House's Diagnoses For An Alien Abduction | House M.D.

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Seven-year-old Clancy is admitted to the hospital with rectal bleeding, claiming alien abduction. The team runs tests, but when they get inconsistent and contradictory results from the same tests, in addition to finding a metal object in his neck, they are forced to give Clancy's testimony a little more credence.

    Season 3 Episode 2 "Cane and Able"
    Seven-year-old Clancy (Skyler Gisondo) is admitted to the hospital with rectal bleeding, claiming alien abduction. Amidst this, Cuddy and Wilson decide not to tell House the truth about his last case, thinking he will learn some humility, while Cameron is outraged at their actions. When a frustrated House gives up on the boy, Cuddy is forced to re-think her decision to hold back the truth.
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  • Simon Vs The World
    Simon Vs The World 2 days ago

    Foreman, Cameron and Chase will always be House's best team.

  • G Cäprïce
    G Cäprïce 2 days ago

    Winy retort😂

  • Snaggle Toothed
    Snaggle Toothed 2 days ago

    "Yo Momma so fat, when she go see the doctor, he show genuine signs of concern!"
    "Yo Momma so fat, she qualifies for state paid sessions with a nutritionist!"
    "Yo Momma so fat, mockery would be counterproductive. She need compassion and empathy!"
    "Yo Momma so fat, she need to seriously rethink her eating habits and lifestyle choices!" *Hahaha!CLASSIC!*

  • Shadowstalker
    Shadowstalker 3 days ago

    7:09 lol

  • Sean Jeogarty
    Sean Jeogarty 3 days ago

    chase is cringe

  • Geee
    Geee 3 days ago

    Omg a very young and cute Skyler Gisondo

  • Kaitlyn mackin
    Kaitlyn mackin 5 days ago +1

    The doctor that found the kid in the bathroom is also on something called chicago fire

  • Carolina Girl
    Carolina Girl 6 days ago +1

    Help.....I fallen down the House TheXvid dark hole and can’t get out. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Neon Fox
    Neon Fox 7 days ago

    Yo mama so fat she got diabetes

  • Tomas Boland
    Tomas Boland 7 days ago

    So ww3 is a thing now

  • Harshman Sharma Arts
    Harshman Sharma Arts 8 days ago +1

    What about that shining chip in his neck?????

  • Iwen McDonald
    Iwen McDonald 8 days ago

    I this real or fake

  • Garrett Thompson
    Garrett Thompson 8 days ago +1


    That is a super sized serving of "nope"

  • Mashrøø :p
    Mashrøø :p 10 days ago

    Why does chase sound like maxmoefoe for a sec in the vid

    • Elmer Adkins
      Elmer Adkins 7 days ago

      Mashrøø :p I just looked it up. The actor was born in Melbourne, Victoria. I’m a Victorian and our accents aren’t really that strong, especially Melbournians. Max (the wanker) is from WA and they have a more cliche accent. I rekon the directors asked the actor to ham up the Aussie, or it sounds more Aussie compared to the Americans.

  • Suzie __
    Suzie __ 12 days ago

    Skyler Gisondo ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • ᴡʜɪᴍsɪᴄᴀʟ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

    Why does the kid look like the protagonist to every 80s kid movie

  • Vostera
    Vostera 13 days ago +1

    i wonder who the ad revenue for these videos goes to

  • Nathan Chung
    Nathan Chung 14 days ago +7

    "Yeah, yell at me. That'll fix your kid."

  • zane monster
    zane monster 15 days ago


  • Emily Escott
    Emily Escott 15 days ago

    Is that fucking Ned from Santa Clarita Diet

  • Alligator Feet
    Alligator Feet 16 days ago


  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V 18 days ago

    Aliens are you f-ing kidding me? Implanting the kid microchips and experimenting prototypes on his body and end up causing him to bleed and have other stuff?
    I recommend if you first test your prototypes on other aliens beings like an alien dog!
    Only implant technology if it’s the final product (free of bugs and glitches)

  • Srećko Hadžić
    Srećko Hadžić 18 days ago

    And that actress is Laura Palmer lol

  • William Lau
    William Lau 19 days ago

    Where is Fox Mulder?

  • Gabriel Banuelos
    Gabriel Banuelos 20 days ago

    Kid looks like Harry Potter

  • Raney Clay
    Raney Clay 20 days ago

    *".......Move over to his other legs."*

  • Sõür Pãtch Fõxy
    Sõür Pãtch Fõxy 20 days ago


  • TiSome !
    TiSome ! 20 days ago

    The dark coloured dude being gay ruined my whole showbexperience, ffs why u gotta be gay

  • Ethan Shong
    Ethan Shong 20 days ago

    They misspelled diagnosis

  • mata schmata
    mata schmata 21 day ago +1

    Can someone here explain the metal object in his neck?

  • Mr French Fry
    Mr French Fry 21 day ago +1

    Twist:The DNA was different cuz they had gangbang.
    BTW 666 comments lmao

  • Frosty Taco
    Frosty Taco 21 day ago

    Wow I did not believe that is a actual thing. So it's like 3 human DNA fusion.

  • Ramona McGarry
    Ramona McGarry 21 day ago

    I don't even watch House and yet I keep on coming to these clips

  • Northern Pagan
    Northern Pagan 21 day ago +1

    So... is no one gonna tell me what the shiny thing in his neck was?

  • Cybeliandiamonds
    Cybeliandiamonds 22 days ago +2

    Were they ever going to mention the literal metal thing he was trying to get out.

    • DarkPhoenix
      DarkPhoenix 21 day ago

      It was from an implant in his leg (I think, it's been awhile) That's a rather boring explanation though

  • Interesting Name
    Interesting Name 22 days ago +1

    Why were they holding down the kid when he was having a seizure, it would just hurt him.

  • Alec Gaddi
    Alec Gaddi 23 days ago

    Thats his jojo stand but he cant control it

  • crab
    crab 23 days ago


  • Emily Mullenger
    Emily Mullenger 23 days ago

    I hate house!!👺👺👺👺👺

  • C Shaffer
    C Shaffer 24 days ago +4

    how would any doctor not immediately realize he is chimera. Even I knew as soon as they showed the 2 DNAs.

    • okeefe757
      okeefe757 4 days ago

      The real question is how would House not realize the kid was a chimera. I have known about them for at least a decade with no medical training and limited (high school was the highest level of formal biological education I have achieved) biological knowledge.

  • the dabbing disaster
    the dabbing disaster 24 days ago

    Wait is chase Casey from Chicago fire

  • Nim Chimpsky
    Nim Chimpsky 24 days ago +1

    Alien implants do not contain DNA - just thought I should mention that.

  • Nim Chimpsky
    Nim Chimpsky 24 days ago +1

    I could never get used to that awful American accent of his.

  • Seif eddine Bejaoui
    Seif eddine Bejaoui 25 days ago +5

    I work in a clinic and i've never seen a Doctor drawing blood LoL wish these doctors worked with me , they help a lot haha

  • Robin Hood_XD
    Robin Hood_XD 25 days ago

    Kids on acid

  • Sandra Grozdanoski
    Sandra Grozdanoski 25 days ago


  • kuhdie jay
    kuhdie jay 26 days ago

    Aye feormin, yew mama sew fiaht ..

  • joe bloggs
    joe bloggs 26 days ago


  • Zetch_
    Zetch_ 27 days ago +5

    Hey, it's Laura Palmer!

  • heckity heck I crave death

    *visible confusion*

  • sily sister
    sily sister 28 days ago +57

    Everyone’s gangster till the kid starts floating.

  • GamingRussiaPi BLoX

    The kid is rare he has a deasies called Genderless very rare

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    duuuu my name is abduuu

  • Josh Blount
    Josh Blount Month ago +40

    There have actually been cases where mothers lost custody of their biological children because they were a chimera. They would run a DNA test to prove the mother was the biological mother. However, the DNA of their blood may not match with their child, so they assume the mother is lying and she loses custody of her child. One mother proved this was the case, showing that some parts of her body had different DNA and got her child back. The Judge was dumbstruck at this revelation and realized he may have separated mothers and fathers from their children in a similar fashion.

    • E
      E 11 days ago

      @MissCaraMint yeah defo soo bizarre!! true true

    • MissCaraMint
      MissCaraMint 21 day ago

      E It’s confusing isn’t it. After reading these stories it makes me think they should always test the reproductive organs and not the spitt.

    • E
      E 28 days ago

      @Josh Blount Ohhhhh I watched the video! You meant that the mother was the Chimera! Ok, I totally get it, same page. I thought you meant the chld was the chimera and that when testing the childs dna it didnt match the mothers. I just couldnt figure out that even with an absorbed twin, how could that dna still not match the mother. And why the mother would be taken to court in the first place. Fewww thats good, this whole thing was fucking with my head- thank you!!

    • E
      E 28 days ago

      @Josh Blount That was a really good breakdown thank you, but my question was how and why would they question a mother and test if her child was her own given that there would have been evidence that she had birthed the child.That's one factor- then there is the fact that even if the child absorbed a twin and had that other DNA of the absorbed twin inside them, it would still be DNA that proved the child was related to the mother as it would still have been her egg- do you understand my confusion? The only way that the absorbed twin would have DNA indicating a different biological parent would be if they were a dizygotic twin - google def "Dizygotic twin, also called fraternal twin or nonidentical twin, two siblings who come from separate ova, or eggs, that are released at the same time from an ovary and are fertilized by separate sperm." so they are twins but because of one in a million the eggs are each fertilised by two different sperm from-from two different fathers. So it would make sense if the father went to court and in the rare chance that their child was not only a dizgotic twin, but also that their very rare twin was absorbed in the womb- and upon testing the child, somehow tested DNA from the absorbed twin with the different father? But even in that case, that could only happen with the father. Ive been racking my brain but there is just no logical reason a mother would be taken to court over their child not being theirs, and the child is theirs only that the dna came from the absorbed twin that somehow isnt hers? you know? I really dont think thats possible. So I just cant see it happening.

    • Josh Blount
      Josh Blount 28 days ago +2

      @E It's extremely rare. There are two types of twins you'll mostly hear about (It can get a little more complicated than this). Identical and Fraternal. Identical twins (such as myself) form from a single egg. The zygote divides into two to create two babies that share the same DNA. Fraternal Twins are when two separate eggs are fertilized in the womb. They often times form in their own embryonic sac and everything. Thus, they don't share the same DNA. One ovary may deposit and egg into the womb around the same time as the other ovary. Sometimes, one fraternal twin will absorb the other twin at some point during development inside the womb. It could happen very early on before the fetus really begins to take shape.

      In the case of the mother, they tested her saliva which was produced by salivary glands comprised of DNA from her absorbed fraternal twin (that she never knew about). The DNA of her brain, heart, liver, and lungs could be different than her pancreas or even intestine. It's weird and I haven't looked into it too much myself.

      Here is a case that Did You Know covered in a video:

  • Dippin Dot Pawz Skittles

    The Alien DNA Was Alien To His Own Body

  • Alex Delarge
    Alex Delarge Month ago +5

    You know it's aliens when Laura Palmer shows up in the hospital.

  • Ridah77 Nyte
    Ridah77 Nyte Month ago

    Is it lapus

  • John Yepthomi
    John Yepthomi Month ago +17

    House: "Sure! abandon the metaphor, fine!" While acting completely oblivious to the parents concerns. 😄 Love House.

  • John Yepthomi
    John Yepthomi Month ago

    You mama so fat when her BP goes off people think she's backing up. ... Implying she's huge like a truck?! 😄. It's funny the way he said it.. the writing was intentionally not meant to be funny to make it suit Chase's character and that he makes a laughter of himself trying to be someone he's not.