iPhone data recovery from dead logic board

  • Published on Sep 23, 2016
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  • Louis Rossmann
    Louis Rossmann  2 years ago +5

    Thank you to everyone who made a purchase on eBay via our affiliate link at rossmanngroup.com/ebay for helping support this type of content. Your viewership is appreciated and as always, I hope you learned something!

  • Raa Aaaa
    Raa Aaaa 27 days ago

    Anyone knows where this Jason guy ended up?

  • Raa Aaaa
    Raa Aaaa 27 days ago

    I understood nothing but the Jason boy was very cute in 2016

  • hardergamer
    hardergamer 2 months ago

    I really hope Jason is still alive...

  • Brian Stark
    Brian Stark 3 months ago

    Can you guys recover data from a logic board out of an iPhone 5?

  • Perry Froze
    Perry Froze Year ago

    Can you do a data recover on an iPhone 4 without me having a iTunes backup? how much is cost?

  • Nullll1111
    Nullll1111 Year ago


  • Aravinda Kris
    Aravinda Kris Year ago

    Is it possible to use a logic board from another phone and still recover data???

  • just Random
    just Random Year ago

    You know, you could use one a siglent / rigol 6.5 digit bench multimeter and measure the resistances at different points. The multimeters are precise enough to detect different resistances depending on how far off the short is. Pretty neat to home in on shorts on big boards...

  • Jazmína Beliszová

    i need u

  • Sheila Smith
    Sheila Smith Year ago

    bring back Jason

  • Yilia Yang
    Yilia Yang Year ago

    Maybe it will be much better to draw support from Apple store for non-skilled users. Or, if there is iTunes/iCloud backup for iPhone data files, we can go to extract what we need and recover to our computer by means of a dedicated iPhone data recovery, like this goo.gl/nu7nXi It can help you recover more than 20+ kinds of data, support diverse iOS devices, convert HEIC to JPG, work well with the latest iOS version, selectively choose whatever you need, preview data before recovery, etc.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Year ago

    Do you go through peoples personal data when you recover them

  • Jeferson de oliveira yue

    How can i get in touch?
    I wanna swap a watered iphone to a ok one... i know its wrong but im helping a friend... pls its for the good lol

  • shahzad buTt
    shahzad buTt Year ago

    Hai i lost all my data on iphone 6 while i restore my phone and almost i lost all my 2400 pic
    data and i want to get my data back. so kindly please help me in getting my data back. Is that possible to get my data without Icloud or Itunes backup.

  • Anton Quintus
    Anton Quintus Year ago

    Pertaining to that contract....first of all, don't agree to anything, even by email or in a conversation, much less signing a contract, before consulting a qualified and experienced entertainment specialist lawyer. Second, owning and controlling content is where the money is made. Don't give up any rights. A typical entertainment industry publishing deal is 50/50 artist/ publisher. I know it's a pain in the ass, but forming your own publishing company will allow you to 💯 profit from your intellectual property. Your publisher liscenses your content to their publisher. Look up how the Beatles did it. There is a reason John and Paul got paid waaay more than George and Ringo.

  • INeedAttention exe

    Do you always use the ground on the battery terminal and if so why?

  • gerald liguori jr

    cleanest room ever =) lol

  • James Laidler
    James Laidler Year ago

    Jason's cute.

  • Hannah smith
    Hannah smith 2 years ago

    Hi I don't know how to send a private message so I thought if I write I comment here maybe you can help. I have searched high and low for someone to help me I had a iPhone 5c but I never knew about backing up my photos the phone got broken in literally a million pieces by my violent ex the day after I had my son and I lost all photos of my daughters childhood and my sons first few weeks . I kept all the pieces and refuse to give up hope that someone somewhere can help me even though the main board is shattered the chip is ok. I'd give a million pound if I had it to get the photos back but if I can send it to you maybe you could help I don't care how much it costs I do badly need those memories back please let me know if you can help! I didn't know how to send a private message

  • Déjà vu
    Déjà vu 2 years ago

    Do you offer logic board repair?

  • Anne Marie Menges
    Anne Marie Menges 2 years ago

    How much do you charge for that service?

  • Evil Diesel
    Evil Diesel 2 years ago

    Fuck Apple. Fuck Microsoft. These guys should be using Linux!!

  • Jack Khadka
    Jack Khadka 2 years ago

    Hello. How to fix " this iPhone could not be restored because the farmware file is not compatible" show itunes

  • Zoltán Kozma
    Zoltán Kozma 2 years ago

    Hm... that looks like an xps13. Just saying in advance that it is going to fry its mosfets so you'd better stock some of those before that happens :) Dell replaces the mainboard under warranty and full machine price afterwards... so yeah... lol Mine was just in warranty.

  • Briana Hooks
    Briana Hooks 2 years ago

    Can you guys recover data (more specifically photos) off a disabled iphone 6s? I know this seems slim to none but I just wanted to ask. thank you if you can get back to me!

  • Gino Pumadera
    Gino Pumadera 2 years ago

    Fantastic job Jason !!!!

  • LiteGaming
    LiteGaming 2 years ago

    Isn't there a tool where you can unsolder the memory and stick it in to copy?

  • Lily Silva
    Lily Silva 2 years ago


  • Blank Blanket
    Blank Blanket 2 years ago

    What laptop is that?

  • Kőrösi Botond
    Kőrösi Botond 2 years ago

    oh shit i was the 1000th person who clicked like, I feel special

  • Leo Etcheverry
    Leo Etcheverry 2 years ago

    Great team work ! continue !

  • Wayne Filkins
    Wayne Filkins 2 years ago

    I need your help desperately! I have an iphone 5c and it seems to power on but nothing shows on the screen. If I hook it to macbook it says i have to put the password in on the phone screen but nothing shows. How can I recover this? ALSO I was wondering how would someone go about wiring a little lcd screen to an iphone which doesn't belong to an iphone? 2nd question is very important I need to learn how to do this

  • John Song
    John Song 2 years ago


  • Myrkur
    Myrkur 2 years ago


  • Draco Xul
    Draco Xul 2 years ago

    Why do you not invest in a thermal imaging camera? You can find them for Android for about $199. You can also use air duster turned upside down as freeze spray to cool things and let them heat up again on camera.

  • Michael Silcox
    Michael Silcox 2 years ago

    love this channel! it's so real! id love to have this as a job! as a hobby it gets expensive for me.

  • angrydragonslayer
    angrydragonslayer 2 years ago


  • ZKH Prins Sven Olaf van CyberBunker-Kamphuis

    meetmiddelen.eu/flk-vt04-fluke-vt-04-thermische-infraroodcamera.html?gclid=CIv219e0otMCFRY8GwodZzkKHQ oh looksie. no using any finger or lips.

  • ZKH Prins Sven Olaf van CyberBunker-Kamphuis

    you're supposed to use a temperature sensitive camera...

  • Al Masadir
    Al Masadir 2 years ago

    hey he remove many component why he never put it to back is this ok if remove some component its work really

  • Mspark400 Smith
    Mspark400 Smith 2 years ago

    I'm sure a thermal cam would be a helpful luxury when doing the power injection. Luckily they are getting much cheaper and you can even build basic ones. Save you lips and balls for lovin', not testing hot electrical shit lol

  • Eduardo J
    Eduardo J 2 years ago

    3:40 upvote right there

  • تتت مرحبا
    تتت مرحبا 2 years ago


  • Jan
    Jan 2 years ago

    iphonce...FAN SPINS!!! :) i loved yours channel guys :D

  • Begue Patrick
    Begue Patrick 2 years ago

    hi i have a dead samsung grand 2 duo and would like to retrieve all data on it am from mauritius can i have an idea how much it will cost plz

  • Jenna Ali
    Jenna Ali 2 years ago

    is there any possible way you can bypass iPhone 7 plus passcode?? if you can or have any informations about it please email me at jafra_84_n at yahoo

  • RCDroid
    RCDroid 2 years ago

    Assemble an arduino with a temp sensor or even an infrared camera should work to my understanding! Either way this is still awesome just some recommendation

  • Martin Stolz
    Martin Stolz 2 years ago

    Hmmm... doesn't the chip at 17:54 look like it is damaged?

  • Pencil Design House
    Pencil Design House 2 years ago

    -> 22:30 get a FLIR and save your ballsack

  • Paula Peters
    Paula Peters 2 years ago

    what brand and model is the power supply used?

  • Krzysztof Bednarek
    Krzysztof Bednarek 2 years ago

    Tragedia .

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    friendship goals

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    Dear Louis I don't comment on TheXvid video very often, but your channel and video rocks and I had to . Even though you're A Jerk I feel you're such a nice guy from the inside!! Thanks for this awesome videos !! Best regards!!!!

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    Fascinating, thank you

  • Hucheng Guo
    Hucheng Guo 3 years ago

    so you just never put those caps back? It's decoupling caps but how much risk are we talking about here after removing this amount of caps?

  • Curtix Q
    Curtix Q 3 years ago

    @louis_rossmann I think I remember you once saying that Jason has a youtube channel also. If so, what is it?

  • dangerriff
    dangerriff 3 years ago +1

    So Louis ...the yellow bucket is for incase your young padawan fail? :P

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    nice video, thanks guys!

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    The set up is dope. Nice to see your minions kickass as well. But does that also mean we get to see twice the fuck ups? #sarcasm