Nightgowns (9/10/17) - Sasha Velour (So Emotional)

  • Published on Sep 19, 2017
  • Sasha Velour performs at her show "Nightgowns" at the NYU Skirball Center on September 10th, 2017 right after NYC Dragcon!
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  • Hasip Ha
    Hasip Ha 2 days ago

    simply the best !!!

  • Henrique
    Henrique 2 days ago

    She performs on another level, and people still have the NERVE to say she didn't deserve the crown.

  • Melissa Castillo
    Melissa Castillo 3 days ago

    This totally offends me on behalf of Whitney Huston ..... this is that thing again from comet pizza party video

  • Ann2knee
    Ann2knee 5 days ago

    When Candy Ferocity said Lip Syncing is the future she must have foreseen Sasha Velour Murdering the world’s Gay population with this lip sync

  • Clarence Davis III
    Clarence Davis III 6 days ago

    ⚠️SEIZURE WARNING ⚠️ Fast-forward at 1:52 to 1:58

  • Brian Heyl
    Brian Heyl 7 days ago

    Aja has left the chat...again

  • Daniel Maripan
    Daniel Maripan 8 days ago


  • Boy Creeps World
    Boy Creeps World 10 days ago

    Man in a dress

  • Ellie Lloyd
    Ellie Lloyd 10 days ago

    F#ck me
    *are you seeing this look*
    Work girl work 🌹🌹🌹

  • Michael Sayson
    Michael Sayson 12 days ago

    Iconic! Love you Queen Sasha ❤❤❤

  • Cesar Garcia
    Cesar Garcia 12 days ago

    Ok, Sasha just invented slayness, what a queen!!!!

  • Lucas Filice
    Lucas Filice 13 days ago

    This never fails to make me so happy

  • Esteban Garcia_Brouillard


  • arcangelkrlos
    arcangelkrlos 14 days ago

    I'm shooookeeeeth... Wasn't expecting the dress reveal 😱

  • David Dodero
    David Dodero 15 days ago

    She doesnt even move from her spot for almost two minutes and almost doesnt dance and she is still ICONIC

  • gatitamiaw
    gatitamiaw 17 days ago

    Sasha velour big icon of drag

  • Bruna Xavier
    Bruna Xavier 22 days ago


  • Jaypee Alvarez
    Jaypee Alvarez 26 days ago

    Fvckinq lipsync legend assassin 💕

  • tereza cristina maciel barros

    sasha,i love you

  • Un alien
    Un alien Month ago

    Sasha is such a great performer and artist, the dress reveal was AMAZING I wasn’t expecting that at all she really knows how to grab the audience’s attention I love her.

  • Elias Porter
    Elias Porter Month ago

    *slightly moves head
    *crowd screams

  • phirah79
    phirah79 2 months ago +1

    It's like a beautiful rose petal bukkake and I'm living for it.

  • Tracy Frederick
    Tracy Frederick 2 months ago

    Iconic. She's so amazing ❤❤❤

  • Troy Smith
    Troy Smith 2 months ago


  • Charly Ouhai
    Charly Ouhai 2 months ago

    one word AMAZING ! love it !

  • Moe
    Moe 3 months ago


  • Juan Pablo López
    Juan Pablo López 3 months ago

    Sasha is simply amazing. I got chills with every ruveal.

  • Maya Fey
    Maya Fey 3 months ago +1

    Sashs Velour la mejor que hermosa. 😘 😘

  • Marian Balderas
    Marian Balderas 3 months ago

    So iconic and legendary 💟

  • Josh Celmar
    Josh Celmar 3 months ago

    come on the princess

  • Xirusci 24
    Xirusci 24 3 months ago

    Brilliant performance from one brilliant mind!

  • 7Bambi19
    7Bambi19 3 months ago

    This performance still gives me chills! She did the Damn thang!

  • Molly Kraus
    Molly Kraus 3 months ago

    And this is why Sasha won

  • Victor Haskel
    Victor Haskel 3 months ago

    I deadass got hard.

  • Edson
    Edson 3 months ago

    L E G E N D

  • John S
    John S 4 months ago

    The only reason that she won !!! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Moosedraw
    Moosedraw 4 months ago

    The dress reveal instead of the wig was amazing.

  • Maissa Cueva
    Maissa Cueva 4 months ago

    She is living Art!! Everytime she performs you can see her artistic self and it's soooo Beautiful!¡!

  • Am I homophobic if I hate myself?

    The thing that makes her lipsincs so good is that on RPDR she never really lipsinced. She was either safe or in the top. But when we saw her lipsinc, she KILLED it.

  • mvcchina
    mvcchina 4 months ago

    I want both dresses

  • Asep Haekal
    Asep Haekal 4 months ago

    That’s how you do ruveal! Something that is unexpected! Love it love it love it!

  • Gabriel Almeida
    Gabriel Almeida 4 months ago

    can Shea someday dream about being an artist like her?! NOT YET

  • only lonely
    only lonely 4 months ago

    I cried a little not gonna lie

  • hurricane tortilla
    hurricane tortilla 4 months ago

    sasha will forever be a drag queen you should fear in competitions

  • Bryant Alvarez
    Bryant Alvarez 4 months ago

    my skull has been exposed and bleeding, my hair and scalp has been snatched!!!!!!

  • Llance Mallari
    Llance Mallari 4 months ago

    My fave Queen. And my crush when out of drag😁

  • c a
    c a 4 months ago

    Ill never understand why the basic white gays and basic allies live for her. She used basic ass props and moved two steps and people start screaming lmao
    So overrated.

    • Epitymbidia
      Epitymbidia 3 months ago

      Yes, because you know and can do so much better. I appreciate you.

  • Matthews Shantthyagho
    Matthews Shantthyagho 4 months ago


  • Someone Random
    Someone Random 4 months ago +1

    The Janitor is the only one who hates this performance

  • Marcus Rivera
    Marcus Rivera 4 months ago

    I actually loved the rose petal reveal in the finale and even here...
    I just cant stand those ugly faces she makes while performing this song. She is so beautiful and could take it a completely different way.
    Still amazing though, but could totally be a 12 out of 10

  • Abby
    Abby 4 months ago

    Absolute queen

  • Theuswk !
    Theuswk ! 4 months ago


  • E M
    E M 4 months ago

    What happened to Sasha? That bitch won and then disappeared.

  • Xplora Norte
    Xplora Norte 4 months ago

    Sasha Velour Is Art

  • Paola García
    Paola García 5 months ago +1

    Valentina es mi favorita, pero Sasha es una ganadora y excelente artista

  • Voltaire Hortizuela
    Voltaire Hortizuela 5 months ago

    You know you all came here for the wig reveal

  • Blak Owl Entertainment
    Blak Owl Entertainment 5 months ago

    Magnificent Performance.

  • Trassl3 Celick
    Trassl3 Celick 5 months ago

    when she did the twirly thing with her hand i thought some exorcist shit was about to go down, it looked like she broke it 5 times

  • Sand Man
    Sand Man 5 months ago

    I love you Ongina

  • phat oof
    phat oof 5 months ago


  • I am a Weeaboo/Koreaboo

    This is why she is my fucking favorite

  • Francisco Stagno Urtubia

    Desde Chile. Te adoramos!! Eres increíble Diosa. Nuestra admiración. Thank you for you talent, you are fantastic.

  • t r a g i c
    t r a g i c 6 months ago

    Sasha is the world record egg

  • Jordyn Bacon
    Jordyn Bacon 6 months ago


  • Ely Marks
    Ely Marks 6 months ago


  • Jm Alegro
    Jm Alegro 6 months ago

    i love her ❤️

  • Blythze Thundergeist
    Blythze Thundergeist 6 months ago

    Is this sasha velour?

  • Frnki S. Tyne
    Frnki S. Tyne 6 months ago


  • Othelo
    Othelo 6 months ago

    I love how when the track started and everyone started screaming bloody murder you can see Sasha's eyes light up. Like she had a whole moment of "YES THEY STILL LOVE ME!" and yes queen we do.

  • Ézio Lemos
    Ézio Lemos 6 months ago

    Olhei e disse, ARTISTA! 😍

  • Patty Hernandez
    Patty Hernandez 6 months ago

    My Queen

  • Patrick O
    Patrick O 6 months ago

    So she can do it once and then again even better? Cmon girl you’re slaying my life.

  • Dani_Is_Terrible 1
    Dani_Is_Terrible 1 7 months ago

    Sasha snatched her wig and my heart at the same time.

  • Althea Borbs
    Althea Borbs 7 months ago


  • Wilbur Esteban Tinjaca Torres

    ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹 I LOVE