Spilling TEA on THE SIMS & EA... also starting a reality show lol

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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Comments • 139

  • O_o
    O_o 20 days ago

    Carmen?!?! You guys should make videos together

  • Haley Wolf
    Haley Wolf Month ago

    you should make a vlog channel !!!! we love mary

  • tiara robinson
    tiara robinson 2 months ago

    Won’t you go on twitch I feel like you would do good on there play gta v modded

  • Sammyy uwu
    Sammyy uwu 3 months ago

    Why tf is Carmen in the Thumbnail HAHA

  • Hoku Ganigan
    Hoku Ganigan 3 months ago

    I just watched the trailer for the new island expansion pack and I swear they got your sim driving the canoe! 😂🤣 You need to hit them with a copyright infringement

  • Keisha Star
    Keisha Star 3 months ago +2

    Mary it’s not that serious 😂 relax Pooh

  • jazzlyn jones
    jazzlyn jones 3 months ago

    Stream on twitch but yu won’t get those wrist slaps from TheXvid

  • Lalamuah
    Lalamuah 3 months ago

    Miss your vids. I gotta make time for a fav TheXvid vids.

  • KingZah 45
    KingZah 45 3 months ago

    call it the sunny sitcom

  • Tнe Princess Pink
    Tнe Princess Pink 3 months ago +1

    Huge huggggggggs to Mary! 💜

  • Corte Beal
    Corte Beal 3 months ago

    U deserve so much more. 💯 I really miss when TheXvid wasn’t for 5 year olds watching peppa pig

  • TaeToxic_Kpop B
    TaeToxic_Kpop B 3 months ago +1

    I remember watching you when I was like 11 😭😭😭

  • Ahnaleise Williams
    Ahnaleise Williams 3 months ago

    I saw my bicth Ms.King in the thumbnail and thought we was gona have to fight pooh

  • muser edits
    muser edits 3 months ago

    Is that Carman king?

  • Crystal Hickerson
    Crystal Hickerson 3 months ago

    Great!! Don't be afraid to be real! I think alit of your viewers want to hear/see how you and your girl is doing! Tell her that she is BEAUTIFUL and she is with you and don't even stress it. And The Sims? Man they are stupid they should be catering to kids man when the people who made the great are GROWN NOW!! F EA!! Love your dances, love your old school song choices and stay you!

  • zylan hunter
    zylan hunter 3 months ago

    Sonny Daniels you should play Second life bc I honestly think you would like it

  • Chime Daniel
    Chime Daniel 3 months ago

    Ayee!!! Sims or no Sims we still goin rock with you. We your day ones!!!!

  • Ashtun Chigbo
    Ashtun Chigbo 3 months ago

    I really think someone at TheXvid is hatin on u

  • Yasward Reacts
    Yasward Reacts 3 months ago

    Yo is the guys from ikea 😂🔥

    TRICCE W 4 months ago

    I been watching you for the longest . Much love ❤️

  • queenrit
    queenrit 4 months ago +1

    TheXvid doing too much. Let it be other people like Threadbanger and I love some threads.

    • queenrit
      queenrit 3 months ago +1

      I love your Channel.Thanks for liking my comment.

  • queenrit
    queenrit 4 months ago +1

    Yo mom is cool onions makes the world go round. That’s how you eat dip a sundae.

    • queenrit
      queenrit 3 months ago

      They gave this TheXvidr a hard time by the name of Raphael Gomes

  • Prod. DJ R1 Official
    Prod. DJ R1 Official 4 months ago +1

    4:19 was hilarious😂😂😂


    Dude actually TheXvid has so much negativity it’s ridiculous! 😫! BTWW can u do a jailbreak for iOS 12.1.4

  • Shegot_ herown88
    Shegot_ herown88 4 months ago

    I wish that you can do more Far Cry videos or just something action games ❤❤❤❤❤❤ much love to you boo!!

  • Jessica Toyer
    Jessica Toyer 4 months ago

    It’s crazy because I’ve been saying that you were slept on. There’s no way TheXvidrs who barely upload The Sims should be getting support from EA and you don’t. 🤔 They’ll pay a celebrity who doesn’t play the game before they pay an actual supporter. I’ve been a subscriber for years..still rooting for you 🙌🏾

  • MunchKin
    MunchKin 4 months ago


  • XI XI
    XI XI 4 months ago

    I look forward toward your vlogs.🕷🕷🕷 EA isn't that good to me anyway. I just feel like they leech off their customers.

    LEAH xUCHIHA 4 months ago

    It took me a min to realize you made this like a reality show😂👌🏿
    Keep vlogging like this!!

  • Hi It’sNy
    Hi It’sNy 4 months ago

    @CarmenKing ❤️❤️

  • Bunnii Dva
    Bunnii Dva 4 months ago

    *talks abt carman for less that a minute*
    *puts carman in thrum nail for views*

  • Caramel
    Caramel 4 months ago

    I like this type of video

  • brandi mccrae
    brandi mccrae 4 months ago +2

    mary ☠️

  • Shantel Braithwaite
    Shantel Braithwaite 4 months ago

    Will forever show u love Sonny. Been rocking with ur videos for years now. Keep being u, just sad the system cant appreciate that

  • tiana bish
    tiana bish 4 months ago +3

    i love his hair i need to snatch a man like him💕💕💕

  • tiana bish
    tiana bish 4 months ago +1

    carmen issa baddie💕💕💕💕💕

  • tear drvp
    tear drvp 4 months ago

    i lowkey clicked for Carmen but stayed for Tea 😂
    i lowkey watched you when you was on that sims 3 shit and i forgot your name and was so sad ab it and i’m glad i found you again 🤪😂

  • XMonique Plays
    XMonique Plays 4 months ago

    I see lot TheXvidrs going over to twitch because of what TheXvid have being lately it’s a shame

  • PlayStation Life
    PlayStation Life 4 months ago

    Love all or videos bro

  • Cnemekia Brown
    Cnemekia Brown 4 months ago +1


  • BriaLynn
    BriaLynn 4 months ago +1

    Mary YOU ARE NOT ANNOYING!! I’ve literally watched the vlogs with you in it over so many times because I love you so much and your so bubbly and funny. Sis you are literally my fashion and decor inspiration never put yourself down your amazing sis💕

  • xXccansel
    xXccansel 4 months ago +1


  • glossysunmin
    glossysunmin 4 months ago

    Damn, I haven't even watched your videos for a few years now

  • Khumba •
    Khumba • 4 months ago +2

    Sonny I love yo momma she reminds me of my momma, and too Mary I don’t think we find you annoying

  • ILove Sims
    ILove Sims 4 months ago +5

    EA is not going to reach out...They are more focused on people who are now streaming on streaming platforms such as Twitch. If and when they open up the game changer program again maybe you should apply, but that only gets you the games for free and before everyone else. Also maybe a invite to sims camps or EA Play. On another note things wont just fall on your lap you need to get out there and Network, join communities, make a twitter, go on a different platform. Only you can control your future and turn your goals in life into reality...You Can Do It!

  • TashleeMindless
    TashleeMindless 4 months ago

    I been a sub for a hot minute and honestly... I love this Sonny. I really mess with your vlogs! Just this more real life approach is bomb cuz you’re not fake with it

  • Canaan Clark
    Canaan Clark 4 months ago

    This the type of videos you could just chill too and leave that shiii on

  • Alexis
    Alexis 4 months ago +1

    Sonny&Carmen ❤❤

  • Tracey Gordan
    Tracey Gordan 4 months ago

    Sonny are they still making sure that they are paying you and putting you on the right pages/having you show up when people search certain words and stuff????? I know a lot of people had to delete their channels because they were going broke and youtube wasn't giving them views. I really like your content and dont wanna see you leave. ):

  • V D
    V D 4 months ago

    When ya ma said “Thats just what I do” I started dying 🤣

  • Bryce193 Melton
    Bryce193 Melton 4 months ago

    For sims, just do it for fun, dont worry about money, that's what your other videos is for, all mine is for fun, my whole channel is for fun actually

  • drea carmela
    drea carmela 4 months ago +8

    I really like this video Sonny keep it up. Make sure to give Mary a hug i feel bad she started crying.

    • Alee Bea
      Alee Bea 4 months ago +2

      Took the words out of my mouth. Don't know the girl except for what I see, her being upset made me thinking of booking a ticket to fly over just to give her a hug.

  • Cheryl Williams
    Cheryl Williams 4 months ago +5

    3:35 When your mom started singing & she said u used to hurt her feelings when she would sing to u when u were a baby.
    She would sing u lullabies & you would cry. 😭
    You said because it didn’t sound right! 😂
    Do more videos with mom,
    Plz. 🤗 🙌🏽
    TheXvid & EA are tripping, you should be attending EA next month.
    ❤️ your videos/content Sonny.
    Keep doing & being yourself! 👍🏽

  • Sophia Camarda
    Sophia Camarda 4 months ago +5

    look at you!!! ✊🏼

  • J Royals
    J Royals 4 months ago

    I miss you Sonny😭 haven't watched in a while

  • Megan Lenzy
    Megan Lenzy 4 months ago +4

    Awww Mary DONT worry about that girl you’re talented beautiful and nice figured woman (I have you on instagram) ... people don’t know you and we as humans are judgmental creatures and you gotta just look past the negative crap and worry about the positive.. we all got haters and if you ain’t got no haters you must be doing something wrong love ❤️

  • eriyana corbin
    eriyana corbin 4 months ago +4


  • Jack Weng
    Jack Weng 4 months ago

    Love the new style of vlogs

  • It's Angela
    It's Angela 4 months ago

    I can't wait for your new videos to come out vlog videos on my favorite from you.

  • Rashon Anderson
    Rashon Anderson 4 months ago +2

    Mary you still Popping!💯🙌🏾 And much love Sonny the reality show sounds fresh!