Game of Thrones Finale RANT.

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • True Geordie is disappointed with the Game of Thrones ending, especially for Jon Snow. Season 8 has had its problems with the writers option for light speed personality changes and shock value over for the sake of it. The final episode really left an empty feeling in many fans.

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Comments • 2 248

  • James Sample
    James Sample 4 days ago

    can’t wait for Martin to rewrite season 7 & 8

  • محمد محسنی
    محمد محسنی 5 days ago

    thank you man very much

  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks 6 days ago +1

    Hafthor (The Mountain) Bjornsson Jr.?

  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks 6 days ago +1

    Are you The Mountain’s twin brother?

  • Donald Aguirre
    Donald Aguirre 7 days ago

    Just read the books.

  • Dean Learner
    Dean Learner 7 days ago +1

    I think every charcters arc went to shit bar Theon

  • Kevin Doherty
    Kevin Doherty 8 days ago

    haven't heard an original take on this show for over a do I get these videos to stop showing up in my feed? or better yet, when will all you virgins calm the fuck down?

    LOON4 LION 8 days ago +2

    7:00 spot on

  • JohnnyBoii
    JohnnyBoii 8 days ago

    Ramsey Bolton and Karl Fookin' Tanner... You know that Karl Fookin Tanner killed a guy in King's Landing for 7 silvers ??

  • Hamzah Abbas
    Hamzah Abbas 10 days ago

    Did no one realise that the throne room where dany dies was same as the vison in qarth

  • Peter Wale
    Peter Wale 11 days ago

    I say season 7 seemed quite a bit rushed but when coming into season 8 it was rushed like crazy. I see what they was going for but I feel it would of been better is denarys stayed queen and they could of expanded on that

  • Roger Furlong
    Roger Furlong 12 days ago

    How dare you question the might of BRAN THE BORING!!!!!????

  • The Hh
    The Hh 12 days ago


  • Wayno O'Donnell
    Wayno O'Donnell 13 days ago

    this is the best summary yet
    plus your as funny as fuck

  • o0Jahzara0o
    o0Jahzara0o 13 days ago

    Jon was brought back to kill the mad queen? who really showed no reasonable signs she would be evil. Ffs, Arya did more effed up things than she did. "Danearyes killing mercilessly" doesn't work because she was being merciless to those who were merciless. She liberated the common folk. Either way, all characters did messed up things but only Dany got punished for it. And Jon just did nothing. Lol

  • o0Jahzara0o
    o0Jahzara0o 13 days ago

    Well said

  • Montblanc
    Montblanc 14 days ago +3

    The fans: Jon or Daenerys, it has to be one of them who does it.
    D&D: We're about to subvert these whole people's expectations.

  • Amirul Islam
    Amirul Islam 15 days ago

    Thank you my thoughts exactly !!!

  • Eric Peraza
    Eric Peraza 16 days ago


  • Kelly Gantt
    Kelly Gantt 16 days ago

    I agree with everything u say in this video. 10 years we invested in this show just to get a stupid ass ending. I think they should of fought the NK last. Not in 1 90 minute episode that didn't make sense. D&D had plenty budget for season 8. They should of hired a fan from the show or more better a fan thats read the books 10 times cause they sure cant write with out George telling them what to write. Them 2 is about to ruin Star Wars. RIP star wars.

  • Last Word
    Last Word 16 days ago +2

    lol this guy looks like he belongs in Game of Thrones 🤣

    • Robin Banks
      Robin Banks 6 days ago

      Last Word I’d say he’s an audition for Gregor Clegane.

  • Elizabeth Ashley Everhart

    AMEN. Preach. I do think, that Jon's purpose is to stop the "real" darkness to the realm, we just always thought that darkness was White Walkers. It wasn't. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GODS, why do the stare down with Jon, and then have him unceremoniously be on a dragon in the battle. NOBODY said a thing in that meeting, "Jon, but you are our commander, you could get yourself killed!" It was washed over. He cold have had a moment where he had to jump on Rhaegal to hep Dany, get free so she can take on Visceron. Her killing her son, is a big emotional deal. Instead Jon screamed at him!!!!! THe badass Jon, that holds the Wall against 100,000 strong, Giants and Mammoths, screams at a dragon? LMAO. It was so bad I can't get enough words in here.

  • RedFlag
    RedFlag 17 days ago

    Drogon should have burned the throne with Jon right there in the fire. Throne melts, Jon doesn't. *Poof* everyone in Westeros realizes Jon is king. The End.

  • Din ful of sin
    Din ful of sin 17 days ago

    they took years and years of character development and just ended all of it fast with no reasons. ahhh it was the worse disappointment in television history.season 8 with only 6 episodes it should of been spent on just the night king and his army. should of had a season 9 that dealt with Cersie. i also think why did they spent 5 seasons changing and developing Jamie's character only to do what they did?rubbish! it came down to D&D made their money, became famous and didn't give a shit about the fans.

  • Anatoli Stoimenov
    Anatoli Stoimenov 18 days ago

    If you watch the WTF version, where he does that Bran did everything to be the king. Is way better.

  • SolidSalami
    SolidSalami 18 days ago +2

    I got a GOT ad before the video lol

  • Kroo M7K5
    Kroo M7K5 18 days ago

    Should have made Jon the king and move capital to winterfell

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 18 days ago

    my favorite character is sansa, a normal person in supernatural world, without supernatural protection, survived the worst situations and worst characters, like tyrells changed and adapted to survive, she is a true survivor, and im glad for her ending, and she is also a total bad ass, sansa almost killed joffrey herself, she almost pushed him off the ledge, but hound stopped her to save her life, sansa and arya avenged the red wedding by taking down the freys and boltons, the battle of the bastards was revenge for sansa, and to reclaim winterfell, she saved jon snow life with knights of the vale, and she is the secret ingredient of game of thrones, she is a plot pusher for other characters to level of greatness, and even hero status, she told lady olenna the truth about joffrey before the purple wedding, she told her that joffrey was a monster, and olenna took action, sansa, bran and arya took down littlefinger, and in season 8, episode 2, she has allies, but also give thanks back, she forgave and welcome into her home, jaimie lannister and theon greyjoy, and season 8 episode 4, she cares about her family and her people, she told dany harsh truths, she told her, that her people needed time to rest and recuperate before entering another battle, and she also wanted to talk to the officers to see what they needed, i just love her, and sansa is the best character on the show

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 18 days ago

    Dany's whole character arch was to become her father, new mad queen, she was always going to be the final anti hero, she used her dragons to set fire to people to win, she set fire to fathers next to their sons, who wouldnt bend the knee to her, because they saw her for what she was a monster, and she only had one goal, the iron throne, and her motto is fire and blood, and the author doesnt like happy endings, so of course she was never gonna sit on the throne, and she is a ruler, she is a free spirit, she is a breaker of chains, she would hate the job, she not good with politics, she sets fire to people who dont agree with her, she thinks her opinion is the only one that matters, and just like baratheons, she would hate the job, leave the throne to bran and tyrion, bran who has a foot in the past, present and future, and tyrion who actually good at politics and enjoys it

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 18 days ago


  • Williamus Rex
    Williamus Rex 18 days ago

    Agree absolutely mate. And Cersei, best big baddie in the show, gets about 6 words in the entire season.!

  • Eva Maynard
    Eva Maynard 18 days ago

    Bran flakes! Lol!

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 19 days ago

    100% agreed

  • Sue J
    Sue J 19 days ago

    Great commentary. You’re the only reviewer I’ve heard who has commented about the music, which was just so beautiful and perfect that I’m amazed it’s not spoken about more. The problem was definitely with the pacing, and since the writers were offered more time, there is no excuse for them squeezing the finale into six episodes. But the biggest disappointment of all was Bran ending up as king. That was only going to work if we cared about him and how could we care for him when for 99.9% of the entire series he was sitting in a wheelchair barely talking? Comparing his character to a bland box of All Bran was spot on. You’re right about the battle with the white walkers - all that build up since the opening episode, only for them to be done and dusted in one battle in one episode. I know it’s good to try to salvage the positive from all this, but endings are vital and this ending has left a sour taste in many viewer’s mouths that renders the whole GOT experience a big fat let down. I think the writers thought whatever they presented to the fans would be accepted, no questions asked, just as long as there was a lot of amazing CGI, a massive death count, a few shocks with regard to the main characters, and a tragic love scene. I think they treated not only the fans of the show, but also RR Martin’s story, with complete contempt.

  • Nekitamo 86
    Nekitamo 86 19 days ago +1

    fuck off harry l got this

  • Erik Wahlberg
    Erik Wahlberg 19 days ago

    GRRM told the writers that BRAN woupd ne King. Confirmed in interview with actor playing Bran.
    Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of Bran dropping a mic.

  • DinoManPrime 25
    DinoManPrime 25 19 days ago +1

    night king should have lived till the finale or episode 5... Imagine him in kings landing, and killing cercei.

  • Beth_Dark
    Beth_Dark 19 days ago +1

    A fine rant. Also therapeutic. Thank you.

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 19 days ago

    At least there's no Tony Ferguson is the kind of guy ....' comments on this thread.

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 19 days ago

    The final Act is always hard. Look at 'Lost'. They paint all these storylines into what you think is an amazing story, and then you get to the end and realize you can't deliver and tie them all together.

  • icedoutelite
    icedoutelite 20 days ago

    I don’t wan et!

  • Dan San
    Dan San 20 days ago

    I dont know why people are still moaning about season 8 and saying “they’ll never know” . Just turn to the source material, read the books there even better, when the last two books come out they will be great.

  • Ilya Kralinsky
    Ilya Kralinsky 20 days ago

    You poor thing. Look how powerless you feel in real life. Your appearance reeks of it. You're so scared.

  • Deacon Brodie
    Deacon Brodie 20 days ago

    Fucking bald cunt with fucking beard and fucking shouting. Fuck off.

  • delirious cas
    delirious cas 20 days ago

    I’m glad to hear that you love the hound cause not only is he my favorite character but you kinda look like the mountain just a bit lmaooo

  • BrieIhateMenLarson
    BrieIhateMenLarson 20 days ago +1

    seasons 7 and 8 should have been 30 episodes. not 14.

  • Natalia Koskela
    Natalia Koskela 20 days ago

    Agree 100%

  • Phil Jackson
    Phil Jackson 20 days ago

    Spot on assessment.

  • Bikce Brikce
    Bikce Brikce 20 days ago +2

    Bran being the king IS the point of the show you fat ugly steroid fuck....DnD just messed it up delivering it.

  • Hy-drenalin
    Hy-drenalin 20 days ago

    great rant! I agree in full

  • darthbuzz
    darthbuzz 20 days ago +2

    TG2, 5:31 you hit the nail on the head.
    They rewrote and made it worse just to subvert the majorities expectations.
    It is almost like they were looking on youtube for comments and then doing the complete opposite of what everyone was suggesting might happen. Even if it was total nonsense.

  • cheddarandsourcream
    cheddarandsourcream 20 days ago

    Right after they brought Jon back to life this show began its decline. Still loved some episodes like battle of bastards and winds of winter but even then characters were making decisions that just made you go “huh”? Season 4 was peak game of thrones in my opinion

  • darthbuzz
    darthbuzz 20 days ago +1

    I am taking S08 as it is but it could have been so much better and D+D have shot themselves in the foot because they will never be trusted again. No one is looking forward to the D+D Star Wars trilogy now. They are terrible writers.

  • JoeyGoesGlobal
    JoeyGoesGlobal 20 days ago

    "Maybe I'll wait so I don't end up looking stupid" so... you didn't tell your honest opinion of what was happening but instead waited for after the finale aired so you could see how the rest of the internet reacted... then post a video ranting because it's getting A LOT of attention and good for your channel.

  • FLAM3
    FLAM3 20 days ago +3

    *It was on my recommended and I thought it was the mountain reacts to GOT finale* 😂

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson 20 days ago

    The whole last season just kinda sucked. There were some good moments, but they were overshadowed with poor or illogical decisions, convenient incidents that served as plot points, Jon's heritage really not meaning anything significant in the long run, not spending enough time on Jon and Dany's love story at the beginning. Dany just acting pretty much the worst way she could around everyone really didn't endear her to the northerners or Sansa. Jon didn't intercede much... he was so spineless in this season.
    It was all just convenient and bad writing to get us to the end point -Dany losing her shit, doing something horrible she couldn't come back from so Jon had to kill her. Getting there was total weak sauce.
    And the business decisions behind cutting the show so short, not filling it out when HBO was willing to throw money at it... Someone's ego got in the way of a great show that could have gone on longer and had a much better ending.

  • Duskplains
    Duskplains 20 days ago +2

    The only thing I enjoyed was the clegane fight, though the mountain looked like Andy Ruiz.

  • MissMORE
    MissMORE 20 days ago

    The only thing I care about is that Grey Worm survived. Only cause Grey Worm is mad sexxy. Everything else is irrelevant to ME. That's how little I cared about Thrones in the end. As far as I'm concerned S8 didn't happen.

  • Ross Hampton
    Ross Hampton 21 day ago

    well said Jacamo

  • mlka
    mlka 21 day ago

    Twice I’ve tried to listen to this and twice I’ve fell alseep

  • Ramon Serna
    Ramon Serna 21 day ago

    There is a rule in theater that you shouldn't do foreshadow if later you're not gonna deliver (The famous Chekhov gun). Why so many stares between the night King and John wasted? And why so many tension between him and Grey Worm if they didn't even fight? John killed Daenerys literally the only motivation Grey Worm had in life and he just imprison him (he was executing prisoners on the street earlier in the episode)???

  • KatOf X
    KatOf X 21 day ago

    GRRM said in an interview he thought it was going to finish at around season 12-13 and was shocked when D&D told him they were only doing S7/S8 with 13 episodes in total. It DOES show how D&D lack writing talent as if you read the books, bar some parts with Jeyne Pool which they took out, the show is WORD FOR WORD same as the books. They have used it as a stable crutch bar changing a sentence or two. George hasn't released Winds of Winter yet and some characters such as Stannis, Ser Barristan are still alive. So George gives the writers some idea of what he wants to do and where he wants to go with it. D&D have then had to write it with their small team themselves from about S6/S7 onwards and it shows how they were taking the praise of genius that George should have received moreso. It was RUSHED and we deserved more, the characters deserved more. Jon's story was just conflicted. One second it's "No offence your Grace, but I am king I dont need your permission" to being completely idiotic and naive.

  • Vader 1234
    Vader 1234 21 day ago +2

    Daenerys should burn Cersei not civilians

  • Espen
    Espen 21 day ago +1

    I stopped watching a while back, but dragonlady was always a "badguy". She always was the one deciding who lived and died, no if and buts. Sounds like it just became clearer at the end.

  • Fin Hills
    Fin Hills 21 day ago +6

    The Mountain + Lord Davos = True Geordie

  • Pontifex vonHummer
    Pontifex vonHummer 21 day ago +3

    The bad has ruined the good in the series. Rewatching would be just a long slog past dead ends. No payoff. Anywhere. Like chopping the last act off Hamlet and having the writers from Thomas the Tank Engine finish it.

  • J C
    J C 21 day ago

    Hey TG. How do u feel about the whole show overall? You still consider yourself a fan? I think that’s what’s important

  • Pentazemin7
    Pentazemin7 21 day ago

    Literally everyone saw the thumbnail and thought the Mountain was going to roast season 8, but I was not disappointed.

  • Tu Pimp A Caterpillar

    Only deep thinkers and intelligent people appreciated & accepted the Finale ..the rest are entitled sheep who complain at not getting what they wanted from someone else’s story. Go ahead and dismiss this’s just part of your default. It’s ok too.
    Smart thing to do is to accept the show for what it’s always been, enjoy it then move on OR cash in on the clicks and views and make content like this for the rest of the sheep

  • Celtic CC Castle Clash

    The "Lightly sipping fine wine" nature of previous Seasons became a "down a bottle of vodka whilst sniffing a bag of coke off a strippers arse" in season 8. The whole season was kinda batshit crazy, which is why I kinda loved it

  • VeXd EmBeRz
    VeXd EmBeRz 21 day ago

    This video is absolute class. Spot on

  • Mr.CoCoNuts
    Mr.CoCoNuts 22 days ago

    Thank you:D

  • Ben Neale
    Ben Neale 22 days ago +2

    fully agree season 8 was such a let down. to finish with the most boring character on the throne was a piss take.

  • Sydni Taylor
    Sydni Taylor 22 days ago

    Only thing I got to say about the writing in seasons 7 and 8 SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. When you think back to season 7 and process what we saw in season 8 you know they really messed up Jon and Dany's character as a whole. I really do feel like Jon should've gotten a few swings at the Night King but no Arya kills him with one stab. So there was no point in bringing up the Prince that was Promised or Azora Hai prophecy in the show at all because it got thrown out the window. In fact I felt like the whole white walker story line was for nothing. They built up the WW as a threat for 7 and a half seasons but then the first night they come they're easily defeated so they weren't a big threat after all. None of the other Kingdom's got affected by the dead at all. I know a lot of people say they always expected Daenerys to indiscriminately burn women, men and children for no reason but then there was no point in her fighting for humanity against the dead then and it was stupid to have her go out of her way in season 7 to not attack Kings Landing if just in a few episodes she's going to murder everyone in KL after she already won the war. The Mad King only wanted to burn KL when he knew the war was lost and he was way more mentally deteriorated than Dany was ever shown to be throughout this entire series, he was a schizophrenic.

  • GSO Cammo
    GSO Cammo 22 days ago

    Why you not on the show?

  • fred's long, hard, throbbing ego

    I love how people were unironically defending Dany Holocausting a city on Twitter with "she had a bad week, she had just lost her best friend AND Dragon" right after The Bells.
    If that's all the motivation it takes for a genocide, then don't look into Hitler and Germany's backstory, it'll really mess with your worldview.

  • M H
    M H 22 days ago +1

    New rule: never watch the last season.

  • M H
    M H 22 days ago +22

    Dany deserves better.
    -painted as more of a villain than Cersei.
    -Cersei gets to die with her lover while Dany is murdered by her lover.

    • Hate Hustle Flow
      Hate Hustle Flow 18 days ago +2

      I think Cersei, regardless of what Dany did to King's Landing, will always be the main villain. Atleast in my opinion. Both were given a choice to fight for the living against the dead. Dany chose right. Cersei didn't.

  • Mike the Moocher
    Mike the Moocher 22 days ago

    First two episodes of the 8th are good but the rest are a joke

  • lewan gillard
    lewan gillard 24 days ago +1

    The slight "grey-ing" of your hair gives me a warm feeling that you'd make a good dad now.

  • lee Zek
    lee Zek 24 days ago

    Why does your channel always pop up on my feed when your only complaining lol I haven’t been recommended a positive video from you yet

  • gngfbgf
    gngfbgf 24 days ago

    i got a game of thrones ad on this vid

  • Jack Palmer
    Jack Palmer 24 days ago

    I wanted Tyrion to be king

  • Oz Perez
    Oz Perez 24 days ago

    after season 5 the 2 shitty writers didnt have George RR Martins' amazing writing to base the show off so season 6 they still had a good direction but after that season 7 and 8 went to complete and utter shit because the writers were shit and the only reason GoT is an amazing series is thanks to GRRM

  • Creamy Spinach
    Creamy Spinach 25 days ago


  • James Osborne
    James Osborne 25 days ago

    What the fuck has Bran done? Brandon. Nice.

  • Artem Esaulkov
    Artem Esaulkov 25 days ago

    Funny that everyone realised that show went to shit in season 8. In truth, the last good season was season 4

  • Corey McCraw
    Corey McCraw 25 days ago

    Now this is a good game of thrones rant because he’s not saying that the season was shit he’s saying there were some things that needed to change which he’s right and I agree with everything he says in this video

  • Rangers Fc
    Rangers Fc 25 days ago +1

    The “dracarys” on the throne was very smart in my opinion. It was the throne and the power that killed danny, not Jon.

  • Delfox
    Delfox 25 days ago +2

    You should have been The Mountain

  • DDandelion67
    DDandelion67 25 days ago

    They didn’t tell us who the Night King is because they want us to watch the prequel which I think is going to deal with the creation of the Night King and the first great battle with him.

  • Rich Broderick
    Rich Broderick 25 days ago

    You could have played the mountain man

  • Unknown Creator
    Unknown Creator 26 days ago

    Can’t wait for your HBO show.. maybe they should make you casting director on the new prequel since you know so much about acting also.

  • Empurress
    Empurress 26 days ago

    I saw a video where the story for Daenerys went like;
    Cerci refuses to accept surrender and stops the bells ringing. Then Daenerys heads directly for the red keep and when Cersei is forced to flee she ends up being seen by Daenerys in the streets and while trying to kill Cersei Daenerys then kills innocent people in the process. And goes mad. OK fine. At least some actual logic though. #StillTeamDanny
    After that, I'll admit, when Daenerys then continues to justify her actions, Jon Snow and company would need some further justification to then think Daenerys went mad.
    But at least episode 5 would make more sense.

  • rob black
    rob black 26 days ago

    You pretty much nailed it mate....

  • izzyDbuzzin
    izzyDbuzzin 27 days ago

    can you remove this from the all uploads playlist just good music?

  • Mermaidreviews469
    Mermaidreviews469 27 days ago

    In harry Potter Neval (I probably spelled that wrong) got the kill technically because he killed the snake lol but you’re right I need more before I could believe Danny went crazy

  • daniel smith
    daniel smith 27 days ago

    fuckin spot on lad

  • Ironwind1972
    Ironwind1972 27 days ago

    Well said man, this series finale was as bad as Lost was.

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 28 days ago

    Ruining characters and ignoring the plot and the rules instead of writing well. #Stannislives!