• Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • 1 like = 1 emma should move to new york
    also sorry 90% of this video was in my hotel room...i really dont do much... ever
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  • Bob Shirling
    Bob Shirling 15 hours ago

    No one:
    Emma: iVe BeEn DrInKiNg MaTcHa LaTeLy

  • Emma Lubica
    Emma Lubica 15 hours ago


  • Margarita Grishina
    Margarita Grishina 16 hours ago

    omg you should like totally move to New York

  • Emi Sigales
    Emi Sigales 16 hours ago

    Your videos are terrible learn to do something

  • Rachie Pachie
    Rachie Pachie 17 hours ago +2

    This is how many times Emma said “I’m moving here”

  • Sophia Cafe Nido
    Sophia Cafe Nido 17 hours ago

    I was literally watching this at like 4 in the morning then at 3:57 I hHaaD A heARtt AtTtCackkkkk😧😥😪😵😪😪

  • Sophie Bechstein
    Sophie Bechstein 17 hours ago

    I literally live for Emma chamberlain vids in nyc

  • Larah Holmes
    Larah Holmes 18 hours ago

    Maybe I’m just tripping but I hope you’re okay

  • henley
    henley 18 hours ago

    “thou art perplexed why thee art commenting in this fashion”

    thou, 1467

  • Cheli Shellz
    Cheli Shellz 18 hours ago

    Emma:I'm a TheXvidr
    Lady:"IM SORRY"

  • Kate Brouder
    Kate Brouder 18 hours ago

    Can someone pls explain to me what matcha is.......help

  • Alyssa Elijah
    Alyssa Elijah 19 hours ago

    BIG question, how do you find places to book or stay at that don't require you to be 21 and over?

  • Claire
    Claire 19 hours ago


  • Claire
    Claire 19 hours ago


  • Athena Biliouris
    Athena Biliouris 19 hours ago


  • J8jatse4 Jat
    J8jatse4 Jat 20 hours ago

    I can tell you re on some medication I feel for you

  • biG ChungAsbOi
    biG ChungAsbOi 20 hours ago

    Emma in NY: YAYAY SO EXCITED 😆
    Me in NY: Dying inside, and bored. 😭

  • Owl Libby
    Owl Libby 20 hours ago

    Omg you saved the turtle by using a metal straw

  • Υαδ βιτcΗ
    Υαδ βιτcΗ 20 hours ago +1

    “I’m an adult now motherfacker”

  • Lauren Williams
    Lauren Williams 21 hour ago

    “I’m a TheXvidr”
    ‘I’m soryy”

  • Lauren Williams
    Lauren Williams 21 hour ago

    Bro thought knocks where like…who at the door!

  • Sam Spencer
    Sam Spencer 22 hours ago

    Literally never change you are the funniest person ever, the most real, and the most original you tuber I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Ezra Mapile
    Ezra Mapile 22 hours ago

    Emma: Im a youtuber
    Uber driver: Sorry
    Emma: Nevermind
    Me: Mood

  • Di Hakki
    Di Hakki 22 hours ago

    Русичи тутт ? ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿

  • Evelynne Hill
    Evelynne Hill 22 hours ago

    I’m trying to get Merch from u

  • Shannon Dennis
    Shannon Dennis 23 hours ago

    Does anyone else feel bad for her kitty cause his mommys always leaving ?😂

  • Ida-Li Roos
    Ida-Li Roos 23 hours ago

    Taking a flight ruins the climate.. it would be better if you took a train next time. 🥺

  • Zanib Z
    Zanib Z 23 hours ago

    so basically u went to new york to stay in the hotel 80% of the time..

  • Kailey Gerzen
    Kailey Gerzen Day ago

    What’s her outro song

  • golden honey
    golden honey Day ago

    how is nobody talking about the fact that she smelled her cat’s ass

  • Minja P
    Minja P Day ago

    This is the only normal comment here, thank me later :D

  • RV BlueSky
    RV BlueSky Day ago

    I'm winning cause I don't care

  • Adel Bo
    Adel Bo Day ago

    Emma being a Gemini for 17 min & 57 sec straight

  • GLad Catienza
    GLad Catienza Day ago


  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson Day ago

    Your just lazy is why your postmating in a hotel

  • Sierra A.
    Sierra A. Day ago

    Wait why r there two beds in her hotel??

  • Alissa Edwards
    Alissa Edwards Day ago

    Love you emma 💕 💖

    - ME, 2019

  • Olivia Bacic
    Olivia Bacic Day ago +1

    Emma ”Today I'm just gonna book a flight, somewhere”

    my mom *books a flight 11 months before the trip

  • Brooklyn Rachel
    Brooklyn Rachel Day ago

    MOVE TO NEW YORK IF YOU WANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Day ago

    you should visit toronto💀🤣

  • Sam Yun
    Sam Yun Day ago

    waste money on camera and post it to TheXvid so I can waste my time watching it

  • Brenda Ruiz
    Brenda Ruiz Day ago

    How is she not cracked out on caffeine

  • haylee c
    haylee c Day ago +1

    12:03 me what i tell my teacher when i don’t have my homework done

  • Mary Gonzalez
    Mary Gonzalez Day ago

    is anyone else having trouble finding her blue hoodie with her face thing on it on the back on her website, if anyone knows how i can find it lmk

  • Camryn Townsend
    Camryn Townsend Day ago

    wait I thought she was vegan???

  • emily a.
    emily a. Day ago

    i feel like tana did a video in a hotel room like this

  • Sike Potato
    Sike Potato Day ago

    Explains shes "been drinking matcha recently" in every ViDeO

  • RunFromHumanContacts

    Wow wish i had time and money to be ..."spontaneous"...

  • Eli
    Eli Day ago

    I wish I could just up and leave on a random vacation without financial repercussions

  • Manuel Gervacio
    Manuel Gervacio Day ago

    Queen-Janet using my dads tablet lol stay safe and love ya sm!!!❤️💕❤️💕😭

  • Jazlyn Padilla
    Jazlyn Padilla Day ago

    You should’ve did pin the dark challenge to see where you go

  • N
    N Day ago

    Why is nobody talking about how real the knocks sounded with headphones on

  • Nadia Sabir
    Nadia Sabir Day ago +1

    2:51 got me confused

  • Bridget M
    Bridget M Day ago

    I don't give a f***

    -Emma chamberlain

  • joey addeo
    joey addeo Day ago


  • Emilyyy
    Emilyyy Day ago

    “This trend is cheesy”
    -Me 2019

  • itsmarthakate
    itsmarthakate Day ago

    U literally love nyc just get a second apt

  • XxxBasicGurllXxx Tea


    Literally Nobody:

    Emma: I’m A yOuTuBeR

  • take two
    take two Day ago

    The only reason why you love New York is there's nobody there to force you to do things.the only reason you hate la is because there's people there that might call you and make you do things. What you are is an introvert or a recluse maybe both.

  • Kaitlynn Wolfe
    Kaitlynn Wolfe Day ago

    I thought she was vegan? I'm confused lol