I Tried An Herbal Infusion Body Detox

  • Published on Aug 19, 2018
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  10 months ago +170

    Happy Sunday friends :) who gave the video a thumbs up?!! 😜

    • Briaunna Burgess-Murray
      Briaunna Burgess-Murray 10 months ago +1

      I have a challenge for you!! Hopefully you will consider it! It would make huge impact on the deaf community!! You should learn how to do Sign language! I know it's not like one of your fitness or beauty challenges/experience but hopefully you're willing to learn a new language... but not with your voice!! You should also look into our histories too, and also learn that deafness is no longer considered a disability and that it is now a culture! Much love!!🤟🤟

    • Dahlia Larson
      Dahlia Larson 10 months ago +1

      Michelle Khare Hi! I absolutely adore your videos and your positive spirit is so contagious! I admire how you just try things simply to see how they go. Anyway, I would love to see you try something art related. Maybe drawing or painting. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Roni Marie
      Roni Marie 10 months ago +2

      I second KS’s comment! Try an aerial class. I’ve only done it once because the aerial gym isn’t close to me but it was one of my favorite workouts. Also, try ballroom dancing! That was my passion for a very long time. It’s so much fun and a very good low impact workout. You can even work up to an armature competition which is an amazing experience.

    • Potterhead 4ever28
      Potterhead 4ever28 10 months ago +1

      Michelle Khare please take cold showers for a week or a month❤️❤️

    • Hanna Freund
      Hanna Freund 10 months ago +1

      MaKayla Spring Me too!! 💕😁🤩

  • Bobe In Japan
    Bobe In Japan 11 days ago

    Can’t stop watching your spa and massage vids 🥰😍😂
    I need a massage oh my god 😭😍even watching this feels good 😂

  • Anisha Saxena
    Anisha Saxena 2 months ago +1

    Omg love this I know I'm so late but ur awesome

  • Jaide Music
    Jaide Music 3 months ago +1

    Those towels were really dirty....

  • Katie G
    Katie G 3 months ago

    Soooo I’m curious... like.... what happened to Matt?

  • Rap Tagon
    Rap Tagon 4 months ago +1

    Stomach massage, I wonder how hard it was for her to keep from laughing.

  • Marwa Rafique
    Marwa Rafique 4 months ago

    For the title of the vid. Instead of an there is supposed to be a. BTW GREAT VID

  • Jaded Turner
    Jaded Turner 4 months ago

    they must of put weed in that shit

  • the protector
    the protector 4 months ago

    Bonazza scopiamo♡♡♡

  • Uncontrollable Fantasy
    Uncontrollable Fantasy 4 months ago


  • Emily Young
    Emily Young 4 months ago +3

    Hey Michelle I’ve been noticing your videos aren’t monetized! I hope you’re getting paid!

  • arathi s.a
    arathi s.a 4 months ago

    The herbal ball is called kazhi . It's part of panchakarma treatment

    CHANDRAKALA Chandu 4 months ago +1

    I have never took a massage from any others but my mom was doing and it was so relaxing . For the first I was shook . Wait ppl pay to gat massages ... then I got to know it is a thing . Because I m. Still young . I mean I m still a kid like

  • TheMadHatter _19
    TheMadHatter _19 4 months ago

    Detoxing is bs but this still looks amazing.

  • Jeetali Prasad
    Jeetali Prasad 4 months ago

    The herbs are from Fiji. I'm from Fiji🤗🤗🤗

    • Jeetali Prasad
      Jeetali Prasad 4 months ago

      Fiesta Nadz No idea😂😂😂

    • Shel
      Shel 4 months ago +1

      Same.Now where can I find these herb here lol

  • Ivanna Montella
    Ivanna Montella 4 months ago

    She says that she is hairy? I dont even seeee one mini mini hairrr!!

  • Aesart
    Aesart 5 months ago

    Who else thinks when she got relaxed she started to sound like Kim Kardashian

  • iLoveUnicorns Poop
    iLoveUnicorns Poop 5 months ago +1

    You can’t release toxins through the skin, your body does it naturally, there is no reason to try to remove them through the skin.

  • Sarah Weiler
    Sarah Weiler 5 months ago +1

    This looks relaxing and was probably amazing for your skin! But in reality anything that claims to be a detox for the body is not going to do anything. The only way your body rids itself of toxins is by filtering it through the kidneys and lever, turning it into waste product and then it goes down your toilet. Science.

  • nombrilou
    nombrilou 6 months ago

    Does it tickle?

  • Raafay Hussain
    Raafay Hussain 7 months ago +1

    Why dont you try cupping

  • nick p
    nick p 7 months ago +1

    I do this for my gasteoperosis and ibs issues.helps alot.yes i can be constapated 3 weeks and get this and go 3 times in 4 hrs hahaha. Also acupuncture on my stomach nerves helps to..but all this costs moneua nd most disabled ppl cant work or have income..so i guess il lstick with lacatives and steamy showers blehtry rolling ur tummy with a back roller. Helps alot

  • Its Bambi
    Its Bambi 8 months ago

    how is it possible that she almost has 1M subs but not even 100k views on this even tho it was released over two months ago?

  • Alexis De leon
    Alexis De leon 8 months ago

    Joe rogan.

  • Othsa saa
    Othsa saa 8 months ago

    these gurus will always relentlessly spread false information... you dont detox through the skin ffs u have a kidney liver n lungs

  • Jordan Leigh Wheatley
    Jordan Leigh Wheatley 9 months ago

    Wait, how has she not hit 1 mil yet

  • Artonique Hodges TV
    Artonique Hodges TV 9 months ago +5

    you have one of those channels where i feel like i could just binge watch every video lol

  • Tara Johnston
    Tara Johnston 9 months ago

    Stomach massage also hel-d with digestion.

  • Kaitlyn O
    Kaitlyn O 9 months ago

    idk why but watching massages and relaxation stuff relaxes me XD

  • Vollick
    Vollick 9 months ago

    im in the wrong profession, i could be massaging hot chicks with tea bags... wtf

  • Chelseaazz
    Chelseaazz 9 months ago +17

    Me: Do you Americans know H?
    America: H... never ‘eard of ‘er before ...

    • Sneep Snorp
      Sneep Snorp 9 months ago +2

      Chelseaazz we got the pronunciation from the French just as we’ve gotten a lot of words from them. So other countries may pronounce herb with a hard h, while we keep the h silent.

  • Hannah 9er
    Hannah 9er 9 months ago

    Can u do a workout from pamela reif? And film it for a week or just once?

  • Ingvild Kjellstadli
    Ingvild Kjellstadli 9 months ago +30

    Not criticizing the relaxation part of this, because that is DEFINITELY a real and important thing... But "detoxing" is unnecessary, and, basically, a scam. Your liver does that. You don't need to detox your body, because you have an organ that is literally made for doing just that. Do whatever makes you feel good, but do it because you feel good, not for the purpose of "detoxing".

  • Surge Juice
    Surge Juice 9 months ago

    Damn! Michelle is so sexy.

  • J MjR
    J MjR 9 months ago


  • a697ag
    a697ag 9 months ago

    You need to try a Korean spa! It's a full on sensory experience. Prepare to spend several hours, bring a friend and make sure you get a massage. A lot of the Korean spas are open 24 hours a day so spending the night may be interesting
    Warning: there will be nudity

  • Clara Miller
    Clara Miller 10 months ago

    before you know it, you'll be on a tray in the oven

  • M Yt
    M Yt 10 months ago

    Wow looks relaxing. How much do these cost.

  • Alexis Velazquez
    Alexis Velazquez 10 months ago

    This video made me relax and I wasn't even being massaged or anything! It's like asmr😆

  • nonbinary rebel
    nonbinary rebel 10 months ago

    Your immune system removes toxins from your body, not herbs or veggies.
    Your immune system removes toxins from your body, not herbs or veggies.
    Your immune system removes toxins from your body, not herbs or veggies.
    Your immune system removes toxins from your body, not herbs or veggies.

  • Anna Nakamoto
    Anna Nakamoto 10 months ago

    I really want to get this massage now!

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis 10 months ago

    I would like to see you drive a semi through town and back it into a loading dock....

  • Melody Martongelli
    Melody Martongelli 10 months ago

    For people who are having issues with the “toxins” portion of this video there are a few things to know. Detoxification has to do with cleansing the blood of impurities. This is done by several organs in the body. This is actual science. As you watch the video you will notice that the last step in her body treatment was a lymphatic drainage massage. That type of massage has been scientifically proven to help assist the lympic system in cleansing the body. Most cancer patients have experienced this and have had it recommended by their physician. External detoxification...if you don’t believe in that you are not familiar with the human body systems. How bout if I give an example....Body odor. Some people have a particular sent not just from pheromones but from the food they eat or from excessive drinking. That’s your skin excreting those toxins from itself. Just to give a little insight that might help people understand.

    • Xentrolis
      Xentrolis 10 months ago

      "Body odor. Some people have a particular sent not just from pheromones but from the food they eat or from excessive drinking. That’s your skin excreting those toxins from itself. Just to give a little insight that might help people understand."
      This is actually a combination of changing the composition of your sweat with your diet and bacteria.
      Would you mind sharing some of these studies?

  • jefflitime
    jefflitime 10 months ago

    hey michelle
    big challenge: how you do a video of you doing the iron man triatholon?

  • Elmer Parsaligan
    Elmer Parsaligan 10 months ago

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  • liz not slow
    liz not slow 10 months ago

    You should get hypnotized!!

  • Lovelyxmads
    Lovelyxmads 10 months ago

    You and clever style need to do a collab like if u agree

  • JustJay
    JustJay 10 months ago

    This looks so relaxing and I need to do this now. XD

  • Alyssa Fortson
    Alyssa Fortson 10 months ago +1

    Can I get a massage with you? I am a teen female wrestler....

  • Sydney Fishman
    Sydney Fishman 10 months ago +3

    I wish you would have focused more on the relaxation elements of this treatment instead of the pseudoscientific claims of “detoxing.” There’s merit to relaxation and self-care, but not to helping these salons spread unsupported medical claims.

  • Ari!
    Ari! 10 months ago

    The diaphragm does not hold up the stomach. It holds up the lungs. This person is spouting random stuff out their ass to get you to drink the koolaid.

  • Ari!
    Ari! 10 months ago

    External detoxes are bullshit.

  • Kyla Quast
    Kyla Quast 10 months ago

    Try the pescatarian diet for a week

  • xOGx-B4L15T4
    xOGx-B4L15T4 10 months ago

    Liver detoxifies u not this bs

  • hanzi31
    hanzi31 10 months ago

    (psst the liver detoxes you not herbal massages 🙄)

  • hanzi31
    hanzi31 10 months ago +21

    I really struggled with the consistent use of the word herb in this video due to the American pronunciation 😂😂😂 H-erb. H!!! 😋

  • Psyluxx •
    Psyluxx • 10 months ago

    It’s A herbal infusion not AN herbal infusion

  • Ohitsnila xxx
    Ohitsnila xxx 10 months ago

    Her stomach is pretty 💗

  • Elly Lammy
    Elly Lammy 10 months ago

    I want to get a massage too now 🤔

  • marc Leong
    marc Leong 10 months ago

    What about an obstacle course challenge like tough mudder

  • Linlupin
    Linlupin 10 months ago +49

    Massages? Fantastic! Herbs? Awesome! Detox? Fake AF
    I can't wait for detoxes to quit being a trend

    • hanzi31
      hanzi31 10 months ago +1

      @Hola Yawell unlike you I do believe in medicine (I've had my life saved by it twice so I should)... But i also accept that plants and herbs offer many benefits too... But i believe they should work together. In most cases the active ingredients in herbs are in much too small concentration to actually do anything... But if they are scientifically extracted and concentrated then they would work. Curcumin in tumeric for example... Its a scientifically proven anti inflammatory but it only makes up around 3% of tumeric spice. You'd have to eat a LOT of tumeric in one go for you to have enough curcumin to actually feel effect. Curcumin also works better when taken with an isolate from black pepper. So yes, the compounds are there in plants... But usually the plant alone won't give much benefit. It needs to be extracted and isolated and mixed with other compounds to be active. That's how medicines are made. So medicine and plant remedies aren't mutually exclusive. Again, what do you understand "detox" to mean? As the liver is the only thing in the body that rids you of toxic compounds by neutralising or removing them. Olive leaf, again, works as an antiviral. That is its mode of function. The liver detoxes you on a daily basis. 24/7. You don't feel it. It just does.

    • Hola Ya
      Hola Ya 10 months ago

      @hanzi31 great post I enjoy talking to people with so much knowledge. Honestly I don't think doctors cure a Damn thing so I started researching and trying different herbs some help some have sent me to the hospital. I haven't went to school that much but I don't believe anything until I see it so that's why I replied to your comment because I feel my opinion differs from yours not saying I'm right but I've tried lots of herbs. Olive leaf extract was maybe the only one that keep me in the bed from detox symptoms. .. such as dizzy, very tired frequent bowel movements ect

    • hanzi31
      hanzi31 10 months ago +3

      @Hola Ya no... It doesn't detox you. Do you know what that means?! They have been shown to have some effect on some viruses because they have antiviral properties, as I said. This is why they *may* help with a cold. I have I fact tried it before... Didn't work for me. There are studies that show the chemical breakdowns and the biochemical processes on the body, so science does understand how it works.... I won't go into the whole process but basically it interferes with some viruses ability to reproduce (not all... Hence it won't cure everything!?) . However, IT DOESN'T DETOX. What do you understand the word "detox" to mean? It's thrown around as such a buzzword at the moment and nobody I've asked this has ever answered me properly.

    • hanzi31
      hanzi31 10 months ago +6

      @Hola Ya no... Its because the common cold is not one virus. Its dozens of viruses from multiple families of viruses. So if you cannot have one cure for the common cold... You'd have to have many different cures. Also, these viruses infect BILLIONS... They're the most frequent infectious pathogens in humans. By the time you've treated everyone with the specific virus, the virus would have had time to mutate and become resistant to the medication as viruses mutate darn fast...so even if a medication is found (which some have been... But have been subject to resistance) it would basically never be able to eliminate the virus completely. And that process would need to be repeated for each family of viruses that cause a "cold" (which is actually a range of illnesses).... Its a damn complex problem. If you understand basic science of viruses and their methods of replication its not hard to see why the "common cold" is so common.

    • Hola Ya
      Hola Ya 10 months ago +1

      @hanzi31 olive leaf detoxes without question I've taken it have you? Also it will cure your cold very fast. I also developed a very bad cold and was given some Dr sebi pills last year cold was gone same night. You are very smart so try some of this stuff instead of looking at it scientifically. Science doesn't have all the answers

  • Tricia Louise
    Tricia Louise 10 months ago +5

    Is it me that’s only bothered by the “an” in the title?!

    • Aswini Suresh Babu
      Aswini Suresh Babu 10 months ago

      Hannah Shaffer That’s right.. but in British English, the H isn’t silent in herbal. It sounds like her-bell and so it would be a herbal instead of an herbal.

    • Hannah Shaffer
      Hannah Shaffer 10 months ago +1

      It is correct American English, we use an for vowels and, and for consonants. But the word herbal sounds like it starts with a vowel like E or U so it will have an. That works for all words for the most part

    • Aswini Suresh Babu
      Aswini Suresh Babu 10 months ago +1

      Tricia Louise I was bothered too.. American English vs British English I guess..:)

  • Chuckle Honeybear
    Chuckle Honeybear 10 months ago

    I fell asleep watching this lmao so relaxing

  • Kathryn Stephenson
    Kathryn Stephenson 10 months ago

    Im so jealous oh my lord

  • Matt Plyley
    Matt Plyley 10 months ago

    I'll rub garlic, cinnamon, pepper whatever u have in ur pantry on you. No charge, no creeper status.

  • Pangolin Marketing Solutions

    Hi Michele, DIETING V.s DETOX: Which one is a better Option? bit.ly/2L33hdl

  • katt brown
    katt brown 10 months ago

    Never had a massage..wonder how it feels like 💁🏽‍♀️

  • Pastel Hearts YT
    Pastel Hearts YT 10 months ago

    I've never had a massage, and I was relaxed just watching this.

  • animallover5626
    animallover5626 10 months ago

    Wow that was relaxing to watch 😴

  • Jasmine Tígre
    Jasmine Tígre 10 months ago

    My mom sister and I would love this!!!🤗🖤

  • Sweeticing 2002
    Sweeticing 2002 10 months ago +1

    I bet the skin after feels so hydrated soft and smooth 💜

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny 10 months ago

    She hit that sweet spot!

  • Bruh
    Bruh 10 months ago +112

    You should, even if it might be "extreme" but be Homeless for 1-2 days. Live like them, interview some, and just show the side that society pretty much wants to ignore.

    • BiscuitToons
      BiscuitToons 5 days ago

      Yes, and have very little to no supplies at all for self care. I would love to see her thoughts and her experience.

    • Jaded Turner
      Jaded Turner 4 months ago

      help get this top comment

    • Sweeticing 2002
      Sweeticing 2002 10 months ago

      Bruh.... Great Idea 👍👏

  • anakwad
    anakwad 10 months ago

    Placebo. Whatever works for you go for it.

  • LadyPeters
    LadyPeters 10 months ago

    Wow this looks AMAZING!! Love your content Ms.Michelle!❤😘

    • Sherri Elson
      Sherri Elson 2 months ago

      Have you ever tried infusion therapy I work at a company called Push IV in Las Vegas, whenever you're in town you should come check us out !!maybe we can make a deal😉 it's a whole Wellness Center and we're just opening a cryotherapy place also ❄❄❄

  • Linda Tannock
    Linda Tannock 10 months ago +2

    I'd love to try that! It looks great!!

  • cha cha real smooth
    cha cha real smooth 10 months ago

    Oof I can already tell I’ll never be able to afford this massage lol

  • Jen Klen
    Jen Klen 10 months ago +1

    Sorry I’m late, but can u try to train like a real broadway dancer?

  • Kayla
    Kayla 10 months ago +42

    The Masseuse was so sweet and she did a good job.

  • Zainuba Ali
    Zainuba Ali 10 months ago

    I felt so relaxed after watching this video. Almost fell asleep.

  • Potterhead 4ever28
    Potterhead 4ever28 10 months ago

    Please take cold showers for a week or month ❤️

  • zz Emerz zz
    zz Emerz zz 10 months ago +2

    Woo shoutout to my hometown, hope there’s multiple videos incoming from Orlando 🤞

  • Emma J
    Emma J 10 months ago +31

    I have never had a massage but I've always wanted one. Looks so relaxing

  • no chill nadine
    no chill nadine 10 months ago +2

    I just feel so relaxed just by watching this video. Also now I'm definitely Craving a massage😂

  • Harving Dreams
    Harving Dreams 10 months ago

    Love you! You’re the best omg😘😘😘😘👍🏼

  • marie sanchez
    marie sanchez 10 months ago

    Now I want to try this!!!!

  • systems99
    systems99 10 months ago +51

    Detox = drink water

    • systems99
      systems99 10 months ago +5

      @chim chim eating healthy outweighs herbs on your skin. Drinking water is shown to keep skin hydrated more effectively and helps the liver clear toxins that would build up and make skin look tired and dry.
      Don't get be wrong, pampering is great, but this video makes claims is can't prove and it's all bro science talk to sell products.

    • chim chim
      chim chim 10 months ago +1

      systems99 I mean if it makes my skin look nice then whatever, my mom got one of these and she looked amazing.

    • systems99
      systems99 10 months ago +7

      Literally drinking clean water and eating heathy fruits and vegetables with good protein is all the body needs to stay "clean".
      Rubbing herbs on you like a thanksgiving turkey ain't going to offer you any "special" detox properties, but will only removed $$$' from your wallet and stupid videos like this, just add to the stupid hype #facepalm

    • hanzi31
      hanzi31 10 months ago +7

      @Sweeticing 2002 the liver does the detoxing for you. Rubbing herbs across your body does not.

    • Sweeticing 2002
      Sweeticing 2002 10 months ago

      systems99 ...Really???

  • LebronJames 011
    LebronJames 011 10 months ago

    Can you try more super hero things?

  • Pranshu Tiwary
    Pranshu Tiwary 10 months ago

    hey idm being in one of your videos , I’d volunteer getting a massage 😜😜🙈

  • Lydia Holman
    Lydia Holman 10 months ago +6

    *Googles massages for $20*

  • Hanna Freund
    Hanna Freund 10 months ago

    I love your videos!!!!!!! You should do a water related challenge like waterskiing or scuba diving or swimming! 🌊

  • Kelsie sagen
    Kelsie sagen 10 months ago +3

    Oof this really makes me want to get a massage 😅

  • Iris Hernández
    Iris Hernández 10 months ago +82

    Liver detoxes, massages not. Still nice, helps you relax.

    • GeekyBiblophile
      GeekyBiblophile 4 months ago +1

      Iris Hernández yes! Thank you for your comment! Kidneys detox too, and apparently also the lungs?

    • hanzi31
      hanzi31 10 months ago +13

      YES. This detox shit drives me mad.

  • Engir
    Engir 10 months ago +4

    If there is a way to measure toxin levels like she suggest? Do this again before and after test to see if it works?

    • hanzi31
      hanzi31 10 months ago +1

      No there isn't. Because no toxins are actually released. The liver does all the detoxing you need. Rubbing herbs across your skin doesn't do anything.

    • Ross Gannon
      Ross Gannon 10 months ago +3

      Toxins cannot be secreted through the skin. The detox aspect of this is quackery.

  • crusty bobusty
    crusty bobusty 10 months ago +99

    I wish you would do a video some time about how 'toxins' being 'flushed out' is an absolute crock of shit.
    I dunno I feel like you're not critical enough when you do videos trying treatments like this. That's just my opinion, it'd be nice if you could approach these things from a more scientific perspective?
    Anyway aside from that, good video, keep it up, glad it helped you out regardless :)

    • woordenhechtster
      woordenhechtster 8 months ago +3

      Well, this is a collab, not sure if sponsored or not, but definitely a collaboration. I doubt the detox clinic would approve the video if she was debuffing their claims.

    • hanzi31
      hanzi31 10 months ago +11

      It made me cringe when she said the phrase "sense toxins" 🙄 why do none of these people specify what chemical compound a "toxin" is... Probably because they literally can't. 🤔

    • Luca S.
      Luca S. 10 months ago +11

      No, every content creator who promotes things by reviewing them has a certain responsibility.
      You can't just claim that she doesn't need to be critical because it's not a science channel.

    • Elly Lammy
      Elly Lammy 10 months ago +3

      I'd go sub Dr and science channels for that kind of material...? :P

    • Talya Em
      Talya Em 10 months ago +7

      THANK YOU. I can't believe I had to scroll this far to find this comment.

  • Vanessa Valentina
    Vanessa Valentina 10 months ago +15

    More massage videos please - they re sooooo relaxing to watch 😍

  • Ishan Ali
    Ishan Ali 10 months ago +143

    This made me relaxed. And I didn’t even experience it

    • Anjali v.v
      Anjali v.v 7 months ago +10

      why do i see YOU everywhere!!!!
      do you watch literally every video on youtube??

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 10 months ago +2

    This must be nice

  • Amaya Sixto
    Amaya Sixto 10 months ago +2

    Cool vid i wish i was you omg i cant stand this i love you so much can i get a lobe if i do i will freak out no joke your amazing

  • projecktchaos
    projecktchaos 10 months ago +7

    Deep tissue massage next! 🤣