Lil Reese Shot in the Neck in Chicago and currently in Critical Condition at the Hospital.

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
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    DJ Akademiks Speaks on Lil Reese being Shot in the Neck in Chicago and currently in Critical Condition at the Hospital.

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Comments • 4 094

  • Live from da bando Rose
    Live from da bando Rose 16 days ago +1

    Fuck you & reese 💯

  • Sabrian Smith
    Sabrian Smith 19 days ago

    Reese a young OG RESPECT 300

  • kB Trapjeans
    kB Trapjeans 24 days ago

    Nomore war in chiraq videos

  • jacqueslaurent
    jacqueslaurent 25 days ago

    RIP Lil Jojo

    GUNBANGA 25 days ago

    🤦🏾‍♂️They tried to turn his ass into Reese's Pieces

  • Lambo 1221
    Lambo 1221 26 days ago

    Surprised wale the great hasn’t made up a fake beef about this yet

  • 510jamica
    510jamica 26 days ago

    Get Well Soon #Reese300. Prayer 🙏

  • GeminiBey ancestorIamGodYoni

    Live by the gun die by it

  • JP
    JP 27 days ago

    Nigga got a skinny neck surprised they didn’t

  • Jusspass Nby
    Jusspass Nby 27 days ago +1

    Nigga don’t act like you been rockin with reese lbs.

  • thomas walker
    thomas walker 27 days ago


  • New Money
    New Money 27 days ago

    😭😂he back

  • BYF 2K18
    BYF 2K18 28 days ago

    How can man get licked down by a Draco and live mans a walkin demon 😮👿

  • gemstone da solid
    gemstone da solid 28 days ago

    Kk voice you food

  • The giant Troll
    The giant Troll 28 days ago

    He said my nigga they gone get yo ass

  • bando
    bando 28 days ago

    grim reeper 🔪

  • Delontae Rich
    Delontae Rich 28 days ago

    War in chiraq back on the menu yall

  • FabolousNupe
    FabolousNupe 28 days ago +1

    Shot in the neck?? The shooter had an easy target 😂😂

  • Starskyblue B
    Starskyblue B 28 days ago

    Reese on his insta stories chillin'🙄

  • RHMG Datpart!
    RHMG Datpart! 28 days ago +1

    Akedemiks aka. Wendy Williams jr

  • La'Donnis Coleman
    La'Donnis Coleman 28 days ago


  • Ceszar Fernandez
    Ceszar Fernandez 28 days ago +1

    Bro this nigka intros dum af

  • I Hoop
    I Hoop 28 days ago


  • B.I.G Tony
    B.I.G Tony 28 days ago +1

    At The Top It's Just Us Nigga
    But I Don't Really Trust Niggas 😊

  • 166X 1990
    166X 1990 29 days ago

    Hope it makes him stronger 🙏💯

  • sourkush Cafe
    sourkush Cafe 29 days ago

    Sent a shot to keef ( not run to LA) sent a shot to durk (run to Atlanta ) lol nobody catch that? 🙄

  • mylord urgrace
    mylord urgrace 29 days ago


  • ComicZ RKD
    ComicZ RKD 29 days ago

    I forgot i subbed this clown stfu akademiks go support your local snitch you bitch

    ONFIRERCN18 29 days ago +1

    Sending our prayers to who Lucifer?

    RIOO PRODUCTIONS TM 29 days ago

    Dummy man when become a celebrity leave the dam hood gotdamit you cant be a thug all your life

    • david Frazier
      david Frazier 26 days ago

      Not everyone cares about fame some just wanted the money but still in the streets cause they love it

  • Davon Clemmons
    Davon Clemmons 29 days ago +1

    Reese is a poison to the streets....rather he lives or not it don’t matter

    BUGS MORAN 29 days ago

    Shit happens when u act like u tuff..

  • Da Truth Seeka
    Da Truth Seeka 29 days ago

    Hopefully u talked to him about getting the fuck outta Chicago... if he wants to survive and die naturally of old age.. and by his own ppl, the oops, as a young man

  • Michael
    Michael 29 days ago

    Nobody is untouchable

  • Michael
    Michael 29 days ago +1

    sound savage but we all saw this coming. Nobody is untouchable

  • damarcuswilson1
    damarcuswilson1 29 days ago

    bring back the war in chiraq pleassseee

  • Jamel Weathers
    Jamel Weathers 29 days ago

    Fuck that nigga

  • Seso Brown
    Seso Brown 29 days ago

    Fuck dj academics🤧 mad disrespectful ☠️

  • Lil Spookz
    Lil Spookz 29 days ago

    Fredo got Reese on his hand he finna make it💯

  • Rsingh
    Rsingh 29 days ago +1

    All Hollywood acting .... sales are down need to create a buzz ..... the price goes up

  • Li Yizzy
    Li Yizzy 29 days ago +1

    BLM activists wya?

  • Makeu Upset
    Makeu Upset 29 days ago

    These nigas act like hard goons and you want me to feel sorry for him cause he got shot? He did it to himself

  • Savage Boyz
    Savage Boyz 29 days ago

  • Jae Pro
    Jae Pro 29 days ago

    Some people live and learn; some people don't learn and don't live!

  • 8bePunch Gawd TV
    8bePunch Gawd TV 29 days ago

    Bump my shit until bro get well.

    ASVP GORDO 29 days ago

    DJ u gotta talk about this channel walithegreat or some shit like that he does nothing but click bait and one day he is gonna get someone killed

  • Rich Gwolla
    Rich Gwolla Month ago +1

    Glo boys vulnerable without fredo

  • Icekilla3hunna
    Icekilla3hunna Month ago

    If he got shot in the neck he should be fucked up

  • Diane V
    Diane V Month ago +1

    Critical means bad condition. But he recovered and is now out the hospital. So make another video before WaliDaGreat takes your mf spot.

  • MyHoodBK
    MyHoodBK Month ago


  • Levar Askins
    Levar Askins Month ago

    Its hard for me to feel sorry for somebody that lived that way . Eventually it's going to catch up to you I don't wish death on nobody but I'm pretty sure he done put death on a lot of other people. Karma will catch up with you. You live by the gun you die by it bottomline

  • Steven Arvizu
    Steven Arvizu Month ago +1

    Why stay in a city that’s got no love for u

  • Evil Buu
    Evil Buu Month ago

    Couldn't miss that long ass neck... Boom Boom Boom BOOM!

  • ATL 1
    ATL 1 Month ago

    That don't look critical, that looks stable

  • Matisse Henri
    Matisse Henri Month ago

    1:39 iconic 😂🤣😭


    Good for him he got shot cause the amount of people he shot at is a lot!

  • adarrl nathan tv
    adarrl nathan tv Month ago

    Damn sonnnnnn

  • maxxpayne309
    maxxpayne309 Month ago

    Whoever he was with Sam up you don’t get shot in traffic during the winter and less people know where you at what you do

  • Art Smosh
    Art Smosh Month ago +8

    Why would he go back to Chicago he put himself in that situation.

  • Dont Sleep
    Dont Sleep Month ago

    Everyone is touchable AK don’t believe the hype.