Minecraft 1.18: Trailer VS Reality

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • This video is to show you how things are in the 1.18 update trailer and how they really are in minecraft reality, hope it will be fun to watch.
    -The Caves and Cliffs part 2 (1.18) update will be available starting today for Java and Bedrock edition (Xbox One, Playstation 4,5, Nintendo Switch, Android, IOS, and Windows 10)
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  • Minuthu
    Minuthu  5 months ago +13327

    reality tends to be disappointing...

  • unsorted guy
    unsorted guy 4 months ago +3705

    Minecraft must get those water splash effects in game.

    • CharlotteChxrrie
      CharlotteChxrrie Month ago

      I agree lol

    • CharaGaming
      CharaGaming Month ago


    • JellybeanFan190
      JellybeanFan190 Month ago


    • HintonR
      HintonR Month ago

      There is a data pack called splashes! On planet minecraft. Looks great tbh. And effective is still good to add the waterfall particles

  • FadedXD
    FadedXD 2 months ago +208

    *As a wise man once said:* Reality is often disappointing

  • Isaiah Smith
    Isaiah Smith 4 months ago +80

    The shader "complimentary" is amazing and is similar ish to the trailer

    • SkyeYT
      SkyeYT Month ago +1

      @DON'T stop botting

    • DON'T
      DON'T Month ago


  • PrimVlad Plays
    PrimVlad Plays 4 months ago +3

    What if.. they made the game look closer to resembling the animations? I think even without the same texture pack it'd look great!

  • Lucarionite
    Lucarionite 3 months ago +3

    The effort to copy the trailer over to the real game is impressive ngl 😂
    When I first saw the trailer, I wondered if there is a real texture pack or mod out there for those colours and textures in the trailer. They look so nice.

  • Shirubiaowo
    Shirubiaowo 5 months ago +8208

    The fact that the reality world generation/building of the backgrounds looked almost identical to the trailer is so amazing

    • Janio Wnuk
      Janio Wnuk 15 days ago

      Gdy jednak nie zawsze jest tak jak to zrobić i jak się nie zawsze

    • Ben Comeau
      Ben Comeau 21 day ago

      He made it...

    • JewishBanana
      JewishBanana 3 months ago

      Lmao they look nothing alike

  • Sir Daniel Fortesque
    Sir Daniel Fortesque 2 months ago

    Minecraft released in 2011, it has earned hundreds of millions of dollars, has over a hundred million active players, and is easily one of the most popular and recognizable games in the world.
    You would think the developers would be able to push more and better content out at a pretty steady pace.
    Yet we've been waiting over a year for them to add a single mob into the game that still hasn't even been added.

  • FakeOneXD
    FakeOneXD 4 months ago +20

    I think it's amazing how they show Alex with the torch in his hand lighting up the environment when it's actually impossible to do that in the Bedrock version lmao

  • Captain Jay
    Captain Jay 4 months ago +14

    Imagine one day that these types of trailers are the reality when it comes to games. Sure we make these videos and stuff and make fun of the trailers but ... just imagine if one day we can have a minecraft with these trailerized effects... damn... I hope im alive to see that day xD

  • Renan Leandro
    Renan Leandro Month ago +4

    The trailer shows several times them holding the torch on their hands to light the dark caves, it's weird that it wasn't a part of the update

  • OneBillionTacos
    OneBillionTacos 5 months ago +5366

    To be fair, the majority of these things still look great. The only thing I wish we had was lush cave fog and larger jagged peaks biomes.

    • Seth Byman
      Seth Byman 3 months ago

      and a million other things on that list...

    • Knot a kid
      Knot a kid 4 months ago

      @slug in tub Well it happened to me i almost got off the cliff

    • Мандаринка Minecraft
      Мандаринка Minecraft 4 months ago

      Супер)Ты лучше всех!!! Кто согласен? Всем Привет!! Меня зовут Мандаринка Mincraft! Я ищу людей для совместной игры на Minecraft 1.18.1. серверах; жду вас. Если вы согласен....

  • TheWillOfABeast
    TheWillOfABeast Month ago +6

    This kinda reminds me of DBZ KAI. The theme “Dragon Soul” had such detail in the design and it was basic in the first few sagas. Not saying it was bad though. I still loved the designs. It was still a great show 100/10.

  • İsmail Oruç
    İsmail Oruç 3 months ago +4

    Efsane olmuş

  • Small mean Sperm making machine

    I honestly say they learned how to animate after making dungeons the lighting and movement look way more fluent which is ironic for a game where your only movement is swinging your arms:)

  • Suryansh Soni
    Suryansh Soni 3 months ago

    If this game had such graphics shown in the trailer,it could be more amazing and satisfying 😍😍

  • Koalinho :P
    Koalinho :P 5 months ago +9380

    I love how mojang put dynamic lights on the trailer even knowing that they refuse to put it on the game
    (I am talking about the java version, for me is the true Minecraft version, it was the first one)

    • W
      W 16 days ago

      Sodium mod cough cough

    • Prank Channel
      Prank Channel 29 days ago


    • Alariko
      Alariko Month ago

      They should make trailers in-game like back in 2010's.

    • Alricjay Asistente
      Alricjay Asistente 2 months ago


  • Aver
    Aver 2 months ago

    I want Mojang to make player animations in Minecraft from this trailer...this would so awesome

  • Alejandra Ro'
    Alejandra Ro' 4 months ago

    Ese trailer es uno de mis favoritos, porque tal vez se vea como lo poner pero de verdad que se siente como en el tráiler cuando estás jugando

  • Andr00N
    Andr00N 4 months ago

    I still really wanna see Minecraft in the "Minecraft Dungeons" game engine, it would look next level and a lot less outdated

  • iamtheirongolem
    iamtheirongolem  Month ago

    I remember watching the trailer when it just came out and knew there would be a vid like this 😂

  • Vicky
    Vicky 5 months ago +1739

    Alex: *Peacefully in a boat with a cute water animal*
    Steve: *DYING*

  • plutoッ
    plutoッ 3 months ago +1

    damn bro i wish minecraft was like their own trailers

  • Jorji Costava
    Jorji Costava 3 months ago +1

    Fun fact: this video has more views than the actual trailer.

  • platypus
    platypus Month ago

    As a creator of such content , I will say that this is cool !🌼

  • Radio Kakao
    Radio Kakao 3 months ago

    The game you remember when played as a child vs the actual game..
    imagination can do amazing things

  • Brett Tanton
    Brett Tanton 5 months ago +11304

    Well!! With Shaders and a couple of mods, it would make reality look just like the animated trailer.

  • DVDD
    DVDD 4 months ago

    This is why i love this game, because the game had the same mechanics like 4 years ago

  • ༺{1zuku Mid0riya༻
    ༺{1zuku Mid0riya༻ 3 months ago +1

    *Alex:* *Just having a good time relaxing*
    *While Steve*
    *Steve:* *literally dying for falling there*

  • Eduardo Barbosa
    Eduardo Barbosa 2 months ago

    "A realidade tende a ser decepcionante!"

  • lord lem
    lord lem 2 months ago

    If minecraft added dynamic lighting, and shadows, and just overall effects like water slashes it wouldnt be too far off. (the look of it)

  • a person
    a person 5 months ago +2016

    Respect for this man for recreating the map like in the trailer

    • Vatali
      Vatali 3 months ago

      @DON'T no worries mate, resolution is so low I can't even read it

    • Tiagø Santøs
      Tiagø Santøs 5 months ago

      E foi o que é kkkkkkkkkkk🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴🙊🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • white
      white 5 months ago +1


    • a person
      a person 5 months ago +1

      @XD u too bro

    • XD
      XD 5 months ago

      @a person have a nice day bro!

  • Tony Guardado
    Tony Guardado 2 months ago

    They should update music for when there's a certain event going on, it gets intense or when u find a new area it gets a nice violin playing

  • Kdoge
    Kdoge 4 months ago

    To be fair alot of the features are a thing if you use optifine and shaders

  • AverageMemeEnjoyer
    AverageMemeEnjoyer 2 months ago

    you can make the torch light up while holding using optifine

  • Joseane Camillo
    Joseane Camillo 2 months ago

    Gostei muito ❤❤❤

  • ShadowBZ
    ShadowBZ 5 months ago +8972

    Why is Steve scared?
    He's been in the game since day one.

    • TheTails Speed
      TheTails Speed 16 days ago

      @jestfull but why does a woman being brave and a man being scared means that this is a feminism take? I mean, so a man being brave and a woman being scared is a "malenism" take?

    • box trolls
      box trolls Month ago

      Trauma. I think

    • jestfull
      jestfull 2 months ago

      @DJSlimeball idk, you commented on a comment from months ago, how do you think I'm going to remember this?

    • DJSlimeball
      DJSlimeball 2 months ago +1

      @Oof Man Some of these I don't know WHAT you are talking about... but this depends on what YOU do as Steve...

    • DJSlimeball
      DJSlimeball 2 months ago +1

      @jestfull "lore" Yeah, okay, lore... right... what lore bro? Lol...

  • CatDell
    CatDell 3 months ago +1

    Trailer: put very good things*
    The game:I cannot do that by my programming

  • Samuel Correa
    Samuel Correa 2 months ago

    with this trailer i thought it was the perfect game then i got in and totally different than the trailer

  • Azman
    Azman 3 months ago +1

    Why am I laughing at this non stopped 😂

  • Pigeneon
    Pigeneon 4 months ago +1

    Shaders , some recource packs and mods and it will look like the trailer! xD

  • Cryptious
    Cryptious 5 months ago +2666

    If minecraft added dynamic lighting, and shadows, and just overall effects *like water slashes* it wouldnt be too far off. (the look of it)

    • Мандаринка Minecraft
      Мандаринка Minecraft 4 months ago

      Супер)Ты лучше всех!!! Кто согласен? Всем Привет!! Меня зовут Мандаринка Mincraft! Я ищу людей для совместной игры на Minecraft 1.18.1. серверах; жду вас. Если вы согласен....

    • TruthHunterHawk
      TruthHunterHawk 5 months ago

      Someone make a mod on it please?

    • marcedoreste
      marcedoreste 5 months ago +2

      @Cryptious it would be nice if they added a shaders and dynamic lights options into the game by default. So new players could test it out if they wanted to and veteran players could toggle them on and off with convenience.

  • lil_me(❁)
    lil_me(❁) 2 months ago

    Now when I enter the cave, it's scary, especially playing on single player

  • Owo
    Owo 4 months ago

    I wish the animations were like the trailer lol

  • Fly
    Fly 4 months ago +2

    Reality is often disappointing

  • Peppa Pig #SaveTheEarth

    But really imagine having like 100 skeletons chasing you in Minecraft 😂

  • TrueExposure
    TrueExposure 5 months ago +749

    What Minecraft needs is an optional better lighting setting, similar to shaders but not as heavy on your pc



    • Charlie Kahn
      Charlie Kahn 3 months ago +1

      @Galaxy dued every object in the game has animations. Adding this many would drastically increase the file size but it could work.

    • Galaxy dued
      Galaxy dued 4 months ago +4

      This is made by element animation

    • Looy Hooy
      Looy Hooy 4 months ago +1


    • heather sparrow
      heather sparrow 4 months ago +21

      how about it would a option for ps4 and other console players as well as pc

  • Ice UrDumb
    Ice UrDumb 2 months ago

    Dude The Trailer Looks So Good

  • Verified
    Verified 4 months ago

    Mojang when they released 1.18:
    *Wake up to reality*

  • Bia Amy
    Bia Amy 2 months ago

    Muito bom hahahhahaa
    Ri demais!

  • K1tty Cat
    K1tty Cat 4 months ago

    Its not a mistake its a masterpiece✨✨✨

  • ً ً
    ً ً 5 months ago +2291

    Using Minecraft BSL shaders it actually feels like your in the trailer, barebones works to.
    If you want to add the cherry on the cake listen to the soundtracks or make them louder in your settings

  • K1tty Cat
    K1tty Cat 4 months ago

    Its not a mistake its a masterpiece✨✨✨

  • K1tty Cat
    K1tty Cat 4 months ago

    Its not a mistake its a masterpiece✨✨✨

  • K1tty Cat
    K1tty Cat 4 months ago

    Its not a mistake its a masterpiece✨✨✨

  • Robin Sourcream
    Robin Sourcream 4 months ago

    I really hate that mojang makes highly detailed trailers with good nimations and other cool stuff
    And when you join minecraft it's actually the same
    Nothing changes
    You still have to do old things

  • Glitchy Boi
    Glitchy Boi 5 months ago +932

    I love how in the thousands of spiders chasing him, Steve gets slain by a zombie somehow

    • Glitchy Boi
      Glitchy Boi 4 months ago

      @Looy Hooy damn

    • Looy Hooy
      Looy Hooy 4 months ago +1

      brrrr i watch your vids

      KINDLY HELP ME REACH TO 100K SUB 5 months ago


    • Red MOON
      Red MOON 5 months ago +3

      Finally... A Zombie that can BRRRreak Steve. :}

    • Ethan Brenton
      Ethan Brenton 5 months ago +11

      Omg literally passed the vid after that scene to scroll to the comments to see if annyone else noticed that lmao

  • Dank is dank
    Dank is dank 3 months ago

    At the end of the trailers minecraft always makes the large pile of mobs look like the last fight in dark souls lol

  • wintaaa
    wintaaa 26 days ago

    I swear if they put as much effort in the game as they do in the trailers everything would be so much better

  • Joeku Rosé
    Joeku Rosé Month ago

    This is why I miss the old trailers

  • XxCatcuttxX
    XxCatcuttxX 2 months ago

    i love how you did this kinda stuff

  • Buddy
    Buddy 5 months ago +1544

    I mean the trailer and reality is still Amazing personally.
    For builders I mean.

    • MrBeast Show en Español
      MrBeast Show en Español 5 months ago


    • Aziz Setyawan
      Aziz Setyawan 5 months ago

      Actually you can get even better than the trailer if you using realistic shader or even RTX shaders
      And it's legal, not mod or even hack. The developer their self allowing you to do that, even they give the option on the settings to change the graphics and texture on the game
      So the trailer isn't wrong

    • jooscyy.
      jooscyy. 5 months ago +2

      @RIPIN Khanna lmao

    • RIPIN Khanna
      RIPIN Khanna 5 months ago +1

      @MonsterZero 🇺🇦 Hindi is written in the Devanagari alphabet, not the Latin one. Since he's speaking in the Latin alphabet, the translator won't work.
      Trust me though, he doesn't make any sense at all

  • Reoxezz
    Reoxezz 3 months ago +1

    I find that the trailer is quite realistic in reality

  • Sci Fi Vibes
    Sci Fi Vibes 4 months ago

    how playing minecraft with friends felt back then VS how playing minecraft alone feels now

  • Asmongold's Mouth
    Asmongold's Mouth Month ago

    Trailers *ALWAYS* overhype everything.

  • Rayra Lôana 3d2
    Rayra Lôana 3d2 Month ago +1

    No Trailer é muito mais emocionante

  • Pasta Kazoo
    Pasta Kazoo 5 months ago +547

    I love how these trailer kind of give Steve and Alex personality, even though they're not meant to have any.

    • Simon y Manu 🌟👑
      Simon y Manu 🌟👑 Month ago

      Bueno vamos a

    • Firestorm895
      Firestorm895 2 months ago

      Well, they still don’t

    • HoBoMiKe
      HoBoMiKe 4 months ago +6

      @commendedzuez09 I'm trying to tell myself that Steve is just being cautious after years of dying to various enemies sneaking up behind him, or falling into lava/the void, while Alex is more headstrong, arrogant, and inexperienced (and probably frequently dies more.)
      Steve's also probably unsettled by all the new content being added to the game; for years, he's kinda known the "rules" of minecraft, but suddenly light no longer keeps you as safe as it used to, waterlogging is a huge danger to underwater exploration/travel, and the game mechanics are significantly different.
      Steve also probably cares more about the _journey_ and likes to slow down and enjoy the small things in the game, such as getting that _perfect_ look to your new structure, learning all the lore and minutiae of new blocks/new mobs, or finally getting the auto-farm working, while Alex cares more about the _destination_ and just wants to rush through the game and quickly become the most powerful/respected player (as rookie gamers often do)
      they keep each other in check.

    • 猫
       4 months ago +11

      @commendedzuez09 And what's annoying is that in some trailers they make Alex the pro but Steve the wimp and dumb one, Despite the fact that Steve existed years before alex

    GAMER VEDANSH 2 months ago


  • Caitlin Venice Reyes
    Caitlin Venice Reyes 4 months ago

    I laugh when you do the reality 😂

  • Gonzalocraft199
    Gonzalocraft199 4 months ago

    Feliz 1.18 para você Minuthu!

  • 짱구순간모음
    짱구순간모음 3 months ago

    mojang must add dynamic light without mod required

  • minyun tv
    minyun tv 4 months ago

    Looking at reality is far from what you think.

  • Zwitie
    Zwitie 4 months ago

    they really need to make a shader that looks like the minecraft trailers

  • Miguel Gutierrez
    Miguel Gutierrez Month ago

    The animation version of the game look way better than the actual game

  • Shark puppet & Friends
    Shark puppet & Friends 2 months ago

    good job for doing in the reality :D

  • Pikyso
    Pikyso 5 months ago +373

    I actually think these trailers show what Mojang wants the final look of Minecraft to be in 10 years when ray tracing is widely available and the bedrock rtx is finished. You can tell with the current state of RTX that this is the look they’re going for. It’s actually pretty close, though i think it looks pretty bad because the sun lights the terrain wayyy too harshly. In caves and enclosed spaces though, it’s absolutely gorgeous

    • GT Gaming Virus (UGW)
      GT Gaming Virus (UGW) 5 months ago

      @Znoequeen Valentin are u a mojang hater??

    • Znoequeen Valentin
      Znoequeen Valentin 5 months ago

      @GT Gaming Virus (UGW) How is he making fun of mojang? From what I read, it didn't say anything disrespectful or insulting

    • Znoequeen Valentin
      Znoequeen Valentin 5 months ago

      @Aziz Setyawan I understand🙂 What ur saying makes sense n ur right. Just how they show it is a bit misleading, so there's nothing wrong with people wanting it to look better. Thanks for the response🤗

    • No_Sense_Of_Humor
      No_Sense_Of_Humor 5 months ago

      @Aziz Setyawan You're missing the point, not everyone can get shaders and mods for different reasons.


    WOW!!! This is very funny and perfect!!!🌷🥰

  • Doctor Ron
    Doctor Ron 4 months ago +1

    They dont add dynamic light in the game but in the trailer yeah

  • Hana player
    Hana player 3 months ago

    I'm just sad that minecraft really can't add shades into minecraft 😔

  • Shannon Scout
    Shannon Scout 26 days ago

    You need shader to make the reality look more like the trailer

  • Angelo Gianone Gaming
    Angelo Gianone Gaming 5 months ago +192

    Ahhh yes, very well done. I must admit though... These trailers are damn good coming from someone who played the game in the first week of Creative. It blows my mind how far it's come.

    • Scott gamer 17
      Scott gamer 17 Month ago +1

      @DON'T bot

    • DON'T
      DON'T Month ago


  • Sapwolf
    Sapwolf 4 months ago

    let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us..❤️🚀🚀😘

  • Kejrri Sticka x3
    Kejrri Sticka x3 4 months ago

    Reality never compares to a trailer :dd

  • Mostafa385
    Mostafa385 3 months ago

    I can say imitating what was in the video is so hard that it can be so hard that the player died 2. 😂

  • Lil Gremlin
    Lil Gremlin 3 months ago

    bruh i want minecraft to add that the torch actually brightens things around you WHEN YOU HOLD IT like in the trailer

  • Cat Sakura
    Cat Sakura 5 months ago +543

    Giving F to steve who never was happy in these caves and had a litreal nightmare here while alex nearly had the best day before horde came

    • Hmmm
      Hmmm 6 days ago


    • 猫
       4 months ago +3

      @Roman Simkins It kinda is since they made steve the idiot and the dumb one just to make alex look cool, despite the fact that steve existed in the game long before alex did, Its been in a lot of trailers too, Giving alex Iron/Diamond armor while giving steve iron and leather

    • Roman Simkins
      Roman Simkins 4 months ago

      @Nihil ?

    • Roman Simkins
      Roman Simkins 4 months ago +1

      @schrodinger's gunna Well, sort of, not that much, but this still kind of is.

    • wai632
      wai632 5 months ago +1

      @Hafiz Hakim yes

  • Ace :v
    Ace :v Month ago

    Puedes intentar usar shaders y un mod para cambiar la mobilidad, si no te gusta xd.

  • Void King Playz
    Void King Playz 8 days ago

    This so funny the trailer so good but the reality just so normal😂😂😂

  • Stevechee plays Terraria

    LoL thats so funny and identical to the trailer. XD Awesome!!!

  • L1ri0 4zu1
    L1ri0 4zu1 4 months ago +2

    There were like, 50 spiders chasing him, but the zombie stole their kill

  • TheRedLoro
    TheRedLoro 5 months ago +209

    I’ve always felt like the game is missing many features that make it feel more alive. Then they go and tease us with these trailers. You have torches with dynamic lighting, shaders, better mob behavior/AI and all that. Some of the terrain generation in the trailers never happens in the actually game. I know that this is just a cinematic to show case the game but it really brings to light what sorts of things that could make the game way more immersive.

    • GT Gaming Virus (UGW)
      GT Gaming Virus (UGW) 4 months ago

      @Toy Bonnie o

    • Toy Bonnie
      Toy Bonnie 4 months ago

      @GT Gaming Virus (UGW) yes we all know about shaders but you need almost a gamer pc to make them work right

    • IMaBOX
      IMaBOX 5 months ago +1

      @Ace Ambling soo it's lazy to update the nether and i guess they should delete the nether and focus only on the overworld? Don't want to start an argument but the nether needed to be updated at how plain it was and now its lazy that they updated it and not the overworld

    • ツGabiz
      ツGabiz 5 months ago +2

      They could at least add the lightning and shader effects to make the ambient more alive

    • Ace Ambling
      Ace Ambling 5 months ago +1

      @Kiwi Lim ahh so they're only in the nether, and thats a pretty lazy/limited implementation.

  • Jake Whiston
    Jake Whiston 4 months ago

    With optifine it's pretty close

  • Hideaki Fukisawa
    Hideaki Fukisawa 3 months ago

    Some possiblity that might be true, we're hoping that trailer bring it on the game as real

  • Rosa Hanalia
    Rosa Hanalia 3 months ago +1

    Me encanta más los trailers

  • Joshua Asis
    Joshua Asis Month ago

    Nice animation i like it❤

  • Fastertrack
    Fastertrack 5 months ago +235

    Imagine if this was built in. Visual options that can be activated based on your hardware and wants. Advanced graphics options:
    -Dynamic lighting (torch) ☑️
    -dynamic plants (wavering grass etc) ☑️
    -shaders ☑️
    -reflections on water ☑️

    • Gabriel1234
      Gabriel1234 5 months ago

      look like options to set your pc on fire

    • tr1987
      tr1987 5 months ago

      @Benedek Sz as I said, I installed it.

    • Benedek Sz
      Benedek Sz 5 months ago

      @tr1987 don’t tell me you can’t dowload and install a single .jar file even with a million tutorials? And shaders are literally drag and drop.

    • tr1987
      tr1987 5 months ago

      @xGood I have both versions and play both versions, I have rtx on in bedrock but haven't gotten it onto java but I have installed optifine just last night so I'm good now.

    • xGood
      xGood 5 months ago

      @tr1987 only java version, im guessing that you are playing on bedrock

  • Carlos Jorge
    Carlos Jorge 2 months ago

    That's right, I loved the video lol 🤣

  • Op(Gaming)TheMagicalGuy Guru (Free Sonic)Minecraft

    Trailer looks cooler than reality

  • Toomas Krainev
    Toomas Krainev 3 months ago

    IDK why but this moment right here made me laugh I was expecting a look yeah but not an instant punch 0:37

  • Sagarika Mohanty
    Sagarika Mohanty 3 months ago

    That real feel you can get with shadders