David Foster & Katharine McPhee - Somewhere (video)


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  • Mark Saguindel
    Mark Saguindel 23 days ago

    If there was a movie about Linda Ronstadt I nominate Katherine McPhee!

  • Zaryn Moon
    Zaryn Moon 25 days ago

    David Foster is a GOD of Music!!! Katharine McPhee paired with him is magic - she has such a beautiful voice. I feel like I'm in Heaven listening to this! I think this is the most perfect arrangement of Somewhere. Couldn't have been done better!

  • R
    R 29 days ago

    It was nice but not the best version I've heard

  • Odra Hernandez
    Odra Hernandez Month ago

    God bless you!!

  • Mary Tenegal
    Mary Tenegal Month ago

    She is a nut to be married to him a old fart

  • Rhonda Dobransky
    Rhonda Dobransky Month ago +1

    Great singer

  • Cindy Brewer
    Cindy Brewer Month ago +4

    Yes he left his wife when she got sick great man.

  • Ace💕
    Ace💕 Month ago

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sondra Allen
    Sondra Allen Month ago +1

    Yay mistreated his wife he divorced so bad because he had the hots for her these men you cannot trust them and you have to be ready to let it go because they are so if i c k l e

  • mimi mure
    mimi mure Month ago

    This song is the best one she ever did on America idol. But her album she had some good songs on there too.

  • mimi mure
    mimi mure Month ago

    Wowwwwww!! 😍😍😍

  • mimi mure
    mimi mure Month ago +4

    The way he said WOW. Not just cuz of her voice but also her beauty. He was already in love with her. And now they married. They are like Celine and Renee. Age ain't nothing but a number.

    • Sheena P.
      Sheena P. 21 day ago

      Well let's see if it'll last like celine & Renee cuz this like his 5th wife or something.

  • Monica Ford
    Monica Ford Month ago +1

    Katherine. Write a bk y dnt ya " i married my grandfather" u r weird girl. Oh frgt hes super rich. Sooo u cn overlook it. Yur kids will b pushin him in his wheelchair n probally nt fr long. Other things wnt b so grt either.......

  • Hutch Peraza
    Hutch Peraza Month ago +4

    David foster found his Celine Dion💜💜💜

  • Jorge Dias
    Jorge Dias Month ago +5

    I definitively still have a crush on her even in 2019...She is so cute!!!! Mr. David Foster is a lucky man...

  • Trixie
    Trixie Month ago

    and to think....now david is muff diving her... he's like a gazillion years older then her.... thats just gross....someone see if he knew...epstein?

  • Malcolm Jones
    Malcolm Jones 2 months ago

    Such a beautiful version of an amazing song.

  • Juanita Varnado
    Juanita Varnado 2 months ago +3

    He liked that song so much he married her!!!❤

  • Surya Artaty
    Surya Artaty 2 months ago

    We'll find a new way of living,
    We'll find a way of forgiving
    There's a place for us.
    Someday a place for us.
    Peace and quiet and open air
    Wait for us somewhere.
    There's a time for us.
    Someday there'll be a time for us.
    Time together with time to spare
    A time to learn
    A time to care
    We'll find a new way of living.
    We'll find there's a way of forgiving
    There's a place for us.
    A time and place for us.
    Hold my hand and we're half way there,
    Just hold my hand and I'll take you there

  • Neil Amadeus Yudhistira

    Bernstein classic with Foster arrangement and McPhee voice is just extraordinary.

  • Jojo Jojo
    Jojo Jojo 3 months ago

    wooh very good ! now they are married.

  • Charles Clark
    Charles Clark 3 months ago +1

    When hes first got it! He said wow! She was and is still beautiful! I love her too! I like David I would like him to be my producer?

  • Tray Hbk
    Tray Hbk 3 months ago +1

    Now they are married ❤️

  • Frances
    Frances 3 months ago

    This is one of my favorite songs and I haven't heard anyone sing it badly but IMO no one sings it better than Streisand.

  • henny tambariki
    henny tambariki 3 months ago +28

    Just like David Foster said : "WOW"
    Ten years after this performance and now they're are married 💑
    Congratulations 🎉

  • shevamp1
    shevamp1 3 months ago +4

    and now they are married.

  • harry1babs
    harry1babs 3 months ago

    What a flat boring soft voice. She is so mediocre. Could never pick her voice out from a crowd of singers. Overrated or is it that she gets in with the right boyfriends that promote her. She's no Rihanna, no Ronstadt, no Raitt, no Blige, no Whitney, no Barbra. Eeew.

  • Gracie Dijk
    Gracie Dijk 3 months ago +3

    You blew us away in the most classy way. Also TY to David!
    @Katharine McPhee, our greetings to your musical teacher MOM:)
    Greetings from us, Gracie&Gregg from Washington DC.

  • Karen Williams
    Karen Williams 3 months ago +1

    How I Love this...her voice since first hearing her I've followed her. What talent and with David beside her things will only go upwards!! Love them ❤

  • Elizabeth Williamson
    Elizabeth Williamson 4 months ago

    Pam Boucher:C

  • 1besieged
    1besieged 4 months ago +1

    My favorite is by IZ .. 'Somewhere over the rainbow' , it is the best!
    I do love David Foster's music.

  • Rosemary Romick
    Rosemary Romick 5 months ago

    Best ending of this song.

  • Therese Middleton
    Therese Middleton 5 months ago

    OMG Beautiful

  • Therese Middleton
    Therese Middleton 5 months ago

    Dave Roberts

  • Steve Eckstein
    Steve Eckstein 5 months ago


  • divashalo 24
    divashalo 24 5 months ago

    is this song from a movie and who recorded it first??

  • Christy Hays
    Christy Hays 8 months ago +1


  • Francisco jose Villarte escosa

    Preciosa cancion.

  • ralph trout
    ralph trout 9 months ago

    She's the reason I stopped watching American Idol.....after I heard her sing "Someone to watch over me" and she did NOT win........I realized there was no reason to watch that crap again because the public voting doesn't know s**t about singing, apparently.....

  • consequences
    consequences 9 months ago +1

    such an underrated talent❤🙏

  • jennifer86010
    jennifer86010 10 months ago

    Her performances on American Idol were far more compelling. She was animated, uninhibited, loose, natural and unrehearsed....a passionate raw spirit who made watching and listening to her as easy as she let the notes fly out of her heart. Foster is trying to make her into another Streisand. She is not Streisand. She is "Kat" and I look forward to the day when "Kat" is the top name in lights in Vegas or Broadway.

  • Karen Hunt
    Karen Hunt 11 months ago +1

    What a beautiful job Katharine is just a beautiful girl with a great voice.David Foster finds all the good ones!

    ROMAN PERFILOV 11 months ago


  • Ellen Turner
    Ellen Turner Year ago


  • Janice Murphy
    Janice Murphy Year ago +8

    People should not be so hard especially when it's not their life may they both find love and happiness for as long as it lasts, she seems like a beautiful person and he may be the one.

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight Year ago +1

    She turned 34 this year. He’s turning 69 in 6 weeks. They’re engaged to be married.

    MIKE DILISIO Year ago +1

    Who has the better career - The winner of Season 5 Taylor Hicks - or - The Runner Up - This Superstar Katherine McPhee? Truth is, Katherine is no one's runner-up.

  • GarageStudio
    GarageStudio Year ago +2

    So throughout *American Idol* and this performance, he was checking her out 👀🛀

  • Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks Year ago

    I think I’m going to like this one!

  • Alice Diane
    Alice Diane Year ago +3

    omg...its so beautiful song and she is gorgeous too..

  • Livhappy
    Livhappy Year ago


  • Elizabeth Long
    Elizabeth Long Year ago

    "◔◔¨ *
    ..thank you

  • Xsrtovy S
    Xsrtovy S Year ago

    Every so often music changes as new Real Talent emerges.. Its that time. Muic is stale & old, A new Era in Music will Emerge & change our listening.. Just Watch.

  • Xsrtovy S
    Xsrtovy S Year ago

    Kat should have won American Idol... I mane really....The guy who won was not even in the same league..Hes not even working now...

  • Steve Burke
    Steve Burke Year ago

    ... and DF was thinking 'Tonight' in 2008. It's 2018 and they are married. Enjoy ! - .... and who cares about anyones thoughts

  • shevamp1
    shevamp1 Year ago +3

    now they are engaged!

  • T Mee
    T Mee Year ago +13

    And nine years later, they are engaged...Beautiful rendition of this classic.

  • The Empress
    The Empress Year ago +4

    She has a very nice voice!☺

  • Ken Simpson
    Ken Simpson Year ago +2

    Incredible!! Congrats on your engagement.


    no one including her can ever touch BARBRA STREISAND sorry