rhett being a hungry boi for 7 minutes straight

  • Published on Oct 10, 2018
  • he sure does love to eat. happy birthday rhett.
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    also shoutout to the channel ragingfiip for their 2014 edit of Rhett eating food - check it out here
    and also to @gottacomeupwithabetterusername on tumblr for their post about link not liking foods - bit.ly/2NzTblz

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  • youresoloud
    youresoloud  Year ago +4439

    the following comment contains the longest ever timestamp list on this channel. you're welcome.
    Why Wednesday is the Best Day of the Week - 0:00-0:12
    Gross Food Christmas Taste Test - 0:17-0:59
    Upside Down Food Taste Test - 1:00-1:08
    Pizza Cake Birthday Surprise - 1:09-1:29
    The Last Twinkie on Earth - 1:30-1:36
    Will It Ice Cream Sandwich Taste Test - 1:37-1:45
    Upside Down Food Taste Test - 1:47-1:51
    Deconstructing the McRib - 1:52-2:26
    Upside Down Food Taste Test - 2:27-2:34
    Will It Ice Cream Sandwich Taste Test - 2:35-2:48
    Cheesy Pizza Bites - 2:502:58
    Upside Down Food Taste Test - 2:59-3:05
    Can You Hear What I'm Chewing (CHALLENGE) - 3:06-3:11
    Eating Ryan Goslings Face - 3:12-3:17
    The Ghost Pepper Challenge - 3:18-3:26
    Upside Down Food Taste Test - 3:27-3:54
    International McDonald's Taste Test - 3:55-4:03
    Mystery Popsicle Taste Test - 4:10
    Walmart Brand vs Name Brand Taste Test The Game - 4:11
    Top 3 Phrases That Will Save Your Life - 4:12
    Love Potion Taste Test - 4:13-4:15
    Will It Ice Cream Sandwich Taste Test - 4:16
    Does Turkey Make You Sleepy - 4:18
    Rhett's Prom Fashion Tips - 4:20
    Gross Christmas Food Taste Test - 4:21
    Trader Joe's Peppermint Taste Test - 4:23-4:25
    Weird Pancake Taste Test The Mythical Crew - 4:26
    Getting Bean Boozled - 4:27-4:30
    The Secret of Will Rogers - Good Mythical More - 4:31
    Trader Joe's Peppermint Taste Test - 4:32
    Will It Fondue Taste Test - 4:34
    The Hamburger Bed - 4:36
    Rhett and Link Eat Insects - 4:37
    Eating Strange Candy from Japan - 4:39
    Other Snacks We Wish Were Back - 4:40
    Gross Christmas Food Taste Test - 4:42
    Torturing Link with Cherry Tomatoes - 4:43
    Good Mythical Morning Trivia Game - 4:44-4:51
    Do You Have ESP TEST- 4:55-4:59
    Upside Down Food Taste Test - 5:00-5:07
    Will It Soup Taste Test - 5:08-5:16
    Cutting Onions With A Fan - 5:17-5:25
    Upside Down Food Taste Test- 5:26-5:37
    10 Weird Ways to Live Longer - 5:38-5:59
    Eating Chicken With Our Feet Breaking the Law - 6:00-6:03
    Introducing the Big Mac & Cheese - 6:04-6:06
    Will It Hot Pocket Taste Test - 6:08-6:15
    Upside Down Food Taste Test - 6:15-6:35
    Deconstructing the McRib - 6:38-7:00

    • cheesepuffia
      cheesepuffia 10 days ago

      youresoloud this is my favorite video you’ve ever made

    • Diane Johnson
      Diane Johnson Month ago

      Oh the pain u probs went through to make this. I respect u

    • Dr. Bright
      Dr. Bright Month ago

      Rhett might have a tape worm

    • Mia Poole
      Mia Poole Month ago

      Wow that must have taken long

    • Patrick Small
      Patrick Small 2 months ago

      Your amazing and thank you

  • Flap Jack
    Flap Jack 58 minutes ago

    Chrushhmsh murucul

  • Zack Molloy
    Zack Molloy Hour ago

    Netflix: Are you still watching
    Someone’s Daughter: 0:06

  • MattMan Studios
    MattMan Studios 23 hours ago

    The one part that ALWAYS makes me feel hungry is Rhett eating the pizza. It sounds so saucy and it’s such a big slice that it just makes me really want pizza


    Wish I had his metabolism

  • Maddog
    Maddog Day ago

    Please make more videos!!

  • Nick Player
    Nick Player Day ago

    it's like he gets high before every food episode

  • Blue Tyrant
    Blue Tyrant Day ago

    Me and Rhett have similar feelings about food.

  • jennica
    jennica Day ago

    3:04 this video summed up
    edit: also 4:57

  • Emoji Life Time
    Emoji Life Time 2 days ago +1

    Thats why in the "rhett and links buddy system season 2" he's job is a taster

  • Bob Thegardener
    Bob Thegardener 2 days ago +2

    Rhett when he finds out whip cream can get you high

  • TheDumb One
    TheDumb One 2 days ago

    i ate lunch before this. now im hungry.

  • Louis Toth
    Louis Toth 2 days ago

    I would love these videos if it wasnt covered in your unfunny captions.

  • Diamonds in the sky with Lucy

    0:13. More please

  • tamar KB
    tamar KB 2 days ago

    The Rhett Wobble + him making his middle school believe that shaking food makes it better.....

  • Gbyinuygirl
    Gbyinuygirl 2 days ago +4

    That’s why they are best friends: what link doesn’t eat, Rhett gets to eat.

    But Link... wtf do you eat man? 😂

  • Cap_Obvious Yeetus
    Cap_Obvious Yeetus 3 days ago +1

    I'm Rhett and my mom is Link
    I'll eat anything and she hates everything

  • Spicy_ Armadillo_
    Spicy_ Armadillo_ 3 days ago

    My spirit animal

  • Rudol Von Stroheim
    Rudol Von Stroheim 3 days ago

    Me: *trying to get friends to watch gmm*
    GMM: 6:00

  • Aero Aux
    Aero Aux 3 days ago

    more pleas
    more pleas
    *M O R E P L E A S*

  • Robin Toni
    Robin Toni 4 days ago

    Honestly this is my brother to a tee

  • Sean Cunningham
    Sean Cunningham 5 days ago +1

    Link hates everything, including the fact that you point out him hating everything

  • i’mlatinoiswear
    i’mlatinoiswear 5 days ago

    3:44 sounds so freakin good to me idk why.

  • the0master200
    the0master200 6 days ago

    How is he not fat?

  • PinkPixel Productions

    Link is a lot like me, can be a picky eater

  • Monkey PC IS BETTER
    Monkey PC IS BETTER 6 days ago


  • Kristin Wilson
    Kristin Wilson 7 days ago

    This is probably one of my favorites so far. I’ve seen so many

  • Otaku Gamer
    Otaku Gamer 7 days ago

    He lOoooves food

  • Crusty Dusty Dinosaur

    Snakes can't unhinge their jaws their jaws are specially designed to eat food up twice the size of their head. KNOWLEDGE!!🐍🐍🐍😋

  • Gabriella Baldwin
    Gabriella Baldwin 8 days ago +1

    Not 7 minutes 7 minutes and 1 second

  • Citronide
    Citronide 8 days ago

    Rhett could be a spokesman for actual trash, and people would probably buy it.

    TIKI FILMS 8 days ago

    "Is it ok to eat that" Rhett's favorite words

  • Ricky Sixgun
    Ricky Sixgun 8 days ago

    Rhett is my spirit animal... Or human... You get the idea

  • AllTime_Steph
    AllTime_Steph 9 days ago

    Rhett is my mood for all 2020🤷🏻‍♀️ diets out the window🤟🏻

  • Gaige Winter
    Gaige Winter 9 days ago

    I just realised how much he eats on that channel

  • Alexandra Enriquez
    Alexandra Enriquez 9 days ago +1

    To be honest Rhett reminds me of Kirby eating everything

  • lpsfairylightz
    lpsfairylightz 9 days ago +1

    he protecc
    he attacc
    but most importantly
    he eat da snacc

  • scott
    scott 9 days ago

    How much Rhett likes food = how much link likes knives

  • tyknightmusic
    tyknightmusic 10 days ago

    For how much Rhett complains about Link's eating habits, Rhett is a noisy eater.... and food gets all over his beard.

  • Blu and KonaMations Reddit


  • Jesse Says
    Jesse Says 10 days ago

    Why is watching Rhett eat pizza satsfying to me?

  • ejaybugboy3
    ejaybugboy3 11 days ago

    I've never seen a lactose intolerant man eat more ice cream and cheese than Rhett "explosive diarrhea" McLaughlin.

  • Dante Gonzalez
    Dante Gonzalez 11 days ago +2

    We need more of the "Rhett intense wobble ™"

  • Miss Madness
    Miss Madness 12 days ago

    u should do another 1 of these lol

  • Holy Awesome55
    Holy Awesome55 12 days ago

    3:41 why u eat taco like that

  • Anistyme
    Anistyme 13 days ago +2

    The only thing this video tells me is that The Mythical Crew has been starving Rhett in the basement.

  • Logan Underhill
    Logan Underhill 13 days ago

    at least he says please

  • Koana
    Koana 13 days ago

    4:02 Nice logic Link, also he's eating a McKroket. Which is divine.

  • Shit Multiverse
    Shit Multiverse 13 days ago

    He deepthroated that mcrib

  • leslie nguyen
    leslie nguyen 13 days ago

    i effing love this video

  • Green Boi VA
    Green Boi VA 13 days ago

    Rhett is my spirit animal now

  • Dallas&Trooper
    Dallas&Trooper 14 days ago +1

    Rhett is like a Ron Swanson.

  • Origamidragoon
    Origamidragoon 15 days ago

    I have a problem
    I relate to this video more than I should

  • Leon Studies
    Leon Studies 17 days ago

    Also why has there never been a Rhett only muckbang (idk how to spell it)

  • Leon Studies
    Leon Studies 17 days ago +2

    It's so wholesome how exited he gets over food

  • Rishi Jalukar
    Rishi Jalukar 18 days ago +1

    At 1:28 I thought our USSR anthem would play

  • B-New DVNTZ
    B-New DVNTZ 18 days ago

    I watch this video while I’m eating so I don’t feel alone.

  • Jacinta Sings
    Jacinta Sings 18 days ago

    Keith from the try guys and Rhett should do a food collab

  • Erin Estes
    Erin Estes 19 days ago


  • JustConfused
    JustConfused 19 days ago

    *is lactose intolerant*