• Published on Jun 14, 2019
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  • ScoredElk
    ScoredElk Day ago +1


    WOWNK Day ago

    "That wasn't always the case though" (i used to be too young to go out sober and make out with drunk chicks!)

  • di mention
    di mention Day ago

    10:50-10:55 Will Looks like the girl on heat from the Disgusting cher llyod by cher llyod video

  • Star
    Star Day ago +1

    I just wanted to clarify this, not all Americans are this stupid.

  • Jorge Jones
    Jorge Jones 2 days ago

    9:37 why don’t you eat her out bro 😂😂😂😂

  • All Might
    All Might 2 days ago

    Whats that game

  • Chad Michell
    Chad Michell 3 days ago +1

    That dude must have all kinds of hepatitis

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 3 days ago

    He looks like a big girl himself

  • Doctor Phantom
    Doctor Phantom 3 days ago

    Hey, Memeulous just discovered your channel, great content. Keep it up! :)

  • Someone Does stuff
    Someone Does stuff 4 days ago

    Im just letting you know.
    It is not lime this at all in all the states. Xd

  • Ella Bella Mozarella

    This is why I hate women

  • Jenks Playz
    Jenks Playz 4 days ago

    Wow can’t believe Jamesrb10 isn’t in this

    SWEET PINAPPLE 5 days ago

    This is why I live in Idaho 😂

  • Kyle Mc
    Kyle Mc 5 days ago +1

    Alex: anyone above 5,8 is a looser
    Me: I’m 5,9 please love me

  • NonExistent The Albino Bunny

    All my friends are shorter than me

  • CrazyMasterSushi
    CrazyMasterSushi 5 days ago +1

    6:20 “He came out of a bush... that’s a metaphor.”

  • GamerBut Cool
    GamerBut Cool 6 days ago

    This is probably is LA

  • 49x
    49x 6 days ago +5

    3:40 doing that in the real American parts would get you whipped

  • AtomicDodo
    AtomicDodo 6 days ago

    Yeh im from America my state is fine WE GOT THE GREAT LAKES BITCH CLEAN AIR MOTHERFUCKER but other than that our country is shit

  • Jay Nokes
    Jay Nokes 6 days ago

    she has nearly won

  • James Holland
    James Holland 6 days ago

    I wouldnt date those hoes if they payed me 2k a month.

  • packers12to80
    packers12to80 6 days ago

    Let me fill u blokes in on something about American women. 80% of them are thots. Just want ur money and don't care about nothing else. Simple as that. Never been to ur side of the pond so I can only speak about the women in the states . But yes, just money hungry gold diggers.

  • Depressed French fry
    Depressed French fry 7 days ago +3

    Memeulous: doesn’t start off a video with “ok so”
    Me: *top 10 most painful anime defeats in the world*

  • redfox311
    redfox311 7 days ago

    He is definitely a soy boy

  • ヅhoney
    ヅhoney 7 days ago

    I wouldn't go near that man if he asked me that.
    *Have you ever cheated?*
    (Looks at camera)

  • UnknownNoob
    UnknownNoob 7 days ago

    My calculator exploded trying to add this up

  • Nora Laura
    Nora Laura 8 days ago

    Why is memeulous the best?

    Because he’s the best

  • mepuq
    mepuq 8 days ago

    jack manley: "we all cheated on each other"
    alabama: "aRe yOU cHAllEnGinG mE?"

  • Got on 2 watches Still come in late

    Alex looks like the speck on the glass bloke in rick and morty

  • Danny boy
    Danny boy 9 days ago +1

    Texas, not even joking

  • Fascist Italy
    Fascist Italy 9 days ago +4

    The biggest ladies man, is Steve from minecraft

  • Ferromations
    Ferromations 9 days ago

    1:36 isn't that your boyfriend beside you

  • Aidans Agency
    Aidans Agency 10 days ago

    How come you haven’t made a memeulous bandanna?

  • Tristan Peterson
    Tristan Peterson 10 days ago +1

    Tags: jack manley manley method jack manleytv does height matter the biggest on youtube biggest on youtube cringe cringy youtube youtuber

  • Roberto Shepherd
    Roberto Shepherd 11 days ago

    NO it;s not

  • Ikon
    Ikon 11 days ago

    This is normal at my school people were talking about him

  • Sassy The Sasquatch
    Sassy The Sasquatch 11 days ago

    If this was the other way around, let’s say men saying a “women need boobs to get with me” a million feminists will have an early Christmas

  • Curb_the Kirb
    Curb_the Kirb 11 days ago

    He got himself some oofys

  • Firetruck man
    Firetruck man 11 days ago

    Looks like Vegas? Can’t really tell as it’s night. Maybe Louisiana.

  • Jashar Williams
    Jashar Williams 11 days ago

    Wtf wrong wit people

  • Raifeeo55
    Raifeeo55 12 days ago

    I’m really ashamed with everyone in this video making America look like a country full of people like this

  • Renmen
    Renmen 12 days ago +3

    Why did he look like young Val Kilmer in the thumbnail

  • default Dan
    default Dan 12 days ago

    I just don't really care for Captain Marvel. She's just a little bit boring

  • Fitzie McDonalds
    Fitzie McDonalds 12 days ago

    America is all a hellhole right now with trump

  • Trippy Supreme
    Trippy Supreme 12 days ago

    This is why girls belong in the kitchen 💯💯

  • Cardboard Mehmehmo
    Cardboard Mehmehmo 12 days ago

    The people who would pay this guy are the same people who would pay Belle Delphine for her bath water.

  • kim jong un 2
    kim jong un 2 12 days ago

    9:35 ‘eat her out bro’

  • Ethan Smyth
    Ethan Smyth 12 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks Alex’s shaved musthauche makes him look like a pedo

  • I’m very gay But
    I’m very gay But 13 days ago

    This manley niggas all good but can he convert a lesbian

  • Snoarlax Fx
    Snoarlax Fx 13 days ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the game, which is playing in the background?

  • Simple
    Simple 13 days ago

    JackManley: Have you cheated
    Me: No, I have been single my whole life
    JackManley: Ok you’re getting cut out you’re not interesting

  • Alicia Lucille
    Alicia Lucille 14 days ago

    Apparently I’m a loser lmao

  • Purple Dove
    Purple Dove 14 days ago

    Smaller people are closer to hell ,trust me
    *I know*

  • Sam J
    Sam J 15 days ago

    If you just put your arm around someone you’d be arrested here in the states

  • Solo Fish Anims
    Solo Fish Anims 15 days ago

    So glad that I live in Britain

  • Tropical Fruit
    Tropical Fruit 16 days ago

    He has a really big ego

  • Fredb 158
    Fredb 158 16 days ago

    What game is he playing in the background?

  • xd illusion
    xd illusion 16 days ago

    1,000,000th view I'm late lol I think 1mill view

  • Trigger Warning
    Trigger Warning 16 days ago

    999k views ahhhhhhhhhh

  • Doofish The name
    Doofish The name 16 days ago +1

    We must banish thee slut.

  • grant FD
    grant FD 16 days ago +1

    satisfying 999k views

  • Kirby Lol ELMO
    Kirby Lol ELMO 16 days ago

    So Jack wouldn't be in a relationship if he had a relationship and do like this totally fucked life

  • JoshArts
    JoshArts 16 days ago

    Have you guys ever been to Dereham

  • CodzY
    CodzY 16 days ago


  • Caption Nugget
    Caption Nugget 17 days ago

    I had a friend that got cheated on so she cheats on him I finally know I was right that that’s retarded

  • Nander
    Nander 17 days ago +1

    He doesn't agree with any of the shit the girls say. He just smiles and lets them talk. Honestly love his videos lol

  • IAmRachel
    IAmRachel 17 days ago

    Lol yea I'm American and this pretty much sums up how stupid we can get , 50 percent divorce rate here lol almost everyone I know normalized cheating .

  • SageAries
    SageAries 17 days ago

    I used to watch him and was like wow hes amazing and i still think so hes amazing

  • William Hayden
    William Hayden 17 days ago

    Man these girls are so trash lol

    THE LORD TACHANKA 18 days ago

    what is that game

  • bree ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ
    bree ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ 18 days ago

    @3:40 in america thats normal

  • good boah
    good boah 18 days ago +1

    *right ok so*

  • Ibz Ali
    Ibz Ali 19 days ago

    i have lost brain cells watching this video

  • Rocket Speed
    Rocket Speed 19 days ago +1

    His channel is full of sexual harassment

  • B7R
    B7R 20 days ago

    I live in America and this shit is 1000000% Florida

  • xisiddc
    xisiddc 20 days ago

    I hAVwe

  • Venice 1987
    Venice 1987 21 day ago

    Is this what being straight is like?

  • vivek parashar
    vivek parashar 21 day ago

    Getting enticed by the forbidden fruit is the human nature. But not many people openly confess to cheating if they wanna have a social life at all. So yeah only person to confess that kinda thing on a platform like youtube is either high AF or something else entirely😅😭🤣

  • Mythical Fox
    Mythical Fox 21 day ago

    What's the game??? It says "Game:"

  • Antisocial Freak
    Antisocial Freak 21 day ago

    What's the name of this game you're playing?

  • Madman F1
    Madman F1 22 days ago

    JamesRB10 has got competition

  • the7oreos
    the7oreos 22 days ago +1

    Americans are strange creatures

  • Andy Percy
    Andy Percy 22 days ago

    That's in Austin Texas

  • tiger gaming and vlogs

    my peepee small like my hight

  • xDArchie
    xDArchie 23 days ago


  • Ryan_bidababoi_wilko
    Ryan_bidababoi_wilko 24 days ago

    Pee pee poo poo man

  • YOONSeokMIN daddieS
    YOONSeokMIN daddieS 24 days ago

    I wonder what feminist think about this...

  • TheEdgySunflower
    TheEdgySunflower 24 days ago +2

    (Warning:My inner decent human being is about to come out) These girls make me ashamed of being a girl ;p Smh....

  • Cicada Aesi
    Cicada Aesi 24 days ago

    *he came out a bush! that's a metaphor.*
    *w h e e z e*

  • The UpbeatNarwhal
    The UpbeatNarwhal 25 days ago

    2:15 I am utterly disgusted in my country

  • Shuga
    Shuga 25 days ago

    America is weird man. Most girls I know would tell him to jog on if he acted that weirdly, drunk or not.

  • Trina Thorn
    Trina Thorn 25 days ago

    He only talks to really drunk girls and takes advantage of them when they're fucked up, and cuts all the women that aren't interesting or drunk enough. It's honestly disgusting.

  • Melody Online :D
    Melody Online :D 25 days ago +1

    I’m saying this wile being half American. I hate (most) America.

  • ya5u.mid
    ya5u.mid 25 days ago

    the one cardinal sin of channels like his is that they have good tastes in music. just slap a generic trap beat on there please. *I BEG*

  • Brett Pierce
    Brett Pierce 25 days ago

    2:08 whelp good thing I'm gay then

  • Limey Lime
    Limey Lime 25 days ago


  • Mededgoblin 595
    Mededgoblin 595 26 days ago

    welcome to slab city

  • Emily Schneider
    Emily Schneider 26 days ago

    I like you

  • Carlo Leggareta
    Carlo Leggareta 26 days ago

    It’s filmed in Austin tx