

  • Buncy The Frog
    Buncy The Frog 8 months ago +1

    Given the weird state of comics at the moment, it's a real breath of fresh air to see someone like Freddie being just a normal functioning human being in this video.

  • ThrillingWonderLLC
    ThrillingWonderLLC 8 months ago

    Is it just me, or does "Fatso Neckbeard" sound like a Tolkien character?

  • Hard Left Turn
    Hard Left Turn 8 months ago


  • shonuff0330
    shonuff0330 8 months ago

    i couldn't download the gif they advertised :(

  • H K
    H K 8 months ago

    Get yer cougar insurance... At the tumms festival...

  • Jack Kingsby
    Jack Kingsby 8 months ago

    I got too excited when Len appeared on screen

  • Mark Peterson
    Mark Peterson 8 months ago

    This episode needs to be renamed, Best of Evan!

  • Mark Peterson
    Mark Peterson 8 months ago

    40:41 Evan is undefeatable!!

  • Mark Peterson
    Mark Peterson 8 months ago

    14:43 did they really miss that? "Uncorrectly"...

  • Justin Tirrell
    Justin Tirrell 8 months ago

    WHERE'S THE GIF!!!??!?!

  • Kev ZΔksor
    Kev ZΔksor 8 months ago +2

    Holy shit, the dog with the camera on his head is an Airedale! I love my Airedale.