Maudie | Official Trailer HD (2017)

  • Published on Apr 5, 2017
  • Based on a true story, MAUDIE charts the unlikely romance between Maud Lewis, a folk artist who blossoms
    in later life, and the curmudgeonly recluse, Everett.
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  • 🐄🌱🐖♥️
    🐄🌱🐖♥️ 3 days ago


  • Anamarija Filkovic
    Anamarija Filkovic 4 days ago

    This was... Beautiful.

  • Dee nha
    Dee nha 5 days ago

    i watch this movie again n again,,luv the story n good acting both of u,,😍😍😍

  • candycanebrain
    candycanebrain 13 days ago

    Love this movie. Just absolutely loved .

  • Colinart
    Colinart Month ago

    Best actress. Best actor. Incredibly moving performances.

  • HansumRob100
    HansumRob100 Month ago

    Rather enjoyed this movie... feeling of happiness from the little things she says...

  • honey west
    honey west Month ago

    She’s an amazing actress - loved the movie

  • Naomi Jenner
    Naomi Jenner 2 months ago

    Just when I was losing hope for Ethan, then this. He was amazing. Best movie he ever did.

  • Jessica Alejandra Muñoz

    Realmente hermosa

  • aus cent
    aus cent 2 months ago +2

    Character development in the film defines good cinema experience. Awesome

  • Marcia Corbin
    Marcia Corbin 2 months ago

    From the darkness springs the light...framing life...beautiful film, beautiful Maudie

  • Sofi Aronsson
    Sofi Aronsson 2 months ago


  • Echad
    Echad 3 months ago

    I never heard of this movie but I am so glad I decided to pick it up.

  • Paola Moschin
    Paola Moschin 3 months ago

    Bellissimo!!!! Un film che ho amato alla follia!!!!!

  • Katy Skrabak
    Katy Skrabak 3 months ago


  • Walter's Heart
    Walter's Heart 3 months ago

    The Oscars have a ridiculous rule that you can only be nominated in one category for one movie, so she had to choose which one she wanted to campaign for and she picked Shape Of Water because of how popular it was. Sally would have been nominated for this movie had Shape Of Water not been in the cards.

    SISTARNCTWJSN Lovers 4 months ago

    Sally Hawkins dont deserve this world! She is too precious and amazing! She is so wonderful i swear😭😭😭 give her Osar please!

  • Isabel Fabian
    Isabel Fabian 6 months ago

    Hermosa película transparente como su vida

  • Tjallew Widen
    Tjallew Widen 6 months ago

    oscar ofcourse 5 plus stars

  • Zod Lord
    Zod Lord 7 months ago

    this is actually quite beautiful

  • nokoye2009
    nokoye2009 8 months ago

    I cried so much. So beautiful

  • heavensnme
    heavensnme 8 months ago +1

    So I looked it up and researched b/c of this movie. At the end he doesn't take all the stuff in and keep it. He actually sells everything of hers, even when she was alive. That dude was not a good husband at all. But he got karma thats for sure . He gets robbed 9 yrs after she dies. You can just about imagine what happens after that.

  • e things15
    e things15 8 months ago

    One of my favourite movies 😍

  • david taylor
    david taylor 8 months ago

    The fact that Sally Hawkins didn't win an Oscar for her performance in this movie just goes to show what kind of bullshit the Oscars really are

  • Olmary Gonzalez
    Olmary Gonzalez 9 months ago

    This movie Is soo beautiful she Was a very wonderfull woman, she Was so happy only with simple things her little house Her husband and Her paintings, she whatched only colors in a simple life

  • ARSMITH36571
    ARSMITH36571 9 months ago

    BEAUTIFUL Movie!

  • De Sjaan
    De Sjaan 9 months ago

    The trailer doesn't capture grandeur of the film. At all at all.

  • Yasmin McEwen
    Yasmin McEwen 10 months ago

    Just saw this truly outstanding film 💃💐💖Such gorgeous scenes here; picture postcard shots. Wherever this is filmed, such a lovely place :) What is up with Ethan Hawke!?-- he is really hitting his stride. Turning in powerful mesmerizing performances! I just adore him :) and Sally Hawkins is like this grade A Excellence Actress that just embodies every character she plays. To see her take on Maudie, her walk and mannerisms was pure brilliance. This relationship starts out so damaged but willful! Purposeful! At times it was so difficult to see how Maudie is treated by everyone. And then comes the art aficionado who appreciates her and encourages her. This movie is just full of heart and struggle. I highly recommend it. Lovely soundtrack moves along with every scene perfectly. Best wishes ❤❤❤

  • Joesol Aragon
    Joesol Aragon 10 months ago

    im so inlove with Sally! GIVE HER THE OSCAR!

  • ko 64
    ko 64 10 months ago

    One of the best movies I've seen

  • Alternativepope
    Alternativepope 10 months ago

    She's so lovely

  • soundmethod
    soundmethod 11 months ago

    Sally is so Awesome!

  • baabaablacksheep
    baabaablacksheep 11 months ago +1

    Sally Hawkins in this movie is like a female version of Eddie redmayne. Idk maybe because of their wide smile or something that make them look similar

  • Z Stone
    Z Stone 11 months ago

    Just finished this like 30 minutes ago...I'm STILL crying like a baby!!!

  • john presnell
    john presnell 11 months ago

    What a moving story! I certainly shed a few tears watching it...

  • Xiomara Soler
    Xiomara Soler Year ago

    Maudie lucha por su felicidad en medio de la adversidad física y la deslealtad de su familia. El ejemplo de la inagotable fuerza de una mujer quien, a través del pincel, traspasa las fronteras de su corazón y de su país. Un alma llena de sensibilidad, arte, perseverancia y dulzura para pintar. Una historia muy humana que te va llevando hasta el llanto.

  • grayedoutmonday
    grayedoutmonday Year ago

    Maudie... maudie bawa kemana hubungan kita~

  • kerem
    kerem Year ago

    This deserves an Oscar , sally does

  • John Startop
    John Startop Year ago

    I'm clicking out at the halfway point since this trailer insists on spoiling the movie.

  • Dangermoose2000
    Dangermoose2000 Year ago

    It's no Mad Max 3 but gets a solid 6.5/10 from the Moose

  • Kidd is eating peaches

    yo i watched this movie and I balled my eyes out and I’m in love

  • nightendstheday
    nightendstheday Year ago

    This is such a beautiful film. I adore it

  • B Challoner
    B Challoner Year ago

    Incredible movie. Indeed the true OSCAR winner.

  • Marwa Kiki
    Marwa Kiki Year ago

    I love these two, one of my favorite movies ever❤️

  • Dave Earles
    Dave Earles Year ago

    Sally Hawkins deserves a major award for this performance.

  • anne howard
    anne howard Year ago

    A beautiful movie. My only criticism is that the Nova Scotian accent lapses into American southern dialect throughout the movie.

  • Ron K.
    Ron K. Year ago

    Once in a great while a film comes along where every frame draws you in
    and you can't look away for fear of missing something...where the actors
    touch every emotion. Last night I saw one of those films... "MAUDIE"...
    starring Sally Hawkins, who is beyond brilliant and Ethan Hawke, who more
    than holds his own against her amazing performance.

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke Year ago

    keep going Sally!😋

  • F. Kusuma
    F. Kusuma Year ago

    Whats the song in the trailer? Love that voice

    • Tina Hsu
      Tina Hsu Year ago +1

      Little Bird - Lisa Hannigan

  • Runnable19
    Runnable19 Year ago

    One of the best movies I EVER watched. Definitely on my top 5

  • Arghavan fth
    Arghavan fth Year ago

    sally and ethan should have at least been nominated for this movie! sally's nomination for tsow was well deserved but she should have campaigned for this and won the oscar for maudie.

  • Faisal Moosa Almukhaini

    اجمل فليم شاهدة في حياتي مستوحى من قصة حقيقية

  • Isabel Neves
    Isabel Neves Year ago

    One more piece of the puzzle. Thank you so much to share.

  • Karen Marshall
    Karen Marshall Year ago

    This is a great movie! I am not one to cry in movies but I sure did with this one. It managed to pull powerful expression of long and quiet suffering, tolerance, acceptance, grace and forgiveness. I was completely locked into it from beginning to end. I really don't know how actors can transform into into such difficult characters but it is quite an art form when it is done this well.

  • Batchimeg Damdindorj

    this was such a beautiful film ! it was a genuine heartfelt story than a hollywood made up blockbuster crap. there's humanity in the story.

  • Steffi Gavin
    Steffi Gavin Year ago

    Unbelievable movie. Stunning that it wasn't chosen.

  • braca977
    braca977 Year ago


  • Jesse onvideo
    Jesse onvideo Year ago +1

    I just cant believe that barely now this trailer is on trending when sally Hawkins performance in just breathtaking its brings tears to my eyes to watch how she made it big and her journey to the top this movie changed me and this film deserves so much more attention😭😭😭😭😭

  • Astrid Kelly
    Astrid Kelly Year ago

    Such a beautiful film and her performance outstanding!!

  • Batchimeg Damdindorj
    Batchimeg Damdindorj Year ago +28

    Sally Hawkins is a precious little lady ! I fell in love with her in Shape of Water. She's an amazing actress.

  • Prisilla Cope
    Prisilla Cope Year ago +1

    I know of this couple!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Can't wait to see it....

  • Ernie
    Ernie Year ago +1

    I saw it tonight and I truly believe Sally Hawkins is magic and a gift. Ethan is great in it too. It will make you cry but I feel that is a triumph that she overcame so much, Maude and shared her vision of the world through her beautiful paintings.

  • Harshit Sahu
    Harshit Sahu Year ago

    my pussy is shook

  • HardRockMiner
    HardRockMiner Year ago +12

    One of the best movies I've ever seen in my entire life. If this doesn't pull at your heart you must not have one. If this woman doesn't get an Oscar for this there is no justice in the acting world.

  • Agnes Parisi
    Agnes Parisi Year ago


  • Ivan Mike
    Ivan Mike Year ago

    Nope, i am not gonna cry...keep it together Mike

  • Menna Shrif
    Menna Shrif Year ago

    Ethan Hawke is in the age of my dad and I see him fuckin sexy!!!!!

  • Charlie5thumbs
    Charlie5thumbs Year ago

    Looks like a beautiful movie.

  • Arief Bachtiar
    Arief Bachtiar Year ago

    This is one of the best movie that i already watched in 2017.. Thank you SonyPictures!

  • Wanda Rani
    Wanda Rani Year ago

    I cry like a baby after watching this..... Well done Sally and Ethan! Give them the Oscar!!!

  • azellus
    azellus Year ago

    Maud Lewis - World without shadows

    SANDRA BAŠIĆ Year ago +5

    I've just watched it and it's marvelous!!! Great performance of Sally Hawkins!

  • Earl Chaney
    Earl Chaney Year ago +3

    Insane if she and they don't get an oscar.

  • William Cardenas
    William Cardenas Year ago

    Beautiful movie. Wow! What a delight.

  • Elizabeth Carlos
    Elizabeth Carlos Year ago

  • Damian G.
    Damian G. Year ago +17

    Give her the Oscar!!!

  • fiona
    fiona Year ago +9

    i already cried watching the trailer help

  • Aisling Ní Charra

    I am like SO confused with the accents in this movie

  • grace t
    grace t Year ago +18

    best female performance in a long long LONG time

  • Vitor Costa
    Vitor Costa Year ago

    But what a story! What a work! Excellent interpretations, worthy of an Oscar! Simply brilliant! The simplicity of this movie is something great! 5 *
    P.S. 24 people should not have seen the same movie ...

  • Rina Almero
    Rina Almero Year ago

    Just finished the movie minutes ago and I'm still crying 😢

  • Andrew Tajon
    Andrew Tajon Year ago +3

    Wonderful performance by Ms. Hawkins! I wouldn't be surprised if an Oscar is indeed on the way...

  • sten stella
    sten stella Year ago +12

    Oscar for her !

    • myfamilynme
      myfamilynme Year ago

      Oscar for both! What an amazingly beautifully acted movie and story all the way around!

  • Ji Jj
    Ji Jj Year ago +6

    Amazing acting! I saw the movie today. She deserves a new Oscar.

  • Emdadul Haque Milon

    Name of the song please?

  • doqille
    doqille Year ago

    Temple Grandin but with paintings instead of cows

  • SH L
    SH L Year ago

    It's my favorite movie in 2017 and i'm lucky guy about wathing this movie.

  • bubble dream
    bubble dream Year ago

    Sally Hawkins and Lisa Hannigan in the same movie? Yes, please!

    LUSEJA Year ago +204

    shut up and give her the OSCAR!!!

  • lv426tb
    lv426tb Year ago +1

    Great movie🖒🖒

  • titus saha
    titus saha Year ago +100

    Sally Hawkins is soo underrated it hurts!!!!

      SISTARNCTWJSN Lovers 4 months ago


    • Carr Rexx
      Carr Rexx 5 months ago

      Well you shouldn't hurt because she's not.

    • Charlie5thumbs
      Charlie5thumbs Year ago +3

      I just watched this movie. I have to agree. She's absolutely amazing! LOVED this movie. I have to see the Shape of Water now.

    MR MILFMANZ Year ago +11

    What a beautiful movie this was

  • ChArLiE BeAtZ
    ChArLiE BeAtZ Year ago +69

    Saddest movie I've ever watched. I cried constantly.

  • Brenda Simmons
    Brenda Simmons Year ago +2

    Loved it!! Hits ya right in the feels! It's far and few in between where a movie can keep my attention, didn't want the story to end..No doubt Ill be watching this again some day and I never say that!..

  • Fabienne Dumont
    Fabienne Dumont Year ago +14

    absolument magnifique, poétique, émouvant. l'histoire d'une femme forte.

  • giovanni pilu
    giovanni pilu Year ago +7

    what a wonderful movie this must be..............

  • Nickolas Petrone
    Nickolas Petrone Year ago

    here's hoping this makes for a good first date thursday. fingers crossed!

  • henry michal
    henry michal Year ago +23

    how good is this film? 5 stars all the way. May not be a guys film, but who cares, I loved it. Ethan and Sally are great together. Do see this film.

    • RandomPlayIist
      RandomPlayIist 8 months ago +3

      I don't understand when someone says it's "not a guy's film" or "this is a film for chicks" because it's so ridiculous. Films are for humans. Men have feelings and can appreciate a good art house film just like a woman can enjoy a superhero movie. I get that for a long time society has tried to separate the sexes but let's get with the times people.

    • ChArLiE BeAtZ
      ChArLiE BeAtZ Year ago

      henry michal Thanks bud!

    • henry michal
      henry michal Year ago +2

      if you like Ethan Hawke check out trilogy Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight. If you like Sally Hawkins, check out Happy-Go-Lucky. enjoy

    • ChArLiE BeAtZ
      ChArLiE BeAtZ Year ago +1

      henry michal It's my new favorite movie. A real tear-jerker.

  • ezra cyr
    ezra cyr Year ago +5

    too violent for me, and the large amount of sex scenes seemed unnecessary

    • Renee D
      Renee D Year ago +2

      Lol large amount?

    • Lavender1985
      Lavender1985 Year ago +6

      ezra cyr Which movie did you watch? Not the same one as me, apparently

    • ChArLiE BeAtZ
      ChArLiE BeAtZ Year ago +6

      ezra cyr Seriously? You must be a prude. That's miserable.

  • Cate Stevens
    Cate Stevens Year ago +5

    Beautiful story. Truly inspiring ! Thank you for making a movie which speaks to the triumph of the human spirit. It portrays true character, simplicity of pursuing one's true path one little step at a time. Acting is so authentic and moving.
    The images, dialogues and heart of this story moved me to a new place inside my own journey. Thank you for choosing the path less traveled!