Toyota Supra 1,000hp review - and all you need to know about the legendary MK4!

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • The Mk4 Supra has a cult following across the world, but would you believe that Mat’s never driven one before?! Well, we thought it was time to change that, and we’ve brought 3 different variants along for him to test (including one that’s been tuned to 1,000hp!!). But would you choose a classic Mk4 over the upcoming Mk5? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 3 005

  • Aearonjer Circumstance
    Aearonjer Circumstance 14 hours ago

    Very informative, well done.

  • 슈퍼패스트34 - SUP3RF4ST

    1000 HP.

  • onxiaftw
    onxiaftw 19 hours ago


  • C4
    C4 Day ago

    Nice vid! That TRD carbon fiber steering wheel goes for 3 grand now.... I know this, because I wanted one for my A80 too :( LOL

  • 永田利ょ他
    永田利ょ他 Day ago

    The lamp washer make the mark 4 100% looks like a catfish

  • Z32 TwinTurbo
    Z32 TwinTurbo Day ago

    Should do a Nissan 300zx TT

  • Noah Ham
    Noah Ham Day ago

    I had to sit in the back of one for 25 hours for a road trip

  • Kaivin Keitin
    Kaivin Keitin Day ago

    I don´t think the engine sounds right. Am I just completely insane or is the engine sounding like it suffers from micro fuel cuts on full throttle?

  • Twincamz
    Twincamz Day ago

    The rims on the mk4 is Killin me cmon man

  • life4tuneds Fpv
    life4tuneds Fpv 2 days ago

    Your face in the white Supra was priceless really nice yeah

    • Zilla 46
      Zilla 46 Day ago

      *Surprised Pikachu face :o*

  • NPD -Thang
    NPD -Thang 2 days ago

    supra with automatic transmission ??? Ruined it

  • Diarmuid Keane
    Diarmuid Keane 2 days ago

    Class.... Love mk4s

  • Drxpped_Vw _Hatch
    Drxpped_Vw _Hatch 2 days ago

    Its not a 2jzet its a 2jzeeee

  • Gary Hart
    Gary Hart 2 days ago

    Think you should do a 90's Japanese car race. Skyline, supra ect.

  • Joltran
    Joltran 2 days ago


  • Songo Christian
    Songo Christian 2 days ago

    I love supras u wonder if i had a supra like that....

  • MengeR
    MengeR 2 days ago

    Supra is designed for Asian people so sitting in the back of the car is no go for different minority or raced. In Japan they are called JDM and Euro it's called EDM which some of their parts for cars are a bit nicer over JDM

  • Claude Baron
    Claude Baron 3 days ago

    1000 HP from this beast is pretty mild because it can be way much more than that

  • Claude Baron
    Claude Baron 3 days ago

    This engine ‘’ the 2JZ ‘’ is the holy grail of all engines , and the whole car the way the dash’s curves the shaped of the car they we’re way head of their times
    And so well appreciated that even today pepoles are ready to battles for a 1993 car 😍😍👍👍👍

  •  3 days ago

    Would have made for a more practical comparison having a UK-Spec Auto to compare against the manual as imports drive quite different to the Euro Specs.

  • Adam Sargeson
    Adam Sargeson 3 days ago

    Hks super drager☺

  • Miri Lika
    Miri Lika 3 days ago

    Real men's use three pedals, two pedals is for chick's!

  • jagadish Ethirajan
    jagadish Ethirajan 4 days ago

    What's the horn like 🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Hamza Mughal
    Hamza Mughal 4 days ago

    I love the old supra I really want one just a beautiful car

  • Cathal Owens
    Cathal Owens 4 days ago

    Hahaha lol Matt driving the 1000 hp supra "breathing intesifies"

  • basavaraj holkunde
    basavaraj holkunde 4 days ago

    Do a drag race btwn supra vs BMW 1000s rr

  • lil_kev caldo de pollo

    That ain’t no Supra the automatic one it’s not a real supra😭😂

  • suhayb jaunmamode
    suhayb jaunmamode 4 days ago

    Matt, you gotta the white Supra to the drag race airfield.... we're demanding 😁😁

  • George Petkov
    George Petkov 5 days ago

    The engine itself screams move away so you don't really need a horn!

  • yngd aggerboi449
    yngd aggerboi449 5 days ago

    Did he just say RICED for an 1000hp Supra???

  • dhionis sota
    dhionis sota 5 days ago

    He pushed to 4500 might as well change to 5th

  • izzack teves
    izzack teves 5 days ago

    Stock the mk5 supra beats the mk4

  • NerfSpartanSam
    NerfSpartanSam 6 days ago

    Supras are overrated

  • Nikita Budeanu
    Nikita Budeanu 6 days ago

    So i was skipping thru the video to see the modified one first time i stopped he’s rubbing the glove box second time i stopped he’s on the floor rubbing the front😂

  • Tj Asayi Lohe
    Tj Asayi Lohe 6 days ago

    The sound of turbo kickin in is the most satisfying sound ever. Vuuuustiu

  • jwillis6718
    jwillis6718 7 days ago

    Can the horn test be a regular please!

  • Mladen Macedonian
    Mladen Macedonian 7 days ago

    I would fuck a fish 🐟 for this car

  • Christian Pastor
    Christian Pastor 7 days ago

    The tuned Toyota Supra is looking happier than the stock looks 😄

  • just nobody
    just nobody 8 days ago +1

    Yannis is cypriot guys did you know that?

  • just nobody
    just nobody 8 days ago

    2:11 hahahah

  • C1up3r0s
    C1up3r0s 9 days ago

    Both turbos on stock engine are the same size... not aure you've got that one is smaller and one is bigger.. they just come alive at different times however if you change it TTC then both are coming alive at the same time, something like a small single turbo

  • Hacking Tutorials
    Hacking Tutorials 9 days ago


  • Anas saleh
    Anas saleh 9 days ago

    God the 1000 supra interior is so ugly looks like red shit

  • TheRon Legend
    TheRon Legend 9 days ago

    The supra is shit

  • marcoxtv
    marcoxtv 10 days ago +1

    the 1,000 hp supra under boost is breaking up

  • Zadeel dotcom
    Zadeel dotcom 10 days ago

    dont even watch topgear or that amazon one anymore. car throttle and carwow. all you need.

  • BeGRiB
    BeGRiB 10 days ago

    Is that a SUPRA!??? :D

  • Perziee
    Perziee 10 days ago

    "only" 540hp...

  • Wahyu Satrio Guntoro
    Wahyu Satrio Guntoro 10 days ago


  •  10 days ago

    💕💕i love thes cars

  • Morshed Manzur
    Morshed Manzur 10 days ago

    Y i like the white one .because

    S.M.D DUMB&DUMER 10 days ago

    I like the red one better but only if it had a manual

  • Bondan Heru
    Bondan Heru 10 days ago

    It just 5.5k rpm and he lost his mind for a while

  • Abdul Qadir
    Abdul Qadir 10 days ago

    Please do a review on mazda rx 8

  • Holy Macaroni
    Holy Macaroni 10 days ago

    lol in my city someone just honked in the same time it sounded just like the black supra but louder

  • Dave Champs
    Dave Champs 11 days ago

    Oh FFS, the turbos are the same size! How are people still getting this wrong!?

  • E J
    E J 11 days ago

    Oo man great❤️❤️❤️the nice part is your facail deformation😅😅🤩🤩🤩😛

  • Callum Wall
    Callum Wall 11 days ago

    2:10 Hehe.....yeaaaah boiiii

  • kevin roberts
    kevin roberts 11 days ago

    New supra sucks its not even Japanese its German

  • boef. hvd
    boef. hvd 11 days ago

    Dream carr😙😙😙😘😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • tannersword1
    tannersword1 11 days ago

    Automatic transmission, not gearbox

  • qmpel
    qmpel 11 days ago

    What would you choose: Supra or Fiat 126p? And why Fiat?

  • Dankboi
    Dankboi 11 days ago

    You think the front is long huh ? You need to see The Supra with the top secret Bodykit on it

  • Instinktjagd
    Instinktjagd 11 days ago

    also : 2:10 car porn

  • Instinktjagd
    Instinktjagd 11 days ago

    Supras facelift and guys driving it: this puts a smile on my face

  • Instinktjagd
    Instinktjagd 11 days ago

    white supras looks clean but interior is vomit

  • Steel Wool Sheep
    Steel Wool Sheep 11 days ago +2

    Mat's reaction to the 1000hp Supra was absolutely priceless. 🤣🤣

  • MLG Get clapp3d
    MLG Get clapp3d 12 days ago

    Matt I’m gonna tell ur mother u cussed

  • MLG Get clapp3d
    MLG Get clapp3d 12 days ago

    We’ve just had news Matt Watson killed himself in a 1,000 hp Supra

  • zap
    zap 12 days ago

    Those seats are better than 21st century luxury car's seats