GIANT SEAFOOD on Africa’s Biggest Island! Catch and Cook with Primitive Technology!

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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    Special thanks to Joel and Ramartour Madagascar for helping us capture the undiscovered parts of Madagascar. Go on your own tour of Madagascar with Ramartour and follow them on Instagram for more Madagascar info: @ramartour_madagascar
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    ADDRESS: Manakara, Madagascar
    🥜CASSAVA: Boil cassava in water for 30 minutes. Once soft, mash the cassava, mixing in crushed peanuts until the texture is similar to mashed potatoes.
    🍈BREADFRUIT: Boil the breadfruit until soft, then add a bit of salt and mash.
    🦐SHRIMP: Sauté shrimp with onion and tomato. Add cassava leaves on top and allow it to boil in water to create a shrimp soup.
    🐟TUNA: Cut the tuna into sections and put it in a hot steel pot. Add in fried onion, tomato and salt and allow it to steam until cooked through.
    🦀(What the heck? Where’s the lobster emoji?) LOBSTER: Cut the lobster down the center and grill to perfection!
    💸PRICE: Tuna 2.26 USD/8,000 MGA per kg (our tuna cost 10 USD) | Rainbow Lobster 5 USD/18,000 MGA
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    CAMERA OPERATOR » Nguyễn Tân Khải
    VIDEO EDITOR » Lê Anh Đỗ
    COLOR & MASTER » Quí Nguyễn
    PRODUCER » Liz Peterson
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    Shusen Wang 8 hours ago

    2:27 WTF? They are fishing using such a net that is destroying the eco-system!!! In most countries, fishermen are required to use certain nets which allows small fishes to escape so they can grow up. Those people are f*cking stupid and ignorant.

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    10:24 The Men are served first. This is typical in many cultures. I think it should be Children, Women then the Men. :) Great Video, thanks for sharing.

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      @Gio R Yeah, but sometimes you can't do what makes you happy, but what's the best for surviving.
      Don't misunderstand me, even if i say that i myself would like to do that too, but we need to comprehend the situation they are in.

    • Gio R
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      @Pedro Chiapello Makes sense, its all about culture; however I would love to see my Children and Wife eat first even if I provided the food, that would make me happy. But I understand your point.

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      Pedro Chiapello 7 days ago

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  • Cindy Mercado
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