The MMA Hour: Episode 424 (w/ GSP, Cyborg, Ortega, O'Malley, Dern, Mousasi, more)

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • 1 p.m. ET -- We'll recap the week that was in MMA, including UFC 222.
    1:25 p.m. -- Sean O'Malley will look back at his win over Andre Soukhamthath at UFC 222.
    1:45 p.m. -- Brian Ortega will discuss his win over Frankie Edgar at UFC 222.
    2:05 p.m. -- Holly Holm will talk about the UFC 222 main event and discuss what's next for her.
    2:25 p.m. -- Jon Fitch will talk about signing with Bellator MMA and his debut in May against Paul Daley.
    2:45 p.m. -- Gegard Mousasi will preview his Bellator 200 fight against Rafael Carvalho.
    3:05 p.m. -- Georges St-Pierre will update us on his health status and fighting future.
    3:30 p.m. -- Luke Rockhold will look back at his loss to Yoel Romero, ahead to what's next for him and talk about his new Ralph Lauren campaign.
    3:50 p.m. -- Bellator bantamweight champion Darrion Caldwell will recap his win over Leandro Higo on Friday.
    4:10 p.m. -- Nick Newell will talk about why he's coming out of retirement to fight at LFA 35 this weekend.
    4:30 p.m. -- Mackenzie Dern will recap her victorious UFC debut against Ashley Yoder.
    4:50 p.m. -- Cris Cyborg will talk about her win over Yana Kunitskaya at UFC 222 and what's next for her.
    5:10 p.m. -- Mike Goldberg will talk about the passing of long-time UFC producer Bruce Connal.
    5:30 p.m. -- The MMA (After) Hour will air exclusively on Twitter. We’ll showcase Ric's Picks and answer your questions sent via the hashtag #themmahour.
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Comments • 349

  • Йордан Василев

    Gegard the G.O.A.T

    DREVM 13 days ago

    Why did MMAFighting put the time stamps in for like three weeks then stop? They obviously know we want them, it makes no sense.

  • I'm A4RON
    I'm A4RON 13 days ago


  • Dave Walk
    Dave Walk 14 days ago

    Gegard Mousasi is great -I love the guy. Luke Rockhold is a pretentious, arrogant bore. :(

  • Armenian Tupac
    Armenian Tupac 14 days ago +1

    Gegard Mousasi Pride of Armenian ...great funny interview thanks 2 u both and always good to GSP as well

  • luke rogers
    luke rogers 14 days ago

    4:15:00 "Voice is more broke than you broke bums." - Conor Bless.

  • Broc
    Broc 14 days ago

    Fitch sounds like a commie...

  • Broc
    Broc 14 days ago

    Jon Fitch just called Scott Coker "Steel Cocker" @1:36:52

  • Andrew F.
    Andrew F. 14 days ago

    It's kind of sad that the charity turned out to be a Gracie University advert. I had high hopes for his message and impact. But its more BJJ is the answer to everything BS from Rener.

  • luke rogers
    luke rogers 14 days ago

    I'd hate to be a female MMA fighter with a black eye and walk around with a guy, cuz you know what everyone will be thinking.

  • MrRyanh90
    MrRyanh90 15 days ago

    GSP VS khabib

  • Stephen Canning
    Stephen Canning 15 days ago

    Ya know, thats ya know, Darrion "ya know" Caldwell Ya Know...

  • Bob Ayaiga
    Bob Ayaiga 15 days ago

    Lol makinzie derns trying to keep the broken accent...
    "I'm excite to see" to "I'm excited to go back and see where i need to do my homework."

  • Georges St-ock Market- Pierre

    Luke is so full of him self, its hilarious

  • Georges St-ock Market- Pierre

    Luke” Ralph himself flew me out” Rockhold

  • Chimney Fish
    Chimney Fish 15 days ago

    Forget the accent, why does Dern say everything like it's a hilarious story?

    ARFOR DeTWENTI 15 days ago

    1:48:30 Get him, Ariel!!

  • A L
    A L 16 days ago

    loads of respect for jon fitch

  • Take Flight
    Take Flight 16 days ago +1

    I’ve had the honor to meet Gerard in person, one of the most down to earth guy I’ve ever met. Very humble man.

  • Ricky Martinez
    Ricky Martinez 16 days ago

    Son of a fitch! I love me some scote cocker too!

  • Denisse Gutierrez
    Denisse Gutierrez 16 days ago

    ARIEL you are dope af I literally plan my Mondays around your podcast

  • Jan Laser
    Jan Laser 16 days ago

    Timecode guy where are you?

  • J G
    J G 16 days ago

    Cyborg still transitioning i see.

  • SpecialBrowny74
    SpecialBrowny74 16 days ago

    This really needs to be a five hour episode?

  • Jose Leal
    Jose Leal 16 days ago

    Ariel "awkward silent pauses" Helwani

  • Tong BokeZ
    Tong BokeZ 16 days ago

    Nick "Breaking News" Newell

  • Kyle Ferreira
    Kyle Ferreira 17 days ago

    Where's the dude in the comments that has all the start times of the guests....... lol

  • Sm0keyMcP0t420
    Sm0keyMcP0t420 17 days ago

    Georges St-GOAT

  • Vladimír Grebennikov
    Vladimír Grebennikov 17 days ago

    Rener Gracie looks like a brother of Ariel

  • Joshua Gentili
    Joshua Gentili 17 days ago

    It is a monopoly.
    Its too hard to change what the UFC has created.
    Creating teams competing in the league the UFC, could be a way to remove the monopoly and generate a yearly income for fighters.
    10 teams for example, TEAM AKA, TEAM X TEAM Y. Then they each own fighters who fight in each division trying to see which team is the best and which team holds the most titles/has the best fighters in the x weight class.

  • Good Times Network
    Good Times Network 17 days ago


  • Good Times Network
    Good Times Network 17 days ago +3

    Gegard "what can I say"? Mousasi

  • ♐BRILL 39327
    ♐BRILL 39327 17 days ago

    Damn lost all respect for Brian Ortega knowing he travels the country teaching jiu jitsu to cops.

  • Exodus
    Exodus 17 days ago +6

    2:03:29 Gegard Mousasi

  • Jeremy Couch
    Jeremy Couch 17 days ago

    Ariel's logic and facts seemed to confuse the poor guy lol

  • Jeremy Couch
    Jeremy Couch 17 days ago

    SMH... Fitch has no idea of what a free market is and that makes him sound ridiculous.

  • Alex Red
    Alex Red 17 days ago

    I didn't know Morrissey is fighting in Bellator!

  • Kelly Kenney
    Kelly Kenney 17 days ago

    Ariel is outstanding at his job.

  • mike a
    mike a 17 days ago

    2:38:30 what did GSP say there?

  • Cinno Crown
    Cinno Crown 17 days ago

    Jon “bad stylistic matchup” Fitch

  • N F
    N F 17 days ago

    Gsp is annoying

  • Nick Name
    Nick Name 17 days ago

    Georges ... ZZZ...ZZZ...ZZZ

    TheMATROCKS 17 days ago +2

    As an iranian i can confidently say im super salty that Gegard didnt get paid well enough to stay until hes a champ. I always thought i was biased because of our heritage but its nice to see other MMA fans in the comments confirming his talent. #gogegard.

      TheMATROCKS 12 days ago

      DREVM after seeing bisping win a belt im pretty convinced anything can happen.

    • DREVM
      DREVM 13 days ago

      TheMATROCKS He would’ve never won the belt.

  • ThatKidSON
    ThatKidSON 17 days ago +1

    McKenzie English has gotten even worse since Saturday.. she's forgetting her native language at a blistering pace

    • DREVM
      DREVM 13 days ago +1

      ThatKidSON She lives in Brazil, grew up with a Brazilian father and spends all her time around Brazilians. People act like she’s faking it or something but if you know Brazilians it sounds natural.

  • PsyintZ
    PsyintZ 17 days ago +1

    Gotta love GSP's vernacular... "I believe I answer de criticizers!"

  • toolband1992
    toolband1992 17 days ago


  • PsyintZ
    PsyintZ 17 days ago +1

    Jon "Scote Cocker" Fitch?

  • 100k Subcribers without any videos

    Anyone subscribe I will do 1 sit up. Keep in mind I'm so fat

  • chris low
    chris low 17 days ago +1

    what happened to the Rory McDonald bobble head? Was it just the box?

  • D Keez
    D Keez 17 days ago

    Yikes, Holm's starting to sound punchy.

  • H Lee
    H Lee 17 days ago

    I loved lookin at Mackenzie fat ass jiggling when she was fighting
    So refreshing to see a woman with a real woman’s body instead
    Of chics who look like dudes all the time.

  • CaptainCranch
    CaptainCranch 17 days ago

    would be nice if Brian can have his own interview without Rener next to him everywhere he goes... you can tell it kinda bothered Ariel lol

  • calidrox
    calidrox 17 days ago

    omg in tearing up crying.....ariel was farting all through Ortega interview 🤣🤣🤣

  • H Lee
    H Lee 17 days ago

    Is he gay? (Ortez)
    Is that his gay lover?

  • Hanoi Tripper
    Hanoi Tripper 17 days ago +8

    Gegard "the Kinky one" Mousasi

  • Frank A
    Frank A 17 days ago

    Ariel "Am I Nitpicking" Helwani

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor 17 days ago

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  • Rocky Moore
    Rocky Moore 17 days ago

    anyone else just get tired of hearing Fitch whine.

  • james swain
    james swain 17 days ago

    Hmm very interesting with John Finch. I didn't get what he ment at the beginning. But at the end of the interview I see what he means.
    Yo can we do a 2hour special on this subject with John Finch??? I would like that 😀

  • james swain
    james swain 17 days ago

    I would never buy any rebook product due to this. Since the rebook deal I haven't.
    Seriously does any one buy those crap rebook fight gear.

  • Bryan Gray
    Bryan Gray 17 days ago

    Love Rener man but jeez let Brian have the limelight for once!

  • Dennis Jonon
    Dennis Jonon 17 days ago

    i feel really bad that mckenzie dern thinks shes good..i mean honestly, she got lucky with those judges, and she should of lost just due to her looks and how she moves her lol

  • Vivek Lol
    Vivek Lol 17 days ago

    Subcribe to my channel please

  • Joel Rodriguez
    Joel Rodriguez 17 days ago

    Did GSP say "Negro Sport"? lol

  • jedi run
    jedi run 17 days ago +1

    Cyborg is The GOAT

  • Zooescape
    Zooescape 17 days ago

    Chris "I'm excite to be fight all duh peee-pole" Cyborg

  • Petros11888
    Petros11888 17 days ago

    Man, ask Rener his age or sth and he'll tell his whole life story lol

  • Juan Esteban
    Juan Esteban 18 days ago +5

    2:38:28 It's not a negro sport.
    Say what???
    It's not an ego sport.
    Ah ok ok

  • mokodo _
    mokodo _ 18 days ago

    i love him, but i feel like a conversation with mike goldberg would include a lot of drifting in and out of conversation and nodding and smiiling a lot

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali 18 days ago +10

    I came here for Gegard

  • King Arthaus Gaming
    King Arthaus Gaming 18 days ago +3

    hope geroges fights again

      TheMATROCKS 17 days ago

      Hey at least you put the S in georges in the right place

  • Rev
    Rev 18 days ago

    I’m trying to smoke some Sugar Show OG in Colorado my dude

  • Vine First
    Vine First 18 days ago

  • Animalistic Mind
    Animalistic Mind 18 days ago +4

    Ariel had sex with luke Thomas 2 years ago

  • Still. Not.Bitten
    Still. Not.Bitten 18 days ago +1

    2:38:00 GSP.exe has stopped working

  • Filip Berg
    Filip Berg 18 days ago

    Playing this on half speed makes ariel sound drunk af

  • scottyalto
    scottyalto 18 days ago

    Fyi. Audio is bad. Too quiet. Better here. Unlistenable on stitcher.

  • Simon
    Simon 18 days ago

    Why would you ever split the podcast into five separate parts?

  • enel777
    enel777 18 days ago +15

    53:40 HAHAHA dam ariel farted !!

    • enel777
      enel777 17 days ago +2

      are you guys tapped in the head, its obviously a vibration from a mobile

    • PsyintZ
      PsyintZ 17 days ago +3

      While you're right, I'm pretty sure that wasn't even what it was, unless Ariel started mic'ing up his backside for some reason. I'm leaning more toward his phone vibrating.

    • Rev
      Rev 17 days ago

      Cut him some slack, he sits in a chair for 6 hours a day without a bathroom break. Just for our amusement.

    • PsyintZ
      PsyintZ 17 days ago +4

      What are you? 8?

  • TheMentalDestroyer
    TheMentalDestroyer 18 days ago +1

    Imagine GSP & Jeff Wagenheim having a conversation.

  • andreas bjuvegård
    andreas bjuvegård 18 days ago +1

    Vallentina in Cris camp 😮😮

    • andreas bjuvegård
      andreas bjuvegård 13 days ago

      DREVM i agree whith you. 💪

    • DREVM
      DREVM 13 days ago

      andreas bjuvegård The two best in the world. Iron sharpens iron. Valentina won the last fight with Amanda in my opinion.

  • yodaonthedrums
    yodaonthedrums 18 days ago

    This is literally my first time posting ever and I’m a hardcore fan who is all for fighter rights but god damn, Fitch sounded like a complete idiotic jack ass

    • CJ Cahill
      CJ Cahill 17 days ago +1

      Wow, everything he said went completely over your head huh?

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor 18 days ago

    Who's the female bobble head any one know

  • Joost Horstman
    Joost Horstman 18 days ago +7

    Go Gegard!

  • therealmo
    therealmo 18 days ago

    Jon Fitch's interview was more interesting than any of his fights

  • therealmo
    therealmo 18 days ago

    Wasn't Frank Shamrock able to get out of his contract as Champion?

  • number1gstar
    number1gstar 18 days ago +2

    "People don't know me , I'm kinky" - Cris Cyborg

  • Mustafa .1
    Mustafa .1 18 days ago

    CFC e

  • Tigran Grigorian
    Tigran Grigorian 18 days ago +13

    Mousasi is tha best

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    • Anthony 313
      Anthony 313 17 days ago

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      2 Bitcoins pay you 2nd Wednesday of next week

  • Stefan Dinglasan
    Stefan Dinglasan 18 days ago +5

    Jon Fitch is mixing up two different arguments. There is a free market. His example that Rory can't challenge Tyron for the UFC belt if he is not under contract with them is off. The UFC's proper comparison is as a league. If Real Madrid win the euroleague, they do not get to challenge the Golden State Warriors who are the champions of the NBA. There is a free market right now in MMA, it's just not a good one. Fighters have left the UFC for Japan, for bellator. What Fitch is really speaking about is revenue sharing which is very much needed in MMA. And that is where the union comes in. I believe NFL and NBA players make something of 51% of revenue, I could be off a little, point being significantly higher than what the UFC pays out its entire fight roster. That's where the sale price comes into play. Fighters should very much want at least half of that. But the free market argument is off. That would be some hypothetical fantasy where MMA is just one open sport and anyone can fight anyone. There are going to always be leagues/companies and that's what the UFC is.

  • ShowtimeThaRaptor
    ShowtimeThaRaptor 18 days ago +2

    Ariel always say some homosexual stuff every week lmao 🤣

  • J Parker
    J Parker 18 days ago +3

    Cringe Rockhold

  • Ryan Brett
    Ryan Brett 18 days ago +8

    Mackenzie Dern is such a babe

    • Hanoi Tripper
      Hanoi Tripper 16 days ago

      She Annoying a f

    • Rev
      Rev 17 days ago

      Joshua O'Flaherty she’s got a 7.8/10 face imo, but that body raises her up the scale even more.

    • Ryan Brett
      Ryan Brett 17 days ago

      Why should i be ashamed to be attracted to a top level athlete?...

    • Joseph Morales
      Joseph Morales 17 days ago +1

      Ryan Brett because she’s a pro fighter with cellulite. We past that, we left that in 2017..

    • Ryan Brett
      Ryan Brett 17 days ago

      Her smile is so genuine, it blows me up
      Also, how can you sleep on that body?!

  • Joost Horstman
    Joost Horstman 18 days ago

    Franky should just wait Max might beat Ortega and than Franky is next in line so why rush things with moving down to 135. He should atleast have have the payday (win or lose) for fighting the champ. If Ortega beats Max, than Franky can always move down if he likes.

  • Billy T
    Billy T 18 days ago +16

    Rockhold is such a bad communicator. So disrespectful to everyone he interviews with. So self absorbent. No wonder he is so unlikeable. Maybe he could get some public speaking lessons if he's smart enough to learn anything. Typical"dumb blonde" intelligence.

    • Billy T
      Billy T 11 days ago

      DREVM It makes me nothing more than a retired man since 2010 when I turned 50. And I still can afford lower level seats at UFC events. You?

    • DREVM
      DREVM 13 days ago

      Billy T He’s definitely smarter than your ass, so what does that make you?

    • Stephen Canning
      Stephen Canning 15 days ago

      Correct!! the difference between Luke and Conor is that Conor realised that it was the interviews were he could sell himself to the public. Luke is just not intelligent enough to see that and he's to self absorbent to even listen carefully to the questions and respect the interviewer.

    • Jimmy Powers
      Jimmy Powers 16 days ago +2

      Billy T agreed ! Every interview he does I like him less and less to the point I'm just sick of him. Same with Tyron

    • Rev
      Rev 17 days ago

      Corrine Arnold what’s the difference between cocky & arrogant?

  • Super Me
    Super Me 18 days ago +6

    Gegard is the GOAT

  • paul mchalw
    paul mchalw 18 days ago

    Ready to go when you are?, rules?? Excuse adds?

  • James Clark
    James Clark 18 days ago +1

    Where is the Rory action figure? You take it home?

  • miguel madrigal
    miguel madrigal 18 days ago +1

    why is gsp always screaming into the phone lmao