UBI - Bitty Betty (Ft. Joey Cool & Karma Knows) | OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • UBI of CES Cru - "Bitty Betty" Feat. Joey Cool & Karma Knows
    Buy/Stream - smarturl.it/ubi0
    Official Hip Hop Lyric Video | Strange Music
    Produced By: Michael “Seven” Summers
    Buy/Stream 'Under Bad Influence' - smarturl.it/ubi0
    UBI of CES Cru on Twitter - CESCru
    Facebook - ubiquitouscescru/
    Instagram - therealubiquitous
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    Joey Cool on Twitter - therealJoeyCool
    Facebook - joeycoolmusic/
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    Official Artist TheXvid - bit.ly/2IGQphn
    Soundcloud - bit.ly/1eiIevd
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Comments • 63

  • Michael Osselrod
    Michael Osselrod 5 months ago

    If a bitch isn't 100% into you she isn't worth 1% of your time

  • Lorenzo Billy Begay
    Lorenzo Billy Begay 7 months ago +1

    👏 Ubi ft. Brother Ali & R.A. the Rugged Man 😳

  • tyler womelduff
    tyler womelduff 8 months ago

    Tidal Wavy 💆🌏

  • Killer T
    Killer T 8 months ago

    I love it!!! Love the Kendrick reference too!!

  • Inekura
    Inekura 8 months ago

    Ubi with the 420 video time

  • tyler womelduff
    tyler womelduff 8 months ago


  • FadedPilotProps
    FadedPilotProps 8 months ago

    Ahhh shit!!! Karma Knows!!!!

  • Kasey Campos
    Kasey Campos 9 months ago

    Good music!

  • Brandy Martinez
    Brandy Martinez 9 months ago +1

    Oh yes! 🙌
    Karma knows and under bad influence. I didnt expect this but its dope.

  • AlwaysTiim
    AlwaysTiim 9 months ago

    This beat! 💗

  • caleb kleve
    caleb kleve 9 months ago

    Where's the intro?

  • Im Red
    Im Red 9 months ago

    Y she before us all got his heart after feeling like most of us u just give it to ur kids so right they too can have real heart of gold we all know comes with a few scares and a prmanent tattoo. And u kids I had to split my heart too. But nope no tattoo but bc no heart force a rib to cage all of his plus my demons in the jail n believe his harder hit I promise feeling u know nothing about a soul yelpn damn I'm hungry out dryer leaving u still just begging invisible bc a washer u know in the sink isn't room enough yep my bed not hiss still could not com9pare to that candle plastic he leaves uopen wra9qps infro t ofe n the wooden floor still u don't know how I see everything reflecting dang my myth mix beats I'm sure keep snapping something will . Bc rite knowing n truly knowing me 47 when bon Jovi said 37 in ten seconds how many people can u Beall in in ten seconds to keep up with out loosing anything to be with a real man drive what all paid for by cash yes I was the carrier so keep on if I went back it'd be to pay the one a free ticket to MC D's oh look at u trying pee hunt hint damn near u still ain't me I don't give a dam if I am or if I ain't nothing bc I know who I am everyday I look. N damn na ain't worth but I am laugh bc take what u can so no gave to give a thang but God and we all had to be cold I guess b. Ha juicy fruit damn twins say aw look not a pet must of been lampshades still two not has any u in. But I bet it has a man by a mailbox in front my parents if I broke out still sum plain bealieve God has a damn Hunt word the sound not blurp bubles bubbling twins never get but if we got a pool n how it'd probly be wild over the plain my luck that convert would forget all lids the everything n floor like some voice trying to even think now fr gd again towels take a falrik ...down to see the 1.50 seats had big blocks in bigs lots I promise not a sky near my city bc it is what he said earlier even to your non reflik wood1 ain't dikkues it ur own mirror or u would be u not trying even think what I may or may not bctruth I know good or be for onceiknow who I truly . Impressingne no need y my pair of many is not nothing it's an address not leaving a damn thing to impress any just being me withoreven without n ya probly by the mailbox bc nonflik didn't have a refligktotake out on so u hells bc of n at me na it won't like u would think doesn't happen bc spitting out of disrespect better know u r not working n recall I promise mytime nope if not it will be the back park reorder another bc u still o nsee I still correct u trying to be not even a want to be word near that interests bi am believe bc marriage makes most unhelp of many add something plus fifty and go back to the front look it name y mine not even u will like not no an now no no end andante andante still don't know how to same simple real I didn't think ur name u don't got na not that bio na if so I know u in hidden now so see I already had with her n all of the above like now w him came all of the abovenot a person trying to think no taLKIn not even to be or na not even gonna bc y u will try like many n still ain't no tears worth the pain on my freekles I promise no bet no not a relationship kind but just the kids any y reruin left over like water in my milk might make it last long but won't make the freekles go away like ur own heart my heart even hurts more still I smile like it's nothing bc no one can ever imagine how teven try by a certain time like mom yelling just wait I promise that house that land c ouldnot feel howi truly feel. Ybc the main problems does not consist of any one moving any where it has to deal with anumber that honestly means nothing unless know Tru meaning. 123 what does it really stand for bclove is not there it's no5hing like balony Hu

  • Im Red
    Im Red 9 months ago

    A place to for y to go well cheep doesn't matter even ya we all feel but who's really holding that rib that's if will be before dawn let dawn drown for doing demons in down town by dang drain dang ur still not bubbling much sense but trying to guess what I think to spit n my mirror danfphase must be something thinking feeling yep we all got them that's y Donald's down on the farm lil d real mixes boom bostic u know my name liztastici came WTH great dream demons dreamer dawn to dawn dawndawn of all da2n don't want him but got it don't have to have but did amabout it do we need to go back to get school to be cool be a fake or try to be like being me isn't we know doesn't spell u or you but he mite been then but be I promise last week doesn't meet brake up just b c u mite of a few clothes like mine in the garage to hold while screams damn Liz her wego again oh last week that's my name so y is it ur on ur need bc believe boygirl firfr my gay friend like my husband when I pulled up yep yep I thought even saw ur cold cheap kind of thrill still not like me having itall all at once is y hold told u oh alloud I owned like I knew at ten when I had no clue ten min of blues clues do we need popups or hickups see just then u tried it didn't work changed that how back to my own prfix for fix a fool leaves stains on u bc probly like u and notice in big letters Like you married once but to redo on a dude when u didn't make the list not even last week to be a weak lenki promise twice maybe u bc ask anyone anywhere I can halt all feelings for a great show but I will be damn if I halt a thing for any kind commerical interferences trying g to think u really think Liz would thing just to yahegots feelings ya didn't get the real menu did ya now a Hu hunting. Stupid was a Matt at the door both sides sending nomusicno not even nothing bc it to got a thrill broom boom last night. Nout side has it's own boom for that too rub under that flower power n left nothing w a kind of how to read that shit yep both bc if I ha had a door it'd not say I or hi it wldnt wave nothing but a for real and see red Ethan Andrew JJ bc in that language that j doesn't curve rite fo rit. .
    .. n r any oh yanext window bc y come againsome might but tool sheds beneath u no o cold cold winter. Sun where again I know spine spinning standing n still u don't know how my floor reflects nothing by a pen built by probably both last week two yrs before was two boys trying inprint of men be in my kitchen laugh like hmm n no not waisting nor waiting for a y over seen always can't bc my place never had walls screaming as cardbords dripn nothing bc y I do speak Spanish German french n write in Italian like lover leaving note s in those Rome rocky rocks in Paris but not Abit of u for a nothing is Elizabeth and last name I don't play chess believe look hunntee oh good the tea she it dang that wants dang English and still empty must been mail going to fast or to embarrassed to be non invisible I thought u said was not demon with owners maul of shift my bitchs Dan left chains need to be long Mr towmain bc believe I wish could kill this situation with through yes my leiza saying loudly be well damn fakecheebee look at you sign trying to sneeze a cup of nothing believecheep rugs honey nqot hunt a thing b best bet it leiza had a rug it would spit out now out before letting anything cheap evin look clear cleanable but the agony on going on n on I promise not ur name again dawnmewdawn n belubet just bet in my crowd trying like now trying again already know in like later still don't make get a juice full of cions n cards n guess promise who not her by me again I doesn't got two windows or pain for both let along add another won't shut I got enough that now my next believe probly be the electric even w battieries I promise still whole town won't be able to see n y I am free about the Galaxy n for within and all my planets like the belt no that one does not have a half 2take 2 any nomense ofy be...u. Bc I am who I say I am I can own like I spit it fr in ur face earlier n biotch liku ya ttampa doesn't like that much cheer n still all u did was brush my for really my eyebrows with x u keep trying that straw n that box magnets usually stick not jUst by using a still to for real see baby cry it could even still stupid to her straw like u and me r blind n still see a fake try spa we goa zoo with that non stick any Dem germs dang germs babyc it might transform to some more being obkmocktous not seeing cute is for c flutes not nothing flat or fake no where maybe a little extre but promisereal. And that voice trying in here parked half clowns cleaning highways in a mow clowns of a town n yep damn not feild .

  • Im Red
    Im Red 9 months ago

    Sorry just tired of some staying true reall6 in out of nothing is nope not no giving into shaking water over pretty bc floers looking like ew look minor we're n the graveyard chain w his everything to a tree covering the dirt Rd n yes I got a plane Andrew not a plan. A plane n for real be reality couldn't see the Rd for the dang tree guess we're not leaving the well out that way now guess again like jail no window and chained for damn stuck n no sun. I'm sure before the train hits those will not be green not even a rainbow bc I ca1n seem to see u kIDs oR my flowers bc again like the tell it's tv and u r in front of the window blocking the fan, n I promise ur pApaw did noT pu5 a paark bench by your mamaws rocking chair then nor the mail yes underground it came trying to piss the stars away like the phone wired can be crossed out of no where to my Hawks n hammers in a new sand box idk maybe. If u don't know then I promise even Ricky can kill that switch of laughter like we do try n shock bc by seeing the sky krstal ran screening fire n inder !no Indians bc mamaw never said being u mite be tnt or funny guns dang bow never blow like the wind idnt know I just know Rick n jt could stop laughing. N next day in out of mouth vigunia think u want to krstal to run or try to cook again like last nite n usual calling et I guess at that time dang I'm from Mars read ryte et ryte ep probly couldn't find that phone or nr nothing for being in that tree that yr Manny left flowers. Like all across many lines water more living have their kind of kazcrav in that silly mind of many many

  • Im Red
    Im Red 9 months ago

    And what sticker of baby babatty mall momma drama of have jezze u kids party this weekend no Tonite no the week rite think they might be outside or aleep. Go to bed twin after bath after eat and please the meaning eateat. B c to a house I may walks of walls on the East to see rite the stars shine Brite n not that but mine probly like him n her repeatrepeat for messing my weeking like that copy machine getting scared tospit so blinding in hiding I promise this car won't have color so put in a hush and I'm last warning trying to try being me I ain't got a weave or but I do got all the above and yes wig line too believe while not come on or like yrs to we all to got issues of all world's it's annoying and still hear wrong timing and still look look real close and even like before doesn't matter still if not out side or a place to stay d if it was that good like invisible ink my copy machine would not be acting like it's stuck n hiding g when he e hears like I do sees everything the same and feeling hunnttyyhu tree unless ur the babymomaof yoldesytwi theles for ever yes licked for the looy windows bc we all know only babymom.as got the lower like mom yep momther yep here she will drive u to the staying yep make sure to bump n pray that bumps the only as as she will speed yep leave y bcdamn after working all night putting up wthishaunted of tryeverthing to sneakers camndcausing God just doesn't work here sing of spra o poleeeE wrkd but na Gospel is at dad's and everyone e knows in proverbswE al find a real reason how and why if that is not heloingnatiowide is im sue still open. And a few laugh bceven gaurding the heart like few before n pkantu it had a lock look of interest we all got oppinions and walls to around our hearts like the dangling of phones n numbersu to probly told them say they laugh bchey he's playing hearts again is it lying heck who cares c she probly thank God not paper for that headache for thewhole yr ur probly thank it inist or thankful not another reruin bc those lil bsleadto same damn arguments I too probly a few can throw in w this that and Mary didn't die she's still at the beach house laughing at us all stupid of us being beautifully funny bc we all know same thing did nothing only namesn times change people n face don't and the most of all importa t lessons is one it has othing to do want one here not even a ghuman can think it

  • Im Red
    Im Red 9 months ago

    I hear sorry okay . Sorry... Now really here I hear again mmm.. rite like last time I ain't nobody's time line but sorry .... Ok... By what waiting no not going to use or reuse of a use word or need o say you best hope I will eventually see u face to face and smerk bc we both know u had a chance earlier and didn't say shit like now not trying to swing but trying to get a quick quik damn better get ur assback to fcbc he knows too he too can get like he did early fist up. But this time quit bc show me that mirror and too I will say yeah if u didn't envy me even if u can but ain't sweating u w nothing r en though I hear u see u all upyshit still ya u I like licked after u already lost all even if I walk away did u learn not one thing three wks ago snap snap snap front seat yep n in ur window u stared watching after I heard u then I hear u now better go domorehome wrk bc even the train know damn eight of nothing new and still I contecontrollred even ur money then didn't make it shows and showed like can fa e to face both of u like early u don't pay to stay ugetpaind to get kicked n stepped beated n walked on n like more find ur o2n way instead.of trying to break into by breaking through my own bullshit b u ain't thang I promise ain't walking again maybe a half a house doesn't even count if u can't been seen at the important whiscjis just before I take clithesandpk kbthem back up like trash don't try to seesoubd of sound or try before they run down the at guess seeing it last week u should of okkef a little closer it's not whY u do it's where r at the end of the day and hear it u know do I just need to fo one cuz don't start believe a b u should know bc ur heart will hurt worst like earlier when I seen pain like inside to say I'm fine hurt u moreanf suing good bye or do I need not go there believe I got a few dog pounds and the are pounds bc I'm sure there in the right time of right place so controlled bc I will not hear sometimes it's worst than the worst beatings but believe I owned it like the great she taught me the realist. And I'm sure like several on some canero isn't even cool to try the act like ur trying to be so I will just get my mirror put my music loud and pretend as u try to take time away from me better look closer b. Eecven I know he's laughing at u while u are just in thought like me either way pain of a pain isn't much bc a boy came bet2ween the best friends and quick like bambams we to of two can flip script quick and let u watch and throw a two peenytwo nivklea to the aide and both leave in ya my car oh I for gotta to change my name's to her when we leave infoko car. .... Now guess a koot had to smerr red lipstick down my window. Bc

  • Im Red
    Im Red 9 months ago +1

    See we are like those two birds n trying to hide ourselves from each other even that mirror. Ether way doesn't matter believe our elders like God already know ya it hurts we all hurt from some kind of God way of say it too hurts and see that's how really the story goes boys will be boys just remember what I told u don't ever let that mouth over load the most silence of a vulliest importance bc when the swing come u better be ready and duck bc maybe out of fear is y I can't say. It's like swimming lessons bc I didn't than and don't 40 yrs later like to get my face wet and yes I took karate and yes they teach u to walk away first but that that mouth counting insience just to see what fossil watcheright tick even if it might go on n fly away but don't u there punk out chin up n smerk like wild of wild I'm teaching u by trying to make u see bc that swing doesn't matter size it like those feet n that yellow wagon that red v8 s shifting gears how fast u change ur shoes to a beytt3r you is awesome and however believe how fast u swing ur brother r there even ur sister and she too has one hook on both swings nothing the less just don't swing first words r just words JJ u are lil bit like Ethan quick Andrew it'll be ok bc u bb and kkb will be two great dad's and Justice like Jordan Liam and so many more u boys really are something else n all over I hope lil bit u know in there I will get the times n those meets I will attend bcuu won't ever have to walk a world alone bc we all love u all. Y. Bche would not do it for anyone and I too would not wish this on any and keep on Andrew and u probly will to be attending those meeting to understand y bcuare look for air and it's invisible ly I promise i.ise probably hiding g like usual thinking of a new new. New name new place people don't change it even the cities the fa es and how we deal with of our pain and how well we keep it together is the test today and yes add or times five thats probly tonight. And before morningnight

  • high_reacher
    high_reacher 9 months ago +5

    Its sad to say but it feels like strange is falling off

    • Glitched bird
      Glitched bird 9 months ago +1

      Strange just tours all year long so the scheduling for things is always in an odd time due to the tour length eating so much time

    • destructo
      destructo 9 months ago

      high_reacher ah ok i misunderstood but i still somewhat disagree. Think of all the artists that used to be on strange that most nobody even remembers. Im sure im forgettin alot but im thinkin scatterman/snug brim, ill bill, cognito, BLH, grave plott, young bleed. Compare that list with just ces cru, jl bhood, and king ISO then we got it way better off today. I'm so glad strange introduced me to these artists and all of them have amazing work pre strange. It is odd that i find all of their music pre-strange to be better but idk. I think that's just cause with any artists the early stuff is the best. I know them trying to do the pop music shit is bad personally but aside from that that i feel like they have done a much better job to promote artists compared to back in the day.

      Edit: Actually maybe the reason any of the artists i mentioned have a little more success is just due to the artists them selves. Strange hasn't changed it has always been the same. Just a tech n9ne logo.

    • high_reacher
      high_reacher 9 months ago +1

      @destructo im not saying a single person of strange is falling off, im saying the label itself.. Iv been listen to tech for about 13 years, as an artist and a label, and as a label its nowhere near where it was a few years ago and by that i mean its like the whole label has gone silent beside the odd song here and there but far apart.. With all the artists that are on the roll there should be ATLEAST a new song every week.. Not 1 every few weeks and even then it could be a old song that they are just re-uploading

    • destructo
      destructo 9 months ago +6

      high_reacher gtfo ubi is a legend. Ces cru was actually the first group i liked more then tech himself.

  • Shelley D
    Shelley D 9 months ago

    Yes loving it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sarah O’Sail
    Sarah O’Sail 9 months ago

    Love Joey cool

  • Im Red
    Im Red 9 months ago

    And your are like several but your 3 really arre and forever N u better own it past that zone because baby baboys your mine . Mine for all mine and more to own that lawnmore like channel for blue jeans no now in my sweats like usual with u three always like the trapped who's trap no my 8 track from way back and now mow the neighbors the right way or they won't kill the beeze for that slipped out leaving french fries and spaghetti yep Betty spegetti like that walk banging notes to the lake fro. A balcony of Clifford's leaving clouds in space so kids truley do don't have to think about bad thinks bad days bad dreams leaving even me shaking sometimes and like some that's why or maybe that's so what the animals and me got incoon so we don't get left lost in the dark trying to find a real home believes only believeing in the realist way too believe maybe is t believeing nothing in a box filled of emotions on dang even I know it's not invisible but maybe it's empty no the letters got to be inhidding to afraid that cold envelope from last week's jail might live full of life with everyone hold time in this day of cells on the ceiling wishing for glow in the dark stickers so my glow worm doesn't get lost or fall while sleeping over or while in here this holding for holding me
    .true words by lo. I'm Redd today and I'm still thinking for man idenmrty

  • Im Red
    Im Red 9 months ago

    And yes I can rap Nothing in paper but like a prankster or just to leave the likes liplocking on missing missions out of loVE LEAVING endless Love left a forest FOR really empty feeling almost forgotten not even close anything this day of time if need a Pepsi's try the pay phone pay what all your bills this month like phones n space we can't help u just don't be late like a pretender or I'll spit my I'll no my invisible list of get in line w the rest of everything complant coming to play everything upside down in this late ticking time dang the clock isn't even... Bla bla raw of ruling louder than u I will like always say something I will wait..... Wait for what a second date second chance to smack me push me down break something not even my heart in this pass leave believe I did leave but with everything just to show u how upset bc breaking everything was not even breaking my heart back then to make the front page I sold that red busting my windows as blinged blow the fnmotor mount over the same mfn man foreal now dang train tracks yes same place had to call your best friends bc his son called my kids his brother from another crazy Krazy rooster dang farm hens on this street. Mamaw can't u pick another animal besides these birds they could no not even to the moon and still we couldn't eat those eggs that yr for dinner I don't think heck can't think for thinking of the moon and son shining bright still can't find that ocean for two not even in space so they called it wolver ring how every u spell it that for ever long story but that's the real point of it all the why and if or notes making me sick plz Jay Jay any day plz just another storey. The one sometimes that mean like d the most u just can't seem to face the facts the love is just left drowning chained at the bottom of that some far far away rehab under the dang it Plankton do t even try to pull that lid or we all might drift back or drift away from that place even if leaving here I still can't find my light switch and I am sure some where they probably do still go out side to use real glow worms just to make lighting bugs people try to change the name to lightning for living without any bugs that would be a place they probably will write my reservation invisible like propane still I can make a big impact in front of immilion people and I don't like to speak even without words I play music that can bring u to your knees and those few that know me real talk talking truth I leave a crowd gasping for air and very emotional like my heart I know I show too much love on everything but it's not even a cold if it was it'd be close to many songs like illegal or for ole time sake wanting to be your baby doll had us all taking a bow bc back then dadys hands pte mature Madonna looking like sis spacics. But no not seeing side kicks in space but I'm sure it was something so tell us all about the good oh days grampa but most of all why not me on a rainy day am I ever gonna be good enough living life my way bc I got boys we don't fold down there socks never take a bet with ur best friends love on ur 3 hearts like it did u kids watching mommy over a bet of nothing must of been something ya it must of been some kind of me really bad or really just me ya me it hurts. But little girls yes boys o know just can't tell them know so them I best catch them not all of them if more than one, never leave a or raise a hand to her not even to her jerk of another boy, but best better believe two hits ya will shut it up quick but hurt em completely but ya pick one hope throw the not no no not that one now Ethan like Allen's ya I too can hear that face running like that crazy rabbit but Andrew please pick the one your heart ya your heart bc I will never tell you how or even who to love bc when it's done damn these marks never wash off and ya I know because I know I hurt. And baby you were right again but this time I even u know I never have been a cheater that just ain't me to hurt in that way, but ya I did lie by saying straight to his face that I'm ok. Maybe that's what got him most yesterday when I said after he did what he did. No he did never raise his hand and I lied twice saying I was okay to his face after he tried to lie to me and maybe today first the first I seen my heart like I seen his face true pain still holds a strong embrace broken trust I even tried to brake up to his face too so ya that too I know it hurt. And I don't know what's worse seeing u look at me or through me when I to just now said ya baby I am fine we will be fine either way I know I am going to be okay. Even if I do still end up leaving over not being able to trust anyone bc ya u broke my trust it was probably nothing like always and the few that no I will stop before they even try to hurt my baby like I hurt u and he will never raise a hand like that one way way before you either way my babies no my babies if I can help it will never hurt or feel the way I feel and felt man I hope u ain't felt this way the whole time andrew u and ur brother at the field like usually playing music playing I want it all but damn I hope u don't want this kind of love. If u do find it u know it'll be something bc when it's real it's real and damn something like ultra violet these times are wicked but like like a bad cloud those eyes that star gaze so deep looking at our family but really like always watching me on stage
    Ya baby's it's real when by saying nothing u alone on that stage it's in your souls will leave everyone hanging like me and your mamaw in a feild filled with millions always have been and always will hush a crowd not saying a word and yes those close close on stage or in back stage either way u know with me u will be there either way real baby cry and many more with no word but one note I will leave like now everyone speechless. Ya boys that's family our family but really your mamaw and always me. Marilyn and Elizabeth to many might be something but today walking to the stage and then after but never ending I won't let will always be bc of dad and D's family I am going to do it right no one going to take your words like jt said last night I'll copy write the right way and end with propane prexiode of the Payne Purkey bubbling living home lives the bubble wrapper the prankster kids and your kids our kids and dang them kids of that something look it the zoo in a kape of dang the zoo like zoom zoom blow up the room and full of room and our life of endless music. By me a new kid came a can't even start for haven't even left or got off the something toothpaste to find my way or my keys to get oh ya Jeremy don't leave a message I forgot the meaning of turn out the lighting bugs so they too don't leave that kind of pain on my hand likey babyb my bubley notes dang it I know the words kids who's kids oh ya my kids and give me the battery everything bc I can't work your game that thingy over there in front of the door and yes even our peep view is lowerd lives by our shows and shoes but not at the end of the drive way and no u can't land that think for real it won't even if it could they neighbors might have to work up a sweet to stand again like every night the lrazie things of our neighborhood we have a hood oh ya it's TN it honestly probably shoots and slips like leaving empty lyrics all over our street and still these dang kids trying to do something w that loud music no side walks and dang past due on needing those like food stamps guess it to has the craps frozen stilling time but stuck for being stuck but on our street like the commercial stuck on band aids cuz band aids stuck on u well in my yard it's stuck on stupid it beautiful thought I told u Ethan and u two I know ur names like mine no ur face is likeine full of freckles and damn not a contact bussstimg no where ur beautiful

  • Lil_Bad_Bubba412
    Lil_Bad_Bubba412 9 months ago

    I'm getting Cesphile vibes

    THE LAG DID IT 9 months ago

    Love it made my day keep up the good work

  • HB Denzella
    HB Denzella 9 months ago +8

    STRANGE... Music

  • Charles MacLellan
    Charles MacLellan 9 months ago

    Ayeeee where's that Spotify link!?

  • Im Red
    Im Red 9 months ago

    Yep I walk on walk on down the Rd I can not get my lyrics for Redd to stop flowing in my sleep like a blue denting every wild spot light like can't get enough of this joke no man he's trying to be a gentleman remember u reminded how to walk with him and leave him if he decides to slip leaking my rymes like it s a broke joke nothing but I be on my right road this to e gonna make it happen believe that straight passing u know u heard me kids a laughing. Like Damn that the Baby bioch Baby what baby wait no baby no Now really it is me Baby face 23.

    • Im Red
      Im Red 9 months ago

      Still it is what it is let's act like we're in outter space I can be anything around some of us still living in a child's mind guess that's day care of some kind or prinson of my mind walking on the ceiling can't see my stickers dang can't see oh ya anything. Close your eyes pick a song maybe that song will find us a way out of here or just to a place of some kind of ur or maybe mine or when the kids just some kind of place some how we could call a home. Still as some stay true walking by the zoos side like some done said never know what's coming next look what ur next to it's the dang zoo. Well dang again stuck in another space where kazoo when u need a really space kabet of some kind to find another space in today guess it's fairy odds parents catching spells leaving wishes as they take our precious child's tooth money guess the neighbor got locked out and was left hungry again but maybe that doregtos commercial could change this picture one last time like that time machine to a Simpsons movie on the couch painting pretty colors of everything while eating my potatoes chips drinking koolaide with all on a day like this in that tint we pretend to be our kids pretend we're with our kids having a perfect life surrounded by water made from couch cushions rock pillows no phones at the TV of is our president in our mom's own living room in a place once called home to my brother n me too. And don't forget all of our friends in that same kind of land of perfect pitch perfect space called music with Mrs purkey .

    • Im Red
      Im Red 9 months ago

      It is uppost to say I be on my right road this time trying and believe I will get right like before right back but this time it won't be going to leave out any door. I know my music be crazy but it's one of those things like to day we just having fun spitting some be bops in the house to cold to be out walking around like my lil one said don't put ur foot on that ground they will find a way to make u catch no reseive another case no love spell acting like a yo yo over nothing that's usually the way it goes. Like this phone types what it want not what I want it to type guess this right save that for another night at the b wall no brick is y everything better on a heart like the basement promain on my concreted not name of nothing. Real words by redd

  • Tarkatan
    Tarkatan 9 months ago

    Fuck yes!

  • J0WNZ33
    J0WNZ33 9 months ago +1

    Like Simply Cause Its Strange!

  • Billy Knickles
    Billy Knickles 9 months ago

    What the fuck did I just listen too? Well I guess you got a free view.

  • Hector Ramirez
    Hector Ramirez 9 months ago +11

    This lyric video is pretty cool hopefully some more follow soon after this even if its not a music video more lyric videos should be released as well Strange's artists put thought time and effort into their lyrics and they should be appreciated more

    DHINECY MOA 9 months ago

    Nice 👍

  • Cannatonics Corner
    Cannatonics Corner 9 months ago +1

    Okay...i like UBI..but this...buuuut thiiiiisssss. Nooooo. Lol im sorry UBI this ones a big no for me.

    • Samantha Hicks
      Samantha Hicks Month ago +1

      @Glitched bird❤ YES!! THIS!! This is SO INCREDIBLY TRUE! When it comes to music, any music, but Rap and STRANGE extra ESPECIALLY, you've GOT TO, GOT TO, GOT TO-
      1) be 100% open minded to the artist(s) EVOLVING, EXPERIMENTING, GROWING AAAAND CHANGING!!
      2) MY rule of thumb is that i MUST whole heartedly listen to the song MORE than twice, before I get to decide that I hate it (again, ESPECIALLY with Strange, since each artist is SO incredibly talented and diverse and comfortable trying new sounds / styles.
      3) accept that SOMETIMES you can be with it only for the beat, OR solely the lyrics / message. IDK, I just think it's really important to understand and accept that as long as an artist is consistently putting out music throughout the years, CHANGE is INEVITABLE and DIVERSITY is TALENT, and a MUST! If an artist didn't evolve, always stuck by the same sounds/styles, or didn't take "risks" by stepping away from their usual comfort zones, theeen they wouldn't GROW as an artist, and WE wouldn't get the pleasure of getting to listen to our favorite artists, NEVER becoming "old" Or played out, for DECADES, AND get to watch as they evolve WITH the eras, as an artist and choose what we truly love about each of them.....
      See, Tech's entire new "N9NA" album has been a little rough for me to love right away, which obviously I've felt before, but not usually with an ENTIRE ALBUM.... BUT I know for me, when Tech switches it up (which is like, what he DOES, essentially, right?) I actually have to just let the album PLAY, from beginning to end, for the First time, and I try to listen with LITTLE JUDGEMENT or CRITICISM AS POSSIBLE... Theeen, I go back to the ones I LOVED instantaneously, and become stoked over those... Aaaand THEEEN, I listen to a song REPEATEDLY, at least twice in a row, IF my initial reaction is negative, or if I seem to hate it right away.... That way I can really decipher what it is that turns me off about it... A lot of the time, it's literally just me having a hard time accepting change, or letting go of an obsession I have formed, with a certain style or sound the artist has exposed us to... I believe on this case I'm only struggling with the fact that I want more of the "EVIL BRAIN" and "DARKNESS" side of Tech, and it sounds more intended for positivity. IDK, OBVIOUSLY I'm still in the process of listening to it.....

    • Glitched bird
      Glitched bird 9 months ago +3

      You gotta open your music sometimes. I wasn't on this at first until i listened to a ton of old songs and then came back to this. Or you could also be in the wrong mood/vibe to feel this song at the moment

    • Donovan Carriker
      Donovan Carriker 9 months ago +1

      Yeah, not feeling this either... not the flow, not the lyrics, didn't like the beat... it was Strange, i'll give em that, but get back in the lab and try again😎😂

    • Hector Ramirez
      Hector Ramirez 9 months ago +7

      If u go back through out all his catalog him alone and Ces Cru Have always gone out of their comfort zone and dived into other genres or sounds and i think its amazing that he alone and Ces Cru can sound great in any song they decide to get on you dont have to like all thieir songs most peoples music pallatte isnt broad enough to do so but they have the talent to fit their style and flow to any song they set their mind to and if that osnt being a great artist then idk what is

    Dj MAKULENT 9 months ago


  • Big St3ph3n
    Big St3ph3n 9 months ago +11

    Ok I gotta ask...where godemis? He's been MIA.

    • Tyler Haley
      Tyler Haley 8 months ago

      last i heard he got real sick and had to leave tour.

    • Big St3ph3n
      Big St3ph3n 9 months ago

      @BubblesandGiggles007 sadly, I think that's probably true. :(

    • BubblesandGiggles007
      BubblesandGiggles007 9 months ago +2

      doin drugs somewhere

    • Im Red
      Im Red 9 months ago

      Probably out to lunch while goldyloxen been speeding while taking another drink at the finish line leave an emotion full of silly empty invisible is see in side that for real cup. Hope I make it in that fast lane on that track even to practice just to race and some I home there to I will be. Jamming to my radio like a boom box blinking tic toc waiting for the light to turn green drop second jumping out if line again as long as I'm needing no mirror going backwards in that kind of car I will be okay. Something's we all know just ain't made to realize the words is simple to me or even a few sometimes. Laughing it off like another can't hear for my flute keys standing still in the pit lane needing tires to bounce out this really loud dang I guess can't play music loud in my race car with this base dropping like the boom the car that go boom nope sorry no music playing loud here either. .. so back to the start line behind this pacing freaking out like stick your finger in that kill switch frizzy hair and the dang rain makes it worse can't wash that hair here or play your music here either. So what am I suppose to do my mind's racing like my metronon like aliens marching time hello is any in there or even listening... Sh just sh we have to stay sh just hear the dang what wait what dang don't make me come out there or up there u better turn that sterieo jt down right now and don't give her no not ur girl gf ur sister any ways to make it out of here either. Or down them steps we got ur pills a Pace maker for that time out card that is in another language heck I don't care if it another land or planet just don't tell her how u made it to that place or freeze that thought like the dang plane it can't make it to the air or even to the land to find the strips or the stripes or even the stars to guide the long enough to get to the copy machine bc our hallway is haunted with little green something Andrew can't even sleep the copy thing is scared it tried to jam my paper afraid of being blind it refuse to spit lyric or anything blue my favorite color on that kind of page but again get ready bc they are getting ready to drop the green flag like that pop in Colorado this spring it would be so great trying to phone home I for got ET swapped to cordless Et got what no no luny lady's watching Lucy she repeats bc of E.P. getting evicted E.T couldn't find his phone had to get bc can't Redd blue for u at Wally's or willys heck et settled for the gold foam that really picks up a bunch of nothing not even a few note at this hold place. Maybe oh ya the race ... Maybe I can just keep on passing the time like I'm doing be boxing to my own bops n bam pLeasing the nuts in some kind of marching or or any kind of dancing and happy kind of space. Like space jam it on and on til dang this race is going to be for every I really hope driving this long since we just got started in the race now that like yrs ago I really hope that this time I do not fall asleep before I get to the end..
      . End of the race or just out the drive way maybe it is just to the stop sign at the end of dang just don't want to think. Phrase of the end or this time it is the end for u KT. Crazy town cartoons. Nothing's ending olds not old and believe here the end might even mean news of the daily news. Redd. LO

  • Renu M.G
    Renu M.G 9 months ago +3

    Who else thinks ubi sounds like Eminem. Thumbs up if I'm right. 😎✌

  • Bobby Bouche’
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    This is fresh💎💎💎

  • Czon DeLunatic
    Czon DeLunatic 9 months ago +2

    Love that Lyrical Back n Forth Spittin. Just Like My 6Yr Old Son and Myself.
    We Coming Up SOON, Trust That! We'll Be a Part of Straaange One DAY!

  • karma _thebitxh
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  • 24/7 Reppin' 4 da Brain

    Aint been diggin tha beats most uv strange haz been on for past cple yrz,they killed thier versez thgh.

  • youneversal studios
    youneversal studios 9 months ago

    Wow, HAMMER!

  • Rexmu
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    Bruhh this song is straight fire 🔥🔥🔥

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    Needs more cowbell