RPDR Lip Synch: Joslyn Fox V.S Laganja Estranja

  • Published on May 27, 2014
  • Música: "Stupid Girls" by Pink
    Season 6, Episódio 8

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  • Zayn Marian Dallas
    Zayn Marian Dallas 21 day ago

    Up to this date the iconic lipsync battle still gives me chills

  • Daniel Melgar
    Daniel Melgar 23 days ago

    *Shasay* away 😂😂

  • Andrew Octavian Sasmita

    Courtney Act’s “It’s so good!” has the same energy as Shuga Cain’s “C’mon Cirque du Soleil!”

  • Warbler me
    Warbler me Month ago

    Joslyn and Laganja for all stars plsss

  • zia miel
    zia miel Month ago +1

    "shasay away"....lmfao...😂😂😂

    B0DY4DAYZ Month ago +1

    I honestly cant get over this lipsync and no one talks about it😭

  • Amelia del Nilo
    Amelia del Nilo Month ago +2

    This must have been the lipsync of the shantay you both stay

  • Lê Phong
    Lê Phong Month ago

    At the beginning of the song, did Laganja point at Ru while lipsyncing "stupid girl"??? 😂😂😂😂

    Bitch, that's why she went home 😂

  • Adrian Mellon
    Adrian Mellon Month ago +2

    I think what tipped Joslyn over the edge was the fact that he split was a surprise, laganja had a big build up

  • sweetener tour
    sweetener tour Month ago

    shasay, gurl

  • Rafael Nascimento
    Rafael Nascimento Month ago

    This a injustice!!

  • Ryle Dan
    Ryle Dan Month ago

    I know people are like "don't take of your wig" and think that that's why Laganja lost this battle but if you look at it, she looked better without the dumb wig

  • Fran Fran
    Fran Fran Month ago


  • You need a Mint
    You need a Mint Month ago

    Reasons this is my favourite lip sync 1.wig reveal 2. Double split 3. Joslyn Fox was made for this song 4. It’s p!nks song

  • Thomas Amadeus Nechala

    Who was bottom 3 with them this episode?

  • Hallelo Ladies
    Hallelo Ladies Month ago

    I love Dela and Darinne but this or Trinity vs Adore could've been the double shantay of the season

  • L U I S A.
    L U I S A. Month ago

    Joslyn's face was so red lmao

  • Czbny Czbny
    Czbny Czbny Month ago

    So legit no one is talking about how they used literally only the chorus and the bridge of that song 🥺 I feel betrayed

  • Holly Stevenson
    Holly Stevenson Month ago

    I have literally watched this an unhealthy amount of times lmaoo xo

  • nanaduhh
    nanaduhh 2 months ago


  • Holly Stevenson
    Holly Stevenson 2 months ago +1

    1:02 was a
    m o m e n t

  • Kuroi Seraphic
    Kuroi Seraphic 2 months ago

    You know that you're in love with this lipsync and are desperate to find it when you search up "lipsync double split"
    There's something so satisfying about that slow mo, hUuUUHHHHggg

  • Jab Ipanag
    Jab Ipanag 2 months ago

    Joslyn ♥️

  • Hey Castre
    Hey Castre 2 months ago +1

    Lo merecía más laganja 😒

  • As1anMuff1n
    As1anMuff1n 2 months ago

    1:01 Your welcome girls 😂

  • rubinnz
    rubinnz 2 months ago +1

    She's SWEET and Endearing and Genuinely LOVABLE.

  • Elsa
    Elsa 2 months ago

    I miss when Drag Race was like this... just the fact that the cut on Laganja at 0:24 makes me laugh makes me realize that these were the times

  • Nora -_-
    Nora -_- 2 months ago +1

    1:02 is what you came here for

  • Angela Herbert
    Angela Herbert 2 months ago

    1:04 your welcome

  • ROM
    ROM 2 months ago

    The look on Santino's face when Langanja chasses away!

  • Icy Waters
    Icy Waters 2 months ago

    Who’s *Chassé* tho?

  • กุมาร ทองงง

    La ganja was sent home 'cause she point at Ru saying Stupid girl mamaaaaa I live

  • cheshire cat
    cheshire cat 2 months ago +1

    this is definitely the most underrated best lipsync for me tbh

  • Oscar Asso'o
    Oscar Asso'o 2 months ago

    I was so happy to see ganja go. She’s fucking annoying

  • bad guy chun-li
    bad guy chun-li 2 months ago

    I'm living for that gasp when Laganja did a death drop at 1:19

  • Gurgle
    Gurgle 2 months ago

    "I will be the forest queen to actually chasse away."
    Me:.... She does know its chante right?

  • InkyPen Ro'maeve
    InkyPen Ro'maeve 2 months ago

    At 1:03 you can see Joslyn having a brief moment to see Laganja getting ready for her split. In that moment, Joslyn prepared a split of her own

  • L
    L 3 months ago

    “Pls don’t send me hom-“

  • Margaret Rodgers
    Margaret Rodgers 3 months ago +1

    Everyone came for 1:04 and 0:25 x3

  • Georgia Rosier
    Georgia Rosier 3 months ago

    That split is iconic

  • Katja Illarionova
    Katja Illarionova 3 months ago

    Ru never told her to leave

  • May May
    May May 3 months ago

    This could be a double shantay if Laganja didn’t remove her wig.
    But they both snatched my wig

  • maxinne
    maxinne 3 months ago

    joslyn is the most underrated queen EVER! she is incredibly nice and she is gorgeous and super talented!

  • sap nupuas
    sap nupuas 3 months ago


  • Keagan Towns let
    Keagan Towns let 3 months ago

    The thing that pissed me off about Laganja in this lipsynch is, taking off her wig to...whatever that was? Was it a kitty cat wig or her hair? AND that tells me she was not ready for it at all to lipsynch

  • Cacio Silva
    Cacio Silva 3 months ago +2

    Ganja is legendary

  • kene301187
    kene301187 3 months ago

    Was laganja untucked?

  • SlinkingSilver SS
    SlinkingSilver SS 3 months ago

    plz bitch its sashe not shase

  • RpdrDrugAddict
    RpdrDrugAddict 3 months ago +3

    Ok so I know not everyone is a huge fan of Laganja, but you have to admit she looks gorg here 0:29 :)

  • Alejandro Spears
    Alejandro Spears 3 months ago

    Laganja did really well too. No one is talking about her here, but both of them were phenomenal in this lipsync.

  • Nico Jiménez
    Nico Jiménez 3 months ago

    it's been 5 years since this lipsync and i'm just now realizing that Joslyn pointed at Laganja at 0:26

  • fly away lesbian seagull
    fly away lesbian seagull 3 months ago +1

    wonnk wonk

  • Margrethe's Covere
    Margrethe's Covere 3 months ago +3

    I'm just replying the double split again and again.


  • Ella Samaniego
    Ella Samaniego 3 months ago

    I thought joslyn fox was cynthia 🙄😆

  • DIU2H8D398 NH238HS2I
    DIU2H8D398 NH238HS2I 3 months ago


  • Robert Szucs
    Robert Szucs 3 months ago

    Josyln is my spirit animal

  • Mathilde Miljkov
    Mathilde Miljkov 3 months ago

    0:59 this is the best moment

  • Chico Swift
    Chico Swift 3 months ago +1

    Laganja Estranja deserve be a winner

  • Vans Lars
    Vans Lars 4 months ago

    1:03 is what you're looking for

  • yddktas
    yddktas 4 months ago +1

    poor laganja 😟