• Published on Oct 7, 2017
  • Thunderstorms, security guards, stupidity in the subway, Tokyo tower & more =)
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  • midnight kuran
    midnight kuran 10 minutes ago

    Brennen is hotter than colby but colby is cuter

  • Seth Williams
    Seth Williams Day ago


  • Kenadi Stevens
    Kenadi Stevens 5 days ago

    The agony is it started pouring rain when I started watching this 😂

  • Harry's Beautiful Soul

    thats how it rains in tacoma washington. it sucks

  • sans
    sans 8 days ago

    Click bait 😡

  • boltsnroy
    boltsnroy 11 days ago


  • haylee
    haylee 13 days ago

    Ngl Brennan was kinda an asshole to that dude in the beginning
    Idk just me?
    Like he’s not an asshole he’s great I love him
    He seems like. A bit. Harassing. Idk

  • Juliana Bella
    Juliana Bella 13 days ago

    y'all I just noticed Brennen said he's gonna Naruto my ass I died lmao 😂 😆 🤣

  • Amber GSYGamer
    Amber GSYGamer 19 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Vilotes are blue
    I smell clickbait
    Like if you do

  • Kaitlyn Kitty kitty
    Kaitlyn Kitty kitty 22 days ago

    If that's rain come to friking Marysville in the summer this year it been raining no sun in summer

  • Sydney Theinert
    Sydney Theinert 23 days ago

    “what kinda car is that? is that a toyota corolla?”

  • Abi Pounders
    Abi Pounders 26 days ago

    Explores haunted places. Communicates with spirits.
    *lots of rain*
    “ this is where we die”

  • Mortal Unknown
    Mortal Unknown 28 days ago

    Please no train with these guys

  • Jenna Beranek
    Jenna Beranek 28 days ago

    10:38 the face of fear that Elton is gonna call you out that he has a better freaking camera than you so you hide ur camera so he can't see what model it is...

  • Haley Dakota
    Haley Dakota Month ago

    Can I be friends with you guys

  • itzel martinez
    itzel martinez Month ago

    Omg I was here few week after y’all and it was rain to and the Kassel was close too

  • anime girl
    anime girl Month ago

    When Colby was standing on the look window I was thinking alive Colby dead colby😂😂😂

  • BOLTxd
    BOLTxd Month ago

    My cousin went there last year

  • BOLTxd
    BOLTxd Month ago

    If u have not seen that much rain u need to come to new South Wales in Australia

  • Amelie Holland
    Amelie Holland Month ago +1

    Colby: throws umbrella under the rail

    Also Colby: ThAt WaSnT mY fAuLt

  • LeeLee TV
    LeeLee TV Month ago

    Actually in final destination it's the rat and the chocolate bar that derails the train ELTON! It's like my favourite horror movie series! ❤️❤️😂😂

  • ___Kay__ _
    ___Kay__ _ Month ago

    that rain is like weekly weather in every season expect summer where im from

  • Jenna Koberna
    Jenna Koberna Month ago

    Elton: let’s get through this shi- crap

    EMO AKBAR Month ago

    He's gonna Naruto my ass

    If he narutoed your ass your butt would be spirly from a rasengan

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    What the f*** are you doing you derail the train I don't know about that but you shouldn't because you're pretty lives in danger but if you didn't tell them you should be pretty upset it's that cost over $1000000 to fix the train

  • Artiq Prime
    Artiq Prime Month ago

    Shame guys😞

  • Gacha-Cookie ;-;
    Gacha-Cookie ;-; Month ago

    I freaking love Elton’s laugh, it’s hilarious!😂😭😂

  • ShadowWolf
    ShadowWolf Month ago

    this is why Americans are given a rude reputation

  • SgtBreadSt1ck
    SgtBreadSt1ck Month ago

    Yay fucking clickbait that little umbrella on the rail or not won’t do SHIT to the train.

  • Jesse Simoeling
    Jesse Simoeling Month ago +2

    If You aren't used to that much rain , then come to England you'll soon be used to it then that's to Brennan

  • Danni K
    Danni K Month ago

    6:17 how the fuck-

  • theo77Gra720
    theo77Gra720 Month ago +1


  • Emilia Cunningham
    Emilia Cunningham Month ago

    10:41 me after eating something bad

  • Mary Madison
    Mary Madison Month ago

    “I’ve never seen so much water in my life”
    Me : HA..You should come to England

  • Murphy's Law
    Murphy's Law Month ago

    Hey Elton, please try to visit the Philippines with Sam, COlby, and Corey with the rest of the gang :) I swear there are many beautiful landmarks here

  • crazy_people_like _me
    crazy_people_like _me 2 months ago +2

    I'm a huge fan, but y'all are showing exactly why foreigners hate Americans. 🤦

  • Amelia Hitchcock
    Amelia Hitchcock 2 months ago

    If you think that is rain then you need to come to New Zealand in the winter

  • That Dude
    That Dude 2 months ago

    I don’t get the over dramatic laughing and screaming. Like it’s funny and all, but not to that extent. Elton takes it too far

  • Trainboy4511 Productions Roblox and more

    Do they even know what derailed means?

  • Dave The Roblox Gamer Boy


  • KillerpekchouOwO *
    KillerpekchouOwO * 2 months ago

    You watch Norotow

  • Megan Hornbeck
    Megan Hornbeck 2 months ago


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago

    Colby can’t write Corolla on the side of his car anymore😢😂 4:53

  • pxyh.b
    pxyh.b 2 months ago

    I can’t explain how much anxiety I had when they were by the tracks-

  • SamandColby Clips
    SamandColby Clips 2 months ago +1


  • Meah Franke
    Meah Franke 2 months ago

    10:41 we found Colby a girl friend after Many
    many years

  • Ludwig Feliciano
    Ludwig Feliciano 2 months ago

    The 600 steps is like the beginning of the Appalachian trail in Spring Mt. Georgia.

  • Jenna Elisabeth
    Jenna Elisabeth 2 months ago +1

    Colbys at 7:14 is me on my period

  • Maya S
    Maya S 2 months ago +1

    elton: “don’t go and get it”
    also elton: “go get it”
    everyone else: “CLICKBAIT”

  • SharkyCartel Railway
    SharkyCartel Railway 3 months ago

    CLICK BATE that wouldn't have derailed a 100 ton locomotive and nothing happened

  • Gamer Monkey
    Gamer Monkey 3 months ago

    Elation is having the time of his life

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards 3 months ago

    I feel so sad for you😭😭😭😭😭

  • Luna Bourque
    Luna Bourque 3 months ago

    3:08 just got me!!!!
    *Laughing my ass off*
    Mom:What is goi- *Sees me on the floor laughing*

  • jasmin jane
    jasmin jane 3 months ago

    That rain is what happens every day of winter in Australia

  • tim sering
    tim sering 3 months ago

    these guys are obnoxious

  • Addy Sutherland
    Addy Sutherland 3 months ago +2

    (Sigh) oh Colby lol

  • Diane Green
    Diane Green 3 months ago

    how was the derailing the train?

  • Ruby K
    Ruby K 3 months ago

    Good job Colby 👏🏻

  • Actual Trash
    Actual Trash 3 months ago

    How did he derail it

  • 1GIG
    1GIG 3 months ago +1

    Lol so true 😂🤣