Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2


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  • Funnyman1
    Funnyman1 Hour ago

    I wonder how much it would cost to have babish cook you a meal

  • Kimira Kash
    Kimira Kash 3 hours ago

    Take it easy I’m just needling ya

  • AdenTheOriginal
    AdenTheOriginal 6 hours ago


    After i beat the game i got pissed that Arthur died

  • Melancholic
    Melancholic 6 hours ago

    This bear stew is making me wanna go to Tahiti

  • Dom Sim
    Dom Sim 7 hours ago

    Music name?

  • Wolfen Her
    Wolfen Her 9 hours ago

    Are their any restaurants out there that still making bear stew at this time of year of 2019?

  • Oneira xD
    Oneira xD 10 hours ago

    The effort in this is sooo muchh
    Its soo good

  • Aidyn Wyatt
    Aidyn Wyatt 13 hours ago


  • DarkDragon
    DarkDragon 18 hours ago

    did you get the meat from the same place when you did the every meat burrito

    SSNACKTIME Day ago

    make cocaine gum

  • Brennen tomassoni

    I’ve recently talked to a guy who’s going to help me go bear hunting, so I can make this recipe for real

  • Gas Mask
    Gas Mask Day ago

    DUTCH oven, hehe.

  • Tom Ives
    Tom Ives Day ago

    Are you wearing...two vests? Lol

  • Oliver O
    Oliver O Day ago

    Pearson would be so proud

  • loolya3
    loolya3 Day ago +1

    this is and that was fucking beautiful love you babish thank you for all your hard work and I can definitely see passion in your work not only that but most importantly you seem to enjoy it and that's the most important part of it and we enjoy it as well so its a win win on both sides thanks for bringing us our favorite foods from our favorite movies and tv shows and video games and one more request I really want to make I really hope you get a chance to do foods and drinks from video games more often

  • Justin Gay
    Justin Gay Day ago

    Metal utensils on a Dutch Oven? Ouch.

  • Cardboard
    Cardboard Day ago

    I think you are probably more meticulous than Pearson ever was.

  • Andrew Ace
    Andrew Ace Day ago

    Y'here that Babish? Yer yella...

  • Nathan Rooney
    Nathan Rooney Day ago

    I remember when Arthur was still alive

  • Fuzunga
    Fuzunga Day ago

    Only Babish goes above and beyond recreating recipes.

  • Luke Dearey
    Luke Dearey 2 days ago

    the dislike was for the fucking cowboy stereotype

  • Adam Davenport
    Adam Davenport 2 days ago


  • Drew OwO
    Drew OwO 2 days ago +1

    Oooh that voice 😫

  • N B
    N B 2 days ago

    So with hearing whitetail and instantly thinking of deer and hunting and being from Maryland, I’ve heard that all the geese are staying up in New York, and being pretty sure your in New York, can you confirm seeing lots of Canadians up their?

  • noface
    noface 2 days ago


  • Volkon
    Volkon 2 days ago

    1.7k liberals

  • CosGaulo
    CosGaulo 2 days ago

    not sure if binging with babish or bbq pit boys

  • Hydranox
    Hydranox 2 days ago

    I’d love to see some of the monster hunter world meals, they’re huge but they look pretty yummy!

  • Dennis Kohls
    Dennis Kohls 2 days ago

    You used a *DUTCH* oven!

  • chubb chubbs
    chubb chubbs 3 days ago

    Ha! Heavy DUTCH oven, Okay babish.

  • Scrimp0
    Scrimp0 3 days ago

    *yee-haw intensifies*

  • Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi
    Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi 3 days ago

    Holy hell, I could *bear* ly contain my laughter watching this
    I’ll see myself out now

  • TheSkyWookie
    TheSkyWookie 3 days ago

    I watched this multiple times...the first few I couldn't figure out whether or not this was all CGI, but then I began to realize it was real..I think (?)

  • Abdel Sayed
    Abdel Sayed 3 days ago +1


  • Adrian Sandy
    Adrian Sandy 3 days ago

    Okay, A bear stew really makin me hungry

  • Ventus Dregnova
    Ventus Dregnova 3 days ago

    I realy want to see him make food from the anime food wars

  • Cody Deakle
    Cody Deakle 3 days ago

    That bear meat can give you lumbago watch out...

  • Jacob Galvan
    Jacob Galvan 3 days ago

    Just now on red dead 2 literally just now I put my horse and relatively normal speed I flipped on the cinematic camera Went downstairs with this video on my phone made a sandwich and drink some Dr Pepper finished watching the video I was in Saint-Denis and I set the way point for the McFarland ranch and when I was done I want upstairs back to my room and I was at the Ranch I fucking love this game and you Arron ray

  • Billy Rusdiandy
    Billy Rusdiandy 3 days ago

    More outdoor cooking pls

  • R O X Λ S
    R O X Λ S 3 days ago


  • Sealdrop
    Sealdrop 3 days ago


  • Earl Salamander
    Earl Salamander 4 days ago


  • Ryan is Bappo
    Ryan is Bappo 4 days ago +1

    I can't cook it, I got lumbago y'know, it's really serious.

  • Hunter playz 1
    Hunter playz 1 4 days ago

    This is awesome I love red dead 2

  • H3rvin
    H3rvin 4 days ago

    2:40 oh dang

  • Zyndicate
    Zyndicate 4 days ago

    How the hell did you do that voice was it from the game or did you hire the voice actor to do the narration

  • Olive
    Olive 4 days ago

    I would also love to see him do the lobster bisque stew thing you can get in saloons some times.

  • Olive
    Olive 4 days ago


  • Courtney Rae
    Courtney Rae 4 days ago

    Gotta be brave to Dutch oven some bear 😂

  • The pumpkin Gamer
    The pumpkin Gamer 4 days ago


  • zombiejack3 zombiejack3

    Lol he said a Dutch oven

  • Alex Watkins
    Alex Watkins 4 days ago

    Brunswick stew orginally used wild game.

  • Karol Justin Lector
    Karol Justin Lector 4 days ago

    How do you make the bear meat taste and smell good babish?

  • MasterGaming Nic
    MasterGaming Nic 4 days ago

    Doesn’t sound like Arthur but great Texan accent.Of course, nothin Beats Texan accent other than real Texans. My sentence sounds so weird XD.

  • Nashyj495
    Nashyj495 4 days ago

    That Arthur Morgan impression was spot on

  • 5dethtojoker
    5dethtojoker 4 days ago

    You have turned soft city boy. Go bake another soufle.

  • Gary Stinten
    Gary Stinten 4 days ago

    add a cup of bourbon.. improves deadeye.

  • flying oreo 345
    flying oreo 345 4 days ago

    With the hat you look like coyote Peterson

    DJNATION 5 days ago

    “A heavy DuTcH oven”

  • birb birb
    birb birb 5 days ago

    Haha suckers, I made the stew along w him and I’m absolutely feasting rn

  • Pixelated Goodness
    Pixelated Goodness 5 days ago

    Heavy dutch oven?



  • Mister Nomad
    Mister Nomad 5 days ago

    Does he have some god damm faith tho.

  • Soviet Baguette
    Soviet Baguette 5 days ago

    i love your voice man! all your recipes are amazing! and your humor is amazing as well!

  • spehizle
    spehizle 5 days ago

    Didn't track, hunt, skin, and butcher it himself. Unsubscribed.

  • DIY Prophacks
    DIY Prophacks 5 days ago

    It's not 2018 anymore, can I still use a bowl?

  • Careless Carl
    Careless Carl 5 days ago +1

    I thought it was heavy from tf2 that made bear stew

    • TrumpReacts
      TrumpReacts 4 days ago

      Rly bro, thats like saying I thought Burger King made burgers not Mac Donalds, THEY BOTH DO

  • Caesa r
    Caesa r 5 days ago

    L U M B A G O

  • Boar
    Boar 5 days ago

    Song name?

  • Justine Aaron Nico Rigos

    do we bear bare kalzone

  • Phresh 88.8
    Phresh 88.8 5 days ago

    Was devostated when the accent chanhed

  • Alex Prior
    Alex Prior 6 days ago

    Dang it sounds like the TB really got the best of Arthur

  • Alex Prior
    Alex Prior 6 days ago

    Me: hears "DUTCH oven"

  • FoxeyPlayz
    FoxeyPlayz 6 days ago

    Lol the voice in the game will forever be trever Philips

  • Duffy United
    Duffy United 6 days ago

    Aye Dutch Oven!

  • Belle of the ball
    Belle of the ball 6 days ago

    thank god im not the only one who thought the stew looked delicious

  • Mouathia Yang
    Mouathia Yang 6 days ago


  • Ben D.
    Ben D. 6 days ago

    A Dutch oven...? Missed an opportunity for a joke there lol

  • Austin Van Schaick
    Austin Van Schaick 6 days ago

    Haha, DUTCH oven, nice pun

  • Peter Pajersky
    Peter Pajersky 6 days ago

    classic chef: itll be ready, when its ready. I love saying that to foh managers.

  • S Bensel
    S Bensel 6 days ago

    Every time you said rabbit meat I dramatically turned towards my rabbit lmao

  • LogicMan 143
    LogicMan 143 6 days ago

    Sounds a lot more like Clint Eastwood than Arthur. Just saying.

  • Micky Bhoy
    Micky Bhoy 6 days ago

    Your best vid ever🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tyler Voxx
    Tyler Voxx 6 days ago

    The Dutch oven neEDS MORE THYME, ARTHUR

  • TheAnimeYoungin -
    TheAnimeYoungin - 6 days ago

    Wow ..True talent

  • TominBach
    TominBach 6 days ago

    Not really supposed to use a knife that makes you chop things into a minimum 1/4 " pieces.

  • Stephanie Alonso
    Stephanie Alonso 6 days ago

    I’m living for this. Thank you.

  • dang do
    dang do 6 days ago

    what is the knife that you used in this video and where can I get one?

  • amber Parker
    amber Parker 6 days ago

    I'd soo try that

  • Elijah Frazier
    Elijah Frazier 6 days ago

    He said Dutch Oven!!!!!!

  • KadenThe Kreator
    KadenThe Kreator 7 days ago

    I’m from Texas so I’m offended

  • ezrub dell
    ezrub dell 7 days ago

    O R T H E R !!!!

  • Samuel De Maio
    Samuel De Maio 7 days ago

    2 months playing rdr2

  • Allen Varble
    Allen Varble 7 days ago

    Tried for myself. I must say, it was beautiful. I brought some to my culinary class and ppl loved it. I had no lunch left

  • sailorcaramel
    sailorcaramel 7 days ago

    Wait! That was Babish's voice? Also! Who eats bears?

  • dusty allen
    dusty allen 7 days ago

    Always heard the fond called grenlay

  • Trevin Moulton
    Trevin Moulton 7 days ago

    Babish this video is fantastically done and I love you.

  • dillbill2A
    dillbill2A 7 days ago

    I think we need more cooking outside videos from you Babish.

  • Licensed Rock4
    Licensed Rock4 7 days ago +1

    You should have shared it with LENNNYYYYY

  • Cuban Desperado
    Cuban Desperado 7 days ago

    You’re missing your peace maker fella

  • Anthony Bouchard
    Anthony Bouchard 7 days ago

    LENNY !