Chef Ramsay Completely Loses His Mind - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Mar 2, 2016
    During a disastrous dinner service at Barefoot Bob’s, Gordon takes a look at the state of the fridge, and cannot believe what he sees.
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  • Shark007
    Shark007 Day ago

    It's fOhKiNg ridiculous

  • Blake Ebor
    Blake Ebor 2 days ago +1

    1:43 who heard the voice crack

  • Lash
    Lash 3 days ago

    you know its finna go down when the video starts with "all no!"

  • Kaycee Whitham
    Kaycee Whitham 3 days ago


  • bikehunter82
    bikehunter82 3 days ago

    Oh yeah.... this is the episode where it is obvious that the owners wife is cheating on her husband so much, that everytime she breathes out, the room smells like dick.

  • david yalcin
    david yalcin 4 days ago


  • arlo stein
    arlo stein 4 days ago

    Gordon chill out clearly never been a student

  • Diesel Johnson
    Diesel Johnson 5 days ago

    That’s fucking gross, what’s new with most of these establishments the fucking disgusting makes you not wanna go out to eat

  • lovinmytunes05
    lovinmytunes05 5 days ago

    I would take all that food and dump it into the wilderness for animals

  • Mark Hodgson
    Mark Hodgson 5 days ago

    Fake set up show

  • Barry O 'Foo doo Tersh

    I got salmonella just watching this.

  • ShakeFan14
    ShakeFan14 6 days ago

    I like how the guy says “It was a pizza”. Not “It IS a pizza” but “It WAS a pizza”. So what the fuck is it now?

  • Arav 1992
    Arav 1992 7 days ago

    He already knew what "Come here for 2 seconds meant"

  • Dujhauni Official
    Dujhauni Official 7 days ago +1

    GR: You and you come here.
    *Boss music intensifies*

  • david day
    david day 7 days ago

    When you know your mom is about to yell at you for the 15th time to go clean your room.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 7 days ago

    Thank god Norway has such strict food inspectors. A single rat can shut down a restaurant. Someone posted a picture of a mouse at a local McDonalds and it was shut down for days, if I remember correctly.

  • Joben Urbano
    Joben Urbano 7 days ago +1

    it's fUCking rediculous

  • Thisizro
    Thisizro 7 days ago +1

    I surprise many of these restaurant aren’t shut down

  • Eleanor Noonan
    Eleanor Noonan 7 days ago

    This is why you gotta love Gordon Ramsey 😂😭

  • mira hanafi
    mira hanafi 8 days ago

    I got food poisoning just by watching these videos.

  • Markus Andrew
    Markus Andrew 8 days ago

    2:07 "It WAS a pizza".
    Now it's a salmonella frisbee.

  • SophiasJourney
    SophiasJourney 8 days ago

    "its FOCKing ridiculous"

  • Olli J
    Olli J 9 days ago

    Können froh sein nicht in Deutschland zu leben und zu arbeiten Xd

  • R E
    R E 9 days ago


  • Joey Wheeler
    Joey Wheeler 9 days ago


  • gachahunter
    gachahunter 10 days ago

    I know that ramsay is sometimes mean but he Speaks the truth

    • The Berg
      The Berg 9 days ago

      That’s all you need

  • Sisley Wessel
    Sisley Wessel 10 days ago

    This makes me scared to eat out

  • Ezio Auditore
    Ezio Auditore 11 days ago

    This has to be Staged

  • contrerados
    contrerados 12 days ago +5

    *I have a feeling the food inspectors are shoved somewhere inside that freezer.*

  • Matt Sugui
    Matt Sugui 12 days ago

    Already a fast food restaurant
    Is still shit wtf lmfao

  • Me Me
    Me Me 12 days ago

    Is it just me, or does the lady at 2:51 kind of look like Kimberly Anne Scott.

  • E m a :P b o o p
    E m a :P b o o p 12 days ago +5

    Just Imagine him being You're mother

    he would expect u to clean everything

  • Carlos Eduardo de Souza Mattos


  • disiskrazy d
    disiskrazy d 13 days ago

    With a Restaurant name BAREFOOT BOB, who wants to eat there?

  • Keandre Paris
    Keandre Paris 14 days ago

    Man if this restaurant was in canada. They would not pass the health inspection😂😂

  • David Shaughnessy
    David Shaughnessy 15 days ago

    If this shit was the last food on earth, I'd starve to death

  • bigbossignition
    bigbossignition 15 days ago

    The chef acting clueless...buddy you’re not very good at acting.

  • TwistedClown912
    TwistedClown912 15 days ago

    I wonder how much the cameraman suffers with the smells from the food that Gordon finds hidden away

  • Thomas Willshaw
    Thomas Willshaw 16 days ago

    Opens raw pork belly inside broccoli container 0:45

  • DMS01
    DMS01 16 days ago

    Just another day in the office

  • Shannon& Jason Kuether 03/17/09

    2 mins is pretty damn fast for some fried chicken tenders🤦. In a fryer it takes at least four and a half mins to cook the tenders so these poor people are getting uncooked tenders🤦🤦. Tenders are the easiest fucking thing to fry.

  • Nick Allen
    Nick Allen 17 days ago

    Well now I know how my schools chicken most gets cooked so fast. It's already cooked. The more you know

  • C Peterseb
    C Peterseb 17 days ago

    Chef Ramsay ya gotta love this guy, he doesn't hold anything back. He is right , you want to run a business , you have to do it right and run a tight ship so to speak.

  • C Peterseb
    C Peterseb 17 days ago

    Chef Ramsay ya gotta love this guy, he doesn't hold anything back. He is right , you want to run a business , you have to do it right and run a tight ship so to speak.

  • kylo Kiwi
    kylo Kiwi 17 days ago +3

    When British people look at American food

  • Massimo Ricciardi
    Massimo Ricciardi 18 days ago

    Ramsey has every right to be pissed if it's bad he has every right to have your shit shut down.

  • Massimo Ricciardi
    Massimo Ricciardi 18 days ago

    Come on people clean your fucking shit we eat that stuff you could kill someone.

  • Alex Kwok
    Alex Kwok 19 days ago

    And for our next meal we have a burnt pan cause we are too lazy to clean it

  • Dennis Ulloa
    Dennis Ulloa 20 days ago

    Gordan goes touching all that dirty stuff with no gloves or anything. Hats off to him. That stuff is nasty.

  • Fanjar Wijaksono
    Fanjar Wijaksono 20 days ago

    You know you've watched too many episodes of Gordon inspecting kitchens when you are insecure eating in some restaurants.

  • Kailer Canlas
    Kailer Canlas 21 day ago

    How does Gordon touch all that?

  • Brandon Paci
    Brandon Paci 22 days ago

    As being a chef. This is just absolutely appalling.

  • Rodia Shema
    Rodia Shema 22 days ago

    God when he gets angry he turns me on I have issues

    • John Doe
      John Doe 22 days ago

      Rodia Shema weirdo

  • samara-art-and-music
    samara-art-and-music 24 days ago

    I don't get how in every fridge in every restaurant on kitchen nightmares, there's mountains (MOUNTAINS!!!!) of raw meat that is days or even weeks old. why do they bulk-buy so much in the first place? and what a waste if it gets thrown away because nobody orders it. what a shame....

  • Sally Wells
    Sally Wells 24 days ago

    Hasn't Chef Ramsay already lost his mind 50 times already?

  • The pelicanbeaver
    The pelicanbeaver 24 days ago +1

    Gordon in this episode: YOU'VE OFFICIALLY MADE ME LOSE MY MARBLES.

  • Edwin First
    Edwin First 26 days ago

    first and most important thing my mom taught me about cooking, isnt about taste, nor how to cut, but cleanliness

  • Tia Jelinski
    Tia Jelinski 26 days ago +1

    Now in the freezer that’s soo gross eeew the coked wings just eww 🤮

  • TiffyGames
    TiffyGames 27 days ago +1

    What is up with people putting raw food next to cooked food? 😂😂 everyone on this show were dumbasses

  • Uri Wright
    Uri Wright 27 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey is successful because of this attitude. You have to be very self aware and disciplined if your gonna get anywhere in life