Fortnite CHAPTER 3 TRAILER (The Real One...)

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Fortnite New Update - Fortnite CHAPTER 3 TRAILER (The Real One...) is what we discuss today!

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  • TheCampingRusher - Fortnite

    Well, this was unexpected. How are we feeling about Fortnite Chapter 3 after that trailer? Also, be sure to subscribe to the channel w/ NOTIS on as we have a lot in store for us these next few weeks. Reminder: I am livestreaming the Chapter 2 Finale Event here on TheXvid... December 4th, 2pm EST. Join me! Have a great night/day

  • Volt Pat
    Volt Pat  +625

    So much respect for how quickly rusher hops on recording and getting the news out truly a fortnite news man o7

  • C1ean Pow3r

    Theory: After the map gets flipped, a huge wave comes towards for player and pushes them away. So we might have a solo event at the start of the season where we have to swim to the island or something like that.

  • John Jones
    John Jones  +251

    I have a theory. That the Queen was trying to bring the rest of her army. But since the island was flipped over somehow, it disrupted a beacon from the Queen, then closed the portal. Which brings us to the Chapter 3 map.

  • Brenden
    Brenden  +144

    Man I am so excited for this chapter!!! Honestly thought we’d just go through a hole and end up on the other side but as always Epic does something amazing and has the entire map flip.

  • Daniel Yanudov

    I have a idea. What if the Mothership that we took down last season was not the Cube queen main ship but more like a simple transport. Kinda like in Star Wars Emperor Palpatine had his own shuttle but some times he had to use the normal imperial ones. I am saying that because the Mothership last season had a purple glow unlike the new ones that we can see in the trailer that had a golden glow. Also the Death Star looking thing may be the MAIN ship and that it will cause the live event, kinda like a battle station or a super weapon. Love your content. Keep on going.

  • God
    God  +120

    Epic actually just trolled us and the chapter will last for another 92 seasons and coral will get bigger each season

  • Neji
    Neji  +7

    I love how he just has this smile on his face the whole time he's watching the video. So wholesome.

  • Neutro
    Neutro  +67

    seeing that map flip gave me the chills.... but I really hope it's not that quick or easy

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic  +13

    My theory: the cube queen was attempting to bring the “death star” to the map and the death star is carrying the mother ships (like from last season) and the gold ones are the slightly bigger mother ships and the one from last season was kind of like a transport and that she was bringing her army and if the death star came that it would send multiple motherships to the island but since the island flipped the portal was disrupted and then the cube queen was crushed and the portal was closed and she like drowned or something idk

  • Andreas Antonelli

    I can swear this looks like the desert biome on the old map with the mountains but maybe it's revamped I'm sure

  • The real giga chad

    Theory: when the map is flipping over the middle is kinda open form what it look like so maybe the zero point has kept intact with both maps this entire time

  • Goonga City

    This is going to be insaneeee! If you’re streaming on the event I’ll make sure to drop in for a while! 🔥

  • BCE_ Cheetah

    the big mothership Death Star thing in the back could be the sevens ship, and the saucers are everyone trying to escape the island from us flipping on them. I think the fact that the island is flipping broke the simulation for a little, so it showed things we weren’t supposed to see

  • PT
    PT  +9


  • DaddyMo444

    My theory on why years sky suddenly clears is because the "Flipside" is failsafe switch put in place by the powers that be in the event that were unable to stop any outside powers from taking over.When they see there's no other option they flip the switch to the flipside & BAM were back at square 1..or a new square 1...who

  • The Lord Of PapaSquid

    I’m going around in Battle Lab saying goodbye to all of my favorite POIs. I’m going to miss them all. I had a lot of fun this chapter. I hope chapter 3 will be even better!

  • Savage Wraith

    I love Dwayne the Rock Johnson. He's such a hands on deck kinda guy. If you think about it, in construction stone or ROCK is often used as FOUNDATION for building something sturdy and meant to last, makes sense to have Dwayne be the Foundation in my books.

  • Luxtoh
    Luxtoh  +52

    That was awesome! I’m glad there’s not any spoilers of what jonesy and foundation are gonna do. I still can’t wait! Bring in the hype!

  • azomama 2
    azomama 2  +56

    To me it looks like the queen is calling in the rest of her army to finish off the island, but the island folds like a omelet