Italy 1990 - Semi Finals - West Germany 1 - 1 England (4 - 3 pens)

  • Published on Feb 25, 2011
    The second semi-final was between West Germany and England. Neither side was able to fashion a clear-cut chance in the first half. The deadlock was broken on the hour mark when a free kick from Andreas Brehme was heavily deflected by the on-rushing Paul Parker, sending the ball into the net. With 10 minutes left, Gary Lineker equalised for England, forcing extra-time. In the 99th minute, England's Paul Gascoigne received his second yellow card of the competition and the English player openly wept at the realisation that he would not be allowed to play in the final were England to advance. Extra-time ended without any further scoring, although both sides hit the post, and England had another Platt goal ruled out for off-side, the game went to penalty kicks, where West Germany won their third straight World Cup shoot-out, 4--3, to take them to a third consecutive final.
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  • aniketpdesai
    aniketpdesai 2 months ago +2

    Soccer is a simple game. 22 men run around for about 90 minutes and in the end, Germany wins.

  • RAFM
    RAFM 4 months ago

    ah back when english black players dont exist

  • Pete Jones
    Pete Jones 6 months ago

    That music.

  • calam
    calam 7 months ago

    England can’t play football. Should stick to cricket. No wait they’re shit at that too. I know snooker and darts.

    • Harvester
      Harvester 6 months ago

      And Germany can? Have you seen them play football recently?
      1-0 Mexico
      2-0 South Korea
      2-1 France
      3-0 Netherlands
      2-2 Netherlands
      England are not shite anymore. Our results:
      1-0 Netherlands
      1-1 (4-3 PENS) Colombia
      2-0 Sweden
      1-0 Switzerland
      3-2 Spain
      2-1 Croatia
      Who's in the Nations League semi-finals? England. Who are in League B? Germany. Say hi to Wales and Scotland for me.

  • daniel matias
    daniel matias 10 months ago

    Chris Waddle the best english dribbling player i ever seen. Allez l’OM.

  • Nipun Sharma
    Nipun Sharma 10 months ago +5

    Sir Bobby Charlton, Gary Linekar and Kieran Trippier the only three England players to score a goal in a World Cup semi-final

    POLAR BEAR 11 months ago


  • boy cantona
    boy cantona 11 months ago

    Shilton are one of the best goalkeeper but he's too old. Maybe they must try Chris Woods. And illgner are at his golden age

  • Jon S
    Jon S Year ago

    should have bought Dave beasant on for the shootout. He should have been on the bench

  • Tommy G
    Tommy G Year ago +1


  • MrCharlan1
    MrCharlan1 Year ago


  • crazy7chameleon
    crazy7chameleon Year ago

    Football’s coming home

    • Tony S
      Tony S 4 months ago


  • Deplorable D
    Deplorable D Year ago +1

    On the upside. England was prevented from playing in one of the worst world cup finals ever.

  • Sid
    Sid Year ago


    • Tony S
      Tony S 4 months ago

      Sid Shop

  • ojideagu
    ojideagu Year ago

    Music sounds like Tangerine Dream

  • UniversalChat Chat
    UniversalChat Chat Year ago +4

    I'm from the future and England won the world cup 2018

  • S A
    S A Year ago

    Paul Parker and John Barnes the token black footballers in England team.

    • ojideagu
      ojideagu Year ago

      They were not Token they were chosen on merit. Also there was Des Walker a great defender for Nottingham forest.

  • Vasyl Hi-Tech Lomachenko

    We won on pens against colombia!🤯

  • Little Traveller
    Little Traveller Year ago

    Waddle looked shook when he walked up.

  • Chris N.
    Chris N. Year ago +3


    • Sajida M
      Sajida M Year ago

      met Germany in 2014 too ?

    • Chris N.
      Chris N. Year ago

      elvisleeboy .i didn't want to hurt your f eelings.😂😂
      at least we won 4 wc and 3ec.
      now keep on crying

    • elvisleeboy
      elvisleeboy Year ago

      Chris N. The fact that you took the time to come here and point that out, proves who the real loser is. At least we got to the semi final.

    • Chris N.
      Chris N. Year ago +2

      elvisleeboy hahaha u lost the semi-final😂😂😂

    • elvisleeboy
      elvisleeboy Year ago +1

      Chris N. 18,45 😉

  • Paul Little
    Paul Little Year ago

    They always slag off the boys who have the bottle to get up and take a penalty, and miss, but Shilton never sniffed one of them German penalties

  • Hokus 66
    Hokus 66 Year ago

    Peter Shilton so bad in this game.

    • joss sutton
      joss sutton Year ago

      Hokus 66 Almost 41 here, too old and way past his best, i'm sure he wasn't the best keeper England had to offer in 1990

    TMWSITY Year ago +2

    Great music. Really encapsulates the Germans' penalty taking efficiency.

  • Chaouki Malek
    Chaouki Malek Year ago

    I do not like europeans except germans they have a special mix they are warriors and not an imperialistic mindset and when they hit they hit hard germany destroyed france and british colonialism otherwise the bastard franks and the bastard english would have still occupied other countries

    • heroinhero69
      heroinhero69 Year ago

      ...yeah, there was a thing called the third reich. might want to look into that, as far as your lack of imperialistic mindset is concerned

  • The Channel I've Set Up Because Youtube Wouldn't Let Me Upload Any Videos Until I Set Up A Channel

    .......And it's all gone quiet over there....Ssssshhhhhh....

  • Sensfan Forlife
    Sensfan Forlife Year ago +38

    Rumor has it that Chris Waddle's penalty kick hasn't landed yet.

    • Yellow94
      Yellow94 11 months ago +1

      I saw it, it’s between Jupiter or Pluto

    • Jamaine Sparkes
      Jamaine Sparkes Year ago +2


    • El Indio
      El Indio Year ago +4

      it has been mistaken for Halley's Comet

  • ian 123
    ian 123 Year ago

    What was Chris Waddle thinking! It was just a totally rushed penalty,very wild and the look on his face before he took it!

  • dazza944
    dazza944 Year ago

    Although we lost in the cruellest most heartbreaking manner in the end, Italia 90 remains my favourite World Cup ever 👍🏻

    • Harvester
      Harvester 9 months ago

      2018 was better for an Eng fan. I'm hoping for 2020 Euros they have a good defence and the team can finish. Then we'll be a force to be reckoned with.

  • Clayton Green
    Clayton Green Year ago

    Wow. I remember this exact video back in 92!!! Also remember the music in the penalty shoot-out! EPIC!

  • sanfordsson
    sanfordsson Year ago

    Notice how England's goal keepers never stop any penalties? But let's blame Pearce.

  • Michael Clayton
    Michael Clayton Year ago +1

    The German equaliser in 1966 was handball in the build-up to the goal, so the score should have been 2-1 to England.
    Bobby Robson was a terrible England manager.Chris Woods should have be in goal instead of old man Shilton and Ian Wright in the squad instead of Steve Bull.

    • Harvester
      Harvester 6 months ago

      Why are you complaining? We won anyway and have the only hattrick in a WC final.

  • Ilija Murgaski
    Ilija Murgaski Year ago +1


  • Daniel Osdinia
    Daniel Osdinia Year ago

    Brehme's goal was the worst possible farewell to a retiring goalie! Poor Shilton, 43 then, conceded in the most unbelievable way!

  • lee melady
    lee melady Year ago +11

    Was absolutely gutted when Waddles penalty kick knocked out the car park attendant outside the stadium. It was a great match though, probably the most intense game I've ever seen.
    Shilton guessed The right way for each of the West Germany kicks, he was just too slow then.
    As much as I disliked the West German team I had new found respect for their captain Mattheus after he consolled Waddle before celebrating their victory. One the most touching moments in football 👍

    • Dhi Mancini
      Dhi Mancini 13 days ago

      How is it Shilton gussed right always ?
      He did not get to it, was it bevause he was too slow or the Germans were really powerfull n fast. Furthermore the height of the ball was also maybe not helpfull, maybe ?

    • calam
      calam 7 months ago +3

      lee melady I was delighted when the Germans stuffed you smelly fat English cunts.

  • John Wellburn
    John Wellburn Year ago +4

    England would’ve gotten beaten by Argentina again in the final and only got to the quarters in 06 so anyone thinking they could’ve won it in the last 50 years is living in cloud cuckoo land..

    • Miroslav Klose
      Miroslav Klose 9 months ago

      Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪

    • Lucas Dovigo
      Lucas Dovigo Year ago

      Agreed , argentina was the defending Champion and had Maradona on that years , and keeper goycoechea , who saves argentina two times on penalty kicks vs Italia and vs Yugoslavia , before beat brazil in 16 round

    • Andrew Joyce
      Andrew Joyce Year ago

      Well we can now haaaa

    • elvisleeboy
      elvisleeboy Year ago

      John Wellburn We didn't get beat by Argentina the first time, we were cheated.

    • John Castillo
      John Castillo Year ago +3

      John Wellburn: That literally makes no sense. They played well against Germany in the semi-finals. You don't get to a semi-final if you're a bad team. They could have beaten Argentina, it's a final any team can win it.

  • John Wellburn
    John Wellburn Year ago

    Shilton was past it..

  • Alex Nemeth
    Alex Nemeth Year ago

    Hungary was the superior team in 1958 Germanys final goal was offsides!

    • Mallakai
      Mallakai 4 months ago

      Germany hasnt face hungary 1958. learn to flame brexitscrub :-D

    • Jon S
      Jon S Year ago

      m8 this was 60 years ago, move on

  • Alex Nemeth
    Alex Nemeth Year ago +1

    Penalty shots is no way to decide a game
    it's bullshit they came up with it in 1982 just keep playing for 45 minutes and whoever has the most goals wins the game. You could also have sudden death oh and by the way Germany is overrated there good but have got lucky a lot too.

  • RealDeal441
    RealDeal441 Year ago +1

    different decade, same bs: we could have beaten Germany but so and so and so happened and Germany beat us AGAIN! England need to see the tally on how many times they have lost to and won against Germany in major tournaments in the last 70 years: trust me its not pretty! and regarding Italia 1990, I don't think England could have won - they didn't even get 3rd place after losing to Italy in the 3rd place play off!

    • elvisleeboy
      elvisleeboy Year ago

      RealDeal441 No one cares about that game for third place. Of course we could have won the final. Not definite, but not out of the question at all.

  • DM G
    DM G Year ago

    stupid music for the penalty shootout

  • Ahito1984
    Ahito1984 Year ago +6

    The VERY most effective way to improve England play is for players to go abroad expanding their views on football world.
    How do you think France, Italy, Spain & Germany won the cup? World is far wider than UK territory. You need to miss your mama's country warm hands to grow stronger and better after all!!

    • Harvester
      Harvester 6 months ago

      @Ignacio Peralta whoops

    • Khryz
      Khryz 11 months ago

      so much for playing for your actual country. its not a club only players born in the country are meant to play. half the starting team that represented france this year werent even french

    • Tom Jones
      Tom Jones Year ago

      these days you either play in premier league or you are backwater.

    • Ignacio Peralta
      Ignacio Peralta Year ago

      Ahito1984 italy 06 and spain 10 won the tittle with almost all the team playing in their country you just has to acept that england suck at football, you need 🥚🥚

  • M. S.
    M. S. Year ago

    Shilton was a very poor goalkeeper

    • joss sutton
      joss sutton Year ago

      M. S. Great in his prime but almost 41 here and way past his best

  • one again
    one again Year ago

    Danke Mr Wadde....

  • Stewart Nicol
    Stewart Nicol Year ago +1

    The problem here did not lie with Stuart Pierce - it lay with the selection of Peter Shilton in goal. After he was beaten by Diego Maradona??? He should have retired in dishonour after that! Shilton was 1.83m high, plus the length of his arm. Maradona was 1.65m high and not allowed to use an arm, yet he still beat Shilton! Was it the hand of God? NO! It was the useless Peter Shilton.

    • joss sutton
      joss sutton Year ago +1

      Stewart Nicol Agree, absolutely ridiculous he was still England's number 1 at age 40 for this World Cup, especially with far better younger keepers around, Woods, Seaman, Lukic, Beasant etc

  • clinton faulkner
    clinton faulkner Year ago +6

    Peter Shilton was a good goalkeeper, and a good shot stopper, but he was useless at saving penalties..he went the right way for most of those penalties against Germany, and should have saved a few of them. He was very slow moving across..

  • jammy bcfc
    jammy bcfc Year ago +3

    best team was this one and euro 96 for me. thumbs up if you agree 👍

    • Harvester
      Harvester 9 months ago

      England, eh. Current one is good but by the time the euros and the next wc hit southgate may have got them to peak potential. Short term needs to improve finishing and defence.

    • Schnorbi
      Schnorbi Year ago +1

      England or Germany? Haha

  • MessiJaffa
    MessiJaffa Year ago

    We're terrible at penalties. Simple as. We have an amazing strike force from the best league in the world, but the managers can't work it to the best they can. All the current england squad are brilliant in league format, but the way they are being played screws us over. We get through the qualifiers like a ghost and then when it gets to the group stage, it all starts to crumble. And by the time we get through the group stage to the Round of 16 or at a push, the quarter finals, the cracks begin to show and the opposition makes no work of filling it. Our goalkeeping is terrible, Joe Hart isn't as good as we thought he was. We can be world beaters, but we need the right chemistry. If the stars align, then hopefully we can make decent progress in Russia and Qatar

    • RealDeal441
      RealDeal441 Year ago

      +MessiJaffa, really from 1966 to 2016 that's the only achilles heel you see in the England national football teams???

    • Mate Gradac
      Mate Gradac Year ago

      but you also had alan shearer- best penalty taker ever...

  • Mister Gun
    Mister Gun Year ago +6

    Der beste Fluch des Fussballs...England wird noch oft für 1966 bezahlen müssen.😀

    • Detlef Richter
      Detlef Richter Year ago

      Ich denk mal, der Fluch hat sich mit dem nicht gegebenen Tor von 2010 erledigt - wir sind quitt ;)

  • Mister Gun
    Mister Gun Year ago +17

    As long as the english people still don't agree, that the wc final 1966 wembley goal was not long they will never win a title of their senior squad 😂😂😂😂

    • Harvester
      Harvester 6 months ago

      @The Blissful ZombieAh yes. The Germans wanted England to win. Bullshitiing at it's finest. Accept it. We won.

    • Wys
      Wys Year ago

      4-2 anyway

    • Danny Lewis
      Danny Lewis Year ago

      West Ham would still have won the game 3-2 so it’s irrelevant 😜

    • Mr Adamike
      Mr Adamike Year ago +3

      doesn't matter its fucking coming home

    • Richard Tristram
      Richard Tristram Year ago +1

      One thing I will say about this, the free kick awarded to the Germans at the end of full time was a referee error, so it most likely would have culminated in a 2-1 victory.

  • bathtownship
    bathtownship Year ago

    IT might have helped waddle if he looked at the target.

  • Astro Mars
    Astro Mars Year ago +16

    To these stupid English, there is a rivalry between them and Germany. To the Germans, England is a minnow....meaningless opponents they have to play for 90 minutes! Sad! And the best English player Lineker said it "Football is game that you play 11 vs 11 and in the end Germany win"!

    • Harvester
      Harvester 6 months ago

      Hehehe it's only a matter of time until you take us seriously because the tables have turned and the roles are reversed.

    • Tim B
      Tim B 9 months ago

      Harvester eh, even if England was 3x better than Germany it would only be a rivalry for the English tbh. Germany would care more about Italy and the Netherlands even if the both sucked ass(which they do). But yea the matches will be more exciting if they meet in euro 2020

    • Harvester
      Harvester 9 months ago

      @Tim B Well, at least we can hopefully agree that the rivalry is indeed back on track.

    • Tim B
      Tim B 9 months ago

      Harvester England played better than Germany at the World Cup. I admit that. But that doesn’t mean that England is better or give you reason to be so cocky now either . England were at their best since 2006, but they literally lost to every good team they faced. Germany is an almost complete team with one crucial piece missing in the puzzle. They just need a striker like Klose who is good at finishing and they will be back on track. You should be afraid for the Euros

    • Harvester
      Harvester 9 months ago

      -I agree- 6-1

  • Pablo Correa
    Pablo Correa Year ago +2

    Was the first Germany's goal Peter Shilton fault?

    • L1am21
      L1am21 Year ago

      yeah he was bit past it by this point.

  • Jeffrey Hietala
    Jeffrey Hietala Year ago

    Just like the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL, England finds a way to always screw up in the end!!

    • Tim B
      Tim B Year ago

      reubz1123 I know I was referring to the other guy.

    • reubz1123
      reubz1123 Year ago

      T B I wasn't being insulting I was just saying why people bash NFL.

    • Tim B
      Tim B Year ago

      reubz1123 Well this guy clearly didn’t so don’t be so insulting

    • reubz1123
      reubz1123 Year ago

      T B People in both our nations bash NFL. Main reason is because Americans bash our Sport.

    • Tim B
      Tim B Year ago

      reubz1123 Yeah I know but we don’t bash on other sports even if we don’t like them unlike this kid

  • Manahati Zamorano
    Manahati Zamorano Year ago +23

    lineker was englang finest striker.. 2nd was Shearer & owen

  • Showkat Hossain
    Showkat Hossain Year ago +3

    I have one blue 1990 Team Germany away jersey in my collection

  • Christian van Dannen

    Hethethethe hethethe sminky pinky - Chris Waddle!

  • Keith Johnson
    Keith Johnson Year ago +74

    This was the last World Cup, maybe apart from 2006, that we could have won. You just have to respect the Germans when it comes to football - beautiful style of play

    • Harvester
      Harvester 6 months ago

      2022 motherfuckers

    • Vozhan
      Vozhan 7 months ago

      @Ronald McDonald And no one gives half a fuck about the Golden Boot, that thing ain't worth shit compared to the actual World Cup Trophy.

    • Vozhan
      Vozhan 7 months ago

      @Ronald McDonald I'm wrong about what? I never said South America won the 2018 World Cup you dumbass, I just said that Europe DIDN'T win it, which is true. And France might have won this year, but Brazil and Uruguay still have the most wins. Then again, I shouldn't expect you to know this because you have a fucking clown as your profile picture. Keep on crying you fucking loser 😂😂

    • Ronald McDonald
      Ronald McDonald 7 months ago

      Vozhan your wrong. The Golden boot came home. In the meantime your precious South American teams didn’t win shit lol, they couldn’t even make it to the semis, how tragic

    • Phi avir
      Phi avir 8 months ago

      We were nowhere near in 06

  • Achmad Iqbal
    Achmad Iqbal Year ago +12

    Dejavu goal as same as Ronaldinho 2002, England have lost the same way

  • PinkasBrown44
    PinkasBrown44 Year ago +11

    I just love the way English try to be dry and uneven to come across as unbiased, yet they are always sour about their defeats to Germany, as if the undeserved win at 1966 hadn´t been generous enough for them...

    • Harvester
      Harvester 6 months ago

      Undeserved? We were the better team that day and we dominated extra time. On the day we played better and deserved it. So don't chat shit because in 66 we were the better team. Simple as. And anyone would be sour about a loss like this. If in Euro 2020 in the semi finals we beat Germany 6-0 you'd be salty and take the rivalry seriously. It's on bitches

    • Harvester
      Harvester 9 months ago +1

      How is the win undeserved. Becuase Germany are -better- (worse in 2018) lol than us, they must always win? Even if that goal, which I agree should not have been allowed, we still would've won 3-2. And don't act like that BS didn't affect us as well, the Germans got their revenge in 2010.

    • RealDeal441
      RealDeal441 Year ago

      Yes, having the Group draw that England did with minnows, it would be herrendous for them not to reach at least the QFs. But yes, I agree, the English unit has been surpirisngly good in 2018. Finally, I was referring to the track record of 40 years time horizon not individual flashes of brillians and flukes in this 40-year period. The wins v losses stats are heavily in favour of Germany, esp in major tournaments. But good luck to England for the semies against Croatia. An England v France is something to relish even for a German fan!

    • RedDice
      RedDice Year ago

      And they lost to Mexico and South Korea and were in the semi finals again

    • RedDice
      RedDice Year ago

      RealDeal441 we beat them 4-2 before we beat them 1-5 in 2001 and recently we beat them 3-2

  • ashku27
    ashku27 Year ago +19

    Shocking goalkeeping from Shilton for their free kick

    • BlinkyNClyde
      BlinkyNClyde 6 months ago

      I thought so at the time, but I've since realized that it was an almost impossible thing to catch. The angle the ball took was freakishly unpredictable, it traveled fast, and moving backwards to catch that spinning devil with one hand in the fraction of a second is next to impossible. Shiltons initial positioning was also correct, standing a little way out from the chalked scoreline.

    • Brain Sample
      Brain Sample Year ago +2

      ashku27 he was 40 ys old

    YAN LAU Year ago +11

    lothar matthaus franz anton becknbauer jurger klimann rudi voller

  • Roz Sa
    Roz Sa 2 years ago +6

    Shilton got absolutely nowhere near those German pens. Every one a bullet.

    • Paul Mcdonough
      Paul Mcdonough 7 months ago

      @Raunok Basu shut up stupid comment

    • Raunok Basu
      Raunok Basu Year ago +3

      That was because he jumped after seeing which direction the ball was going and the Germans hit every one of em pretty hard

    • M3th0d
      M3th0d Year ago +2

      Germans know how to take penalties, especially Matthaus

  • nicolas
    nicolas 2 years ago +1

    I guess England was unlucky in that game, specially in the way it conceded the goal from Andreas Brehme

    • Ahito1984
      Ahito1984 Year ago +1

      England afwul luck against Belgium.
      Sorry guys, you ran out of luck against W. Germany
      See you in Kaliningrad!

    • Gog Mclaine
      Gog Mclaine Year ago +1

      England verrrrrry lucky regarding Cameroon.
      One fake penalty

  • Hami Englistan
    Hami Englistan 2 years ago +4

    Rubbish. Can not win on penalties.

    • panthersgb
      panthersgb Month ago

      THEN IN 2018 WE DO!

    • ففعههخختالللددداازز يبلا
    • calam
      calam 7 months ago

      Hami Englistan You English are cunts. Your women are ugly drunk whores and you can’t play football.

    • Vozhan
      Vozhan 9 months ago

      @Harvester I never fucking said they were a bad team, dumbass. I just stated that they lost. Fuck outta here.

    • Harvester
      Harvester 9 months ago

      @Vozhan Why does everybody say they are a bad team. Everybody *still* underestimates them. I guess you people have to pull excuses out of your arses to hate on England. Watch out, because give it a few years and the rivalry will be back on.

  • jose carlos Prieto
    jose carlos Prieto 2 years ago

    Con ese abuelo de portero que querian,,...

    • Salvador Villegas
      Salvador Villegas Year ago

      +jose carlos Prieto: Aquel día los ejecutores alemanes estuvieron con una endiablada finesa y JUSTEZA en casa remate, estimo que ni Peter Shilton ni ningún otro arquero nada podían hacer...

    • Josh Ortuño
      Josh Ortuño Year ago

      Una de los mejores del siglo XX. Pifio en el gol eso si, pero los penales los adivino todos

  • Lapsiquis arcaica
    Lapsiquis arcaica 2 years ago +2

    Por poco no fue la final Argentina Inglaterra

    • Fernando Arias
      Fernando Arias 7 months ago

      De hecho, Inglaterra le metió un gol de cabeza válido a Alemania, pero el árbitro lo anuló por un supuesto offside, que no fue. Así ganaba Inglaterra. Por otro lado, Argentina sufrió la lesión del tobillo de Maradona en el tercer partido, ante Rumania, y Maradona tuvo que jugar el resto de la Copa Mundial con el tobillo no al 100%. A Argentina le anularon un gol válido ante Yugoslavia, que hubiera ahorrado el estrés de los penales. En la final, Caniggia, Giusti, Olarticoechea y El Checho Batista no jugaron, por cuestiones de tarjetas. La final justa e ideal de Italia 90 hubiera sido Argentina versus Inglaterra, pero ambos equipos con sus mejores jugadores y en su mejor condición. Lamentablemente, en esta vida lo ideal se aparta mucho de lo real y a la final llegó inmerecidamente Alemania, estando Maradona todavía tocado del tobillo, sin Caniggia y otros y el árbitro inventó ese infame penal para los alemanes. Lo más interesante es que una final Inglaterra Argentina hubiera sido una revancha del polémico partido de cuartos de final de México 86, y hubiera sido una final súper interesante para ver. Pero vida decepciona muchas veces y tuvimos que conformarnos con el "triunfo" alemán. Alemania venía de perder dos finales consecutivamente y a la FIFA le agradaba la idea de que Alemania fuera campeona...y lo fue. La historia del futbol es rica, apasionante, interesante y da para el análisis, pero también está muy manchada por la corrupción. Hay que hacerse de la vista gorda con lo malo y quedarse con lo bueno. Su comentario me gustó mucho, porque esa que usted dice es la final que debió haber sido...y yo creo que la ganaba Argentina. Saludos desde Costa Rica!! Que esté bien!!