Lady Gaga On The Red Carpet | 2019 GRAMMYs

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Lady Gaga on the red carpet at the 61st GRAMMY Awards on Feb. 10, 2019, at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.
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Comments • 91

  • Raphael H
    Raphael H 6 months ago +1

    Mark Ronson at 0:21

  • Furkan Utso
    Furkan Utso 7 months ago

    This shoes not for the dress

  • Janete Estela Schmitt
    Janete Estela Schmitt 7 months ago

    Queen flop kkkkkk

  • Janete Estela Schmitt
    Janete Estela Schmitt 7 months ago

    flop :)

  • carol marcos
    carol marcos 7 months ago

    I am hoping she is now single like to see her get back with Taylor :

  • Cristian Lopez
    Cristian Lopez 7 months ago

    she´s so beautiful !!! Me encanta su actitud con las cámaras, empoderada, sexy, millonaria, talentosa etc jajajajaja Love u Gaga

  • Chanelle Ramsay
    Chanelle Ramsay 7 months ago

    The most gorgeous human being in this world ❤😭❤

  • Quintensity
    Quintensity 7 months ago

    This was the only reason to watch the grammys... Lady Gaga... I just... can't handle it.

  • Johnlery Blanco
    Johnlery Blanco 7 months ago +1

    that so undone hair. says “just as free as my hair”.
    love it❤️❤️

  • Julio Ibarra
    Julio Ibarra 7 months ago +1


  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie 7 months ago

    She's stunning!

  • Jaret pm
    Jaret pm 7 months ago

    Bien perra ella

  • Aline Rosa
    Aline Rosa 7 months ago


  • Ahlem Loulou
    Ahlem Loulou 7 months ago

    He was always with miley but since its gaga fuck to miley

  • Dixon wave
    Dixon wave 7 months ago

    she's didi plastic surgery so bad lmao

  • PCA219
    PCA219 7 months ago +1

    In love with this outfit! She looks amazing😍

  • Mariana Perez
    Mariana Perez 7 months ago


  • Deer Heart
    Deer Heart 7 months ago

    She looked great ....I feel annoyed that they made her character look awful in asib.....that orange hair ....I didn't get it ...she could have looked fantastic

  • leonam leonam
    leonam leonam 7 months ago

    Where's her performance???

  • Alex K
    Alex K 7 months ago

    Lady Gaga, one of them, in a beautiful outfit !!!
    From the egg, beautiful Lady hatched !!
    Little black dress from Chanel, this is yours, I recommend !! You are beautiful!!

  • J. G.I
    J. G.I 7 months ago +9

    Queen of Music industry and the movie industry.. wow..

  • Gimmy Kthupi
    Gimmy Kthupi 7 months ago +1


  • Furious Doll
    Furious Doll 7 months ago +3


  • Furious Doll
    Furious Doll 7 months ago +3


  • Özgür Çalışkan
    Özgür Çalışkan 7 months ago

    Taylor MOmsen?

  • Eu Drivo
    Eu Drivo 7 months ago +2


  • Xerneas 23
    Xerneas 23 7 months ago

    Omaaa QUEEN😍

  • Александр Михайлов

    моя киса

  • Kyla Schmitt
    Kyla Schmitt 7 months ago

    Lady Gaga looks a bit like Taylor Momsen with that hair 😊🖤

  • ZAC JB
    ZAC JB 7 months ago +2


  • Lobstep Gaming
    Lobstep Gaming 7 months ago +2

    Papa Paparazzi

  • Ryan 77
    Ryan 77 7 months ago +9

    sent from God. Queen Of Pop. Lady Gaga

  • Angel
    Angel 7 months ago +3

    QUEEN 👑

  • Tarmizi 6861
    Tarmizi 6861 7 months ago

    Very beautyfull n nice face##congrat lady##FOREVER LADY GAGA##SO PRETTY##LOVE FROM MALAYSIA

  • LaVioletaAmatista
    LaVioletaAmatista 7 months ago +27

    Yesssss her little poses are so cute

  • GagaBullets
    GagaBullets 7 months ago +76

    The new definition of a Queen is Lady Gaga. She's not just the Queen of Pop, she's more than that.

  • Ghafar GH
    Ghafar GH 7 months ago

    Stunning Yaaasss gaga

  • duras200
    duras200 7 months ago +13

    Lady Gaga is not wearing her engagement ring.

    • Roseann Garcia
      Roseann Garcia 7 months ago +2

      I NOTICED the same thing, and Christian wasn't with her. HMMM..I wish she and Taylor would reconcile because Bradley is way out of the picture. She loves him too much to have him...

  • Endtyme
    Endtyme 7 months ago

    She was STUNNING! i´d love her getting more into rock at future same as Miley Cyrus.Both has the power voice & attitude and Pop it´s getting small for such a strong bitches ;)

  • Zo
    Zo 7 months ago +1


  • Raphael Maitam
    Raphael Maitam 7 months ago +1


  • jess
    jess 7 months ago +4

    from here we can appreciate all the flaws she doesn't have

  • Antonio Bissett
    Antonio Bissett 7 months ago +3

    QUEEN 💕

  • True BeautyJ
    True BeautyJ 7 months ago +11

    She looks gorgeous!

  • Monse Avila
    Monse Avila 7 months ago +1

    The only queen

  • Bismarck Perez
    Bismarck Perez 7 months ago +3

    She’s still hot 🥵

    GANDALF 7 months ago +3


  • Dandi Dimas
    Dandi Dimas 7 months ago +2

    Yaas. Gaga

    ITCHY GINGI 7 months ago +2


  • G Bon
    G Bon 7 months ago +1


  • Andresytius Felype
    Andresytius Felype 7 months ago +1


  • rayminthecat
    rayminthecat 7 months ago

    I thought that was kaley cuoco!

  • hollysaga
    hollysaga 7 months ago +33

    Best human ever

  • Renato Gamer 2.0
    Renato Gamer 2.0 7 months ago +8

    I love her 😍

  • D.
    D. 7 months ago +2

    Is she high? She seems to

  • Edgardo M.
    Edgardo M. 7 months ago +2


  • Hugo Galas
    Hugo Galas 7 months ago +11

    Sex in the afternoon hair, love it.

  • Jenny GR
    Jenny GR 7 months ago +3

    Mi Gaga hermosa!!! 👑

  • Roberto frías
    Roberto frías 7 months ago +3

    Diosa de la música

  • LizVictory6661
    LizVictory6661 7 months ago +101

    The hair 😍😍😍😍😍 and she just get better with age, she's a classic