Trying the World's Most Expensive Kebab?! | Peng Life

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
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    The internet's sharpest critic, Elijah Quashie - AKA the Chicken Connoisseur - hits the streets to test out some of the most deluxe experiences money can buy!
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  10 months ago +47

    Would YOU pay that much for a kebab??
    Watch the FULL episode here:

    • Mr. Geto GT
      Mr. Geto GT 9 months ago

      No because not everyone in the world is rich like you , there's people in Africa who starve to death and your paying £1000 for a kebab . pls stfu

    • JoeConnoOldAccount
      JoeConnoOldAccount 10 months ago

      is that lad actually 25?

      SHADOWNINE79 10 months ago

      Rather stay home and have a bacon sandwich with Brown sauce 😒

    • xTuki21
      xTuki21 10 months ago

      cary bary no it is 1$ but in our currency + it tastes so good

    • Saifan Choudhury
      Saifan Choudhury 10 months ago

      Probably £10

  • bland harp
    bland harp 9 days ago

    Damn whose the girl

  • RedShark Av18
    RedShark Av18 Month ago

    Seen through glass

  • Utku_x99
    Utku_x99 2 months ago +1

    Hey you manchild kid nice video!

  • Ace Avetar
    Ace Avetar 2 months ago

    How is he 25

  • Mr Blasian
    Mr Blasian 3 months ago

    I'm in US can anyone upload ? i can't watch it because of my region.... i guess suck to me huh -_-

  • thecrazedgamer
    thecrazedgamer 3 months ago

    The survey lol, Ferrari!

  • MrRusskie99
    MrRusskie99 3 months ago

    Bruv I’m surprised the chef didn’t come out trying to stab them with skewers for asking for burger sauce XDDD

  • It’s Shithead
    It’s Shithead 4 months ago

    he needs to drop his skin care routine

  • Will Lewis
    Will Lewis 4 months ago

    And it pwrwobably costs in the region of 5000

  • Gaming Limited
    Gaming Limited 4 months ago

    idk if this is just me. But when I throw up I usually burp first lol.

  • Simon Gatt
    Simon Gatt 4 months ago

    He doesn’t need those boring twins with him, They are boring and un needed add on!

  • LordDanny1st
    LordDanny1st 5 months ago

    This is so bull shit

  • Jmz_x89
    Jmz_x89 5 months ago

    Why are the side men getting so much screen time?
    People want the CC reviewing chicken and chips, not the sideman twins.

  • Karepan Man
    Karepan Man 5 months ago

    I love that Chicken Connoisseur is branching out, but I think you could further. How about Chicken Connoisseur reviews foreign policy?

  • Evan Smith
    Evan Smith 6 months ago +1

    Is there anything more repulsive than a black with a British accent?

  • TheColorsoftheABCs
    TheColorsoftheABCs 6 months ago

    To be honest it goes a bit faster than I wouldve hoped

  • Smith Productions
    Smith Productions 6 months ago

    Looks like it’s been edited by a gsce film student

  • Fuzuli Hab
    Fuzuli Hab 6 months ago

    This is the guy who cooked the most expensive Kebab ☝️😊

  • Akhdar Muso
    Akhdar Muso 6 months ago

    "and it PFFFwobably costs somewhere in the region of"

  • RewdAwakening
    RewdAwakening 7 months ago

    Why so many dislikes, what am I missing?

  • Morgue Angel
    Morgue Angel 7 months ago

    Reich? Nase hoch!?? Aber trotzdem du bist ein trauriger Hurenshon !! Fick euch alleee!!!

  • EyzHD
    EyzHD 8 months ago +1

    a 4 dollar kebab in Turkey probably tasted 10x better than this shit

  • Zarathrustrasite
    Zarathrustrasite 9 months ago +1

    if this arrogant little gibbon can become a TV star it tells you what a dysfunctional multi-culti shit hole this country has become.

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 9 months ago

    Mans having some wings in a lambo lol.

  • No hype Gamer
    No hype Gamer 9 months ago

    Yea..I'll just stick to my local £8 large kebab with burger sauce 😅

  • the holy toaly
    the holy toaly 9 months ago

    its like watching grange hill going for a kebab

  • Asad Zee
    Asad Zee 9 months ago

    I don't eat leaf 🍃. I just smoke it 💨

  • Capone
    Capone 9 months ago +1

    my mate said he looks like a african aunty.. lol

    • imreallydead.
      imreallydead. 3 months ago

      Capone no he didn’t you’ve seen that everyone that’s said that on his channel got likes and tried begging some for yourself 😆😆😆

  • Luke Skywalker 656
    Luke Skywalker 656 9 months ago

    The cringe 😤😰😬😩😨

  • Apache
    Apache 9 months ago

    yes lad where is your mans

  • Ovid Naso
    Ovid Naso 9 months ago

    Sold your soul

  • Michael Bridges
    Michael Bridges 9 months ago

    And this is why people are hungry around the done

  • Abdullah Zubair
    Abdullah Zubair 9 months ago

    It's A R S E is so wide

  • Rhys Evans
    Rhys Evans 9 months ago

    Almost everything that is wrong with England can be seen in this video.

  • TomTucker
    TomTucker 9 months ago +1

    I thought this boy was just some London school kid eating chicken and trying to make a series called da pengest munch fam playing up to the London boy accent. Don't know why he needs to be on a main channel like channel 4

  • Coruption12
    Coruption12 9 months ago

    Too many haters man let the guy make it in peace

  • Coruption12
    Coruption12 9 months ago

    Man asked for burger sauce im done lool

  • Sheshela Matona
    Sheshela Matona 9 months ago

    BURGER SAUCE???!!!!!!! hahahahha dead.

  • TheCrazedLorry98
    TheCrazedLorry98 9 months ago

    who tf edited this shit

  • menschgebliebener Echsenkrieger67

    Somehow. These people disgust me.

  • Waqas Ahmed
    Waqas Ahmed 9 months ago

    7 pounds for it not 1000

  • Glanced
    Glanced 9 months ago

    One of them man that eat leaf on a daily

  • Dr Kevorkian
    Dr Kevorkian 9 months ago

    Chicken connoisseur is dead

  • Football Alfie Rimmer
    Football Alfie Rimmer 9 months ago

    “You can’t see anything out the back because it’s arse is so wide “ I’m dead 😂🤣

  • Tribalsleeve
    Tribalsleeve 9 months ago

    Who is this bell end and why is he on my tv ?

  • [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

    I knew my man would make it on tv

  • anthony star
    anthony star 9 months ago

    Starting a vid with a goon puking then no ones gonna buy that over expensive kebab :)

  • Mr. Moore
    Mr. Moore 9 months ago

    A little tip if you want to sample some nice vino from Italia. The business people also sample their viniger and meat. Go to the Vin Italy event in Verona and you will love Italy. My tip is pick the finest region of Italian wine making and start there. Rose kicked my ass and I could not continue.

  • Mr. Moore
    Mr. Moore 9 months ago

    This dude needs to go to Italy and get some kabab from a decent shop and it would taste better than this. Heck bring your own bottle of fine Acento de Modena and pour it on there. I don't think it would taste that great on Donor Kabab meat. By the way Italian kabab is very different than Italy...they don't come close.

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright 9 months ago

    Even if you had billions, spending the bones of a grand on a Khebab is seriously a piss take. The vinegar that cost 180 pounds is also extremely dumb.

  • Oh I see how it is For president

    When you have an old women thinking she is up to date

  • Tony Tubleta
    Tony Tubleta 9 months ago

    Why do people watch shit like this... watching a funny looking kid slap his lips and throw up and if i hear Man ting one more time i'm going to burn the English dictionary haha. so silly 🤣

  • Smexy_waffle94 2
    Smexy_waffle94 2 9 months ago

    It felt like I was watching top gear with food

  • SwaRm Rex
    SwaRm Rex 9 months ago

    £925 worth more than my yearly salary at the kebab shop

  • Hanifi Aktas
    Hanifi Aktas 9 months ago

    Normaly eat this people shit of trees and gras .

  • Hanifi Aktas
    Hanifi Aktas 9 months ago

    Look that starvin marvin.

  • Daniel Rogers
    Daniel Rogers 9 months ago

    Dickheads and cocky ones at that.....

  • Dino Semedo
    Dino Semedo 9 months ago


  • Mikail Albogachiev
    Mikail Albogachiev 9 months ago

    2:40 the eating starts

  • Skulledskeleton
    Skulledskeleton 9 months ago

    Man like chicken connaseaur said shootout vegans like bugs bunny big man ting

  • Skulledskeleton
    Skulledskeleton 9 months ago

    Big man chicken connesauer never stops eating chicken how could you leave chicken for kebab big man

  • Bert21597
    Bert21597 9 months ago

    Who even watches this tit?!

  • Harry Toyz
    Harry Toyz 9 months ago


  • Karow Foxx
    Karow Foxx 9 months ago

    2:50 handshake from power?

  • csyd22
    csyd22 9 months ago

    Didn't this lesbian go to jail

  • Comp B
    Comp B 9 months ago


  • caitlyn bradbury
    caitlyn bradbury 9 months ago

    lmao when your sofa is made out of the same stuff as the lamborghini seats and i eat everything on it

  • Masterslayer 313
    Masterslayer 313 9 months ago

    I don’t get how he got his own tv show

  • Spoiny Gooner
    Spoiny Gooner 9 months ago

    Mans gotta have burger sauce

  • old account
    old account 9 months ago

    this is shit and autistic

  • FWyine Magazine
    FWyine Magazine 10 months ago


  • Chuck Nerris
    Chuck Nerris 10 months ago

    Warning mouth fart alert 0:25

  • Spanking_ Noobs
    Spanking_ Noobs 10 months ago

    So many salty kids.

  • Anas
    Anas 10 months ago

    "ting was peng"
    "eat leaf on a daily"

  • Oscar Lorde
    Oscar Lorde 10 months ago

    Stupid noggis

  • Pia Williams
    Pia Williams 10 months ago

    who was the woman driving?

  • Khidr
    Khidr 10 months ago

    They ruined him ...

  • Nawaz Ahmed
    Nawaz Ahmed 10 months ago

    Y did he put Ferrari on the poll

  • PC Pat
    PC Pat 10 months ago

    Me after a month of starvation and saving from the school cafeteria

  • Sam Lawrence
    Sam Lawrence 10 months ago

    I would......

    If I was crawling in the sand through the dessert....starving ....thirsty....and a local offered me a thousand pound keebab.......I'd take it..........but only if he throws a bottle of water into the bargain.....and he takes cheques! :--)

  • rezoukas1
    rezoukas1 10 months ago

    Annoying kid. Thinks hes the shit fuck off mate

  • Sean T7
    Sean T7 10 months ago

    Where’s the worlds most expensive kebab then? Liars

  • Sean T7
    Sean T7 10 months ago

    This show is too “white” for the chicken guy

  • Joe Keegan
    Joe Keegan 10 months ago

    Channel been more of a dead ting than that chicken burger you were parring in that last video. Drop me out last HA

  • SlyWhyNye silly
    SlyWhyNye silly 10 months ago

    No burger sauce joke ting

  • Spinnermehk Sweg
    Spinnermehk Sweg 10 months ago

    Rip agentjohn2

  • Swords And sandals
    Swords And sandals 10 months ago

    I would suck his dick

  • The Mystery Almighty
    The Mystery Almighty 10 months ago +2

    Hotel, Trivago.

  • james cole
    james cole 10 months ago

    lol why they have him rating propper food...u know he cant apreciate that shit unless its deepfried and drowned in sauces

  • Nur La grande
    Nur La grande 10 months ago

    Someone please tell me wtf this shit has to do with chicken shop reviews??🙄🙄

  • PerSay What
    PerSay What 10 months ago

    Chicken connoisseur not eating chicken 2:01

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 10 months ago

    This ting was ze madness

  • A I
    A I 10 months ago +1

    Fuck off, the part of what makes a kebab good is the fact that it's piss cheap and plentiful, sure it tastes like Turkish ball sweat drizzled in ketchup buck fuck it it's 3.50 and big enough to render you catatonic

  • Harry Harmer
    Harry Harmer 10 months ago

    If you are one of those men who eat leaf on a daily😂 dead

  • Sheep And Cow Show
    Sheep And Cow Show 10 months ago

    We Want The Crep Check

  • 300 x 600 Savage
    300 x 600 Savage 10 months ago

    "the salad is looking very fruity" im sleep lmao

  • splashthekid
    splashthekid 10 months ago

    Uno all three of them are Mormon they main guy even served a two year mission

  • God God
    God God 10 months ago

    I thought he died

  • Brad Gold647
    Brad Gold647 10 months ago

    Where did you go