F4 DEFENSE SF-10 | First Mag Review

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • F4 DEFENSE SF-10
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    Recently I came across Big Daddy Unlimited (I admittedly hate the Name), which may help ease some of the financial burden associated with our tactical addiction. Actually, Big Daddy Unlimited came across me by way of a personal friend in the industry. After more and more messages about doing a Big Daddy Unlimited Review, I decided to do just that.
    In doing my review, I went over what exactly Big Daddy Unlimited is, how the Tactical Deal program works, who the service would benefit, cost and things about the site.
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    Big Daddy Unlimited Review
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    23 anti guns homos disliked this

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    TwistedDeath 63x 2 months ago

    Yo, what's that song in the background

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    ocelot k 2 months ago

    TEXAS 210 !

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    Joe Chen 2 months ago

    Where can I find that dope shirt?

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    Edward Lee 2 months ago +1

    2:49 ?

  • Tony Harty
    Tony Harty 2 months ago

    Sir, please consider running for political office. The silent majority placed Trump in office against all odds, we’ll do the same for you. White guy, 65 Vietnam Vet USN.

  • KillerDoc42
    KillerDoc42 3 months ago

    Yo, give me that Freeman’s stick!

  • allison chang
    allison chang 3 months ago

    I would like to fire that. My favorite so far was fireing the 50 cal. But that looks awesome.

  • Sergio Samayoa
    Sergio Samayoa 3 months ago

    In CA? FUCK
    Even in my 3rd country I can have a full capacity magazine!

  • mdd1963
    mdd1963 3 months ago

    I like it, but....is that one of those gay-ass 'battle worn' finishes, sort of like 'pre-faded' jeans?

  • J.L.H
    J.L.H 3 months ago

    Mr. Noir would you rather have this or a high end customized SCAR-17?

  • Mason Taylor
    Mason Taylor 3 months ago

    Noir GWagon in the background, I see you😎

  • Irene Duke
    Irene Duke 3 months ago

    Ha bro.... Back ground music isn't needed.

  • Wake up America
    Wake up America 3 months ago

    This guy is an absolute fucking idiot, what the fuck is with the purpose of having your thumb tucked out????
    Also, extend the buttstock so your shoulder and head is not all crunched in, FML!!!!
    Fucking idiot......

  • Drexxler 1
    Drexxler 1 3 months ago

    Just a few weeks late. I just build an AR10 and it’s definitely the best rifle to shoot and hunt.

  • Christian Backmon
    Christian Backmon 3 months ago

    Hey brother, I love what you're doing and keep it up!

  • Malcolmmillsknows
    Malcolmmillsknows 3 months ago

    What reticle does you Trijicon have. I had the Mil Dot and hated it but I like the build quality and no battery concept so I would buy another with a better reticle.

  • Que Onda Whey
    Que Onda Whey 3 months ago

    Where can I get that shirt? Ah, it just popped up.

  • James Runyon
    James Runyon 3 months ago

    I'm thinking the target audience for this firearm is not me. This looks like a toy. I'm glad we have variety in the market though.

  • Joey Louis
    Joey Louis 3 months ago +1

    Good lookin AR10!

  • Anthony Peterson
    Anthony Peterson 3 months ago

    Great vid

  • Bill Hager
    Bill Hager 3 months ago +2

    Homey here in SoCal. Appreciate your presentation! We are moving out there to TEXAS, thus, I must acquire that shirt and handle that AR.

    • Drexxler 1
      Drexxler 1 3 months ago +1

      If your going to fork out that much money, look at the Falkor Petra. But in reality AR-10 is probably going to be your to go gun. It’s defnitely the most entertaining to use at the range and great hunting gun. Plus ammo is dirt cheap.

  • gator nation
    gator nation 3 months ago

    Great review of yet another gun that is pricing the common everyday working man out of the market. As many platforms of AR-15s that are on the market right now I don't see how anyone to honestly sit there and believe their product is worth two three four even $5,000. Give me a freaking break

  • David Ney
    David Ney 3 months ago +1

    I love this guys thinking...... $3k is cheaper than buying and altering what you just bought $1k+$2-3 upgrades= you want about wrong.....

  • Zero Point
    Zero Point 3 months ago

    Do a review on the NEMO arms 308

    ARMANDO CRUZ 3 months ago +1

    That guns looks AWESOME!

  • Royce Mills
    Royce Mills 3 months ago +3

    I really, REALLY want this rifle or the POF Revolution.

    • Anon E. Mus
      Anon E. Mus 3 months ago

      I managed to handle a POF Revolution (12.5" pistol) at Triggercon 2018. I find it best to describe it in a Colion-review style because to me, it was a whole new experience handling this thing. A whole new class of "battle rifle" that I had not been familiar with. Quite literally a _Revolution._
      When I first shouldered the POF Revolution it felt like holding the weight of a standard AR pistol, yet its form was just bulky enough to say otherwise. like the gun was mysteriously _hollow_ without the weight of a "heavy" battle rifle. It wasn't so light that it could almost float out of your hands, but the 6.9lb weight it had could only be described as _comfortable._ In fact the whole thing could be described as medium, almost as if it were in a video game all its stats would be well-rounded and balanced. Almost like its supposed to be a 6.8 and not a 7.62.
      The variant I handled had an upper and lower receiver in a matte nickel (NP3) finish, and its a shame POF took this option away for some ungodly reason, being that POF is known for exclusively using this signature coating. It would be like removing the mosaic of tan and FDE colors off a scar, and only providing it with options like black or OD green... ~ughk~
      Due to this coating giving the POF a clear two-tone contrast between the nickel and black colors, its hybrid receiver/hand-guard "hand-guard" was its most pronounced feature, like the hump of a camel, (or more gracefully) the pronounced sloping shape of a killer whale's head.
      Truth be told, there was more to that rail than what met the eye, its also how it _felt._ Yes the profile makes the rail sit up high, but it was perfect with the Trijicon MRO mounted on it. The side-view might make the this tall rail look obnoxiously big, but the overall thickness of the M-lok hand-guard is thin enough to hit that _comfortable_ medium between a pencil-thin keymod hand guard, and the thick blocky Gesslie Super-Modular Rail. The higher rail height would prevent any "operators" from C-Clamping over the top (even with its rail-less mid-section) but I don't want my thumb to go _anywhere_ except the subtle corner between the round and vertical section of the hand guard that it snuggles into like a glove. I've handled plenty of hand guards but this one just _fits_ even with my small hands. The hand guard vertically is tall and thick, like its still showing off that its a _badass battle rifle!_ .But the width says otherwise, its kinda thin and nimble like an AR, making for a gun that is not unreasonably *chunky* like most AR10s and the SCAR, but still has a bit of physical "umph" that lets you know it's tough as steel, but weirdly feels as light as titanium.
      Now we get to the upper and lower, or the _body._ My god the *body!* Its a little thicker than an AR , but not as gigantic as an AR10 upper and lower. Its also very short, it makes you wonder how much gun can be stuffed so compactly together if you consider AR10 upper/lowers are an upscaled size of an AR15s. Combined with what I said about the weight and hand guard profile, it makes for a rifle that doesn't trade length for its lack of width. If I could sum it all up, I would pay attention to the shape of the upper reciever's ejection port and brass deflector (preferably with NP3 coating). Both these features are visibly *thick* made from broad chunks of aluminum, but overall they are compact and close together, jamming as much gun into a small of a space as possible. Then there are the lightening cuts, making you realize that that big hunk of brass deflector is actually saving a bit of weight with that hollowed-out section on top. Nothing about this thickness should be light, *but yet it is!* That NP3 and black coating might as well be a metaphor for the high-tech paneling on the _Space Shuttle_ this can feel that advanced.
      And to think this compact sub-gun-sized weapon is a battle-rifle? Just holding it's rugged construction makes you confident in rapid-firing heavy metal downrange Yet its so light you -feel- no, you *know* it has the mobility to use it for room clearing! Does the pistol have any _practical-tactical_ purpose? Is the velocity of 7.62 out of a 12.5" barrel ballistically efficient? Do you want to throw on a 20oz can and a whole catalogue of tactical devices enough for Garand Thumb to shed a tear? (it can afford that kind of weight). When holding this thing its hard to care about those questions anymore, you just want to _try_ everything with it! It feels like the cutting-edge "battle pistol" that you didn't even know you needed.
      It may not have a practical purpose in pistol form, but all you want to do is run it hard and fast like an AR, because it quite literally fits the size and weight requirements. I can only describe it as if you put the essence of a wolf, a _big, wild, wolf_ and turned it into a weapons platform. The barrel is short and snarly, meant to get in up close and personal, the weapon is compact, lean, and _fast;_ but _tough_ and _durable_ too. In spite of this its still throwing 20rds of heavy 7.62 with solid *power,* barking fireballs with sheer ferocity but controlled, calculated, and tactile with AR buffer-absorption. Hell... the two-tone combo practically _looks_ like the colors of a wolf. If you have the cash to burn on untamed beauty, look no further than this beast.

  • rae gruder
    rae gruder 3 months ago

    Good shooting hood info

  • Johnny Lee
    Johnny Lee 3 months ago +1

    Oh my god he's a white supremacist from the NRA but he's not

  • K M
    K M 3 months ago +1

    Can you review the facts of Trump sign the law that we're off the UN gun treaty. PLEASE

  • Derrick Weil
    Derrick Weil 3 months ago +4

    @colionnoir Great vid! Thanks for convincing me to buy yet ANOTHER gun 😂
    Btw, is that your G-Wagon back there? I remember in some old vids you talked about always wanting one. If that’s yours, congrats bro! Keep workin for your dreams man ✊🏽💪🏽

    KAD DAK 3 months ago

    Another AR clonenand the Gun industry are not innovative anymore. It's about together accessories AR clone rifle nothing new here.

  • 7armedman
    7armedman 3 months ago

    Hey, how pissed were you when Thomas the Tank decided to add a Negro to the show? Were you as livid as Dana? Is putting a black on a tv show the same as being in the KKK? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • WhoahImWoeful
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    Man I fucking love the background instrumental song. Fly shit only

  • David Norris
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    Carbon fiber barrel = double bonus

    AKABLACKKGYPSY 3 months ago +1

    Nice, But damn on the price!

  • W Guth
    W Guth 3 months ago

    Are you gonna do a review on the new glock silverbacks 43x & 48? Great videos man, good content.

  • Mike Baird
    Mike Baird 3 months ago +1

    Just saw how tactful you handled Bill Mar ( hes an asshole) and im sorry I haven't found your channel sooner. Would love to go shooting with you sometime in Houston!

  • vincent capone
    vincent capone 3 months ago

    What’s that song I can’t remember it

  • LionHeart Tactical
    LionHeart Tactical 3 months ago +2

    We got 30r mags bro! Lol

    • Drexxler 1
      Drexxler 1 3 months ago

      In honesty though most standard ar10s come with a 20 round mag.

  • Tungsten23
    Tungsten23 3 months ago

    National Russian Association shill

  • topgun1962
    topgun1962 3 months ago

    Colion, good video....very good!

  • DinNook
    DinNook 3 months ago

    @ 3:06 yeah, it looks like the break on the SCAR. Don't wanna be next to someone shooting it!

  • Martin Edwin
    Martin Edwin 3 months ago +1

    Can you put a bumpstock on it? :/

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith 3 months ago

    I love it 🤠

  • Lowtan18
    Lowtan18 3 months ago +1

    You gonna ever do that follow up Rifle Dynamics video?

  • Philippe FRATER
    Philippe FRATER 3 months ago

    I'll buy An AR-10. Already have a 22lr a 222Rem a 243Win (All precision riffles). But as a WTSHTF riffle? I need a 7/62.
    Regards from France!

  • Micheal Johnson
    Micheal Johnson 3 months ago

    S&W M&P10

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 3 months ago

    Am I the only one who likes all the AR reviews

  • Domenqiue Otey
    Domenqiue Otey 3 months ago

    Do all the AR-10 & AR-15 videos you want to!!!!

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  • Ryan Steelflex
    Ryan Steelflex 3 months ago +1

    is it San Fran legal?

  • Billy Danz
    Billy Danz 3 months ago

    Doing a First Mag on the Patriot Ordinance Factory (POF) Revolution .308 would a great idea. It's a re-engineered AR-10 that has the dimensions and weight of an AR-15....the BCG, receiver size, etc. are all dimensionally the same as the AR15. Worth checking out.

  • Denali Lyfe
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  • John Gross
    John Gross 3 months ago

    Love the commentary and your perspective on the weapons.
    Thanks for being part of ‘every day’ representation of 2A.
    Cheers Sir.

  • Christopher Ridgway
    Christopher Ridgway 3 months ago +1

    That's one damn good looking rifle. Thanks for the solid review, as always.

  • Jerry Johnson II
    Jerry Johnson II 3 months ago

    Awesome AR-10 Sir an thanks for showing it Mr. Noir

  • Awan Garud
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  • Steven Lynch
    Steven Lynch 3 months ago

    Thank you

  • Michael Thrasher
    Michael Thrasher 3 months ago

    What's the life on a carbon fiber barrel? Seems like it would warp after getting hot no?

  • Martha Harris
    Martha Harris 3 months ago

    I've watched several of your videos and they have all been inspirational and a learning platform for me. This one I totally agree that we should arm ourselves against the criminal world because criminals don't own legal weapons # helloooffthestreet# thx well done young man.

  • Ahmed Maher
    Ahmed Maher 3 months ago

    You have to try cobalt edge xl

  • CarsGuns&Freedom
    CarsGuns&Freedom 3 months ago

    Not really a review when all u do is review the best guns out lol.. just an arrogant rant actually

  • Elite Trader
    Elite Trader 3 months ago +3

    You are too good of a shooter to be slapping your mags in. Load like a pro. Push and pull.

  • Elite Trader
    Elite Trader 3 months ago +1

    KAC SR-25. All others bow before it. Nothing more proven than the SR-25. LMT not bad either....

    • Remington Lance
      Remington Lance 3 months ago +1

      Elite Trader KAC also competed in the British SASS/DMR trials as well, they just weren’t the ones selected. When a multi million dollar contract is on the line no manufacture is going to forfeit the opportunity because of civilian ownership politics.

    • Elite Trader
      Elite Trader 3 months ago

      @Remington Lance LMT makes great guns, but I'm not a fan of their military contracts with Great Britain and New Zealand. Both countries are very anti gun when it comes to civilians and personally I think LMT should have told them to fuck off. So my reasons are purely political. I love the historical legacy of KAC as well.

    • Elite Trader
      Elite Trader 3 months ago

      @Remington Lance Well, more like $4300 if you shop around, but I hear ya. I'm willing to donate to Stoner's legacy. : )

    • Elite Trader
      Elite Trader 3 months ago

      @Remington Lance I agree you are paying for the name. I'm a huge Eugene Stoner fan so I'm willing to pay up a bit. I did manage to get mine for $4289 which isn't too bad. I have an HK on the way so looking forward to that.

    • Remington Lance
      Remington Lance 3 months ago

      @Elite Trader I simply cannot justify paying 5,000 dollars for a rifle that will perform roughly the same as a 3,500 dollar rifle. The market has changed and Kac no longer is the sole quality AR10 provider

  • Audi_ophile
    Audi_ophile 3 months ago +1

    Love your reviews Colion, you spend more time examining the trigger than most do talking about the overall gun. Also that is one sexy gun. It's too bad I live in a communist state cause I'd max out my credit cards for that bad bitch.

  • RampagedGamer90
    RampagedGamer90 3 months ago

    Is that the fantastic 4 logo?

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  • nick Chiarullo
    nick Chiarullo 3 months ago

    Nice whip

  • Glenn Chapman
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    VOIDGAZER308 3 months ago +1

    I would assume the barrel is thinner to reduce weight and therefore it would get pretty hot during a string. Was this the case for you when shooting it? Great video

    • Bruce Robertthe
      Bruce Robertthe 3 months ago +1

      They do some wizardry to get it to cool. If I remember right it cools a lot like a steel barrel of a similar profile.

  • Devildog
    Devildog 3 months ago +1

    Sun's out. Guns out Brother! Great overview of this rifle.

  • moe musa
    moe musa 3 months ago

    308 man hate how we basically only get standard AK rounds in Somalia but then again these niggas be crazy God damn

  • Andy Francis
    Andy Francis 3 months ago

    3 grand for a gun that cost only a 100 to 500 to make.