Playing at Home Conquer or Die MEGADETH

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
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    This solo was as an improv, so I had to relearn it in order to play it live. Now, for this video, I had to adjust some parts to play as accurate as possible to the original recording from 2015.
    Esse solo foi um improviso durante as gravações, depois eu tive que aprende-lo para tocar ao vivo, e agora eu re-aprendi o mesmo ajustando ao máximo para ficar bem perto do que foi gravado em 2015.

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Comments • 684

  • Buti008
    Buti008 19 hours ago

    I really suck, because i only know pentatonic scale

  • Élyson Dantas
    Élyson Dantas 7 days ago +1

    Grande Kiko Loureiro👏👏👏

    PRSCU24 MOON 9 days ago

    I have to play this song... 1st February 2020... OMG...

  • Matheus Henrique Bozio



  • Victor Hugo Ferreira
    Victor Hugo Ferreira 17 days ago

    Kiko, sou muito teu fã, mas vê se consegue a backing track original da próxima vez, afinal você deve ter acesso a esse material. O som da guitarra por cima da outra guitarra da gravação não fica legal. Resolvendo esse problema, os seus vídeos vão ficar melhores ainda. Abração e feliz ano novo!

  • Berni Magraner
    Berni Magraner 25 days ago

    This is amazing Kiko! Thanks

  • Lucas Willy
    Lucas Willy Month ago +1

    Kiko, é com muita admiração que olhamos para vc e sentimos um tremendo orgulho, por representar o Brasil mundo a fora e está numa banda histórica e de altíssimo nível que é o Megadeth... de verdade! Sucesso sempre!!!

  • Vycktor06
    Vycktor06 Month ago

    Eu simplesmente não consigo mais ouvir a versão do álbum, o improviso em 1:57 é tão perfeito que tinha que estar na versão original kkkk

  • Karl Mark
    Karl Mark Month ago


  • luka raos
    luka raos Month ago

    Kiko doing regular Kiko things, best guitar player since Friedman for me, so mutch emotions in every song he's playin 🍺🤘🤘

  • Subhojit Roy
    Subhojit Roy Month ago

    Only 143k views it should be 400M

  • Kenny Barley
    Kenny Barley Month ago

    What an amazing awesome guitar player Kiko. I only wish to be as good as you some day.. 🎸🎸🎸🎶🎼🎵🎸🎸

  • Japra Japs
    Japra Japs Month ago

    Ajarin gue bang!

  • josue Fernandez
    josue Fernandez Month ago

    Which scale do I have to use for this guitar solo?

  • letterman83
    letterman83 Month ago

    what's the ibanez model he's using?

  • Bo and Tayy Gay
    Bo and Tayy Gay Month ago

    Bro that was fucking dope

  • TheMaverick13
    TheMaverick13 2 months ago

    1:07 somebody can play that part? For me is near to impossible and i need some tips

  • DarkLink05TBS
    DarkLink05TBS 2 months ago

    This solo low-key sound like something straight from Castlevania, with the Spanish tone in the beginning, to the gothic/neo-classical sound for the riffs and solo. When i first heard it i thought and still think this is the best song ever, I even wrote a song based on it. I just wanted to know what inspiration set this whole song up.

  • P4P KING
    P4P KING 2 months ago

    my face is so happy

  • Bernie Mukonesi
    Bernie Mukonesi 2 months ago

    This is so perfect!!great job

  • arnav sethi
    arnav sethi 2 months ago

    why you so good?


  • Dayanara Maradiaga
    Dayanara Maradiaga 2 months ago

    Es fantastico

  • Malcolm Golden
    Malcolm Golden 3 months ago

    Just wanna say this is genius man. Been trying to learn this for a while now so difficult for me.

  • Krishna Aggarwal
    Krishna Aggarwal 3 months ago +1

    It's great.
    But can u ......

    Oh sorry! Wrong channel

  • Francisco Diego
    Francisco Diego 3 months ago

    Uma Orguestra sinfônica ao fundo tbm ficaria legal pra abrir o show

  • Douglas Lima
    Douglas Lima 3 months ago

    Kiko é de outro mundo!

  • Lucas Paiva
    Lucas Paiva 3 months ago

    Yeah looks like he's practicing his "minimal effort" rule. Efficience is so beautiful

  • kiko syn
    kiko syn 3 months ago

    He's very good playing this song...nice cover dude...

  • silvio truck Brasil
    silvio truck Brasil 3 months ago

    Sou um eterno aluno de música! N gosto de músicos q si preocupam com a velocidade e esquecem do feeling. N tenho nada para aprender com eles!

  • Cex Metal
    Cex Metal 3 months ago +1

    That's freakin' impossible! How could you create such a masterpiece just improvising?!?! Great work, dude

  • Élyson Dantas
    Élyson Dantas 4 months ago +2

    Um dos maiores guitarristas de todos os tempos.

  • Алберт Филозов

    супер Кико!!!!

  • John  Katsoudas
    John Katsoudas 4 months ago

    In my opinion Dystopia is Megadeth's best album since Rust In Peace!! I still listen to it very often that last year I got the Japanese deluxe edition because of the bonus studio songs and three Dystopia live songs from the Dystopia tour. This current lineup is PHENOMENAL!!!! I have been a huge massive fan of Megadeth for over thirty years, but since Dystopia came out I have become a much, much bigger fan than ever before. You are huge reason why Dystopia is PHENOMENAL. Thank you for all your music and as usual YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • db six
    db six 4 months ago

    love that ibanez sound

  • Omnik Aquarius
    Omnik Aquarius 4 months ago

    WTH. You actually played it better than the original guy! If I were you, I'd invest in that career, you've got a bright future ahead!!! Trust me

  • tavis macdonald
    tavis macdonald 4 months ago

    Hes a fucking alien. Only way lol im eventually going to have like 50 comments on here cause every now and then im really baked and i listen to it and his stuff and it blows me away again

  • CodingAndCaffeine
    CodingAndCaffeine 4 months ago

    what's the guitar model? thankssssss

  • Patrik S.
    Patrik S. 4 months ago +1

    Kiko would be proud!

  • Aline Castro
    Aline Castro 4 months ago


  • Leandro
    Leandro 4 months ago

    Centésima conferida no vídeo demonstração rs

  • Iván Romero
    Iván Romero 5 months ago +1

    Partitures, please!

  • Cristian Creson
    Cristian Creson 5 months ago +1

    Wait, this solo was a improv??? Jesus Christ, you can play!

  • İbrahim Yiğit Korkmaz
    İbrahim Yiğit Korkmaz 5 months ago +4

    Damn, he just played like his own song.

  • Incog2k6
    Incog2k6 5 months ago +1

    Marty and Kiko will forever be the 2 best guitarists in Megadeth's history. Why? Because Marty improvised the Tornado of Souls solo, while Kiko improvised this. Unbelievable.

  • Krisztian Szemak
    Krisztian Szemak 5 months ago +1

    what key this song in? Is it also in the locian mode?

  • The man with the frying pan

    Wow you're just as good as that guy in Megadeth

  • Rinyapam Shatsang
    Rinyapam Shatsang 5 months ago +1

    This sucks all feelings out of the body...

  • MelanCholic
    MelanCholic 5 months ago +1


    RICHARD T 6 months ago +1

    Sos grande maestro Kiko... Eres mi ídolo lml

  • Rinyapam Shatsang
    Rinyapam Shatsang 6 months ago +1

    This makes me wanna become a lead guitarist right now ...
    Gets me dreaming.

  • Light White
    Light White 6 months ago +1

    Awesome 👌👌👌

  • Suvarna Chauhan
    Suvarna Chauhan 6 months ago +1

    Common guys it’s not a cover it’s called a playthrough video .

  • Malcolm Golden
    Malcolm Golden 6 months ago +1

    I mean seriously. Who could thumbs down this shit. This is Spectacular. The only ones are just jealous.

  • Angarato Tasartir
    Angarato Tasartir 6 months ago

    Bom título hein... kkkkkkk

  • Yu-Lin Chou
    Yu-Lin Chou 6 months ago +2

    Love Megadeth also because every work of theirs contains a drama and hence tells a self-contained story conveyed through music with intricate, precisely executed techniques. This feature is so unique and just classic!

  • Ved Sahasrabhojanee
    Ved Sahasrabhojanee 6 months ago +1


  • patiance and resistance
    patiance and resistance 6 months ago +1

    Beast , wow !

  • Erick Naples
    Erick Naples 6 months ago +2

    T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U Kiko. I was already trying to figure out the notes and the picks changes... Megadeth Master Class. Your Genuine style and Modesty makes you one of my favorites. Muito Obrigado🙏

  • Tadija Petrović
    Tadija Petrović 6 months ago +1

    That solo gave me goosebumps

  • vitor assis
    vitor assis 6 months ago

    Não me canso de ver esse vídeo! Será que consigo fazer um cover? Kkkkkkkkkk