Chef Ramsay Completely Loses His Mind - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Mar 2, 2016
    During a disastrous dinner service at Barefoot Bob’s, Gordon takes a look at the state of the fridge, and cannot believe what he sees.
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  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 20 minutes ago

    This has to be a set up, NO ONE has a kitchen that bad, do they?

  • Shyamkumar Khangembam

    Gordon Ramsay: I will kill you and your family
    Random chef: Yes chef thank you chef

  • Misty
    Misty 2 days ago

    Doesn’t he always do that?

  • Sister Namjoon
    Sister Namjoon 2 days ago

    I want Gordon to try school lunch and prison food

  • BeBallin Boi
    BeBallin Boi 2 days ago

    You know your in for a treat when the title says he lost his mind.

  • Kaleb Luper
    Kaleb Luper 4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey: comes to house
    Also Gordon Ramsey: inspects freezer, and finds ice
    Me: oh shit
    Gordon Ramsey: its fucking frozen!

  • nou
    nou 4 days ago

    Uh I'm dumb so no bully but..... how does the wings being next to the pork affect the wings and "kill everyone"

    • nou
      nou 4 days ago

      @linwinweb V2 oh that makes sense

    • linwinweb V2
      linwinweb V2 4 days ago

      Cross contamination, it can cause salmonella and in extreme cases, death.

  • Justice Carter
    Justice Carter 5 days ago

    He's been lost his mind sense he came out the VAjayjay🤣🤣😂😂😅😅

  • Tiny Tina
    Tiny Tina 5 days ago

    Its the same everytime...bulk food in storage for ages
    Makes me second guess going to restraunts the more I watch these videos

  • XDee KarL
    XDee KarL 6 days ago

    I Like Kitchen Nightmares Because Gordon Is Roasting The Sh!t Out Of People
    (And Also Because Of The Juicy Comments)

  • MobileDecay
    MobileDecay 6 days ago +2

    I love how they always seem so surprised meanwhile they work there everyday.

  • Inocentz
    Inocentz 6 days ago

    I get why he's pissed because I would be to but why does he seem extra pissed in this one? He has seen way worse.

  • AyeItsTre
    AyeItsTre 7 days ago

    This shit make me not wanna eat out🤮🤮
    Edit- Corrections because I cant spell🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Sizifus
    Sizifus 7 days ago

    Place is a god damn mess, but at least the guy took Gordon's rage like a champ, didn't try to bullshit him like some owners, chefs did.

  • It's Candy Time Boys and Girls

    Well... at least that chef isn't in total denial or getting crazy like shitfuck.
    He's actually taking it pretty well. Or maybe he'll kill his wife when he gets home later.

  • NinjaaBrian2 21
    NinjaaBrian2 21 8 days ago

    Thats actually fucking disguting man

  • Jean
    Jean 8 days ago

    Street food shack in thailand is cleaner than this mess

  • zahrans
    zahrans 8 days ago

    Nino would have cleaned that kitchen!

  • GANTZ100pts
    GANTZ100pts 8 days ago

    How is that restaurant still open with so many health violations just in the refrigerator alone? The head chef at my previous job would have a heart attack if he saw the walk-in in that condition.

  • Diddle n Fiddle
    Diddle n Fiddle 9 days ago

    As someone who's in this trade, cross contamination is more than raw and cooked meat. It goes for anything that can cause an allergic reaction, nuts for example. So if you ordered a chicken that's been stored badly, you could get an illergic reaction from a cross contaminate.

  • Hitchdude
    Hitchdude 9 days ago

    Shocked Pikachu face

  • Jake Doc
    Jake Doc 10 days ago

    did he say "thats a hider" when Gordon found that tuna lol

  • Kenneth Desmond Mosley
    Kenneth Desmond Mosley 10 days ago +1

    Not to mention the potential million dollar restaurant closing lawsuit

    JAMES JONES 10 days ago

    What a shithole!! Local health dept needs to be shut the fuck down everyone fired and rebuilt for allowing that!

  • Andrew Velonis
    Andrew Velonis 12 days ago +1

    When Ramsay goes into your walk-in fridge, comes out, interrupts what you are doing and tells you "come here" it's then you know you are in big trouble.

  • シ Chocolatez シ
    シ Chocolatez シ 12 days ago +1

    *Mind* : Imma just pop out of here...

  • Ironballs Mcginty
    Ironballs Mcginty 13 days ago +1

    From now on when I go out to eat I want a peak in the kitchen. If I can't them I'm gone.

    • MobileDecay
      MobileDecay 6 days ago

      If you do and find something wrong you should start screaming"Omfg!!! Wtf is this?!!! Do you serve this shit to the guests? Come on man how long has this shit been in here? And was that a fuckin rat I just saw run through my legs?!!! 😮😮😮😮 Bliody hell!!! 🤦‍♂️"

  • gloria hodge
    gloria hodge 13 days ago

    “Fuck me” 🥺

  • Thomas Bustamante
    Thomas Bustamante 13 days ago

    Gordon goes in kitchen, tons of rats run out like ratioulli

  • David Tran
    David Tran 14 days ago

    I cannot believe there are SO MANY episodes in KN with restaurants storing cold food next to hot food. Ultimate facepalming right there.

  • Pasha Staravoitau
    Pasha Staravoitau 14 days ago +1

    I don't understand how it could physically get this bad.

  • Ralph The Wonder Llama

    Are there no Health Departments in Any of the municipalities where these filthy restaurants are located? Just one visit would have any of these places immediately shut down. And most of these owners clearly have no clue on how to operate a restaurant.

  • DelayingTopCrew
    DelayingTopCrew 15 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay: *Tastes water*
    Also Ramsay: So dry

  • *Only True Vanoss* *Fan Knows*


  • Big Paulie
    Big Paulie 18 days ago

    Ramsey is a total twat. But I give him credit he knows what he is doing

  • Chuck Dodge
    Chuck Dodge 18 days ago

    I love mr Gordon Ramsay the man is one giant fuckin nut sack doesn't give a fuck tells it how it is ......

  • ZeroChill 215
    ZeroChill 215 18 days ago +3


    Now I feel like I need to clean it again today 🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂😂🤣

  • Rick G.
    Rick G. 20 days ago +1

    Watch enough of these and you'll stop eating at restaurants.

  • maggs131
    maggs131 20 days ago

    Its actually frightening watching this. Gordon Ramsay is opening a lot of eyes to the short cuts and disgusting conditions our food is coming from. Its not just these mom and pop places either. I wish i was a flower and i got my nutrition from the sun and dirt

  • Arran Jorgensen
    Arran Jorgensen 21 day ago +1

    You don't need to be a food technologist to know that cooked-meat and raw-meat NEVER go on the same shelf!

  • Matheus Lima
    Matheus Lima 22 days ago

    I love when Ramsay goes into the fridges and the lazy owners/chefs act in front of the camera like they give a shit while keeping in mind that literally everybody knows they knew that shit was going on. Srsly, I can't believe it, Chef Ramsay is a very patient man.

  • Izsy Grace
    Izsy Grace 22 days ago

    This is actually vile

  • 4DhumanInstrumentality


  • snoopydog 98
    snoopydog 98 23 days ago +2

    Is anyone else really scared of going to restaurants after watching this?

  • El Curioso
    El Curioso 23 days ago

    1:10 Even the cameraman knew that was fucked up

  • blacklet
    blacklet 26 days ago +1

    Many people here diss McDonald's.....but actually it might be much cleaner than many of our local, small.......dirty businesses

  • Jill Alexander
    Jill Alexander 27 days ago

    They about to kill somebody 🤢

  • Dave Pawson
    Dave Pawson 27 days ago

    Im surprised the orchestra could continue to play with the yelling. It's amazing they can all fit in the kitchen.

  • Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell 27 days ago

    These people are incredibly stupid

  • Willz __
    Willz __ 27 days ago

    2 things, how is Ramsay even surprised any more? Then you got the same things as always, delusional owner asking for help, Gordon tells them the food is shit.. Owner - "No your wrong", and the kitchen is disgusting, every episode.
    Delusional white trash and slobs.

  • Son ston
    Son ston 27 days ago

    Sad to see how many chickens had to die just to be stuffed in to a disgusting fridge

  • Iron man
    Iron man 28 days ago +1

    Gordon: "what's this?"
    Guy: "it's a hider... tuna,no crust"
    Gordon: "and every day you come in wondering where the tuna was under that shelf yesterday, it was under there the day before, and guess what? Hasn't changed!"

  • Iron man
    Iron man 28 days ago

    Gordon: "What's this?"
    Guy: "Oh no, it's a hider... its tuna, no crust"
    Gordon: "Bullcrap! no one likes the tuna here..."
    Guy: "Yeah well I do!"

  • Ana Lopez
    Ana Lopez 29 days ago

    Yikes! I rather stick to homemade cooking. Fuck the restaurans

  • Døgž Łövęr
    Døgž Łövęr Month ago

    2:20 he sounds like Mumbo Jumbo

  • gayesper
    gayesper Month ago +1

    Chef Ramsay Completely Loses His Mind is THE most on-brand title this channel has

  • Dan Banks
    Dan Banks Month ago

    Lazy people.. that's the whole issue here...

  • Tash muthama
    Tash muthama Month ago

    I hate this guy(Ramsey) he thinks he is a saint instead show them how?

  • Master Of Kingdomz
    Master Of Kingdomz Month ago +1


    LOLBTLOLBT Month ago

    oh yea that is sweet sweet tv money

  • madmaxgaming Walker

    *Gordon loses his mind*
    Isin't that him most of the time?

  • Lens of Truth
    Lens of Truth Month ago +5

    I hate it how people are like “tHiS IS wHy I dOnT EAt oUT”
    Bruh, read the reviews and look at the health inspection review. Obviously, these restaurants have failed multiple times and have poor reviews. Anything less than 4 stars is questionable.

  • texxtrek
    texxtrek Month ago

    Who here doesn't think they deliberately make these kitchens as filthy as possible just so Gordon can point out disgusting they are on Day 1? Seriously now, if you knew that a film crew was going to start installing cameras in your kitchen, wouldn't you bother to throw out the buckets of rancid swill in your refrigerator or clean the grease pans on your grill before they showed up?

  • Rose camille
    Rose camille Month ago

    Umm waiter what's the special today.
    Waiter:Ummm yes the shit in the bucket. 💩

  • Joseph Oarson
    Joseph Oarson Month ago

    Maybe eating soup during this wasn't a good idea...

  • Skip63
    Skip63 Month ago

    I have no doubt Gordon's restaurant's are clean as fuck.

  • Shaun Donnelly
    Shaun Donnelly Month ago

    That was like getting into trouble in school and being sent to the headmasters office and when that happened you knew you'd fucked up 🤣

  • SugarHoney IceTea
    SugarHoney IceTea Month ago +1

    Ugh gross, this is why I clean my fridge out once a week. Raw meat and cooked meat SHOULD NOT be stored next to each other.

  • Jeffrey Chew
    Jeffrey Chew Month ago +1

    These chefs must have made nasty patties to get out of health inspection

  • Kavya KKM07
    Kavya KKM07 Month ago

    Plz come to India

  • Alex Weselinski
    Alex Weselinski Month ago

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  • ikhlas1010
    ikhlas1010 Month ago +2

    I swear to god every owner on KN has said the lines 'I didn't realize it was this bad' on some point of the show

  • boboss top shelf
    boboss top shelf Month ago

    Lol what a nasty place

  • maksim lukjan
    maksim lukjan Month ago

    Fake., but good entertainment Chef. Sposibo, cheers Gordon!

  • Amina M
    Amina M Month ago

    Can someone tell me this season and episode?
    Please and Thank You😆