World's Best Goalkeepers Score Unbelievable Goals

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
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    How I record my gameplay!:
    00:00 | Johannes Bornlof - Death and Glory 3
    00:18, 01:41, 05:19, 12:11 | Johannes Bornlof - Mighty Rush 2
    00:47, 06:07, 11:19 | Position Music - Raising The Damned (Epic Dark Massive Industrial Action)
    01:28, 08:03 | Jack Trammell - Clockwork Universe
    02:01 | Johannes Bornlof - Unstoppable 3
    02:44 | ASVR - Air
    03:29 | Arc North - Slash
    04:08 | Johannes Bornlof - Rise Of The Phoenix 1
    04:46 | Blue Stahli - Red Carpet Rush
    06:11, 11:23 | Arc North - First Light
    07:26| Julius Dreisig - Barakah Buy here:
    08:08| Valkyries of Valhalla - Dragon Tamer
    08:21 | ALsic feat. Grant Genske - San Francisco
    08:47 | Grax Miza - Save Me Now
    09:13 | Jim Yosef Anna Yvette - Linked
    09:43 | Renzyx - Prey
    09:58 | Rolipso - Jumble
    10:26 | Luke Alive - Rhythmella
    10:53 | Hopex - Bang Dem
    11:30 | James Dooley feat. Danny Cocke - Destroyers in the Sky (Danny Cocke Mix)
    11:59 | Aero Chord - Surface
    12:25, 13:30 | Battle Troopers (Royalty Free Epic Music)
    12:44, 14:39 | Arc North - Lost Time
    14:01 | Paris Looky - Crystals
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  • Chomp Jr
    Chomp Jr 4 days ago +1

    The first time Ollie and Kelly have been good

  • Kerry Mooney
    Kerry Mooney 19 days ago

    9: 07 voice crack lol

  • Alessia Morena
    Alessia Morena 22 days ago

    chris can i buy your high tech ball machine/ your dad

  • NinjaNathanNo9
    NinjaNathanNo9 22 days ago

    High tech ball machine

  • Rmunni Boxing
    Rmunni Boxing Month ago

    The girl is fitt

  • Holland doesstuff
    Holland doesstuff Month ago

    14:44 Chris predicted pepe's sign to arsenal in September 2018, and by chris's performance he also predicted pepe's terrible season for arsenal

  • The Bro's
    The Bro's Month ago

    I wear puma one boots 👍

  • Gemma  Mercieca
    Gemma Mercieca Month ago +3

    Whos watching in 2019

  • Thea Gray
    Thea Gray Month ago

    dude the football boots are 80 quid!!!!!!

  • VC Swirly
    VC Swirly Month ago +2

    does anyone else think Christopher’s friend looks like
    Kevin De Bruyne

  • Pamela Hunt
    Pamela Hunt Month ago

    Puma or adidas fun fact the companies were two brothers who founded rival companies

  • Tobi mihu
    Tobi mihu Month ago

    mata pisatule

  • baltazaar barrios
    baltazaar barrios Month ago

    ChrisMD is the best

  • Raymond kirkpatrick

    When did Ollie get good

  • Nele
    Nele Month ago

    Kelly is really pretty ! AND she knows how to handle a football, she will be a catch for some lad !

  • Harley MM
    Harley MM 2 months ago

    Alright Chris stop the click bait... we all know that kelly Ollie are better than world class. Manuel neuer look out mate

  • Holly Show
    Holly Show 2 months ago

    Big lie

  • Sharon Storrar
    Sharon Storrar 2 months ago

    Hi chris

  • Stevn Reed
    Stevn Reed 2 months ago

    She's cute

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson 3 months ago


  • George Hughes
    George Hughes 3 months ago

    Ollie the ginger, he’s one of our own

  • the comment guy who always leaves a like

    you lot are the worst why would you talk about his sis, you thristy yout go back to staring at girls you cant get on the internet

  • Hazed St0rmz
    Hazed St0rmz 3 months ago

    Wait why is olly not a gingery boii anymore

  • Jacob Meza
    Jacob Meza 4 months ago

    Why are they not gingers in this vid, I'm disappointed

  • Matthew Hamann
    Matthew Hamann 4 months ago


  • Logan pauls Forehead
    Logan pauls Forehead 4 months ago

    Questionable goalkeeping from Chris...

  • Daniel Dale
    Daniel Dale 4 months ago

    Chris make a top 20 FIFA skills and goals video

  • billyc0nnell
    billyc0nnell 4 months ago +1

    Can I have some in a to Ireland

  • Jamie Lee Barrie
    Jamie Lee Barrie 4 months ago

    He only won cause he did an overhead kick

  • danielacti
    danielacti 4 months ago +2

    Rewatching Chris's videos while waiting for a new one... Could watch 2:51 over and over for an hour 😂😂😂

  • Lex Boutilier
    Lex Boutilier 4 months ago

    At the out of name parts I was like , ohthank god for that

  • Ryan Robertson
    Ryan Robertson 4 months ago +2

    Kelly is better than you guys

  • Nitrodukex
    Nitrodukex 4 months ago


    Chris wins by 1

  • Linda Cowey
    Linda Cowey 4 months ago

    KELLYian Mbappe

  • Moha aboudan
    Moha aboudan 4 months ago

    Yo oli is improving.
    Kelly looks fittttt and thiccc

  • Oliver Totton
    Oliver Totton 5 months ago


  • Aryana Malherbe
    Aryana Malherbe 5 months ago

    If u love god you have to like this

  • Derive Derza
    Derive Derza 5 months ago +6

    Who’s here in 2019?

  • Cascade L
    Cascade L 5 months ago

    chris in orange? ish juss like ish juss like wruonng. Ish juss Wruuuonnng!!

  • Brandon Parrant
    Brandon Parrant 5 months ago

    Kelly is way better than Ollie

  • Dillon Huynh
    Dillon Huynh 5 months ago

    Manuel neuer who

  • Poképarty
    Poképarty 5 months ago


  • Madyn Weller
    Madyn Weller 5 months ago +1

    The high tech ball machine is amazing lol

  • Glazing Stars
    Glazing Stars 5 months ago

    Guys it was my birthday on September the 8

  • Reid McEvoy
    Reid McEvoy 5 months ago

    Kellyan Mbappé??? Surely should've been thought of

  • Xavier Jiménez
    Xavier Jiménez 6 months ago

    Why’s she such a cutie

  • Stefan Stojoski
    Stefan Stojoski 6 months ago


  • Gregory Ansell
    Gregory Ansell 6 months ago

    At the end of the video the background is his old house. Do you still have that house

  • Izyan Rogers
    Izyan Rogers 6 months ago

    Good vid

  • EA ART
    EA ART 6 months ago

    Chris payed them to lose

  • Flobro7
    Flobro7 6 months ago

    Legends say Chris is still dabbing xD

  • Charlie Price
    Charlie Price 6 months ago

    It's pronounced poo-ma

  • De tre Tullingene
    De tre Tullingene 6 months ago

    Where is David De Gea

  • Ayaan 1710
    Ayaan 1710 6 months ago

    I love you all 3's hair

  • Kudaishe Tarirah
    Kudaishe Tarirah 6 months ago

    Christoph Navas

  • Sammy Griffin 11
    Sammy Griffin 11 6 months ago

    One of the worst teamsport Ive ever seen

  • Neuer Tuna
    Neuer Tuna 6 months ago

    Song 9:20?

  • Stian Haugland
    Stian Haugland 6 months ago

    Their are not good, sorry mate

  • Tupul Playz
    Tupul Playz 6 months ago

    At 0:04that is like me and my sister... she is up to my shoulder 😎😊😘😘☺☺🙂😅😍😁😂😂😋

  • Joe Messer
    Joe Messer 6 months ago

    In the first round when oil nutmegged Chris the replays were really short. If it was the other way round ie Chris megging oil the replays would have gone on for about 2 minutes