All Lantern Corp Oaths

  • Published on Feb 14, 2013
  • White lantern oath not include sorry :(
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  • Xpóvoc Chronos Keeper Time

    White Lantern Oath

  • Carolyn Clayton
    Carolyn Clayton 18 days ago

    where is phantom lantern

  • Carolyn Clayton
    Carolyn Clayton 18 days ago

    in the animated series the red lantern oath was "with blood and rage of crimson red we fill mens souls with darkest dread and twist your minds to pain and hate we'll burn you all that is your fate"

  • Eric Monaco
    Eric Monaco 28 days ago

    Angel Lanterns oath:
    In the brightist day we shine our light, To all sinners we give Gods might
    With our rings we shine a light so bright, With the power of God we will win the fight
    We protect those from Sin and the Creatures of the night, Sinner's will not be forgiven when they suffer God's light

  • Son Goku 0
    Son Goku 0 Month ago

    Internet troll oath:
    In darkest day,
    And cyber night,
    No user will evade my might.
    If they get mad,
    Let it be so.
    I have one thing to say....
    U MAD BRO?

  • Ben Cowden
    Ben Cowden Month ago

    Am rage

  • Electro Venom
    Electro Venom 2 months ago

    Brown lantern oath
    The poop is the best fight
    If that is our right
    No poop shall flush and escape my right
    That will be our night

  • Electro Venom
    Electro Venom 2 months ago

    Venom lantern oath :
    Eddie eddie eddie eddie i i i i want want want tater tater tater tater tots tots tots tots

  • Omnisiah
    Omnisiah 2 months ago

    I like dawnbreakers from the darkest knights story like
    “With the darkest Black I choke the light, no brightest day shall escape my light beware my power dawnbreakers might”
    Something like that

  • Anwar Salad
    Anwar Salad 3 months ago

    ahe siad gay

  • Strudog64 4972
    Strudog64 4972 3 months ago

    Something up with the audio mate. Otherwise great

  • ConnorNathanielThomas MichaelAlexanderDuffey 8th

    Personal favorites are 1:20 and 2:50 because of how unsettling they are to me.

  • Night Strike
    Night Strike 4 months ago

    Can someone PLEASE translate the Indigo Tribe oath for me?!? I don't speak whatever language that is

  • Ceasar Browning Funez
    Ceasar Browning Funez 4 months ago

    your trying to hard

  • Lorent Hoti
    Lorent Hoti 4 months ago

    Black oath sounds like some death metal shit

  • Brandi Lewis
    Brandi Lewis 5 months ago

    In brightest day in blackest night no evil shall escape my sight. let those who worship evil's might beware my power Green lantern's light.

  • morganlafaysolo
    morganlafaysolo 5 months ago

    Is there a translation for the indigo tribe’s oath?

  • Aya29jaila7
    Aya29jaila7 6 months ago

    Indigo tribe oath rough translation:
    In darkest hours, we wield our power
    Natromo gave, so life we'd save
    The lantern corps of abin sur
    We'll spread compassion-- Forever more!!

  • Jasmine Ebora
    Jasmine Ebora 7 months ago

    the black lantern isn't creepy just a head ache

  • 666666 666666
    666666 666666 8 months ago

    The black lantern oath was really scary

  • Casey Rutherford
    Casey Rutherford 9 months ago

    My lantern core oath witch is brown lantern of strength
    Any day any night the brown lanter core will be there to fight Let those who worship the brown light lice with power strength and might

    CHAYSE MUELLER 9 months ago

    In brightest day
    In fearful night
    Blue hope shines in the war of light
    Love protects all within its sight
    The power grows as a lantern light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skink Season 1
    Skink Season 1 10 months ago

    "In the D-Day, in the N-night, no soldiers shall escape my base,
    For those who shall use AKMs, beware my Army,
    -Private's Might."

  • Azon Panda
    Azon Panda 10 months ago

    you can’t even say the red lantern oath

  • Gandalf Grey
    Gandalf Grey 10 months ago

    In brightest day, there will be light to give me the strength to keep the darkness away, when it comes back, then we shall say, *GRANT THEM STRENGTH AND LET THERE BE PEACE!!*
    - The Gold Lantern Corps Oath

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 10 months ago

    why did u not put white lantern bro

  • AgressiveLeopard 1000
    AgressiveLeopard 1000 10 months ago

    I thought that the red lanterns OATH was...... with blood and rage of crimson red we fill men's souls with dread and twist your minds tompain and hate will burn you all that is your faith

  • Glenn Christoffer Myklebust

    U forgot white life

  • Brandon Hedrington
    Brandon Hedrington 11 months ago

    I am forever a blue

  • Retro Gamer
    Retro Gamer 11 months ago

    That's a wired orange oath but the proper one goes like this
    This power is mine this is my light, be it at bright of day or black of night, and I claim to all who falls with my sight, to take what I want, THAT IS MY RIGHT!

  • Kid 50
    Kid 50 11 months ago

    Cut off your tongue cinestro guy.

  • Opal777
    Opal777 Year ago

    This is retardation at it finest

  • Cizeal the Zombie

    Orange latern forever

  • Roblox Playboy
    Roblox Playboy Year ago

    Red lanterns


    Hey everyone the black oath is Voldemort

  • PoTato Head PokéMario

    you forgot white

  • Waheed Abdullah
    Waheed Abdullah Year ago +2

    Okay. All I gotta do is say the oath and save the world.......Ugh! I can't remember it! No. Wait, sure I can! Sure I can! I got it!
    In sunniest day
    In cloudiest night
    No bad guy shall escape my bite!

    *facepalm* Oh no! That's not it!

  • Stuckyislife
    Stuckyislife Year ago

    from hopeful day to rageful night
    our proud souls soar through the dim twillight
    in a war near lost for those who fight
    look to us now we'll lead you right!

  • Kamren Grider
    Kamren Grider Year ago

    Midnight lantern (terror fear and death) from blackest day to blackest night no evil will escape my sight I am the you shall fear behold midnights fright

  • Ice cream sandwich

    My oath: if you don’t play ROBLOX you die

  • Brandi Nicole
    Brandi Nicole Year ago

    Wlf are these voices

  • Teddlo
    Teddlo Year ago

    What about the white lantern

  • Catdaddymurph
    Catdaddymurph Year ago

    Where's the white lantern oath

  • SupeRWolF Jameston

    You forgot white latern

  • Antonio Ramirez Estrada


    DEADPOOL! Year ago

    the freaking cc thing said gay 02:01

  • Green Reaper 101
    Green Reaper 101 Year ago

    With strength and power as great as light, our courage shines through all the blinding night, let evil perish beneath the good's might, beware our power, lanterns of courage shine bright!

  • Glen Murray
    Glen Murray Year ago

    With blood and rage of crimson, ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, together with our hellish hate, we’ll burn you all, that is your fate!

    -*red lantern oath*

  • N3BULA V
    N3BULA V Year ago


  • ExoticCash 0429
    ExoticCash 0429 Year ago

    You should've put the name of the lantern corps like not just the color. here are the names in case you're interested
    green: will power
    yellow: fear
    red: rage
    blue: hope
    purple: compassion
    pink: love
    black: death
    white: life

  • Paul Bauman
    Paul Bauman Year ago

    I was expecting the shows that featured those Lanterns and where they spoke their oath.

  • five nights at greninja's

    blood lantern: the blood is mine i will kill u all you will die with the blackesst knight u will die without ur blood we will have blood that is ur fate

  • Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan Year ago

    00:00 - 08:00 wtf

  • William Arnold
    William Arnold Year ago

    Where was the white lantern oath

  • Get Big
    Get Big Year ago

    Who is the strongest

    TRASHIMIDON Year ago

    If there is a big group of different lanterns this would be their oaths to be continued

  • ninja go
    ninja go Year ago

    we burn you all....that is your fate

  • Samantha Roman
    Samantha Roman Year ago +1

    i stay home on sunday says jonathan roman

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor Year ago

    u forgot the white lantern corp

  • Tee Dogg 2003
    Tee Dogg 2003 Year ago

    You forgot white

  • MF GTM
    MF GTM Year ago


  • Vishnu Raveendran

    Did they say Orange oath

  • Isaac Lee
    Isaac Lee Year ago +4

    The Nazi oath:
    In darkest day, and blackest night,
    No Jew will escape my might,
    A perfect world we will make,
    Fear the power of the 3rd Reich

  • Isaac Lee
    Isaac Lee Year ago +10

    The Internet Troll oath:
    In darkest day, and cyber night,
    No user will escape my might,
    If you get mad, let it be so,
    I have one thing to say,
    U MAD BRO?

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I Year ago +2

    with rage and blood so crimson red , ripped from a corpse so freshly dead , together with our hellish hate , we'll burn you all ( releases butcher trampling over the lanterns) , that is you're fate!, (pukes fire and blood all over the other lanterns burning them for eternity) what a bad ass oath

  • Rion Miah
    Rion Miah Year ago

    Where is white lantern oath

  • XVenoM
    XVenoM Year ago

    I'm a stupid private xD

  • Ramen Noodlez
    Ramen Noodlez Year ago

    Roblox Lantern Oath:
    In brightest day,
    In blackest night,
    This game won't even ruin my sight.
    I'll stay inside to play Roblox,
    I won't even clean my socks.
    So if you tell me to stop playing,
    I won't take off my Roblox ring!

  • Isaahk
    Isaahk Year ago

    It is Yellow Lantern Corp not Sinestro Corp

  • jordan brito
    jordan brito Year ago

    the thought the blue oath was
    in fearful day in raging night with strong hearts full our souls ignite when all seems lost of war of light look to the stars for hope burns bright

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel Year ago

    Why Sinestor corp sound like an old rapist

  • Banana Boat
    Banana Boat Year ago

    Was that your Voice Stupid

  • YevthekidGS !!
    YevthekidGS !! Year ago

    U forgot white lantern

  • ifrosty boss
    ifrosty boss Year ago

    So fake

  • I’m Uncreative
    I’m Uncreative Year ago

    Orange is wrong unless it's changed recently

  • superman prime888

    Death lanterns oath it true nightmare fuel

  • miss me
    miss me Year ago

    Indigo please speak English.

  • LastCloudd 007
    LastCloudd 007 Year ago

    In blackest day, in blackest night, I will need... a FLASHLIGHT!

  • Josh Thornburg
    Josh Thornburg Year ago

    Green lantern

  • kaybeast 16
    kaybeast 16 Year ago

    You got the orange lantern wrong it goes like this Of what I

  • k jackson
    k jackson Year ago

    Wow are white lanterns supposed to be good and black lanterns bad if so that's racist asf

  • The Red X
    The Red X Year ago +2

    In brightest day, I am Bruce Wayne. In blackest night, I am night's bane. I stop the crimes in the night. Let all villains fear, THE BATMAN'S MIGHT!!!!

  • Bin Bag
    Bin Bag Year ago


  • terminal lumbago
    terminal lumbago Year ago

    orange ftw

  • Lawza
    Lawza Year ago

    My own red lantern oath
    In brightest day and blackest night
    Rage guides me through the eternal fight
    Fueled by the power of anger and hate
    We'll burn you all
    That is your fate

  • Matthew Ryu
    Matthew Ryu Year ago


  • ThatGuyNeko
    ThatGuyNeko Year ago

    Sapphire oath is basically saying this. Come on down to our planet where there are strip clubs everywhere. :D

  • AzureAnime
    AzureAnime 2 years ago

    is that the original orange lantern oath??

  • Sweeteswig 3037
    Sweeteswig 3037 2 years ago

    Sadness/ light blue in brightest day and blackest night our sorrows shall bring the brightest day

  • Alberts Choise
    Alberts Choise 2 years ago

    It is the yellow lantern corp not sinestro corp and you had the rong voice for it

  • Gauge Cushman
    Gauge Cushman 2 years ago

    It's let those not but those

  • Alex Liu
    Alex Liu 2 years ago

    He forgot the white lantern corps of light

  • christian emmanuell
    christian emmanuell 2 years ago

    thorough darkest days and darkest nights,let those who worship the dark beware of my light,for light burns brightest in the dark,and so does my will to fight

  • dudebladeX
    dudebladeX 2 years ago

    Just for fun, Spider-Oath:
    In the darkest corner,
    or in the brightest store,
    With our great power, we use responsibly,
    Look out, here comes a Spider, don't ya see?

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes 2 years ago

    What the one we didn't understand ?

  • Night Rogue 95
    Night Rogue 95 2 years ago

    the second i heard the scream i threw my black lsntetn ring at the wall

  • The Common Ground
    The Common Ground 2 years ago

    This shit is is straight garbage

  • Jess Rodriguez
    Jess Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Your video is terrible

  • Lord Tyrann
    Lord Tyrann 2 years ago

    This is how the black lanterns sould have had theyre oath : When all unite in one black day we seal youre souls in one dark crate then flow darkness through youre vains and kill you all that Will be Great

  • Lord Tyrann
    Lord Tyrann 2 years ago

    If i was a red lantern i would say : With blood and rage of crimson red we fill mens souls with darkest threat and twist your mind with pain and hate weel Burn you all that is your fate !!!!!!!!