Ultimate MRE Taste Test


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  • Noah Perkins
    Noah Perkins 4 months ago +5888

    As a vegetarian in the army, only having like 4 options out of 24 on two boxes - Chad always does take the vegetarian taco pasta

    • jerppaz z
      jerppaz z 9 days ago

      in the army or a situation where you need to eat mre:s you shouldnt be wondering if its vegetarian or not...

    • M C A
      M C A 18 days ago

      Noah Perkins huh. We didn’t have any vegetarians in the Marines

    • David lopes
      David lopes 19 days ago

      Could you teach me how that is possible? I mean soldiers kill people but you wont eat meat because it kills cows? That seems weird to me

    • Rue
      Rue 20 days ago

      You had 24 options, you chose to have only 4

    • Toxxic Bunbun
      Toxxic Bunbun 27 days ago

      What about people allergic to meat

  • cameron huey
    cameron huey Day ago

    Being active in the military I think you guys tried the best out of the MREs you need to try others plus the extras that come in the mre I would be happy to come and help with that episode ;)

  • YB Jeon
    YB Jeon Day ago

    What about all the sides? Those are the fun part

  • Dom
    Dom 2 days ago

    Aye the vegetarian taco pasta is my shit

  • Spc Potato
    Spc Potato 2 days ago

    If you heat it up your wrong

  • Spc Potato
    Spc Potato 2 days ago

    Mres were not as bad as people made them seem

  • andrea bauman
    andrea bauman 2 days ago

    Salt is one of the last things you will need in most mre’s

  • Cole Ruud
    Cole Ruud 3 days ago

    The gum is laxatives ;)))

  • Anas Hart
    Anas Hart 3 days ago

    *Link:* Oh yeah, I could wipe it with my camo thing...
    *proceeds to wipe it with his camo thing*
    *Also Link:* ...but I'm not going to do that


  • Alec Kramer
    Alec Kramer 4 days ago

    Chili Mac MRE is great

  • Alec Kramer
    Alec Kramer 4 days ago

    Mre's are good bro

  • Max Gaglio
    Max Gaglio 5 days ago

    12:29 *MoM iTs ScArY sPaGhEtTi!!!*

  • Grant Bessey
    Grant Bessey 6 days ago

    I'm in the marine corps and mres are delish

  • Anthony Geremia
    Anthony Geremia 6 days ago

    All I can say is eat these for a couple weeks straight and not only will you gain weight but your excrements will never be the same.

  • steven smith
    steven smith 7 days ago

    I admit those tacos looked good and probably tasted pretty good. But i'm betting in an hour or so those tacos aren't going to Feel good.

  • Potato Chips Bleach Flavored

    Currently in a Gmm Binge lol.

  • DaRkMirRoR265
    DaRkMirRoR265 7 days ago

    You got to love Rhett’s reaction when he took the first bite of that chilly taco lol

  • Lucas Lambe
    Lucas Lambe 8 days ago

    Alright let’s get this on a tray, nice

  • Ethan Leuenberger
    Ethan Leuenberger 8 days ago

    Do an episode where you do...
    Chili Mac
    Beef jalapeno
    Spinach fettuccini
    Beef ravioli
    Shredded beef bbq
    Chicken chunk

  • Awful jackass
    Awful jackass 9 days ago

    If you have never experienced the Four Fingers of Death then you are truly missing out

  • Ann Margarette Sambilay

    Link why you throw that!?!

    got scared for a second hahaha

  • A Av
    A Av 10 days ago

    Mre are very good.

  • Skye Zone
    Skye Zone 10 days ago +1

    Rhett why are u so mean to me by the way my name is chad😂

  • usmcson3
    usmcson3 10 days ago

    Meals refusing to exit

  • Blake Carroll
    Blake Carroll 10 days ago


  • WouldYouJust _
    WouldYouJust _ 10 days ago +4

    My son wanted an MRE to try after watching a shit ton of Steve1989MREInfo's channel. He eats the most amazing/wretched shit. He totally picked the beef taco MRE from the same company, and it looked awful but it smelled good lol. I couldn't even imagine eating it, but I praise those who have had to during the service to our country. You are appreciated ❤️ And my 11 year old appreciated your gross taco food. Bleh.

  • Daniel Hertzler
    Daniel Hertzler 10 days ago

    The beef taco mre with real shredded cheddar, tastes almost like the old school chili cheese burritos from taco bell...I'm gonna have to do one of those up tonight!

  • Chad Hoskins
    Chad Hoskins 10 days ago

    I feel bullied

  • Dominic Onstead
    Dominic Onstead 11 days ago

    Im in the army and I can tell you there all shit lol

  • Guppy puppy
    Guppy puppy 11 days ago +2

    Apparently the chili mac and cheese is really good

  • Mr. Nemesis
    Mr. Nemesis 11 days ago

    There’s nothing worse than a veggie MRE. Also, try out civil war battlefield food

  • Jenny Shull
    Jenny Shull 12 days ago

    Are u not addicted to tobacco? Do u hate tobacco smoke? We have products for u. Tobacco products disguised as non tobacco products. Chewing tobacco gum for people who don’t know the difference between gum and chewing tobacco don’t swallow. Tobacco smoke that smells like popcorn and smoking tobacco products that look like popcorn for people who can’t tell the difference between smoking tobacco products and popcorn. Now u are addicted to tobacco.

  • Paul Crafton
    Paul Crafton 13 days ago

    I’m y’all call the shelf you leave things on the shelf you leave things on hahaha

  • Adam Night
    Adam Night 13 days ago

    The taste getting "redundant" in one episode... I ate those three meals a day for a year.

  • Adityac2004
    Adityac2004 13 days ago

    Such wow

  • denbeere4
    denbeere4 14 days ago +1

    Au gratin is when you put it in the oven with a special sauce and spices

  • apatternedhorizon
    apatternedhorizon 14 days ago

    I had an MRE at some point and it really wasn't that bad.

  • Blueberry shortcake
    Blueberry shortcake 14 days ago

    My god, you haven't had a russian one.
    Plain HARD AS ROCK cookiesish bread.
    Dogfood, actuall dogfood out of fish leftovers.
    and some mashed potatoes in tomato sause with dry beef chunks.
    a cool-aid, propane camp oven instead of heating chemical, and also a melon-flavor taffy.
    That's all you get.

  • MexicanMamba 1
    MexicanMamba 1 14 days ago

    There are A lot of MREs that are better than what they had

  • GKB 001
    GKB 001 14 days ago

    As a marine Corp vet I can honestly say the worst mre ever is the cheese omelette its the worst thing I’ve ever ate in life

  • FatCrackerRantz
    FatCrackerRantz 14 days ago

    I personally liked eating MRE’s, I used to be in air cadets and when we did field training we had those for breakfast lunch and dinner. Some of them were awful like the egg breakfast, some of them were good.

    • FatCrackerRantz
      FatCrackerRantz 14 days ago

      People used to fight over the soldier fuels (a protein bar) and the carbohydrate electrolytes powder (basically Gatorade powder but a bit sweeter)

  • james yung
    james yung 15 days ago

    Y'all shouldve done "mouth really enjoys"

  • Matt Grutter
    Matt Grutter 15 days ago

    Been in the Marine Corps for over a year and just now have been introduced to the genius that is the combination of Santa Fe rice and beans + Beef taco... thank you GMM

  • sammy
    sammy 16 days ago +1

    menu 23

  • Grayson Dubose
    Grayson Dubose 16 days ago

    You should check out the French MRE’s

  • Kyle Greenlee
    Kyle Greenlee 16 days ago

    Any marines watching this?

  • William Dessert
    William Dessert 16 days ago

    all they need now is crh...

  • F B
    F B 16 days ago

    Know what I support? Bringing our troops home and minding our own damn business.

  • F B
    F B 16 days ago

    Lost me. If you support our troops being killed abroad, you support the perpetual war machine and our ridiculous foreign policy. Stop blindly saying shit like that please. I thought we moved past the whole Uncle Sam propaganda machine and grew a little wiser.

  • The Eccentric Naturalist

    First time I’ve ever heard them forget to censor a swear word

  • MAXR
    MAXR 17 days ago

    Do a will it gratin for frenchies folks like me

  • Emerald Piston
    Emerald Piston 18 days ago

    what about ketchup rhett

  • Bulldog3913
    Bulldog3913 18 days ago

    The trick is to load up with Pogie bait or stuff from the field chow or Dfac and just eat the sides. The main entrees are terrible

  • Arkcrai
    Arkcrai 19 days ago

    Bro. The best part about an MRE is the sides, at basic during field training we'd be snooping around each other to see what sides we had. The best ones, like the vegetarian taco pasta, always had First Strike Ranger Bars. All the flavors were good, Cran-Rasberry, Chocolate, and Apple Cinnamon

  • shrk128
    shrk128 19 days ago

    I wanted them to have the vegetarian omlette.
    that would've been amusing.

  • salty
    salty 19 days ago

    I never had a problem eating MREs the desserts were the best part

  • tenzin kalsang
    tenzin kalsang 20 days ago

    Damn that gillette commercial made me forget what I was gonna watch 😭😭

  • emotional cactus
    emotional cactus 20 days ago

    MRE is an abbreviation for multi resistent bacteria as well soooo.....

  • AbnormallyNormal //
    AbnormallyNormal // 20 days ago

    I don’t know what I’ve been told

  • Thomas Morris
    Thomas Morris 20 days ago

    This is awesome!

  • Major Prystash
    Major Prystash 20 days ago

    Out of 18 different MRE Varieties that ive ate, i only disliked 1, vegetarian Lasagna

  • Mark Hagood
    Mark Hagood 21 day ago

    Where is the ranger pudding?

  • Nick Mentock
    Nick Mentock 21 day ago

    My marine cousin calls them Meals Rejected by Ethiopians

  • Baisil Sunny
    Baisil Sunny 21 day ago

    Rip xxxTentacion

  • Ariel Aleksandria
    Ariel Aleksandria 21 day ago

    MREs really aren't that bad but when you think about how you could be deprived of your spouse or your mother's home cooking it gets to you so thank all the service men & women ❤

  • April Nedeau
    April Nedeau 21 day ago

    Most older MREs provide gum for a laxative, since the majority of the contents typically binds people up.

  • Kyle Trisch
    Kyle Trisch 22 days ago

    Got to eat them cold for a true experience

  • RaNdOM PeRsOn YoU DoNt KnOw

    I skipped to 1:01 bro I died 😂

  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander 22 days ago +2

    8 years of eating MRE’s, and the reactions you guys had were the same reactions we would have even after 8 years as if we expected something different or as if they would get better over time. Hilarious.

  • BigKountry 360
    BigKountry 360 23 days ago +7

    Army Regulation is you empty the entire little bottle of Tabasco sauce in your main course to make it edible lol

  • Soren Farley
    Soren Farley 23 days ago

    In 6th grade, my reading teacher gave us an MRE cookie and it was DISGUSTING. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. My taste buds suffered for hours. Not that I'm looking for pity, but it was horrible.

  • Garret McClintock
    Garret McClintock 24 days ago

    No cheese spread darn rah

  • Leilia Donaway
    Leilia Donaway 24 days ago

    I love the coffee mre

  • Somebody Not Saying Who

    So that's where my school gets our lunch

  • samantha coppedge
    samantha coppedge 25 days ago

    the vegetarian ones taste the best. One two don't do too bad but after days of eating them they all taste the same, especially when you don't get to shower so your eating dirt along with them. lol. and the heaters double as and warmers when your in a bind and it's below freezing

  • thomas thompson sunshinescopes

    Cnvs made me think of canvas lol

  • thomas thompson sunshinescopes

    God bless our troops,veterans,cops,firefighters,emts,etc.

  • Andrea Delgado-Young
    Andrea Delgado-Young 25 days ago

    Chili mac!!!

  • Skyrimore
    Skyrimore 25 days ago

    I remember at basic we actually sorted to mre boxes so we could find all the vegetarian ones

  • Ultrasecond77
    Ultrasecond77 25 days ago

    This is twice as funny to me cos I have a buddy named Chad and he is a vegetarian XD

  • Grant Rodenburg
    Grant Rodenburg 25 days ago

    Mexican chicken style stew is the best, spinach fettuccine Alfredo is the worst

  • Sea Gull
    Sea Gull 26 days ago

    If you were out in the wild you use the food when it’s heating as a hot water bottle.I did a adventure course where we had the expensive MRE’s and they were okay and really warmed us up from walking 6km

  • Aida Poore
    Aida Poore 26 days ago

    Rhett talks about Chef Boardee while link throws a bag of smoking water chemicals across the room

    Honestly mood.

  • thesecolorswontrun
    thesecolorswontrun 26 days ago

    idk what boxes they got...ours were nasty

  • Joel Mota
    Joel Mota 26 days ago

    I called em Meals Rejected by Ethiopians

  • WindowSmudge
    WindowSmudge 27 days ago

    Chili Mac and chili with beans are the best

  • Micheal Sider
    Micheal Sider 29 days ago

    Nobody's going to comment on rhetts funny ass laugh at 10:38 ?

  • Rvatina
    Rvatina 29 days ago

    Bear grylls when he is hungry 1:13

  • Tracy Clark
    Tracy Clark Month ago

    If I could choose a MRE I would take the vanilla pound cake. Wait why did I say this?

  • Zachary Peck
    Zachary Peck Month ago

    They should have ranked the best MRE snacks because we all know those are what everyone wants

  • MyGirlfriendBulliethMeForHavingALithp

    MRE'S dont get bad if they switched that with chef boyardi then itll get bad and theyll need to spend way more money.

  • Proud Panda
    Proud Panda Month ago

    I was camping with my dad and we brought some M.R.E's that were older than me and honestly I really liked the M.R.E

  • MrXcman92
    MrXcman92 Month ago


  • Chanel Oberlin
    Chanel Oberlin Month ago


  • CheshireCat 1015
    CheshireCat 1015 Month ago


  • N3ERO
    N3ERO Month ago

    most of the mres are good

  • Skullie
    Skullie Month ago

    It's called a fox hole

  • Leslie Rae
    Leslie Rae Month ago

    Does Rhett think ‘inflamed’ is spelled ‘enflamed’?!

  • Drizzy Bone614
    Drizzy Bone614 Month ago

    im pretty sure Au groton just means with cheese

  • Neeja 665.9
    Neeja 665.9 Month ago

    You missed "meal resembling excrement". Our first sergeant told us that.