F1 2013 - This is Formula 1

  • Published on Aug 16, 2013
  • F1 2013 gives FORMULA 1™ fans the chance to compete against legendary drivers in cars from different eras of FORMULA ONE with a range of classic content from the 1980s. F1 Classics, introduced by legendary broadcaster Murray Walker, allows players to race iconic 1980s cars from Williams, Lotus and Ferrari against drivers including Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell, Emerson Fittipaldi and Gerhard Berger, with more to be announced, on classic circuits Brands Hatch and Jerez.
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    F1 2013 releasing October 4th. ESRB Rating E for Everyone. Visit www.esrb.org for rating information.
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Comments • 516

  • f1rc C-F 1-R
    f1rc C-F 1-R 7 months ago

    When I first saw this trailer it gave me goosebumps, amazing.

  • Tunahan Erbey Yazıcı
    Tunahan Erbey Yazıcı 8 months ago

    my favorite intro

  • f1rc C-F 1-R
    f1rc C-F 1-R Year ago +2

    Formula 1, the greatest motorsport imaginable, the competition, drivers, teams, skill, and especially talent all put together to create F1.

  • Samuel Pavê
    Samuel Pavê 2 years ago +3

    Im crying,the best trailer of the Codemasters Game made in 7th generation OMG!!!!

  • gamer 69
    gamer 69 2 years ago +4

    Better than 17 trailer I think

  • EDDIE- G21
    EDDIE- G21 3 years ago

    by far the most exciting trailer in f1,the trailer in f1 2014 just sucks.........EPIC MUSIC FOR EVER!!!!!

  • Antraxo
    Antraxo 3 years ago +1

    Still one of the best intros for an F1 game :)

  • RM199168
    RM199168 3 years ago +21

    Nearly three years on, I still think this is the best trailer Codemasters have created for one of their F1 games! It's wonderfully put together!

  • Luciano Zampa
    Luciano Zampa 3 years ago


  • Farah Akram
    Farah Akram 4 years ago

    I Have this Trailer on My Xbox 360

    • Farah Akram
      Farah Akram 4 years ago

      01:01 Oh My God! Look is a Crash in the Trailer It Looks Like a Die

  • abrewer1996
    abrewer1996 5 years ago

    The script for the speech in the first half is just epic, really well written

  • Dono Kasinoindro
    Dono Kasinoindro 5 years ago +15

    This trailer is more epic than the 2014 trailer

  • Matto
    Matto 5 years ago +2

    Is that crofty narrating?

  • Nytar
    Nytar 5 years ago

    ***** 5 stars Nitro Guy
    looks epic and amazing
    love speech at beginning
    shows the passion of F1

    • Nytar
      Nytar 5 years ago

      This is F1

  • Ethan Bailey
    Ethan Bailey 5 years ago

    All the cars are wrong those are the 2012 cars

  • andyi293
    andyi293 5 years ago +1

    name of song ?

  • Ryan Croukaert
    Ryan Croukaert 5 years ago +7

    Best intro of a game ever

  • wasp spw
    wasp spw 5 years ago

    well i got windows 7 only for this formula 1 2013 and now i hate that day when i said that ,,,, 4ever LOVE formula 1 2007 , the best ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Carlos Sebastian Damico

    cool cool

  • Marc Van Masten
    Marc Van Masten 6 years ago

    THE TRUTH is that since 2010 the world of Formula 1 has been distorted to make it more interesting. Ferrari , Williams, McLaren , teams which have been damaged after a revolution on the regulations . Quite simply the team Red Bull was clearly favored to be able to make it more competitive and then trying to be able to collect that interest on the formula which had waned .
    The interest of Formula 1 in the years 2008/2010 has touched the bottom , and by doing so they wanted to bring the Formula 1 back to important interests.
    Unfortunately, doing so has ruined a sport that today has an interest equal to moto GP if not less .
    I am an aeronautical engineer , and I will not go into intricate details , unfortunately the advantage of Red Bull on the big is remarkable, that advantage has delayed the development of the car.
    A standardized level the gap can not be bridged before 3/4 years , and it is what we have seen in recent years.
    I'm sorry for the fans of Red Bull, but it was a historical concept of F1 to do know .

    KUZDİ 6 years ago +3

    I miss the Ferrari McLaren fight, then we had BMW Sauber, Renault

    KUZDİ 6 years ago +2

    I miss 2007/2008

  • allan peramin
    allan peramin 6 years ago

    jadore se jeux

    KAOS NATION 6 years ago +1

    Ok so they added a bleep sound to the DRS so you know when its on/off instead of giving us the same good sound indication that we already had in 2012. Which was that you could clearly hear when air passed through the spoiler as you opened it, and when closing you could clearly hear air being pushed hard. What was wrong with that? Also KERS was heared much more in 2012 - you heard the power as you used it. They lowered the volume big time in 2013 on these.

      KAOS NATION 6 years ago

      I appreciate the bleep sound as it was hard to know when it was on, but would been better if the clear sound of 2012 for those 2 things were kept in 2013.
      Great game though. Good fun. :)

  • Sean Dunn
    Sean Dunn 6 years ago

    it is a good game

  • rob lux
    rob lux 6 years ago

    is that richard hammond?

  • w09786541
    w09786541 6 years ago

    Music is Athena, You find it TheXvid : Epic Music of all times: Athena

  • vdude is cool
    vdude is cool 6 years ago

    Epic ending.

  • Jelo Feliciano
    Jelo Feliciano 6 years ago +5

    Formula 1, the greatest competition, cars designed and engineered by the brightest minds, driven to the edge and beyond by the world's chosen few. Teams rise and fall, while drivers come and go, but echoes of the past always remain, competing in arenas that stood the test of time, where glory and failure is only separated by fractions. With victories are rescued from the jaws of defeat. This is where history is made, This is Formula 1

    SKINMECOUK SM 6 years ago

    I like the end

  • Fabio Contier
    Fabio Contier 6 years ago

    Good afternoon.
    I'm here to say that I'm disappointed in Codemasters F1 2013. How can you leave the track like Interlagos 2010 yet?. Did you not watch the races and not seek details?, A company like Codemasters, one of the best has the ability to leave Interlagos 2010, only change textures, shame!! I like Formula 1 fan I am completely disappointed with you, did not expect so important a company selling a product with minor updates, selling an old product labeling as new. !! rFactor FOREVER!

  • sh0xXx89
    sh0xXx89 6 years ago

    copyright issues

  • PullTheTricker ,
    PullTheTricker , 6 years ago

    Fantastic trailer!

  • Roy
    Roy 6 years ago

    i live in canada so i have to wait to the 8th while all you europeans are playing it

  • vdude is cool
    vdude is cool 6 years ago

    Best. Trailer. Ever.

  • Jesper Winkes
    Jesper Winkes 6 years ago

    What is the song?

  • Ivan Bekish
    Ivan Bekish 6 years ago

    getting it today

  • mfgIcarlos
    mfgIcarlos 6 years ago

    Epischer Sound!

  • Humor Botafoguense
    Humor Botafoguense 6 years ago

    Xbox 360?

  • LovetheGumby
    LovetheGumby 6 years ago

    No Senna :(

  • Jacob Buchanan
    Jacob Buchanan 6 years ago

    wouldve been better if it was sam posey

  • Maciej Maciex
    Maciej Maciex 6 years ago

    4th October for Poland too.

  • seco46
    seco46 6 years ago

    KPM - Athena

  • asdrewq rfurnw
    asdrewq rfurnw 6 years ago

    What is the song???

  • Bluen _p
    Bluen _p 6 years ago

    No, i am not working for them. And i think it already is an excellent game for what i have seen, but i will watch reviews before buying it.

  • gabi8o
    gabi8o 6 years ago

    and one more.
    Do you work for them ? I'd like to think not.
    Do you not wish a GOOD product for your money?

  • gabi8o
    gabi8o 6 years ago

    1. Replays are useful? Do you ever played Rfactor? You will see there a very good replay sistem.
    2. Physics? Play a little LFS, or RBR, or even Race07.
    3. Too many negative votes or not, it is for sure that i speak for all those guys who wants something real, made from passion and not for money. but i will continue dreaming on....

  • total3dx
    total3dx 6 years ago

    2013 but graphics still not as real as possible

  • nick47crg
    nick47crg 6 years ago

    The dialogue at the start gives me chills.

  • leon ali
    leon ali 6 years ago

    4th october for UK. 8th october for US. for other places it varies.

  • Adam Rubidge
    Adam Rubidge 6 years ago

    This trailer would have been faultless if it was read by Eddie Jordan!

  • paddyt007
    paddyt007 6 years ago

    This should have been the advert.

  • jaap lagcher
    jaap lagcher 6 years ago

    ziet er echt super uit

  • robertomarx
    robertomarx 6 years ago

    That's true, i forgot about it. And CM's F1 its an official F1, i really don't understand why they don't do it.


    F1 2006 also had the TV cameras and the original HUD, i do not understand that costs

  • l30n.p _
    l30n.p _ 6 years ago

    anybody the game to release date ?

  • robertomarx
    robertomarx 6 years ago

    Its Reiza Studios. They own the rights to it. And they are making a Senna's game, but its a simulator, not an arcade F1.

  • robertomarx
    robertomarx 6 years ago

    If you don't agree with him, then im sure you don't have any of the other ones made by CM like 2010-2012.

  • robertomarx
    robertomarx 6 years ago

    1:01 Classic CM's F1 crashes. The only kind of crash that can happen in CM's F1, a spin. Why? Well simply because in CM's F1 even in a spin the car still can't lose downforce. lol

  • robertomarx
    robertomarx 6 years ago

    That's something i can't believe they still don't have. They say its an Official F1 game, but it is their fourth F1 game and still no FIA HUD and neither cameras. I remember when Nintendo did their F1 for N64, it was using a hud like the real F1.