World Series Preview: Astros, Nationals show down in 2019 Fall Classic!

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • The Houston Astros and Washington Nationals face off in the 2019 World Series! Let's look back at how they got to the Fall Classic.
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Comments • 245


    1:48 💯💞💚
    december 2019?
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💜

    DJGARY 2 months ago

    Go Nats!!! We are the capital!!! Let’s do this @&)#%*

  • BaseballStar
    BaseballStar 3 months ago +1

    The nats postseason run reminds me of the giants in 2014

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 3 months ago

    That Nationals Radio Announcer is absolutely amazing.

  • king john
    king john 3 months ago +1

    maybe Donald Trump can launch some Ballistic Cruise missiles during the national anthem?? and that infamous fake newscaster Brian Williams can announce how beautiful those 59 million dollar fireworks (Cruise Missiles) look??

  • KumaWuma
    KumaWuma 3 months ago

    5:07 Click on the time stamp if you are watching at night

  • Luis Calderon
    Luis Calderon 3 months ago +4

    Nationals 1 Astros 0, Lol 😂

  • David R
    David R 3 months ago


  • Phong Vong
    Phong Vong 3 months ago

    YouH. NeDofMillionairE. I Am Working It! GLtS

  • Kyle Martinich Is Awesome

    The Big Orange Machine's got this!

  • Kian Patel
    Kian Patel 3 months ago

    Astros are up

  • Movieandmidnight
    Movieandmidnight 3 months ago

    I recorded the end of the 2019 ALCS & I will be doing the same for the World Series each game

    LAFYETTE TRAVAIL 3 months ago

  • Raymond Huke
    Raymond Huke 3 months ago +2

    Let’s go NATS!

  • Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

    Trump get me tickets and all expenses paid trip for games in DC you know what for rest of series

  • Eugenia Murillo
    Eugenia Murillo 3 months ago +1


  • nemesisgenius
    nemesisgenius 3 months ago

    Looks like the underdogs are becoming the favorites to win the World Series. Looks like only the Astros fans will be rooting for Houston. Go Go Astros!

  • El Hombre Negro
    El Hombre Negro 3 months ago

    Vamos nacionales

  • Rodney Lewis
    Rodney Lewis 3 months ago

    Love my Stros...this is going to be a challenge Washington is a great team but we have experience I expect a battle...this wont be easy

  • Ethan L
    Ethan L 3 months ago

    Is this streaming on TheXvid?

  • Mr. Peterson
    Mr. Peterson 3 months ago

    This Dodger fan says, hat tip to the Astros, and slaughter the Nationals!

    • Mr. Peterson
      Mr. Peterson 3 months ago

      @Raymond Huke Baseball has a salty side. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. There can be only one champion, and it isn't the Nationals.

    • Raymond Huke
      Raymond Huke 3 months ago


  • atomicbrain9401
    atomicbrain9401 3 months ago +1

    pee pee poo poo

  • Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

    Game 1 will be a battle of two great teams picking Fielding hitting bating a battle to the finish good luck to both clubs

    MEGATRON 3 months ago


  • JuanTool's Do Work
    JuanTool's Do Work 3 months ago +1

    Finally the game is free on tv for everyone on Fox....screw cable tbs and fs1👎

  • Jurado
    Jurado 3 months ago

    Come on Stro'$ you have made it to far now to Let Go!
    #Vaminõs💨!! #DC4L💨!!

  • Steve Sibaja
    Steve Sibaja 3 months ago +1

    The Astros is a Dynasty

  • Steve Sibaja
    Steve Sibaja 3 months ago +1

    Lets go Astros

  • Steve Sibaja
    Steve Sibaja 3 months ago +1

    The Houston Astros will 3 Peat to win the World Series

  • Andi Bae
    Andi Bae 3 months ago

    andi Bae

  • Rick in Texas
    Rick in Texas 3 months ago

    Go Astros.

  • P Ski
    P Ski 3 months ago

    If the astros win MLB will be talking about a dynasty.

  • Piggy!!!
    Piggy!!! 3 months ago


  • CodeNameP.E.A.R.
    CodeNameP.E.A.R. 3 months ago +3

    Im rooting for the nats!

    Comment who you are rooting for

  • Sime'on Manzac11
    Sime'on Manzac11 3 months ago +1

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have reach the main event of baseball season, a World Series with huge implications for the future of these two franchise, with similar paths in their humble beginnings. The Houston Astros, with the best overall record and another ALCS title in their pocket, look to claim their second World Series in three years. But to do that, they must get through the Washington Nationals, the gritty NLCS champions that scratched and crawled out of the coffin of their past sins, like the Astros once did.
    After battling through tough series with the Rays and Yankees, Houston comes into this bout as the favorite; however, the Nationals are battle-tested, spouting comeback wins against the Brewers and Dodgers and shattering a once strong empire in the Cardinals. Now with the dust settling on an incredible MLB Playoffs, a team trying to forge a dynasty must battle a team with nothing left to lose with everything on the line. This is more than just a championship bout. This about honor, pride, respect, legacy, and a future that the Astros once used to stand for.
    Will the Nationals finally reach the top of the mountain and fulfill a lost promise or will the Astros take back the one achievement they've fought so hard to earn?

    It's Time..........!

      KGODSMACKC 3 months ago +1

      Ok, Chill out Bruce Buffer..

  • 713cca
    713cca 3 months ago +1

    Astros in 5!

  • Winston Abreu
    Winston Abreu 3 months ago

    I hate the astros

  • Michael Irwin
    Michael Irwin 3 months ago

    Don't like either team; I Will not be watching.

    • Mr. Peterson
      Mr. Peterson 3 months ago

      You'll be have nothing better to do while recuperating from your successful surgery.

  • Wildman2012
    Wildman2012 3 months ago

    Go Nats!

  • Aa Rr
    Aa Rr 3 months ago

    Now everyone and their mothers gonna become a nats fan 😂

  • Mangym 1927
    Mangym 1927 3 months ago +1

    I just realized all series ending catches were made by the centre fielder, 2 by robles and 1 by taylor

  • Adi Puskar
    Adi Puskar 3 months ago +3

    Astros about to sweep the nationals

    • Azsa
      Azsa 2 months ago

      Adi Puskar You were saying?

  • Francisco Villarreal
    Francisco Villarreal 3 months ago

    Astros win the WS in 5 games ⚾⭐

  • Luis Anato
    Luis Anato 3 months ago

    Astros wins the WS in 7 games...!

  • Adam Duerwachter
    Adam Duerwachter 3 months ago

    I just realized, the nationals won the wild card, divisional game five, and conference game four all on fly balls to Robles

  • Caleb Mann
    Caleb Mann 3 months ago

    Let’s go Astros go represent the AL let’s get this DUUUUB

  • Randy chu
    Randy chu 3 months ago +2

    Go nats!!!

  • The Sorge
    The Sorge 3 months ago +3

    I'm an Astro through and through, but I actually really like the Nats so I won't be *too* upset if they pull off a victory. Good luck y'all, should be a great series :)

    • The Sorge
      The Sorge 3 months ago

      @Michael Young Yeah dude like, I've been an Astros fan basically all my life and for them to prove 2017 wasn't a fluke would make me so happy. But at the end of the day, win or lose, I just wanna see some good baseball. And I think with two of best pitching lineups in the league going head to head, we'll get exactly that.

    • Michael Young
      Michael Young 3 months ago

      This is a comment that I like....See I'm a Nats fan, but may the best team win!

  • Random Polish guy
    Random Polish guy 3 months ago +2

    As long as Houston looses I’m a happy man

    • Azsa
      Azsa 2 months ago

      Scurvy Knave Why would he be sad

    • Scurvy Knave
      Scurvy Knave 3 months ago

      Prepare to be sad.

  • nextgen 23
    nextgen 23 3 months ago +1


  • Jerry Paz
    Jerry Paz 3 months ago +1

    Go stros!

  • Silent Sneak20
    Silent Sneak20 3 months ago

    Both teams are about to change the face of the game itself

  • Anthony Cinalli
    Anthony Cinalli 3 months ago


  • Texas Veteran
    Texas Veteran 3 months ago

    H-town in 5

  • Philip Crewe
    Philip Crewe 3 months ago

    Fabulous game , ccccu later

  • Tee Mobile
    Tee Mobile 3 months ago

    If the nats dont win I'm gonna fold and scream

    • Tee Mobile
      Tee Mobile 3 months ago

      Thx you I should

    • Scurvy Knave
      Scurvy Knave 3 months ago

      You should practice your folding and screaming now, that way you'll have it down to a science by the time the series ends.

  • Ron
    Ron 3 months ago

    Astros gonna sweep

  • Sub0extibite 1
    Sub0extibite 1 3 months ago

    Is there any hit in the A.L that’s not a homerun?

  • Joel Herrera
    Joel Herrera 3 months ago +1

    Not quite the baseball fan and all. However, I'm a Houston born but DMV raised...its a difficult pick for me but I will go Nats on this one. My Astros got theirs in '17, I would like my Nats to get theirs as well. YES I got two teams. I love where I'm from and I love where I'm at.