LOOKOUT! Toxic Starfish!

  • Published on Aug 31, 2017
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    On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and Mark go on their first official scuba diving adventure off the coast of Hawaii!
    The Hawaiian Islands, a well known divers paradise, boast some of the most amazing collections of marine life in the world…so the Brave Wilderness team figured “why not start at the top?!”
    If enjoying the clear blue waters off the coast of Kauai wasn’t enough, toward the end of their first dive Coyote discovers the infamous “Crown of Thorns” Sea Star and IT IS HUGE!
    Being one of the largest and most bizarre looking sea stars on earth, get this, the Crown of Thorns is also highly venomous!
    So will Coyote get spiked trying to display this aquatic pincushion to the cameras?
    Get ready to find out and meet one Toxic Starfish!
    HUGE thanks to Dive Masters Mike Hanna and Brian O’Hara for making this adventure possible and keeping Coyote and Mark safe on their first scuba diving adventure! If you’re ever in Kauai and want a first class scuba diving experience make sure to contact Mike and Brain and tell them Coyote sent you! - bit.ly/diveinkauai
    Special thanks to Aron Sanchez our marine life expert, please check out his channel here - bit.ly/waterbodychannel
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  • Brave Wilderness
    Brave Wilderness  4 years ago +8943

    Hooray! Video is now in HD! We had to re-upload due to processing error, sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy!

  • spooky doot doot
    spooky doot doot 2 years ago +3242

    “Do not attempt to handle wildlife on your own”
    *slowly puts down flower*

    • Lenny Arbis
      Lenny Arbis 5 days ago

      @Mosabbir jojo reference?

    • Lenny Arbis
      Lenny Arbis 5 days ago

      *Staying away from humans*

    • Mosabbir
      Mosabbir 10 months ago

      Throws dog in furnace.

    • 2besss
      2besss 10 months ago

      *slowly removes cat*

    • jay parks
      jay parks 10 months ago

      i caught one by hand in hawaii with no ill effects

  • themeez1000
    themeez1000 2 years ago +718

    Coyote, I'm a certified PADI Divemaster. I have over 3000 logged dives. Trust me the terror you talk about goes away and when you dive enough its almost like going home

    • Boba star🧋⭐️ #saveukraine
      Boba star🧋⭐️ #saveukraine 6 months ago

      @Brave Wilderness hi

    • themeez1000
      themeez1000 8 months ago

      @Aaron Gorton who are you talking too?

    • Aaron Gorton
      Aaron Gorton 8 months ago


    • Antonio Tejada
      Antonio Tejada 8 months ago

      @themeez1000 I’d think that if someone still feels “terror” from breathing underwater, that they’d be better off getting a bit more practice in a pool, no? (I remember when I took my open water class, the first pool session was just sitting in the water, getting used to the sensation of breathing underwater.)

    • Famous seagull
      Famous seagull 9 months ago +1

      @BoxBoi Gaming Nah, I'm 11 and I'm a certified diver.

  • シ꧁ℤᴇᑎ𝗻y̆̈ ꧂ت

    Starfish: what a nice day on my rock.... coyote: hi there bud *puts in bucket*. Starfish: HEY HEY WHAT THE HELL MAN?!?!

    • Roger Minnick
      Roger Minnick 2 months ago


    • Meme cultist
      Meme cultist 7 months ago +1


    • CoffeeToffee
      CoffeeToffee 8 months ago

      *"YO YO YO WHO TF ARE YOU-"* -The Crown Of Thorns Starfish

    • Waresha Khan
      Waresha Khan 9 months ago

      @Taco_XX_time 😂😂😂😂

    • Dipta Das
      Dipta Das 10 months ago +4

      These are toxic starfish
      Some believes they are more responsible for destruction of coral reefs than global warming
      This animals rapid outbreak can destroy the full coral reef within a year which takes hundred of years to grow.

  • Anna the Girl
    Anna the Girl Year ago +8

    Thanks brave wilderness for keeping me entertained and teaching me about animals!!!

  • Demigod Status
    Demigod Status Year ago +106

    Coyote: “For those of you that’s not scuba certified”
    Me: “I’m pretty sure none of us are”

    • S. K.
      S. K. 10 days ago

      I'm just trying to figure out what exactly would make you come to such an illogical conclusion.

    • beel-ze-bub ☆
      beel-ze-bub ☆ Month ago

      yeah i'm definitely not

    • Croissant Productions
      Croissant Productions 7 months ago

      i just KNEW that the first reply would be “I am”

    • Nicole Ramos
      Nicole Ramos 11 months ago


    • Kirsten Marie
      Kirsten Marie Year ago +1

      With the exception of the supposed divemaster I ran across earlier...

  • OnyxGuardian
    OnyxGuardian 4 years ago +1547

    He needs a diving version of his hat, he looks odd without it.

  • Awesome Animals Channel

    YEP we all end up in the ocean just like Steve! happy hunting : )

    • Ryan Mcwilliams
      Ryan Mcwilliams 9 months ago +2

      @Jeremy Kellam how are you going to tease a story then fall off planet earth dude! I must know what happened

    • Nik Tiniakos
      Nik Tiniakos 9 months ago

      @Jeremy Kellam tell the storry

    • Jeremy Kellam
      Jeremy Kellam Year ago +1

      Who wants to here this story about my cousins friend and coyote? (Not trying to be mean but this story is 100% true)

    • E
      E Year ago +3

      @Soft Drink thick plot armor

    •CLOWNEIR• Year ago +1

    I love this channel! Great job! 👍🏾 plz keep doing vids!

  • Matt Brazil
    Matt Brazil Year ago +1

    You guys do an absolutely wonderful job on these videos! The videos are entertaining and I love watching and also rewatching them! You guys put alot of effort into them and I love it!

  • Bill B
    Bill B Day ago

    Imagine if a giant sea star came to the land, scooped him up into a bucket, and brought him underwater for the camera...

  • Zerolunaa
    Zerolunaa 3 years ago +1293

    Coyote: This starfish is toxic!
    Also coyote: let me touch the spikes without gloves-

  • Neo Gold
    Neo Gold 2 years ago +134

    Coyote: This is a Crown of Thorns Starfish
    Me: That’s a Toxapex.

  • Harper Holzer
    Harper Holzer Year ago +6

    This man should have his own TV show! ❤️

  • Dominique
    Dominique Year ago +19

    "No, I'm not going to be spiked by the crown of thorns."
    "Now, I am curious..."
    I bet he's dreading the fact that it's venomous and can't spike himself with the seastar

  • Alora Molleston
    Alora Molleston Year ago +1

    I have a HUGE fear of the ocean but I still watch these all the time😂😂

  • Laila May
    Laila May 4 years ago +832

    I love how coyote never clickbaits me 😂

    • Just Monika
      Just Monika 4 months ago

      remember the giant tiabcilc

    • KRYPTO
      KRYPTO 2 years ago

      Bacon bitz - None.

    • jetts punch act
      jetts punch act 2 years ago

      Everybody stop saying Yeah he did tiabkcilc THAT CLICKBAIT BACKWARDS

    • Ducky Qauck
      Ducky Qauck 2 years ago

      Just wait till 2020 how much click bait were there be then?

    • leash44
      leash44 3 years ago


  • Angel Takami
    Angel Takami Year ago

    I can't help but be wowed about every fact and just looking at it!!! What a cool spikey buddy. Good job guys! ❤️

  • mad_jupiter
    mad_jupiter 11 months ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how concentrated he is

  • Snow_Wolf
    Snow_Wolf 2 years ago

    We have a sea star similar to this in Washington, my dad and I catch them accidentally in our crab traps. The ones we get are the sunflower sea star (I had to look that up lol), but still poisonous so we use our shoes to gently shove them back into the water.

  • Arc
    Arc 6 months ago

    The ocean is the only thing (besides space i suppose) that simultaneously fascinates and frightens me. I'd love to go deep sea diving one day.

  • Fmuh
    Fmuh 4 years ago +8803

    *coyote clean shaven, no hat, in a wetsuit*
    Me: who tf is that...?

  • Lablee Artsy
    Lablee Artsy Year ago

    My first time trying snorkeling in open sea water and this was one of the first things I saw underneath me..surely the sight would give you the creeps

  • Leigh Gentry
    Leigh Gentry Year ago +6

    My 6-year-old daughter Avery watches your videos. She loves them. This was one of her favorites, so she asked me to comment on it. She says, "Thank you for making these videos, Coyote! Please make more."

  • meggypeggy100
    meggypeggy100 2 years ago

    Beyond the tide is my favorite thing to whatch when I'm bored. I as so fascinated by the ocean and its amazing, beautiful, or bizzare creatures. I can't see them in real life, so this show is my window to the unknown.

  • Elise villa
    Elise villa 2 years ago +528

    Coyote: -Is about to touch spikes-
    Ad: Dove soap helps cracked skin-

  • Monte
    Monte 3 years ago +3192

    Who else thought that coyote in the beginning look like a diiferent person without a hat:v?

  • Shara
    Shara Year ago

    I love Coyote's video's so much!

  • heyy amigo
    heyy amigo Year ago +1

    This is great to watch during these times

  • EnderGasim Z
    EnderGasim Z Year ago

    I’ve seen many crown of thorns and they were all pretty small and the colors were completely different, unlike the one you saw it was a lot more blueish purple and the spikes were a lot thinner

  • fish baby
    fish baby 2 years ago +1

    He should start his own tv nature show.

  • Ziggy Zuggy
    Ziggy Zuggy 4 years ago +281

    I hope one day he shows us a giant pacific spider crab~
    They are huge and look awesome!

    • Rosemary Smith
      Rosemary Smith 4 years ago +1

      Shia LeMeouf ikr they r massive

    • The Hutch
      The Hutch 4 years ago +6

      Shia LeMeouf I hope he shows us a coconut crab

    • Tony Karkainen
      Tony Karkainen 4 years ago +1

      Aw Hek it's a Snek n

    • Flippin Egg
      Flippin Egg 4 years ago +3

      But spiders are amazing

    • Zli Kurac
      Zli Kurac 4 years ago +3

      Yeah he picks it up and it grabs his hand and cuts it off

  • Xxwolf packxX
    Xxwolf packxX 2 years ago +8

    Coyote:let me pick it up with gloves
    Mark:aww c'mon

  • Mason Hunter
    Mason Hunter Year ago +9

    His last words: “I didn’t know it could jump!”

  • Maple
    Maple 2 years ago

    this is one of my dreams to go scuba diving

  • datbrrto11
    datbrrto11 Year ago +1

    Coyote: I’m not going to intentionally spike myself
    Also coyote: *proceeds to remove glove*

  • Kai Kai
    Kai Kai 2 years ago +417

    Coyote: No I am not going to handle it with my bare hands
    Mark: Oh come on

  • ʎpuⱯ
    ʎpuⱯ 2 years ago +47

    "Crown of thorns"
    *completely ignores the sea urchin next to the sea star/star fish*

    • Marav Reviews
      Marav Reviews Year ago

      Poor of the urchin guy from splatoon.
      Idk his english name.

    • yanan liu
      yanan liu Year ago


    • FROG BOI
      FROG BOI Year ago +1

      'The sea urchin': am i a joke to you?

    • GoldenHydreigon 47
      GoldenHydreigon 47 2 years ago +10

      I mean, if I had to choose between Toxapex and Pincurchin, I would choose Toxapex every time ngl

  • Dis wallah
    Dis wallah Year ago +1

    Oh gosh I’ve never seen this creepy star fish 😨 🤯

  • Finnimations
    Finnimations 2 years ago +18

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Cayote: look at all the poo

  • Hoax でっち上げ

    did you know if an arm fall off and contains part of the central disk that arm will grow an entirely new starfish

  • The Abyss
    The Abyss 4 years ago +1297

    Loving these underwater videos! When are the shark videos coming?

  • Seth. L
    Seth. L Year ago +9

    Coyote: The sea star will crawl in very carefully
    "proceeds to dump the sea star in"

  • TheMarionick
    TheMarionick Year ago

    Coyote gets his diving license and instantly goes for one of the most dangerous animals he could get.

  • Lexi Janoch
    Lexi Janoch 11 months ago

    I love your videos, they are so cool!

  • Allison
    Allison Year ago

    I love how when you get a shot of things or even hair and bodies underwater, it doesn’t look wet, until you take it out LMAO

  • Doctor Dare
    Doctor Dare 3 years ago +636

    I love your channel because it’s never clickbait and you have really educative and interesting content. And you’ve got the guts.

    • XxAbby MorsexX
      XxAbby MorsexX 2 years ago

      i totally agree my bro-tato chip

    • Omega Knight 64
      Omega Knight 64 2 years ago

      He litterally made a clickbait viddo where the title was clickbait backwards.

    • Makayla Marie
      Makayla Marie 2 years ago +1

      He’s done clickbait once, and that was to surprise us with his new book

    • Riena-san
      Riena-san 2 years ago

      The girl with a marshmallow no she or he said this a year ago

  • Friend Size14
    Friend Size14 2 years ago +68

    Coyote:gets stung by the world's most strongest stinger
    Coyote:oHHHHH this is pretty much strong.......o
    Me:gets stung by a small mosquitoe

  • Stephen Wilford
    Stephen Wilford Year ago

    I am amazed and thankful for how brave he is for us.. but he needs to be more careful, no offence to him but he really should take a holiday

  • Monica Cuevas
    Monica Cuevas Year ago

    Love this show!!!

  • Team Julie's Crafts and More

    I don't know how often you guys read your comment section. However I would love for you guys to do a video on seahorses. See stars and seahorses are my ultimate favorite see animal's. dolphins and whales, especially the beluga whale are my ultimate sea mammals

  • Trying to gaming
    Trying to gaming 4 years ago +327

    I always wonder how Coyote is still alive after al his deadly animal finds.Anyone else?

    • Expert of Lizard Corrugation
      Expert of Lizard Corrugation 3 years ago

      @Chairman Jao Bai Den R.I.P. Steve Irwin may his legend never die

    • Expert of Lizard Corrugation
      Expert of Lizard Corrugation 3 years ago

      He's cautious around particularly dangerous animals, and generally respects them. He knows how to deal with a dangerous situations

    • Its Me
      Its Me 3 years ago

      Hes a animal god and he is the jesus of animals!

    • Lina Bing Bing
      Lina Bing Bing 3 years ago

      Same way Batman can do everything and not die.

    • Waffle Oof
      Waffle Oof 3 years ago


  • MegaJazz4
    MegaJazz4 Year ago

    That was a good shot!! I love your Chanel I’m obsessed! I’m learning thx 🙏

  • Hello_ Pals7
    Hello_ Pals7 Year ago +6

    Coyote: Hey a toxic starfish awesome!

  • Dixie Reynolds
    Dixie Reynolds Year ago +3

    A random dude: is this brave wilderness?
    Coyote: no this is Coyote Peterson

  • GJ
    GJ 11 months ago +5

    if i was the first person to discover that creature i'd call that "the forbidden pillow"

  • DragonSlayer King
    DragonSlayer King 4 years ago +98

    I feel like Coyote Peterson deserves more credit for the kinds of stuff he does

    • _Oh noess_ D00D
      _Oh noess_ D00D 4 years ago

      He has millions of subs and he goes all around the world looking for exotic animals.He even puts him self in danger.I think that's enough.

    • L Y N N
      L Y N N 4 years ago

      Hes literally travelling the world making money as a full time job what more can you ask for?

  • Jarno Datema
    Jarno Datema Year ago

    Once saw a giant starfish in the aquarium. Scariest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Jam Playz
    Jam Playz Year ago

    i found a crown of thorns in cebu while scuba diving and caught when i was 9 and by watching these videos it encourages me to go to my beach and look at some animals but not handle them because i don't know if they're dangerous

  • Not a mistake, a masterpiece

    I have always wanted to go diving ..I fear of the dangerous animals in there.I watched this video and I realized that the animals may be dangerous, but amazing to study and learn about. I LOVE animals, and When I found out this love of sea creatures is when I saw a sea snake . I watched how it slithered on the water and it looked happy. This video helped me understand that Sea creatures are not as bad as I thought! ☺️☺️☺️

  • arcanekand
    arcanekand Year ago

    Starfish are characterised by having saponins known as asterosaponins in their tissues. They contain a mix of these saponins, and at least 15 chemical studies have been conducted seeking to characterise these saponins. The saponins have detergent-like properties, and keeping starfish in limited water volumes with aeration results in large amounts of foam at the surface.
    A. planci has no mechanism for injecting the toxin, but as the spines perforate tissue of a predator or unwary person, tissue containing the saponins is lost into the wound. In humans, this immediately causes a sharp, stinging pain that can last for several hours, persistent bleeding due to the haemolytic effect of saponins, and nausea and tissue swelling that may persist for a week or more. The spines, which are brittle, may also break off and become embedded in the tissue where they must be removed surgically.
    Saponins seem to occur throughout the lifecycle of the crown-of-thorns starfish. The saponins in the eggs are similar to those in the adult tissues, and presumably these carry over to the larvae. The mouthing behaviour of predators of juvenile starfish with rejection suggests the juveniles contain saponins.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 4 years ago +68

    Coyote should strap a hat on his head while he's underwater so he could always have a hat on

  • Rinyotsu
    Rinyotsu Year ago

    If it's an invasive species, why release it back into the wild and not take it to a sanctuary like the other invasive species you've found?
    Im assuming not being prepared for transporting it and the danger involved, but I'm curious if I'm wrong.

  • jahangir shaheb
    jahangir shaheb Year ago

    When he's in the scuba gear I totally didn't recognize him 😂😂😂

  • The Other Side of the Looking Glass

    Coyote: *"Trust me when I say, you are NOT gonna' want to touch this Bad Boy!"*
    Me: *"I want to touch it!"*

  • Adam Carroll
    Adam Carroll Year ago +1

    Who else loves the intro

  • Warrior Cain
    Warrior Cain 2 years ago +847

    Coyotes mom: what do you want to be when you grow up
    Kid coyote: I want to find all the ways to hurt my self

    • Ayoshi Emi Lorenzo
      Ayoshi Emi Lorenzo 5 months ago


    • youeast
      youeast 10 months ago

      so true

    • Pro Gaming
      Pro Gaming 11 months ago

      @Rainbow Rainbow very horrible choice of words

    • #AnimeNerd
      #AnimeNerd Year ago

      @Rainbow Rainbow yeah I guess your right 👍👍😉

    • #AnimeNerd
      #AnimeNerd Year ago

      Haha, but that does sound a little like him. 😊👍😉😅

  • zhonglis wallet
    zhonglis wallet Year ago

    Coyote: this right here is a very poisonous animal
    Also coyote: *casually picks it up*

  • The MoonWolf
    The MoonWolf 5 months ago

    It must be so interesting to be with Coyote peterson and his team

  • strangerdanger maybe

    cayote:wish us luck guys
    Star fish:never you always kill my fam man stop that man

  • Lynx Wilderness Jungle

    Coyote: I have brought this GIANT BLUE BUCKET
    Me: wow a bucket you won 1 million dollars 😂

  • Xiao On
    Xiao On 4 years ago +113

    I was almost expecting him to wear that cowboy hat underwater.

  • Cat Princess
    Cat Princess Year ago

    I'm going camping along a beach on an Island with my friend that lives there. (I'm going to be taking a boat there. I'm hoping to see some really cool animals ^w^)

  • Childcore
    Childcore Year ago +1

    Coyote Peterson, I'd like to see you make a video on wild Karens. Can that please happen? I learned that they're one of the most deadliest species. When it asks to speak to your manager, that's when it infects you with it's poison

  • Ilesh Jasani
    Ilesh Jasani Year ago

    OMG!!That thorny starfish looks almost like a cacti....😨

  • S1dewalk_L0ser
    S1dewalk_L0ser 2 years ago +6

    “Rich plethora of marine life”
    Coyote: look at that poop-

    • Lara 89
      Lara 89 2 years ago

      Cast iron to the brush

    ILLUMING CHAIR Year ago +2

    "Most people approach this animal with caution " he says as it get closer to his face

  • martiez caffey
    martiez caffey 9 months ago +1

    The Crown of thorns Seastar is a venomous species it’s also the second largest sea star in The Ocean

  • sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ʜᴀᴢᴇʟ

    Oh my thats a great adventure at that place that starfish is huge!

  • Tim Harvey
    Tim Harvey 2 years ago

    Brave wilderness is my favorite TheXvid channel ever.

  • Jakei Lorenzo
    Jakei Lorenzo 3 years ago +806

    "LOOKOUT! Toxic Starfish!"
    Coyote : "Hang on, lemme just get this guy."

  • Luffy
    Luffy Year ago +8

    “And the see star will gently walk in there”
    *see star doing backflips*

  • NormalVids
    NormalVids 2 years ago +1

    Starfish: *straight vibin*
    Coyote: I’ll take your entire stock

  • Abby Lawrence
    Abby Lawrence 2 years ago +1

    Hi I love your TheXvid channel! My name is Abbey Grace Lawrence. I am seven years old and I am in second grade I love you beyond the tide channel. I watch beyond the tide every day! Can’t believe there’s a such thing as a poisonous seastar!!!

    • giftboxes
      giftboxes 11 months ago

      Hello! I’d recommend not sharing your age online so easily, the internet can be a very scary place. Im not going to do anything but some people may do some really bad stuff. Anyways, there are many animals like the seastar shown in this video!! I love these species!

  • Mysterious
    Mysterious 6 months ago +1

    love this guys his taking risk and biting himself for subs and likes but i wont do that i just watch ur vids because it makes me inspired always.

  • RenownedEvil
    RenownedEvil 4 years ago +14

    Anybody else learn something new each video? I love this channel because its so informative but not boring to watch

  • von
    von Year ago

    Anyone else rediscovering his channel and binging his videos again?

  • Timothy Briner
    Timothy Briner Year ago +1

    The scene at the beginning sooo crazy and when I saw the title I was so nervous that u were gonna touch it and when the camera got close I thought it would pock my eye out!!!😳😳😳

  • VanillaxBean
    VanillaxBean Year ago +1

    When I just started watching brave wilderness and read the comments everything said coyote and I didn’t know it was his name I thought it was like the coyote animal so most comments didn’t make sense 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Skyward.
    Skyward. 2 years ago +63

    “Is This The Krusty Krab?”
    “No this is Patrick”

  • Stokees
    Stokees 2 years ago +76

    Fun fact: in Japanese, the crown-of-thorns is called 鬼海星 (onihitode), which literally means 'ogre starfish'
    (oni 鬼 for ogre and 海星 hitode for starfish). Makes sense

    • Landon Adams
      Landon Adams Year ago +2

      S H R E K S T A R F I S H

    • blazethecat363
      blazethecat363 Year ago +2

      it's also the basis for Toxapex in Pokemon

    • A Random Chinese Guy
      A Random Chinese Guy Year ago +9

      Japanese term “鬼海星”in Chinese literally means “Ghost Sea Star”, doesn’t really make sense in Chinese. However Chinese translate of crown-of-thorns is 荆棘冠海星, which means “thorn-crown sea-star”

  • TrueRedPanda
    TrueRedPanda 2 years ago +2

    someone givew this man a TV show, he I can't get enough watching this!!!! :D

  • missnurse78
    missnurse78 Year ago

    I like how he told the starfish to be wild. Lol

  • LurkingShrew
    LurkingShrew 2 years ago +7

    This is Patrick Star’s final form

  • •your local weird zombie neighbor -_- •

    Coyote: dont try to hold wild life on your own
    Me: *when's I'm at the zoo*
    Me: mom can I hold a alligator again
    Me: *me holding it*
    Alligator: reeeeeeeee help I was sleeping reeeeeeee help
    Me: *coughs*
    Alligator: help she has coronavirus help!!!!!

  • Sentinel Storm
    Sentinel Storm 4 years ago +39

    Great to hear you're dive certified Coyote! As a diver myself, I would say that this is a perfect time for you to crossover with another educational channel called BlueWorldTV! Jonathan Bird(the host) loves your channel and has expressed willingness to meet you and crossover!

    • Leviathan
      Leviathan 4 years ago +2

      Sentinel Storm
      That would be neat

  • JT
    JT Year ago

    I was half-expecting them to discover a small clownfish with uneven fins along the way.

  • Nitin Keni
    Nitin Keni Year ago

    Mark's hair looks gorgeous underwater.

  • Melissa Wilcox
    Melissa Wilcox 2 months ago +1

    how long does it live for coyote?

  • Mdm Jane
    Mdm Jane Year ago

    Coyote is the type of man that would step on a landmine and it would't hurt