LeBron James - How Quickly They Forget - 2019 Highlights - Part 1

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • Two "bad" months for LBJ and now all the so called experts wants to trade LeBron! 34 y/o and STILL putting up numbers like 28, 8 and 8... Just wait till next season, folks!
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  • B Great
    B Great Month ago

    They still hating... Keep that energy after this season

  • Zoe TheGreat
    Zoe TheGreat 3 months ago

    Can’t wait I know you working on a masterpiece for this season lol

  • Sid Shades
    Sid Shades 6 months ago +1

    Man yall just wait and watch the King gonna be 100% fresh next season and give yall haters the biggest "uh-oh" moment of your lives

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant 6 months ago

    king James,it's not a joke.

  • رسول الخفاجي

    The beet all time

  • Allen Baerry
    Allen Baerry 6 months ago

    Love the title

  • easymoneysniper
    easymoneysniper 6 months ago

    Part 2?

  • Blaise
    Blaise 7 months ago

    People are going to be reminded of who the 👑 is next season. Fully rested, recharged, and motivated! Rest of the league better watch out!

  • david cone jr
    david cone jr 7 months ago

    LBJ has been overrated his whole career

  • Joseph Humphrey
    Joseph Humphrey 7 months ago +1

    It amazes me how much "hate" this man receives. People act like his play has diminished to the point that he can't dunk, shoot or pass anymore. If 27.4, 8 and 8 were so easy, why the hell is no one else doing it???

  • Ricky El Diablo
    Ricky El Diablo 7 months ago

    Give this man AD or Kawhi and it's over

  • Ricky El Diablo
    Ricky El Diablo 7 months ago

    Makes 8 finals in a row: haters say nothing

    Doesn't make finals after being injured for 30 games on a trash team: see? Overrated

  • Kiwigeneticsnz
    Kiwigeneticsnz 7 months ago

    For this really enjoyed it. How quickly they do forget

  • Corey Greenhouse
    Corey Greenhouse 7 months ago

    All this rest he is obtaining, the weight he is gonna lose ; I anticipate a fully rejuvinated King.

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar 7 months ago

    People love to hate this man for no reason

  • kram twain
    kram twain 7 months ago +1

    It's not surprising that Lebum was easily forgotten...this guy was just an overrated and media-hyped. Media is just keeping his narrative alive but the truth is Lebum has passed his prime, he's done and soon he'll be gone.

  • Noel Solis
    Noel Solis 7 months ago +1

    Most Exciting Player to Watched in his ERA !!! ,

  • Chris A
    Chris A 7 months ago

    Everyone who said he not the best anymore is clearly bias when deep down we all know that he is the best

  • narrickcuz
    narrickcuz 7 months ago +1

    The playoffs don’t even feel the same without him. It’s okay the bounce back gone be crazy! Mfs been speaking down on my nigga but they gone have to eat that shit next year!

    • Nee Doc
      Nee Doc 7 months ago

      You speak the truth man..

  • Phillip Rhinehardt
    Phillip Rhinehardt 7 months ago +1

    And people say that KD is better than LeBron done lost their damn mind.

    • Nee Doc
      Nee Doc 7 months ago +1

      KD couldn't go thru what Lebron went thru. KD wants people to just hand him over things. He doesn't want to grind and work for it.

  • Dannicks Pagalan
    Dannicks Pagalan 7 months ago

    There will be one LEBRON James

  • Nancy Concha
    Nancy Concha 7 months ago +2

    No LeBron, No NBA
    He is the only reason i watch NBA Basketball...
    when he retire i will cry
    I like Kyrie and Luka but NBA isn't the same without LeBron!

    ELEVATION MONDAY 7 months ago

    To be honest I am so sick of the commentators the majority are normally wrong.. I have more of a respect for former players than these guys who never played on that level...

  • Sirk Skywalker
    Sirk Skywalker 7 months ago

    I use to go off with lebron on nba 2k5 he was so unstoppable i mean he still is

  • twin house
    twin house 7 months ago +2

    the real GOAT

  • Renol Capañarihan
    Renol Capañarihan 7 months ago +1

    This legend can't be forgotten

  • Grace Kyungsoo
    Grace Kyungsoo 7 months ago +1

    Still the best for me💪🏼❤️

    Im going to cry when he retires...

  • Jay Laja
    Jay Laja 7 months ago

    LeBron is so unfair kind of player. He made through the finals for 8 straight years. Wow😮 that is amazing man. Appreciate the King 👑. We'll never see a player like him for the next decade.

  • Roel Jr.
    Roel Jr. 7 months ago

    We like the LeBron who's more on scoring than passing!!!

  • nickson punu
    nickson punu 7 months ago

    king james

  • Calma Daboy
    Calma Daboy 7 months ago +1

    One of the greatest player of all time

  • NarD Jr.
    NarD Jr. 7 months ago

    I'm watching basketball when he was LeBron's drafted in NBA ...
    NBA is not perfect without LBJ ...
    LBJ is the best player ever ...
    The playoffs game now is not perfect for me Without LBJ ...

    I'm waiting for your Epic Comback King James 💪😍 #2019-2020 regular season

  • Nekeito Jmibohnson Johnson

    lebron gonna bounce back like jordan when he came back as # 45 an win this chip for LA

  • Zetsu Tsuletsu
    Zetsu Tsuletsu 7 months ago

    So Isaiah is on the golden state warriors now? Man should have stayed humble.

  • Heisenberg Walter
    Heisenberg Walter 7 months ago +1

    Lebron just throwing away good teamates when he's done with them like ray allen save the entire team for that clutch shot, how about kyrie did he save the entire team with that 3 point dagger? And then what? Yah say what u want lebron fans, im not hating lebron, he just need to change his ways towards people friends teammates, thats why many people didnt like him, and thats the way things reflect on him... peace everyone... i like d rose though very humble

    • Savage Sagwa
      Savage Sagwa 7 months ago

      Ah the haters keep using these dumbass arguments LOL.
      Ray : LeBron scored 16 points in the 4th quarter to bring the heat back to a close game against the Spurs. LeBron hit a three to bring it to 1 point before Ray hit the shot. LeBron had a monster game 7. Ray didn't go pass single digits.
      Kyrie: LeBron "saved" the team by blocking Iguodala, and if you wanna go further, dropping 41 back to back in the previous 2 games. Kyrie hit the clutch shot but the Cavs wouldn't even see a Game 7 without LeBron.

  • Heisenberg Walter
    Heisenberg Walter 7 months ago +1

    Its not that we forgot!!! His selfish towards teammates!!! Always blaming!!! Thats why kyrie leaves you and everyones else,,, just saying

  • Jonathan Cajilog
    Jonathan Cajilog 7 months ago

    His great but he can't top mamba the Kobe or goat the Michael jordan.. Respect lebron✌

  • James Mckellar
    James Mckellar 7 months ago

    Lebron will be missed by many that's for sure. He has certainly been one of the greatest ever. The GOAT title however belongs to Jordan, just comparing 5 minutes of footage from each player confirms that, not to mention Jordan's list of achievements.

  • newton lowery
    newton lowery 7 months ago

    Yannis is a hybrid LeBron we will be in great hands when he retires

  • The Shepherd
    The Shepherd 7 months ago +1

    Ooh man, I'm gonna miss bold head Bron 😭 when he retires idk what I'm gonna do!! Best SF in history.

  • starlight miach
    starlight miach 7 months ago +1

    this man is unreal , no wonder they call him GOAT

  • Roxer
    Roxer 7 months ago

    5:01 😂😂 it was on beat too

  • Alejandro Mendoza
    Alejandro Mendoza 7 months ago +1

    Lol !! This is Greatness saying he declining 🤔 King James 👑

  • S.C.B.M
    S.C.B.M 7 months ago


  • krimmie1111
    krimmie1111 7 months ago

    Oh they will remember next year!!

  • Vallecend
    Vallecend 8 months ago

    They're self proclaimed expert lol, all the things that come out of their mouth is biased and only for interesting stories because theyre a bunch of uncreative fucks... Much like how articles tend to clickbait you or how a youtube video puts up interesting titles and thumbnails only to fool you... They know absolutely nothing about basketball and only there for the views and the ratings, its pretty obvious by now... LeBron is 34 and averaged 28 8 8, no one in their right mind would even consider trading him, still the best in the world... Next season the lakers will be in the playoffs, lets hope no other injuries happen because thats literally the only reason why the lakers is not in the playoffs right now... The King will come back even stronger 👑💪🔥

  • 111111 Bear
    111111 Bear 8 months ago

    How quickly they forgot.....that Lebron traded his entire Cleveland team away, and tried again in LA 🤣

    • Savage Sagwa
      Savage Sagwa 7 months ago

      Guess where cleveland went? Yeah the Finals, dumbfuck.

    • 111111 Bear
      111111 Bear 7 months ago

      @Ollie Dina this are facts?

    • Ollie Dina
      Ollie Dina 7 months ago +2

      This are the type of idiots who have probably never played basketball their whole life.. They just hate greatness cause they have never felt it their whole lives

  • Sensational Dub
    Sensational Dub 8 months ago

    9:14 that play slept on

  • G Man
    G Man 8 months ago

    2019 Finals Champions...LA Lakers 😂

  • Shaurya Sanghvi
    Shaurya Sanghvi 8 months ago


  • Bobby D
    Bobby D 8 months ago

    I saw a compilation recently of a lot of Lebron's TERRIBLE or NO defense too. I guess an edited highlight reel can tell you a lot from both perspectives. Anyone who says his numbers aren't impressive at 33-34 years are just hating. But then again anyone who says his stats are not as much based on great skill as they are lazy D for easy boards or off ball work from his team mates for easy assists. Then they are just being fanboys. For me it's right in the middle. He's still a great talent and he's still a top ten player in the league, maybe top 5. He is not the best player in the world anymore. Next season will be interesting.

  • The King
    The King 8 months ago

    LeBron was the reason I started consistently watching I'm gonna be heartbroken in 3 years

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 months ago +3

    It’s crazy how people think LeBron isn’t a top 5 player 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Buckets
    Buckets 8 months ago

    Those dismissing Lebron James over the years are no fans of basketball, or greatness, its not a hot take, or an opinion to say Lebron ain't nothing special, it laughable- kind of like how in the end it was laughable for everyone to say the cavs were toast before they even went down 3-1..... uh huh...... yeah....

  • Brandon Myers
    Brandon Myers 8 months ago

    The GOAT

  • Delton Coakley
    Delton Coakley 8 months ago +1

    When can you kick greatness? The only time he's down in 16 years that's when!💯 smh can't wait till LeBron shock the 🌎 nexy year & has everyone on his dick like a bunch of bitchez again! 💯🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Δημητρης Keziah Delaney

    Next season fucking haters....Next season you ll see! The King has never left..

  • muh ashevliw
    muh ashevliw 8 months ago

    Ohh you are so right about this , they seem to forget so quick.
    And the main reason for that is some big shot radio and TV hosts that are nurturing a high standard hate for him , and all lebron did is pretty much good things to everyone.
    It’s sad to witness all this.
    Am still a fan of LBJ no matter what.

  • bncglock40
    bncglock40 8 months ago +9

    The best player in the world King james great vid.

  • Willie HavMmeri
    Willie HavMmeri 8 months ago

    the reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated....
    In his 16th year, he still the face of the league, unguardable and averaging 28,8 & 8.
    Those GOAT numbers.
    And these are his "Michael Jordan Wizards' Years"