Conor McGregor's full ESPN interview with Ariel Helwani | SportsCenter

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • Conor McGregor gives Ariel Helwani an exclusive interview on a SportsCenter special in which he talks about (1:04) his bar fight that went viral on TMZ, (4:42) criticism from fans and fellow fighters about his recent behavior, (6:00) whether he believes he has an anger problem, (7:26) his side of the story in which he smashed a man's phone, (12:40) his retirement tweet, (13:58) how he broke his hand, (18:07) his relationship with the UFC brass, (20:35) his thoughts on Nate Diaz's victory against Anthony Pettis at UFC 241, (25:57) who The Notorious wants in his return fight, (28:48) how quickly he wants to avenge his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov, (29:45) his relationship with his coach John Kavanagh, (31:50) Max Holloway's jabs at him on social media, (35:34) nostalgia about his win in 2014 against Diego Brandao in Dublin, (37:35) and how McGregor plans to learn from his mistakes.
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Comments • 2 546

  • Rishab Shukla
    Rishab Shukla Day ago

    One of the greatest. MMA fighter. That fact will never change. Ups and downs part of the life. But let's see how he returns... Before that talks just doesn't matter. But the man of his calliber deserves a rematch.. Funny when I see people dissing him. Those who are nothing compared to where he is...

  • Andreas Scott
    Andreas Scott 3 days ago

    Still the k1ng

  • Joelson Sabado
    Joelson Sabado 3 days ago +1

    This is the only time McGregor didnt sound so arrogant

  • Shawn Wing
    Shawn Wing 3 days ago +4

    hat him all you want I think he’s still got some great fights left if he does come back

  • K D
    K D 3 days ago

    What do these people not understand? LOOK at the interviews of Conor McGregor recently. His brain is FUCKED. He can't even form sentences properly anymore or seem to understand how rediculous the things he says sound. That is NOT the same guy who spoke and moved like water. He was truly unique but he will need a long time at least and his brain may recover. Type in McGregor on cocaine onto TheXvid and see for yourself. He has ruined his brain on drugs and possibly brain damage from fighting, especially Floyd. For him to return to the UFC right now is down right sad, I love him, I wish he could get his head sorted and then return to his former glory. Even in his last two fights he was not light on his feet and always moving like he used to be. But he does not seem to have the brain to figure this out anymore. A stuttering shadow of his former self.

  • Colton Crawford
    Colton Crawford 4 days ago

    I don’t get all the dislikes. Bunch of fair weather pussies

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 4 days ago

    rename this “mcgregor begs for fans and apologizes to everyone for 42 minutes straight”

  • kantstop Me
    kantstop Me 4 days ago

    A true martial artist is one who promotes whiskey.

  • TruthSeeker
    TruthSeeker 5 days ago

    This guys full of lie and deception

  • The black kid from Norway

    The fans didn't turn on him, he turned on the fans

  • Diet Bleach
    Diet Bleach 6 days ago +5

    Ariel: 'So what happened?
    Connor: 'I punched a man and it was wrong.'
    Ariel: 'So what happened?'

  • Alexander Hernandez
    Alexander Hernandez 6 days ago

    The money and the make of proper 12 was a huge distraction to Conor, in his time he was a great athlete.

  • Creepy Dingus
    Creepy Dingus 6 days ago

    “A video of you getting into an argument with a man in a bar. What happened?”
    Uhhhhh....he’s a fucking Irish fighter in a BAR. That’s what happened.

  • MezaZG
    MezaZG 7 days ago +1

    I can't believe someone who trains martial arts ever day has self-control problems. Most martial arts instructors insist on self-control.

  • skull bros
    skull bros 7 days ago +2

    13:11 is what you all came for

  • ramzan bahadurzaev
    ramzan bahadurzaev 8 days ago

    Almost 2020 and his foot is still a balloon

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker 10 days ago

    Almost five minutes talking about the pub🤦‍♂️. Do you know anything about the Irish?

  • leather Guy
    leather Guy 15 days ago

    Connor mcgregor irelands drug addict Rapist

  • boris stevens
    boris stevens 18 days ago

    Who the heck do you think you people are? At least he shows his human side and shows respect. Like you people haven't done anything wrong in your life... Like all of you are Saints right? He was and still is a great martial artist. You people got all mad at him for the things he said against khabib. But it's all just a game to get more pay per views. That's how it always has been. People these days are so easily offended and have 0 compassion and respect for his fellow man. Being the bigger man in terms of honor and dignity is a thing of the past. Now it's all just brainless and mindless charades of people who think they know it all.. Such a shame.

    • ethan
      ethan 6 days ago

      That's cool but I hit the 360 spin flip on my skateboard yesterday and it was totally gnarly

  • Nghi Nguyen
    Nghi Nguyen 18 days ago

    I don’t care what y’all think but I fully believe in Conor. This man has influence me for so long and he will continue to do so and he will definite make a big comeback.

  • Michael Frith
    Michael Frith 19 days ago

    If you can't forgive him and respect his accountability, your just a hater!! Conor is only human. We all make mistakes, but if he buckles down, he'll be back on top!!

  • dalexkom
    dalexkom 19 days ago

    i think if conor does any more boxing his first fight should be with charlie zelenoff their reps are about the same

  • Electro Drives
    Electro Drives 22 days ago

    A lot of this interview was just going in circles. I loved the podcast with Tony Robbins, gonna listen to that again

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 22 days ago

    Biggest star in UFC history. Easily. Two weight champ. GOAT.

  • BrainFuck10
    BrainFuck10 24 days ago

    Wet Brain

  • Matt G
    Matt G 24 days ago

    This instigator Ariel is a creep.

  • Bilawal Bilal
    Bilawal Bilal 25 days ago +4

    "My foot was a balloon, my foot was a balloon" - Conor "The Notorious" Mcgregor.

  • Chris Chapman
    Chris Chapman 26 days ago

    I wish Ariel didn't have to ask such cunty questions all the time? I can understand addressing the bar fight but he kept on it for 10 minutes and after Conor had made it pretty clear that he wanted to move on...Just like Ariel did with Masvidal and jail and his dad in jail. He's just a dipshit to be honest.

  • jake bengtsson
    jake bengtsson 27 days ago +4

    ariels one handsome jew

  • MnMs002
    MnMs002 27 days ago

    Listening at this Man talk,makes one understand why at a point in history it was a Death Penalty Offense to carry the last name McGregor...This guy should be barred for life from ever coming back to fight...

  • Hafizur Rahman Rahman
    Hafizur Rahman Rahman 28 days ago +2

    Connor now sells his self
    He isn’t in the same
    He is going to have to be invincible to be accepted
    He’s lost it

  • Sean Keller
    Sean Keller 28 days ago

    I think McGregor will come back he will be a beast again I know he will 🇨🇮

  • luis angel trives rapado
    luis angel trives rapado 29 days ago +1

    I probably are delusional but he seems more humble.

  • Fabio
    Fabio 29 days ago

    Khabib made conor humble and gave him a speech impediment in the process.

    JOL JOL Month ago

    I think he really saw a ballon not a foot when fighting Khabib, coke will do that sometimes.

  • Drew Hong
    Drew Hong Month ago +1

    All I heard was meh meh meh meh meh.

  • Dovey Milton
    Dovey Milton Month ago

    Connor looks so good

  • Luca Tarantino
    Luca Tarantino Month ago

    29:09 🦶🏻🎈

  • Makhsudjon Qalandarov

    Please, shut up

  • Jerry Adkins
    Jerry Adkins Month ago

    Joel Joel, I’m not defending Conor. What he did was wrong but he’s a fighter, probably drunk and it is what it is.

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    At 4:46...why does it say "Conor McGregor appeared to punch man..."....appeared? No, he did, he hit him straight with his hands, clearly! Appeared? lol...espn reporting

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    At 3:30 he starts going into a stuttering mode lol. Ya. he'll face anything that comes his way lol....paid the man off, what an honorable and manly thing to do...and so now he turns his focus to women lol. Disgusting person, he had his 15 minutes of fame, go away!

  • The Bessie Nessie
    The Bessie Nessie Month ago

    Literally dodges every question lol

  • S. Mokhtar Naseem
    S. Mokhtar Naseem Month ago +1

    Conor is nothing but a total igrant thug in the first place. This is not a surprise, one could tell by the way he opens his mouth.

  • Cormac
    Cormac Month ago


  • Andrew Goldin
    Andrew Goldin Month ago

    Conors face looks puffy and red. I wonder about this mans addictions to alcohol and cocaine.

  • uce tank
    uce tank Month ago

    Thought the bridge in the background was a crack in my screen lol

  • Gustaf
    Gustaf Month ago

    McGregor has TBI and it is connected to personality changes.. sadly this is a fact and I feel really bad for his family and him because he had no incidents like this before the Mayweather fight.

  • Terry Kyees
    Terry Kyees Month ago

    we are all human and we all make mistakes this man is stepping up to right his wrong this is a man and i can respect that i wish him a GREAT RETURN

  • Mr Johnson
    Mr Johnson Month ago

    Waiting for the comeback

  • Marcus Gerard
    Marcus Gerard Month ago

    Conor’s capitulated

  • Jordan Roche
    Jordan Roche Month ago

    No wonder they have that mic so close to his left ear, look at that thing. Holy fook

  • Andrew Goldin
    Andrew Goldin Month ago

    Tony is the type of guy who eats food

  • Strafingx44
    Strafingx44 Month ago +2

    Studder mcgregor

  • Streaming Online
    Streaming Online Month ago

    left hand

  • RedKing1984
    RedKing1984 Month ago

    I have a cold right now, I tell you guys, my head is like a beleeeeewn.

  • ścienty fan
    ścienty fan Month ago

    His hole is broken

  • Barrabundy
    Barrabundy Month ago

    So Connor can you tell us what happened a a a a a lo Lo Lo Lo look i i i i i i i i i i i i wh wh what ca ca ca can i i i say a a a a a a a a

  • Rod Auger
    Rod Auger Month ago

    FIGHT McGregor I am a Fan !!!!

  • Jada Shelby
    Jada Shelby Month ago

    Wait. Did he say he had respect for the Brazilian people? His memory was a balloon