Britney Spears Speaks Out

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • People magazine is out with their most beautiful issue and Jennifer Garner is gracing the cover!
    Then, Diddy opens up about being a full-time dad to his kids since the tragic death of Kim Porter.
    Plus, Britney Spears spoke out to dispel rumors that she is being held against her will at a mental health facility.
    And, a Destiny's Child musical is in the works and Wendy is done with Taylor Swift! Get all the tea in Hot Topics!
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    GERALD SHEARER 5 hours ago

    makes fun of mental health

  • Kirk Moore
    Kirk Moore 16 days ago

    A gossipy fishwife making a fortune on the reputation of others. Not a lot of truth, lots of opinion. And all you members of her "cult" are equally ugly!

  • Jackie Carli
    Jackie Carli 17 days ago

    Seems like a show for judging people on their lives and what they wear and don't

  • Lily Cortes
    Lily Cortes Month ago

    9:19 to actually get to britney

  • glacier8
    glacier8 Month ago +1

    Wendy you're so wrong. Britney does not need medication. She is a complete slave.

  • Eltercero
    Eltercero 2 months ago

    What is this vapid bullshit?

  • Eliazar Bastidas Cueto
    Eliazar Bastidas Cueto 2 months ago +1


  • The Jam and Berries
    The Jam and Berries 2 months ago

    Beyonce mom looks like she would beat the sh!t out of you😲

  • ChuckS481
    ChuckS481 2 months ago

    Wendy reminds us of Jennifer Garner. They both are gorgeous and great people! WE LOVE YA, Wendy! God bless!

  • Andrea Fields
    Andrea Fields 2 months ago

    I don't like Taylor Swift but at her defense she was carrying a denim bag!!! LOL

  • Hope Dinardo
    Hope Dinardo 2 months ago

    i feel you on Taylor swift 100% Wendy *

  • aimee glatt
    aimee glatt 2 months ago

    I’m gay and jenn Gardner is NOT attractive

  • The Truth
    The Truth 2 months ago +1


  • njackson74
    njackson74 2 months ago

    But she IS beautiful.

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 3 months ago

    Bridney spears do you know or heard of Vicente De Los Santos from Dallas at 214-579-4345 petra campos well im djneedles DMX PHYNX Fernando Rafael Saucedo when can I get paid for womanizer , 4p9 in products like clothes and DJ equipment and studio house equipment.

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G 3 months ago

    What a terrible host... full of 'itself' with nasty undertones... Wendy, Wendy, Wendy... Fabricated and fake and that's just the audience. Clap on que, ohhh, ahhh etc. Oh goodness. Really (can people not see this??)

  • Rachel Aboh Cheng
    Rachel Aboh Cheng 3 months ago

    britney has a handler not a boyfriend

  • Xgirltunes
    Xgirltunes 3 months ago

    I love Britney Spears she is the come back Queen her team is good get well soon Britney 😘😘

  • Angel McCutcheon
    Angel McCutcheon 3 months ago

    I just love the "New" Wendy!!!! You are POPPIN BAAAAAABAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!

  • Radia Radi
    Radia Radi 3 months ago

    For you all blac are beautiful all white are not

  • kelli gadlage
    kelli gadlage 3 months ago

    Get it right Windy!! This was Brittanys last day leaving the mental hospital that she was forced to go in to. They wasn’t going out for Easter Sunday. If you’re going to report on something make sure it’s right before airing it.

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith 3 months ago +2

    But tswift had a denim bag 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Blah Blue
    Blah Blue 3 months ago +4

    Didn't Jennifer Garner cheat on her ex to be with Ben Affleck and wasn't she caught up in other affairs also? Who finds that beautiful? Not me. That's not what a beautiful person on the inside does...

  • Emmilee Novello
    Emmilee Novello 3 months ago +1

    I got busy with school so I missed a while of the show online and that makes me so sad that she doesnt do the after show anymore

  • CC McGee
    CC McGee 3 months ago

    I think that people that are on shows and talk poorly about britney make her feel like she needs to do these things.
    Poor Britney.
    Prayers for peace in her head and heart.

  • J. Arias
    J. Arias 3 months ago +3

    Wendy has a lot of energy and more freely now that she's separated. An observation.

  • Fallwinterrain Summer
    Fallwinterrain Summer 3 months ago

    stay strong britney get well please ❤❤❤

  • April 🥀Rose
    April 🥀Rose 3 months ago

    U scratch powerball tickets???

  • April 🥀Rose
    April 🥀Rose 3 months ago +1

    I feel so bad for Britney. Her mind is a bad neighborhood.

    • Lis !
      Lis ! 3 months ago

      It's not her mind that's bad for her it's her family

  • Vanessa Ralston
    Vanessa Ralston 3 months ago

    Jennifer Garner is one of the most naturally beautiful ladies that always looks the same no matter the age. I love her.

  • Cheryl Young
    Cheryl Young 3 months ago

    Thing is Mentally Ill

  • alexander mark
    alexander mark 3 months ago

    Whatever it is I like it

  • alexander mark
    alexander mark 3 months ago

    Wendy’s gotten new medication

  • Wen Luchang
    Wen Luchang 3 months ago +1

    One side u think Britney should get better, the other side u use her name for the title lol hypocrisy it is, obviously who draws attention better than Britney, I suppose the media just won’t free Britney ever 😭

  • wetflame5838
    wetflame5838 3 months ago

    Britney at 9:17 save yall time

  • HealthyAsAHorse!
    HealthyAsAHorse! 3 months ago

    Jennifer Garner is BEAUTIFUL on the OUTSIDE as WELL as on the inside. (More than just, "attainable beauty") ❤️

  • Guy Royle
    Guy Royle 3 months ago

    Wendy and her constant speculation .. *eye roll ... Such a gossip .. vile

  • Tammy Womack
    Tammy Womack 3 months ago

    it wasn't a scratch ticket was the powerball

  • Lisa
    Lisa 3 months ago

    houston sucks. Its flat ugly trees and in the summer its like walking around an open dishwasher after its done.

  • Daisey Dearman
    Daisey Dearman 3 months ago

    I said why he got to live in the past and in his daughter's light .Why he can't make a biography about his own trials and tribulations to what he had to do in that marriage that he hurt his children and wife that's more entertaining on the truth

  • Daisey Dearman
    Daisey Dearman 3 months ago

    Just a question why you living in your daughter thing when you should write like right a biography about all the Shady business of what he did more entertaining it shouldn't be about the family you cheated on your wife with numerous of times why would people want to keep hearing about what Beyonce did with Beyonce can make her biography on her life and she tell it like it is he'll be looking stupid what did child support catching up with him

  • Heres Johnny
    Heres Johnny 3 months ago

    Britney is trying to break out of her MK ultra programming that she has been under since under Disney's Mickey mouse club. She is a threat to exposing what is going on with satanic Hollywood. The media is preparing us for her death by saying she is mentally unstable. She was forced in the mental facility and is being drugged up to no end. Most likely soon we will hear of her untimely OD cause she is too much of a liability to the elites🙄

  • Pat D
    Pat D 3 months ago

    that cheap wigg....EWW....she got it from Wish i guess

  • Pat D
    Pat D 3 months ago


  • Xxxaaaccbb
    Xxxaaaccbb 3 months ago


  • teri t
    teri t 3 months ago

    All is well..... all is well.... hmmmmmm🤔🤔🤔 where have I heard this before Brittney 🤔🤔🙄

  • Diego Torres Perez
    Diego Torres Perez 3 months ago

    that fake mariah lamb looking old and crusty

  • Diane Malloy
    Diane Malloy 3 months ago +1

    Poor Britney. I went off of all medication cold turkey. I could not do ANYTHING. Everything was a monumental task.
    I have not been out of bed since January 21. I had to hang in there. It will be ok.

  • Kelly Star
    Kelly Star 3 months ago

    Britney is sick like Marilyn Monroe....

  • Danielle Martin
    Danielle Martin 3 months ago

    Wow insulting Britney for mental illness... I'm glad that I'm not famous, and Wendy they don't take you off meds completely off

  • Cely Avila
    Cely Avila 3 months ago

    The Powerball lottery isn't an instant scratcher game Wendy lol and no he shouldn't give her money they're just boyfriend and girlfriend they're not married he bought the lottery ticket with his money I mean he should pay her back the money that she gave him for the first set of tickets but that's it no more coin

  • jay2luv
    jay2luv 3 months ago +1

    What happened to Britney? I dont understand like did she have a breakdown? Is she exhausted? What is it? Maybe she need to give up her career and just have time away from the business. Money isn't everything

  • Alexiz Young x Phuse Network

    Mama at 19:11 with that FRO!!!! Oh yessss ma’am!🌻

  • Contessa DeMoney
    Contessa DeMoney 3 months ago +4

    Ms. Wendy, my love...You do not SCRATCH a POWER BALL not credible 🤔

  • merary1414
    merary1414 3 months ago

    This lady is so stupid.

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith 3 months ago

    Pink denim is a thing you guys! Call down. Justice for Mayhem.

  • SWSimpson
    SWSimpson 3 months ago

    DONNA SUMMER is a legend. There is the King of Rock N Roll (Elvis), the King of Pop (Michael Jackson), the Queen of Soul (Aretha. Sorry Patty), and the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer. She wrote most of her hit records, she had a #1 hit in every decade she was a performer, she had unmatched power in her voice, she was a good, loving, compassionate, spiritual, non-judgmental woman who raised three amazing young women with her husband, and she changed the course of music history along with producer Giorgio Moroder. Most of songs held up nicely-- I Feel Love was a groundbreaking song that continues to influence music all these many decades later, and she is respected among her peers. Now, the reason the Donna Summer Musical didn't continue is because of the production choices of the show. Donna Summer wrote her own musical and had hoped someday an up-and-coming artist could take the role-- it combined a lot of new songs and some classic songs, but it told the story of her life and career. The show that was playing had THREE different actresses playing Donna Summer during different stages in her career; however, it was impossible to tell why there were three and how they differed. Now, the reason I would never have gone to see it is because it would have made me so angry I would have to walk out anyway, and here's why....
    None of the women playing Donna Summer did anything to capture the essence of her, they made no attempt to sing the songs as Donna had recorded and performed LIVE. They sounded like themselves singing and not one of them had enough power in their voice to come close to the power of Donna's voice. Donna had a unique tone to her voice, a way of phrasing that was all her own, and Donna was not associated with satin disco dresses or tacky choreography as you would see in the musical. The show failed Donna Summer and failed to compliment or showcase her career and show respect to a great singer, songwriter and legend. "But remember everywhere you go... Take a Little SUMMER With You"

  • Nancy Ramirez
    Nancy Ramirez 3 months ago

    You dont scratch to win Powerball dumbass.

  • kaaasiak85
    kaaasiak85 3 months ago +1

    I don't get the Taylor denim drama. People should wear whatever the heck they want regardless of the theme... Are hey running out of stories??

    • Cely Avila
      Cely Avila 3 months ago

      If you're a good friend you would follow directions and make your friend happy for one day

  • Buffy Steven
    Buffy Steven 3 months ago

    F*** you Wendy and anything you have to say about Britney Spears.

  • Luna M
    Luna M 3 months ago


  • AmieK
    AmieK 3 months ago

    Powerball is not a scratcher.........

  • AmieK
    AmieK 3 months ago

    Swift looks PG......

  • caleast
    caleast 3 months ago

    Manuel is a hottie, fortune or not.

  • Carmenmc007
    Carmenmc007 3 months ago

    Also glad to have this Wendy back! All in good fun and no unnecessary jabs. I love it!

  • Carmenmc007
    Carmenmc007 3 months ago

    I wish people would give Britney a break. The paparazzi need to leave her alone and let her go through her process. These picture of her on Easter should not have been taken. It’s so sad. I get it she is famous, but she has paid her dues...papz need to let her breathe.

  • Laura McMullen
    Laura McMullen 3 months ago +1

    Wendy is a man. A dude in drag. Im sure most of you know that.

  • Andy365
    Andy365 3 months ago

    What was that comment regarding how the guy screamed when he won the lottery? Did I just notice some homofobic shade or am I tripping? 🧐

  • Michelle Phillips
    Michelle Phillips 3 months ago

    Mrs. Wendy!! PowerBall is not a scratch off win!! You have to pick five numbers and the powerball!! And legally if he bought the second set of tickets with his own money there’s nothing she can do except pray that he’s an honorable man!!

  • StelmaDesigns
    StelmaDesigns 3 months ago

    Britney is just another slave in the evil industry under massive MKUltra and she has no choice. This is not a secret but "fans" and the masses are so brainwashed they have no idea what really goes on. This poor girl is being tortured and wants out but they will never let her out. She will most likely be suicided and it will be blamed on drugs or mental health. They get away with this all the time, it's a sick, sick satanic industry and people still go watch their movies and worship their music idols.

  • Abiner Augusto
    Abiner Augusto 3 months ago +44

    I love Britney, and I want the best for her , even if she don't come back to the stage.

    • kristina jay
      kristina jay 3 months ago +2

      same. i literally care about her and dont need her to be a celebrity

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 3 months ago +8

    Jennifer Garner is gorgeous! She has the best smile ever! #naturalbeauty

  • Kate Smith
    Kate Smith 3 months ago

    How does she not believe her father is a bad man?! 😂 he’s literally keeping his 37 year old daughter under a conservatorship claiming she’s “ill”, along with a corrupt judge that’s also benefitting from this arrangement. They’re making a fortune off HER hard work. Nothing bad about that, eh?

  • Thomas Nappo
    Thomas Nappo 3 months ago


  • moon child420
    moon child420 3 months ago

    "Her beauty is on the inside" translation: "she is a good person but not the most beautiful as far as Hollywood goes. "