Why This Room is the Most Dangerous Place in the World

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
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  • Derek Henschel
    Derek Henschel 13 hours ago

    The picture of the man was taken by a robot the man isn't there he is still alive it's beleived the radiation imprinted another picture onto the film of the elephants foot

  • jackson schmitt
    jackson schmitt 3 days ago

    How much money did wendover pay you to mention that toyota

  • Ben Mooney
    Ben Mooney 5 days ago

    This man really liked Toyota’s lol

  • Drey Warmheart
    Drey Warmheart 5 days ago


  • Mr. Chibiterasu
    Mr. Chibiterasu 5 days ago

    Despite all the crap we Westerners gave the Soviets, you can't front that those men are noble and brave for containing this thing despite knowing they would get sick or even die from the radiation exposure.

  • Logan Pham
    Logan Pham 8 days ago


  • Logan Pham
    Logan Pham 8 days ago

    The most dangerous room is

  • Fled From Nowhere
    Fled From Nowhere 8 days ago

    0:21 I see what you did there.

  • Jaded Joker
    Jaded Joker 8 days ago

    Narrator sounds like he's wearing a bucket on his head.

  • Lazarus
    Lazarus 9 days ago

    Isnt there a unique type of mold that grows around it

  • Ballantyne 78
    Ballantyne 78 10 days ago

    Or, you know, there's the bottom of the Mariana Trench (Challenger Deep). Not only will it be impossible for you to reach the surface in time to breathe, but the water pressure would be enough to crush you almost instantly

  • Lynn M
    Lynn M 11 days ago

    Uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh downtown Detroit

  • RatmenKamikadze
    RatmenKamikadze 11 days ago

    Two bullshit facts in your video: 1) the man in the photograph is known and he lived more than 10 years after the photo was taken; 2) the elephants foot is not hot, its corrosive thats why it is "melting" through the concrete floor.

  • MyrMerek
    MyrMerek 11 days ago

    The elephants foot is actually not as much radioactive as told, the dosimetrists team is has measured it several times and says it doesnt stand out in the environment. The photographer who took the photo is probably Alexander Kupnik, a dosimetrist and photographer who worked at Chernobyl NPP after the accident, and surprise-surprise, is still alive and well today, and even has his own TheXvid channel, where he uploads a bunch of detailed videos and interviews about the accident and what surrounds it.

  • allan Bell
    allan Bell 12 days ago


  • David Test
    David Test 12 days ago

    In philippines thers a island that active marine navy japanese soildiers that can kill you if you go

  • princessnahema
    princessnahema 12 days ago

    Do you mean hot as in hot like lava? Or do you mean hot as in just radioactive?

  • satun bas
    satun bas 14 days ago

    hi im RealLifeLore, and im about to watch A LOT of Vsauce.

  • Hancheng Yu
    Hancheng Yu 14 days ago +1

    Hold up im so confused... if it's the basement in Pripyat that's dangerous then what does that have to do with the Elephants foot???

    • MyrMerek
      MyrMerek 11 days ago

      Hi! As of today, the elephants foot has been extensively cleaned by special solutions and all of the radioactive particles have been swept away by the water which was poured massively into the reactor, and the radiation near it isnt above average in the building. Right after the accident, samples were taken from the elephants foot using a running scientist with a hammer (legend says they shoot it with a gun from a corner, and a guy rushed to collect samples) and analysis revealed that there wasnt much of nuclear fuel inside the elephants foot, but was rather mixed steel and concrete that melted because of heat. In Pripyat, however, there exists a basement inside the Hospital 126, where the clothing of the firefighters and doctors who were first responders to the accident was thrown; up to this day it wasnt washed or cleaned, so the radioactive particles of fast-decaying nuclear fuel which fell on their clothing as dust is still there; the radiation inside the small room 1.5 meters above ground in 2018 is around 20-70 R/h, and on the ground it is more than 100 R/h, which could actually be off-scale to even hard military-grade dosimeters; The deadly dose being 600R, you would have to spend atleast 6h inside, laying in the dirt to die. Despite the danger, illegal tourists regularly check on the room; you can find interesting videos and radiation checks by looking up МСЧ-126 which is the hospital name.

    • Sensei Skellig
      Sensei Skellig 12 days ago

      The elephant's foot is the object where all the radiation is coming from.

  • Nub
    Nub 14 days ago +2

    C'mon, the most dangerous room in the world is definitely my toilet

  • Bytah
    Bytah 15 days ago

    ur mums room

  • MyDogFulton
    MyDogFulton 15 days ago

    How on earth is it 100 tons?!?!

  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua Gonzalez 15 days ago +1

    this whole channel is just one big advertisement for Toyota

  • National Health Institute

    That intro. I felt that.

  • Crippler Agression
    Crippler Agression 16 days ago

    4'43 so to this day after 30+ years now so it's maybe about 3 hours enough to death???

  • Call Me Peanut
    Call Me Peanut 16 days ago

    Me chomping on a quesadilla thinking that this video was sponsored by mozzarella cheese and not Mozilla...

  • BloatedBlitz
    BloatedBlitz 17 days ago

    It’s only a short time before Toyota sponsors you

  • Adam Ahmed
    Adam Ahmed 17 days ago

    1:13 That's not reactor 4 that you're indicating, that's the New Safe Confinement arch under construction, prior to being slid over reactor 4 which is to the right of it.

  • qamar hanif
    qamar hanif 18 days ago

    mozzlia is firefox

  • M W
    M W 18 days ago

    The most dangerous places anywhere near Hillary Clinton I think the most people have died around that husband and wife then any political couple ever

  • YEETMAN 123
    YEETMAN 123 19 days ago

    I got an idea boys.

    We nuke it.

  • mastakush47
    mastakush47 20 days ago +1

    Artur Korneyev is the guy in the picture.

  • Jimmy Jay
    Jimmy Jay 21 day ago

    Well, who’s fault was that explosion 💥-russia of course, no doubt about it in my mind!!!

  • CoinGamer GD
    CoinGamer GD 21 day ago

    More radiating than that is my mum when its angry

  • Mila The Kelb. L*ba banju

    I asumed that it was the hospital basement in Chernobyl🤔🤔🤔

  • Daniel McGurk
    Daniel McGurk 23 days ago

    I kinda want to go there. Ya know look at it for no more than 5 mins, cause in 96, 5 mins would give you sickness. It will still be radioactive, but a lot less than then

  • Rainbow Shine Toy Reviews

    the core of earth obviously


    me in 202020: I wonder how that radioactive thing is doing?

  • ArmyOfOne
    ArmyOfOne 25 days ago +1

    3:57 Those two people (the worker and photographer) are actually still alive.

    • MyrMerek
      MyrMerek 11 days ago

      The photographer actually has a youtube channel, if I guessed correctly and its Kupnik.

  • Dan G
    Dan G 25 days ago

    You must drive Toyotas as you do a lot of comparing of Toyota to things

  • DreamEmojiMusic
    DreamEmojiMusic 26 days ago

    The second dangerous place on earth iš The basment of The pripyats hospital where firefighters clothes are after The accident

  • phood
    phood 26 days ago +2

    1:13 the power plant is actually on the right side not that , that is the protectie layer that wasnt moved yet

  • XYZ sketch pro
    XYZ sketch pro 27 days ago

    Cherno byl + prip yat = blyat

  • Brandon Nguyen-lapointe
    Brandon Nguyen-lapointe 27 days ago +2

    Actually there are two other dangerous rooms like: the basement and the stairs with no lights.
    Thank you for your time

  • Gabriel Hughes
    Gabriel Hughes 29 days ago


  • Kane Fardon
    Kane Fardon Month ago

    What would happen if you touched the elephants foot

    • MyrMerek
      MyrMerek 11 days ago

      Nothing, its not that radioactive, nor ever was, it was calculated incorrectly.

  • Kafen8d
    Kafen8d Month ago

    300 seconds? Really? Just say 5 minutes.

  • ArisakaAkashi
    ArisakaAkashi Month ago

    Pause at 0:55 while the Pripyat screen comes down.

  • A Normal Person
    A Normal Person Month ago

    The Real Most Dangerous Place :
    The Lava Floor !

  • QQ Vids
    QQ Vids Month ago

    Me: *reads title*.....
    Me again:MY BROTHERS!!!

  • troll face
    troll face Month ago

    The people that went near the elephant's foot are long dead

  • The New Patticakes
    The New Patticakes Month ago +77

    No one:
    Mr: Beast: "Last one left standing on the elephant's foot gets to keep it"

  • Jonius7
    Jonius7 Month ago

    The picture of people standing right next to it was taken in 1996. Still horrifyingly dangerous though.

  • Qtaro Kujo'd
    Qtaro Kujo'd Month ago +1

    imma bout to suck that elephant's toes

  • Robs Gardening Chanel

    Let me guess the elephants foot

  • Xigua Li
    Xigua Li Month ago +1

    That would be a cool way to suicide!!!

  • Ka - boosh - ka
    Ka - boosh - ka Month ago

    *loads AK-47* Russian gun can damage foot. Capitalist gun too weak!

  • dreska
    dreska Month ago +1

    On the Wikipedia page of the elephant's foot it says that it's able to be damage by a Kalashnikov rifle, meaning that somebody actually thought of and _did_ shoot the thing

  • Blueis Notgreen
    Blueis Notgreen Month ago

    a handy toyota? hell yeah! i have a 99 corolla i put a hitch on it and have pulled 1900 lbs from jacksonville to the mountains of the san bernadino forrest in california taking a rather zig zaggy path as ive been checking out the american southwest, altogether i have pulled 1900 lbs about 5000 miles and driven it another 25000 miles in just one year and havent had one major problem. and the only minor problems were both inside door handles breaking lol. this is likely due to the reduced need to exit the vehicle once you get in it.

  • Dovah 216
    Dovah 216 Month ago

    Basically if you want to experience Fallout irl go to Chernobyl