How to Repair Broken Crankshaft || Rebuilding a Wrecked Crankshaft || Welding a Broken Crankshaft

  • Published on Dec 22, 2021
  • How to Repair Broken Crankshaft || Rebuilding a Wrecked Crankshaft ​|| Welding a Broken Crankshaft
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  • Anthony Lim
    Anthony Lim Month ago +33

    Absolutely amazing. True artists indeed. Making whole new crank shafts with a machine is one thing but to repair them by hand using basic tools is another. God level.

    • Timothy Geiger
      Timothy Geiger Day ago

      @Ken Albertsen you have alot to learn about God. Maybe start with trying to be honest

    • Anthony Lim
      Anthony Lim 6 days ago +1

      @michael wielenga most crankshafts are CASTED then machined.

    • Satit Jaipenyai
      Satit Jaipenyai 22 days ago


    • Satit Jaipenyai
      Satit Jaipenyai 22 days ago


    • Waqas Zahoor
      Waqas Zahoor Month ago

      @Ken Albertsen I thought he was busy not existing.

  • Юрий Солоневич
    Юрий Солоневич 4 months ago +155

    Молодец мастер. Коренную шейку варит ручным аппаратом не беспокоясь о цементации. Сколько же такой вал проходит? Судя по их количеству на полу, без работы не сидит! Ударник!

    • FF
      FF Day ago

      русскоязычники любят цементацию почему-то. откуда это? теория ДВС? так-то подшипник на масле, прямого контакта металл-металл не должно быть.

    • леонид каюков
      леонид каюков 10 days ago +1

      Да они бомбу атомную создали а это для них так разминка

    • Юрий Юшков
      Юрий Юшков 11 days ago

      @Otabek Farxodov Чем вызван восторг англичан?

    • Юрий Юшков
      Юрий Юшков 11 days ago

      Цементация это очень долго

    • Тарас Мельник
      Тарас Мельник 16 days ago

      Без шуток он проходит кое какое время, вопрос в другом на сколько он остался ровным...

  • Robson de Oliveira
    Robson de Oliveira 3 months ago +17

    This guy is the Fred Mercury of welding, machining, turning and more! One of the exceptional works I've seen so far on TheXvid. Congratulations!

  • Joshua Cohn
    Joshua Cohn 4 months ago +116

    I am a mechanic here in America and I enjoy watching all you gentlemen working together as a team.All of you are amazing!

    • Timothy Geiger
      Timothy Geiger Day ago

      It's not a new concept. I don't know where you came from, but we've been doing exactly that for the last 200+ years.

    • Джиксер Джиксерович
      Джиксер Джиксерович 21 day ago

      @Александр Костин ни кто, вам там это не нужно, дешевле в Россию битый или неисправный автомобиль продать, чем ремонтировать

    • Joshua Cohn
      Joshua Cohn Month ago

      @Александр Костин yes

    • Александр Костин
      Александр Костин Month ago

      Do you think someone in America can work like this?

  • Terrance Adrian
    Terrance Adrian 3 months ago +19

    All that calibration done by eye with such minute measurements is impressive. I don't know how confident I would feel installing that crankshaft into an engine I intended to use though with regard to the tolerances and stresses etc. Lol.
    The part at the end (44:00) watching his hand acting like the piston made me LOL!!!

    • -Yara-
      -Yara- 25 days ago

      😎 fuera de broma hasta funciona y no problemas hasta despues de mucho tiempo.

  • Martin Usher
    Martin Usher 3 months ago +4

    I am in awe of this guy. His "health and safety" is a bit behind modern practice (wristwatch, ring, no eye protection) but the skill level is something I haven't seen for decades.

  • Randy Powell
    Randy Powell 2 months ago +7

    Very talented. I am truly amazed with other counties in how they do things without the high tech assistance. Keep up the great work guys.

  • Panuccioangel47 Panuccio

    Increíble trabajo mucha dedicación de parte de el tornero muy autosuficiente realmente digno de admiración 👏

  • Steve VanValkenburg
    Steve VanValkenburg 4 months ago +77

    I've seen a lot of engine machining in my time, but this guy is a SKILLED man!

  • Vee Em
    Vee Em 3 months ago +8

    Amazing job, these guys have skill at the tip of their fingers, keep up the good work all the best to you guys

  • Ron Buckner
    Ron Buckner 3 months ago +11

    Phenomenal work! I have to admit I would not have expected such work from your shop.

  • Yves ROYER
    Yves ROYER 3 months ago +5

    Remarquable ! Un incroyable savoir-faire est bien là avec des moyens " à l'ancienne " , cet homme à des mains et une expérience en or massif ! Bravo !

  • George Colón
    George Colón 2 months ago +4

    Awesome job ,, Determination and work ,, This guy is an ARTIST rebuilding those parts .. I am sure most people agree with that, Thanks for the upload , I really enjoy it ans also learn from it ...

  • Joyce Thomas
    Joyce Thomas 4 months ago +202

    Being a retired machinist after 46 years in the US, …. I was very impressed. I have never seen this done before ! Great work !!

    • CID 2019
      CID 2019 24 days ago

      Machinist? Where are you work? If impressed this fooliest work and workers?))) 47years?)))

    • 1911leslie
      1911leslie Month ago

      @jlbueno0611 why even bother with such cruse work!

    • Maurice Boykin
      Maurice Boykin 2 months ago

      How to build a hand grenade 101

    • Motor Swap Dan
      Motor Swap Dan 3 months ago +2

      Fellas, I think we're all coming at this from our north american perspective. Maybe their whole dang society knows to take it easy on the old go pedal when hoofin' the cyber Khyber cause your driveshaft might be an old chain link fence post

    • apes planet
      apes planet 3 months ago

      @HMC RedFed HE have toO MAKE 200 cranks HE DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT.

  • Kyle Langer
    Kyle Langer 3 months ago +4

    Wow! Absolutely incredible craftsmanship!! I'd run it without hesitation!

  • Ferramentas Caseiras
    Ferramentas Caseiras  3 months ago +11

    Aí solda, a solda ficou muito boa, nunca tinha visto uma solda tão boa assim, parabéns, ganhou mais um inscrito pro canal.

  • Sidney sotério
    Sidney sotério 4 months ago +17

    Incrível a habilidade de usinagem desse camarada. Parabéns meu amigo e continue perpetuando seus conhecimentos para que todos possam desfrutar de sua capacidade.

    • jmr 21
      jmr 21 4 months ago

      Betul betul. Jangan lupa mampir kakak

  • Adalberto Rezende
    Adalberto Rezende 3 months ago +23

    Excelente profissional. Experiente, capaz, preciso, rápido e caprichoso. Deu um show, usando máquinas e ferramentas antigas. Muito difícil encontrar um igual.

      ALL LIVES MATTER 3 months ago

      There’s no way to do this and get it within a tolerance it needs to be. This is a temporary fix at best

    ANDRZEJ ANDRZEJEWSKI 3 months ago +3

    Mistrz w swoim Fachu 👌👍😘

  • Márcio Vieira
    Márcio Vieira 4 months ago +8

    Este feito prova que nem mesmo aquilo que parece impossível aos nossos olhos vem um sábio na humilde de função nos ensinando como pode ser feito. Parabéns

  • Сергей Афонин
    Сергей Афонин 2 months ago +8

    Highly professional work, we had wheel sets restored in the locomotive depot, my respects to the master!

  • Lobo sem Estepe
    Lobo sem Estepe 3 months ago +2

    Excelente profissional, está de parabéns.
    Deu um aula de usinagem.

  • Col. David Crockett
    Col. David Crockett 4 months ago +108

    A real talented and experienced machinist, a pleasure to watch such skill.

  • CarlosGlatzos976
    CarlosGlatzos976 4 months ago +2

    Wow, I guess that crankshaft is good for another million km even if it is not welded through and through. Did not know this can be accomplished with stick welding at all. Great work, loved your video! Cheers!

  • chase prusia
    chase prusia 3 months ago +6

    Some of the best machining i have ever seen. Great work guys!

  • Jose Alberto Barbosa.
    Jose Alberto Barbosa. 4 months ago +9

    Trabalho incrível. Parabéns

  • Sal Parhar
    Sal Parhar 4 months ago +19

    Hidden Gem. What a weld and final product. Never thought this could be done. Mechanic of 60 years.

  • Andrew 222333
    Andrew 222333 5 months ago +122

    Really amazing I give these guys all the credit. They figured out a way to do just about anything I guess necessity is the mother of invention well done man

  • Dejair Capelani
    Dejair Capelani 4 months ago +4

    Bom trabalho e que paciência que você teve neste serviço parabéns

  • Dangar Marine
    Dangar Marine 4 months ago +41

    Love your work! :)

    • Buang Ali
      Buang Ali 2 months ago

      À à

    • Hafeez avf2
      Hafeez avf2 2 months ago

      Well done... excellence job, God bless build remarkable life to broken 💔 world in automotive life with your dedicated workskill .....
      I never seen such marvelous skills....
      My best to all of your team..

    • Safefy Point
      Safefy Point 2 months ago +1

  • Roberto Figueiredo
    Roberto Figueiredo 2 months ago +1

    Verdadeiros heróis da mecânica, congratulationes 🇧🇷👍👏 BRAZIL

  • Andrew Kotula
    Andrew Kotula 3 months ago +2

    i want this guy to do all my machining. That was awesome and amazing!

  • Dave Ticehurst
    Dave Ticehurst 4 months ago +326

    WOW, one of the best 47 minutes I have spent recently. What a Guy, did the whole job from start to Finish. Such a constant weld pattern, puts shame to a lot of Industrial welding that come out the factories these days. Well done, excellent job all round.

  • Wellington Ferreira
    Wellington Ferreira 4 months ago +22

    Parabéns, nunca vi algo tão belo quanto o trabalho que vocês executaram...

    • Freakz
      Freakz 2 months ago

      @Antonio Martin de Paula Rodrigues Martin diferente daqui no Brasil( e aqui já é caro pra caramba ) imagina lá na Índia, além deles eles não tem acesso a peças novas, se tiver deve ser algo absurdo, por isso recorrem a este tipo de serviço, nunca vai ser std, ou 100% confiável mas com certeza deve rodar bastante, esses serviços são feitos para este fim, se for pra ficar 100% só um novo mesmo e olhe lá

    • Antonio Martin de Paula Rodrigues Martin
      Antonio Martin de Paula Rodrigues Martin 3 months ago

      Pelo tamanho desse virabrequim, a julgar pelo esforço feito e ter quebrado o nível de exigência foi muito alto. Se você tiver condições me responda: qual o nível de confiabilidade de um repara numa peça desta?

  • stephen victor
    stephen victor 3 months ago +2

    I would never think it could be done had I not seen it. Truly remarkable!

  • Bernando Gamboa Poot

    Mis respetos hacia estos verdaderos artesanos, son de una habilidad eh ingenio muy nato en ellos, saludos y un gran reconocimiento a estos grandes maestros del torno. Desde Mérida yucatan, México.

  • jose carlos
    jose carlos 3 months ago +14

    That was truly amazing, skillful; and done without any "high tech" equipment. I specially like the way he lays down new steel with a simple stick welder!

    • Texmenistan
      Texmenistan 10 days ago

      ... this can be done, because the original crankshaft is made from Chinesium 🤔

    • Ib Abdi
      Ib Abdi 2 months ago +1

      @Nes' easy bro, let's forget that for a minute

    • Nes'
      Nes' 2 months ago +1

      Ukrainian sheep

  • Fi Jack
    Fi Jack 3 months ago +10

    A true master craftsman at work. Your attention to detail is amazing. Highly impressive!

  • joaquin ricardo montaner
    joaquin ricardo montaner 4 months ago +3

    Estos trabajadores son unos genios, no son solo unos cambia piezas, se conocen perfectamente las funciones de cada componente de un motor felicitaciones 👏👍los saludo desde Tucuman Argentina

  • Victor Bertola
    Victor Bertola 4 months ago +20

    Estaba preocupado por el orificio de lubricación, una ves en Argentina me repararon el de un Jeep y vino sin el, Excelente trabajo el que usted realiza

    • Panuccioangel47 Panuccio
      Panuccioangel47 Panuccio 26 days ago

      No te olvides Victor que acá en Argentina el 85% de los mecánicos son de terror ....solo los de vieja escuela te tiran la posta y te dejan las cosas como corresponde el resto son mecánicos de planeadores ja

  • Charlie Cain
    Charlie Cain 2 months ago +10

    Would love to see this guy in a modern machine shop ....after a year or so of learning how they work he would be capable of ANYTHING!

    • Jim Sperlakis
      Jim Sperlakis 2 months ago +1

      I liked how fast he lined up the short end in the 4-jaw chuck but when I saw him sand the journal, it brought back horrible memories. My toolmaker made a mistake sanding and lost his Entire Right Hand. The sandpaper bit-in and he couldn't let go. I don't mean mangled but ripped Off @ the wrist.
      He's getting Way Too Careless!

  • Carlos Eduardo bariani Oloco meu

    Muito bom
    Serviço bem feito

  • Calvin Jutila
    Calvin Jutila 4 months ago +8

    My high school machine shop instructor, Phil Meyers, taught us to tighten from all three of the drill chuck key points. Just like this guy did. Mr Meyers was a hell of a teacher.

  • ФЕЛ
    ФЕЛ 2 months ago +7

    Да спецы! На таком оборудовании просто высший пилотаж! ❗😀

    • Джиксер Джиксерович
      Джиксер Джиксерович 21 day ago

      Наши деды такой же дичью занимались во времена дефицита, редкостная х…я…

  • james daniels
    james daniels 3 months ago +5

    This man has done a fantastic job. Hopefully his great work holds up under a load inside an engine. You can tell he loves his job and is dedicated.

    • Sparks Flying
      Sparks Flying Month ago

      Seeing his work I wouldn't hesitate to take that crank down the quarter mile, my guess is the whole crank could explode but that journal wouldn't, very nice work

  • Jose Aprigio
    Jose Aprigio 3 months ago +3

    Excelente trabalho, parabéns servicio feito praticamente manual.

  • Patricio Gustavo Espín
    Patricio Gustavo Espín 4 months ago +3

    Excelente Trabajo Felicitaciones. Lo hizo con mucha habilidad y técnica eso es experiencia. Yo hice n trabajo parecido a este en n motor continental de tractor MF. Me duró veinte años bien trabajados y ahora lo tengo que reparar parece que se rompio vuelta pero ahora se lo uede tr

  • João C Netto
    João C Netto Month ago

    Parabéns, trabalho de artesão, não sabia que era possível soldar vira requisito, fez do jeito que imaginei. Parabéns. Brasil.

  • Jacques sur Gmail
    Jacques sur Gmail 3 months ago +1

    Bravo to this man !! Doing that every day, for hours !!! It's so physical !!

  • Jonha Alí
    Jonha Alí 3 months ago

    excelente trabajo amigo ! felicidades! me dejaste asombrado con tu habilidad

  • Spectrumguy
    Spectrumguy 2 months ago

    I love this...It teaches high end machinist to learn the basics well and yet in a very economical way...May I ask what welding rod is this please?

  • Edney Ribeiro
    Edney Ribeiro 4 months ago +1

    Esse é um talento sensacional parabéns

  • Maurus M
    Maurus M 3 months ago +1

    Excelente su trabajo, la experiencia,dedicacion y las rutinas de control de calidad son increíbles

  • Dantas
    Dantas 4 months ago

    Parabéns, bom trabalho!💪

  • Scot Deane
    Scot Deane 4 months ago

    Just INCREDIBLE. Amazing what can be done!!! Not sure, it may be a heavily sanctioned country and they have adapted. Machinist Skills are unbelievable!!

  • michael hayden
    michael hayden 4 months ago

    speechless ! amazing work by this craftsman.. You sir are truly are awsome ! great video, well done worth every min to watch this..

  • Hotrod A.
    Hotrod A. 3 months ago

    Pretty damn impressive. I bet if the crank were to break again it wouldn't be where the weld repair was. Only possible on a forged crank as this was looking at the parting line. Anyhow what is the percentage of cranks that fail after you guys repair them? Cool video

  • Samuel Coelho
    Samuel Coelho 4 months ago +2

    congratulations! You guys are real professionals, I've never seen anyone doing this service! here in Brazil, the tournaments are arrogant and arrogant and don't have 1/4 of your professionalism! if a crankshaft breaks, the rectifier sends it to the trash! Certain cars such as Fiat motor fire are condemned if it exceeds 0.50 m.M!

    • Roman Averin
      Roman Averin 2 months ago +1

      And rightly so, because the video shows cheating. The shaft must be hardened after any heat treatment. It does not matter what metal it is made of. It's probably cast iron.

  • Hossein Hesami
    Hossein Hesami 3 months ago

    That is an awesome job you are doing, you are the greatest crankshaft survivre man i have ever seen, thank you, thank you for making and sharing this video to others.

    • Ken Albertsen
      Ken Albertsen Month ago

      recycling at its zenith - polar opposite to here in Hawaii, where there are thousands of vehicles rotting away along the sides of roads - with nothing being recycled, not even rear view mirrors or light bulbs/fixtures. The USA is probably top of the list in terms of throw-away culture.

  • elgamo73
    elgamo73 3 months ago

    Far from the great work that these gentlemen do, what continues to impress me the most is that to date I have not seen a burnt sock!!

  • Tom James
    Tom James 3 months ago

    Amazing reconstruction. Probably not worth doing if the broken journal was at the flywheel end.

  • Stephen Brookes
    Stephen Brookes 4 months ago +101

    Clearly he has done this so many times it is second nature. I have never seen a crankshaft rebuilt this way. We used to rebuild two stroke cranks which were built up type, but these are pressed together. I would not have believed it financially viable to weld up a broken crank, but clearly where he comes from it is.
    Hats off to you Mr Engineer, you are a hand skills master.

    • Rafiullah Qallander
      Rafiullah Qallander 3 months ago

      Sometimes the old model crankshaft is not found easily and the second hand - AKA as the original Japanese spare part 😅- is a little expensive. Back in 2010, cutting, filling, grindering, and polishing a cracked/broken/teared crankshaft would cost around 100-150USD, but buying the second hand or new one would cost around 900-1000USD. Repairing crankshaft is not that much common (especially in Afghanistan where I was working), but I've seen tens of talented machinist/technicians that do far more complex works. These guys had started working when they were just -10 years old and had got tremendous experience. I myself started working in my family workshop when I was just 12years old and continued till my 20es.

    • ron black
      ron black 4 months ago +2

      this only works because the crank is forged steel. if it was cast iron it would never even weld like that.

    • Mellamojay
      Mellamojay 4 months ago

      @Stephen Brookes @The Renaissance man didn't assume anything... The guy is a machinist not an engineer. You act like that title is a bad thing. It is too bad that you don't understand the difference.

    • Stephen Brookes
      Stephen Brookes 4 months ago +2

      @Nathan Kisner I cringe, yet at the same time smile when I see Cairo mechanics stripping down a brake assembly, or repairing a half shaft in the middle of a main road. They literally repair the vehicle where it broke down. The other traffic whizzing past their ears. You have to take your hats off to them for ingenuity.

    • Stephen Brookes
      Stephen Brookes 4 months ago +3

      @lânchánđời nguyễn The point is actually quite interesting. We train to acquire the skills to do a particular task. The reason we do not attempt these types of repairs in England are simply due to economics. I have spent time, using my skills, to restore cars and motorcycles, but the finished item is seldom worth as much as the cost of restoration, if you include the cost of your time, moreso if you pay others to do the work. We do it for the pleasure.
      This guy is doing this for profit. The customers accept the limitations of the repair. Obviously the economics are completely different in that country.
      For me it was awesome to watch his work. I know how hard it is to do that machining and admire those skills. I learnt everything on old manual machines, and early plug board and numeric control machines. I went out of the business in the mid 80s and now would most likely need a few years of re-training to operate some of the machines now. We never forget the basics though. This was such a nostalgia trip for me.

  • Ralf Weidmann
    Ralf Weidmann 3 months ago

    wow wow wow, when I think about the timing (toothed belt or chain) then I have to say you are a MASTER in your field!

  • Nate Rockwell
    Nate Rockwell 3 months ago

    What a true hands on machinist! 🙌

  • Vee Em
    Vee Em 3 months ago

    These are born geniuses , I like the way he checks the trueness and with such speed and expertise
    You can never tell where the break was, excellent job
    As good as new

  • Vasili Vashchuk
    Vasili Vashchuk 4 months ago +15

    Очевидное невероятное, даже не верится что после сварки этот коленвал будет нормально выполнять свои функции. Специалист однако. Оbvious incredible.

    • ꧁Повелитель этой и ещё нескольких галактик꧂
      ꧁Повелитель этой и ещё нескольких галактик꧂ 3 months ago +2

      @alexhustle эта проволочка называется стрелочный индикатор

    • Константин Коннов
      Константин Коннов 3 months ago

      А как хотели это же Германия Каленвалы на Порш Майбах на все машины премиум.Беженцев сколько.

    • alexhustle
      alexhustle 3 months ago +2

      @Russell Crowe как это будет, он же проволочкой и кувалдой отцентрировал все :))

    • Alexandr Rivo
      Alexandr Rivo 3 months ago +1

      *_... мм-да ... я автомеханик, и эта работа рушит все представления и устои изготовления такой сложной и_* *_точной детали, как крэнкшафт ..._*
      *_... ну а с другой стороны - если это будет исправно работать, так и слава Б-гу ..._*

    • Татьяна Щипицина
      Татьяна Щипицина 3 months ago

      В Челнах тоже из двух одтн делают, бизнес не чего личного, разница только в том, у пакестанцам это единственная возможность выжить.

  • Milton Oliveira Fonseca
    Milton Oliveira Fonseca 4 months ago +29

    Absolutamente espetacular ; parabéns , você é o cara .

  • henry Guyonnet
    henry Guyonnet 3 months ago

    Très belle réalisation, excellent ouvrier qui a beaucoup de mérite. Bravo notation 20/20.

  • Tchegue Miranda
    Tchegue Miranda 4 months ago +1

    Ótimo serviço,

  • ecraun
    ecraun 2 months ago

    29:30 La proteccion para no abrasarse el pie derecho es acojonante. Y los epi´s en general. pero el trabajo en si es excepcional para los medios disponibles. Felicidades

  • Farid El Ibrahimi
    Farid El Ibrahimi 2 months ago

    I never knew that somebody could repair one untill i saw it with my eyes.
    Great work, with a few and "bad" equipement.
    What if you had the latest equipements?
    Amazing !!

  • fies diesel
    fies diesel 4 months ago

    Awesome work
    Just one word, respect 💪

  • ZoonCrypticon
    ZoonCrypticon 4 months ago

    Great work you have done there! How would you have repaired one of the off-centric connectors of the crankshaft, if it would have been broken ?

    • John Spencer
      John Spencer Month ago

      You have to hold the crankshaft off center and do pretty much the same thing lol

    • John Spencer
      John Spencer Month ago

      @Buck Murdock Eccentric fixturing lol

    • Buck Murdock
      Buck Murdock 4 months ago

      that would go in the scrap pile

  • sidney pires
    sidney pires 4 months ago

    Parabéns pelo seu serviço

  • Marvin Terry
    Marvin Terry 4 months ago +4

    It's good to see the art of repair and don't throw away is still alive. We in the states have lost that talent.

    • Ken Albertsen
      Ken Albertsen Month ago +1

      You're right. The average chain saw user, .....if his chain dulls out, he'll toss it and buy another. Throw-away society.

  • Ronald Khoo Kah Hock
    Ronald Khoo Kah Hock 4 months ago +38

    Fascinating! Regardless of whatever "best practices" are and or if it will last , its amazing that this could be attempted at all, and with such precision with manual tools and his god given 5 senses (mostly his eye and hands). I was brought here by youtube's algorithm, and been binge watching various other craftspeople/machinist/fabricator/engineers or what ever you may choose to refer to them. It would appear to me that not one shop will fix all...I think you have places that specializes in various disciplines like in this case he obviously a master of repairing cams and other may say be for axles, engine blocks etc. The guy may not have a degree in engineering (I assume) but my goodness amongst the lot Ive seen so far, this one seems to be one of the best, and you get a sense of confidence in his work. Of course there are the opposites as well, just got reminded of outliers as with life in general..... Really inspires me to not take things for granted and consider what can be done if you put your mind to it......

  • David Domingo
    David Domingo 3 months ago

    How did he find the angle of broken piece, and how did he manage to balance that stuff ?
    Amazing !

  • Wanderlei ferreira Sousa

    Parabéns 👏👏👏. muito bôm mesmo !

  • Cesar Antonio Moreno Sanchez

    La magia del arte en la mecánica industrial ,me da pura emoción viendo trabajar a estos magos del arte

  • Vollkrassmann
    Vollkrassmann 3 months ago

    This complex mechanic action deserves respect for a skilled guy. I am really impressed.

  • Wellington Vasconcelos
    Wellington Vasconcelos 2 months ago

    PARABÉNS ! Grande profissional.
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