Patrick Explains STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (And Why It's Great)

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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    “The Last Jedi and the 7 Basic Questions of Narrative Drama” by Just Write
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  • pjamese3
    pjamese3 Day ago

    The Star Wars films weren't intended for children until George Lucas went off the rails with the Prequels.
    Finn sucked, but Phasma sucked even more to allow a rookie Stormtrooper who's been in a bacta tank since the last movie to kick her ass.
    Kylo Renn is a Millenial.
    Rey should have been a former Youngling at Luke's Jedi Academy whose mind was wiped when Kylo went bad IOT protect her. The wall that was put up would be cracked by Kylo attempting to read her mind. That would explain how she knew how to use the Force and fight with a lightsaber. As far as who Rey is, her not being from a special family is one of the handful of things I like about the movie.

  • Thomas Bowe
    Thomas Bowe 2 days ago

    Is this dude serious?

  • DozyProductions
    DozyProductions 7 days ago +1

    how much did they pay you

  • Varuken Prime
    Varuken Prime 8 days ago +3

    How can you make so much BS up about a complete failure of a film. This movie is a mess, made by people that dont know what they are doing. Rey had no character development at all in the two movies, because of all the BS going on and it makes no sense in a lot of ways. Stop seing meaning where there is none. Its BS. Blabla.

  • Ruben Baeza
    Ruben Baeza 9 days ago

    I liked the Last Jedi

  • Kord Chandler
    Kord Chandler 9 days ago

    I wish I could see what you see and believe me I tried. I want to like it but I can't. It's just not for me. Maybe I'm old or maybe I'm boring. I think if I just got one movie with Luke being a bad ass I would of enjoyed it. And maybe if some things like the Knights of Ren were followed up on from the last movie I would be happy

  • scampoli25
    scampoli25 10 days ago

    How do both of your parents have more hair than you?

  • Chozo Tull
    Chozo Tull 12 days ago

    reminder that if you haven’t seen Brick by this director please watch it it is such a sleeper hit

  • liama liama
    liama liama 13 days ago +1

    Ur content is so trash like really mediocre but hey it’s At least it’s watchable if u want to waste ur time ur opinion is invalid and out facts on the movie is correct unlike ur trash content mate

  • Vladimir Petroski
    Vladimir Petroski 15 days ago +1

    This comment might be a year too late, but I love your insight, I loved The Last Jedi, and speaking as not a huge star wars fan.

  • Fabien Rivenet
    Fabien Rivenet 15 days ago

    Disagreed with your marvel videos but agreed with this one. Well done

  • Alburqueniense
    Alburqueniense 16 days ago

    Fuck man you are great

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller 19 days ago +1

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes I said yes I will yes. Thank you. Yes. So much. Yes.

  • john barcus
    john barcus 23 days ago

    *FART* Better than TLJ

  • Kaixe Rho
    Kaixe Rho 27 days ago

    The film has a whole lot more problems than this video lets on
    But I pretty much agree about the vast majority of great stuff. I love old bitter Luke, love that trope, and how magnificently Suspiria Snoke's throne room is, and that opening scene is great
    But the pacing is shit, Finn is given a retread of his already lackluster arc from the first film, and so many of the decisions in the film are made with no forethought for what comes next but just to demolish foreshadowing in the name of subverting expectations. Which is normally a good thing, but the point here is some sort of juvenile "Haha! Jokes on you, you expected better!"
    I love a lot of the movie but it's a damn mess.

  • Stickman 3056
    Stickman 3056 28 days ago +1

    Take your sunglasses off douche

  • Klaus Gartenstiel
    Klaus Gartenstiel 28 days ago

    when i fell in love with patrick

  • Mrki Mrkic
    Mrki Mrkic 29 days ago +1

    but it recycled whole scenes so.. nice try dude

  • Marcus Brown
    Marcus Brown Month ago +1

    Thank you Patrick.

  • Stef Verdonk
    Stef Verdonk Month ago +2

    Spend 20 minutes trying to figure out if this is sarcasm or not. And I still dont know..

  • Mistereeps
    Mistereeps Month ago

    I love this video!!! I had a conversation with a friend after this movie came out and we touched on many of these points, and even others that weren't here, like relating to the specifics of the Light vs. dark. It's such an amazing movie and I'm so frustrated that others have such a hard time seeing that.

  • MultiBallchinian
    MultiBallchinian Month ago +1

    You set out to challenge yourself by seeing the good in a film that is objectively bad. I like that you tried to do that, when it would be so easy to jump on the bandwagon of hate and point out all of the flaws. Nonetheless, I look forward to the day many years down the road when you attempt to doctor the script in the same style that you did the Matrix sequels.

    • Yetizod1
      Yetizod1 24 days ago

      @Chaz Hinkley No. You don't understand the meaning of the words.

    • Chaz Hinkley
      Chaz Hinkley 24 days ago

      @Yetizod1 exactly... its a subjective flaw. In the world of starwars Finn has already been established as a sanitation worker for the first order. Is it a bit cheap? Yes. Is it an issue, only if you make it. Therefore it can't be objectively bad

    • Yetizod1
      Yetizod1 24 days ago

      @Chaz Hinkley You think writing consistency can't be objective? Come on. Finn says in one scene that he can't understand how the fleet is being tracked through hyperspace and a bit later he says he knows about the hyperspace tracker cause he used to mop outside it. That is an Objective flaw. The only thing subjective about it, is whether or not it bothers you.

    • Chaz Hinkley
      Chaz Hinkley 28 days ago

      MultiBallchinian I don’t think you can really say the film is objectively bad. Like the film is objectively well made, great cinematography. I think the complaints for the film (many of which are completely valid) are subjective and mainly to do with the plot.

  • wdcain1
    wdcain1 Month ago +1

    TLJ reminds me of the _Robot Chicken_ SW specials, making the whole thing feel like a parody of a better movie.

  • Kristofferson
    Kristofferson Month ago

    pff jedi shmedi

  • Tucker Cobble
    Tucker Cobble Month ago

    opinion before the video: TLJ has some high points and does a lot right, but those can't overshadow its cardinal sin that *subversion for the sake of subversion* isn't good or creative writing, and leaves massive plot and character issues in its wake.

    opinion after: okay, fair.

    • AT-AT Chat
      AT-AT Chat Month ago

      Nothing happened for the sake of it champ

  • Mr100pic
    Mr100pic Month ago +4

    Sometimes change comes when people aren't ready. Hardcore Star Wars fans just weren't ready for TLJ.

    • Mr100pic
      Mr100pic 9 days ago

      Damn Kord you are actually so right. It’s amazing how fast it went from being “here is my opinion of the movie (good or bad)” to “here is my opinion of those who disagree with me about the movie”... People got hostile on both ends of the debate.

    • Kord Chandler
      Kord Chandler 9 days ago

      You know what youre probably right. I think the biggest shame in it all was how hostile people were towards each other about it. And I mean both people who liked it and those who didn't. After opening day I just Google searched to see if anybody else didn't like the movie or if I was just crazy and first thing I see is an article telling me how much of a piece of shit I am for not liking the movie. It was the first time I ever read a movie review that didn't tell me if the movie was good or bad but it sure as hell told me if I was good or bad and that didn't make a whole lot of sense. And on top of that you have a bunch of red pillers who get on the internet and kick and scream and they make anybody with a legitimate complaint about the film seem like they're a part of that group. It was absolutely chaos.

    • Eric Santucci
      Eric Santucci 11 days ago

      You're right, I totally wasn't ready for this abomination of a film.

  • Stephan Fischer
    Stephan Fischer Month ago +4

    I can understand and respect your opinion, but I don't share it. I think you have valid points but so do the people who hate the movie. Its a question about what points are more important for who.
    But you are wrong at one thing: the people don't want their Star Wars not to change, they just want to like the movie the same amount. Without realizing what they liked about the old movies, or what kind of movie they should see at the moment because they have changed.

  • Fire Ninja Z
    Fire Ninja Z Month ago +9

    Nice Disney paycheck am I right? If this is the best movie in Star Wars please explain to me why the throne room scene in this movie has the worst choreography in cinema history. The mechanics of hyperspace is also broken in this movie because now “space wizards” as you recall can launch ships into hyperspace as fast silo missiles destroying massive ships entirely, which completely gets rid of the point of hyperspace! Also you said this movie and other Star Wars movies was for children but in the original trilogy and even the prequels there are many scenes where arms and limbs get cut off with gore! I could go on how terrible this movie is but I wouldn’t want to argue with fake Disney paid Star Wars fans with an IQ Lower than 70.

  • Simo Portti
    Simo Portti Month ago +2

    "I wanted something new. I didn't want beat-to-beat repeat of the original trilogy"
    And you liked these new movies that were complete rip-offs the original trilogy?

  • Makuta S-V
    Makuta S-V Month ago +1

    The Last Jedi is the most disappointing thing since Patrick H Willems.

  • paydayfilms
    paydayfilms Month ago +5

    Well argued. You changed my mind.

  • En 352
    En 352 Month ago +2

    holy shit could you be more smug and arrogant

  • David Kenny
    David Kenny Month ago +4

    I seriously hope this is a parody video

  • choncy barbosa
    choncy barbosa Month ago

    None of the people who disagree are making counter arguments.

    • Yetizod1
      Yetizod1 Month ago +4

      Its been done to death. This clown just ignores them all. You want counter arguments, here you go.

  • zayn2123
    zayn2123 Month ago +4

    Jesus Christ man,
    I can smell the pretentious coming out of your pours and through my computer screen.
    Are you gonna make any real arguments?
    Or are you just gonna say, "this is cool and I feel bad for you if you don't agree."

  • The Mexican Falcon
    The Mexican Falcon Month ago

    I bet this guy loves season 3 of the flash

  • lil shifty
    lil shifty Month ago +2

    lol the downvotes on this one, so many pressed little snowflakes about this movie

  • CMANsurvives
    CMANsurvives Month ago +8

    This guy continues to become more and more braindead as time goes on.

  • rezkalla
    rezkalla Month ago +1

    I only thought that Rey was too good - almost a Jedi - without any training. Luke didn't get there until the 3rd movie. And fighting with a stick isn't the same as a light saber, it's about more than martial skill. A Jedi learns to look a second into the future, that's how they can block laser blasts which travel at the speed of light. Otherwise, Kylo's speech to Rey was perfect. I really felt that he cared about her.

    • CrabTastingMan
      CrabTastingMan Month ago

      Yeah, if stick-fighting equated to lightsaber duels, you could bet your ass there was no need for lightsaber training in the Jedi Temple.
      That's like saying just cuz someone knew how to run, that also means they know how to swim.
      Overall physical aptitude may sliiiightly transfer from one physical activity to another, but they don't use the same muscles in the same way.
      If that was the case, you could jump as high as an NBA player just from lifting weights everyday. Makes no sense.

  • Captain Nwalps
    Captain Nwalps Month ago +2

    So you like the Cantobyte section of the film because you hate the 1%...... that is the worst take I’ve heard. I like the beginning of the Last Jedi and bits and pieces of the end. All the Rey stuff is top tier StarWars, honestly if they dropped every side character and focused of her for a 2 hour film I would be happy. I agree the opening space battle is the best space battle we have ever had (I think Rogue One has the best land battle) because it feels real. However the Cantobyte section takes all the momentum the movie had, which already wasn’t a lot in the slow speed chase, and made it grind to a halt for little pay off. They should of made some bs reason to get Finn and Rose onto the Supremacy, hell maybe DJ could of been a resistance engineer that can slice shields and we find out he actually was a double agent, which would of made Holdo’s reason for not telling Poe the plan make even more sense. Plus we could see Finn using his unique skills, his knowledge of the First Order and maybe we could of had some humanizing moments where Rose sees a couple of First Order Troopers crying after losing a brother in battle, realizing that they are just as human as she is.
    Long story short. Yes, the Last Jedi should get more recognition than it does. However it is not a good StarWars movie and that is because of poor writing and Rian Johnson not understanding what StarWars is

  • Hey I Subbed
    Hey I Subbed Month ago +4

    I'm sorry but I disagree. I thought the battle at the beginning of TLJ was the least imaginative space battle yet, only happening on a 2 dimensional plane with basic tie fighters and x-wings. It wasn't new or visually impressive to me at all. The bombers broke immersion for me because it makes no logical sense to build something so slow and easy to hit, especially considering that better bombing technology has been shown plenty of times in past films. Although I agree that Page Tico's scenes were great, I think it was harmed by the tonal inconsistencies in the film. The battle started with a "your mama" joke. One of the things that made the original films great was the tone. It was upbeat and adventurous, but it also took itself seriously. The humor was mostly dry.

    • Hey I Subbed
      Hey I Subbed Month ago +1

      I'm gonna be honest here. If you think anyone has boring taste for disliking the space walrus, then you might have boring taste. I know you weren't exactly being serious there, but Star Wars can get FAR more creative than that, and FAR more imaginative. Definitely watch the Clone Wars series. You can start wherever since it's not chronological, but in 3 episode arcs. i'm not a fan of watching TV shows, but I loved this one immediately. The later seasons after 1 and 2 are much better. This series is always new and exciting and it will make the sequel trilogy look as creative as a paper bag.

    • Hey I Subbed
      Hey I Subbed Month ago +2

      You say you enjoyed how TLJ showed us how the 1% live in this galaxy. I think it'd be interesting to see if they had put more thought into it. I don't know why the richest people in the galaxy would employ child workers when even people living on the poorest planet can afford droid workers. I also think that sticking a casino into star wars is the most unimaginative way of writing the 1% in star wars.
      And I think that giving force ghosts the ability to interact with the physical realm is a terrible decision, and a difficult one to write around in the future. It essentially makes death meaningless if force ghosts can still kill the villain after they die, and if they can pop in and out as they please. I took obi-wan's line about become more powerful after death like this: Once he became a force ghost, he could appear whereever, whenever, and influence anyone.

    • Hey I Subbed
      Hey I Subbed Month ago +2

      You say you liked ESB because "It's constantly suprising, the characters grow and change, and it shows us new planets and creatures..." One of the main reasons I dislike TLJ is because it does none of this for me.
      Nothing in TLJ was suprising to me in a satisfying way. A satisfying suprise is like Vader being revealed as Luke's father, because it makes the conflict more complicated and effects the story in a huge way. Snoke's death didn't satisfy me because it didn't make the story more interesting, but it made it less interesting. Kylo Ren becoming the main bad guy makes him feel more generic in my opinion. Stubbing my toe is suprising, but that doesn't make me enjoy it.
      I disagree that the characters have grown in TLJ. In the original movies, Luke started out whiny and impulsive. Yoda almost refused to train him because of this. His impulsiveness cost him his hand when he went to face Vader before he was ready. He learned patience and demonstrated it when he rescued Han. He overcame his impulsiveness when he threw down his saber before Vader and refused to fight him. He was very different at the end.
      Rey hasn't changed. There is no room for change. She beat the main bad guy in the first movie, and her first time holding a lightsaber. She's already a master pilot, a competent fighter, and a tech genius. She hasn't been and doesn't need to be taught anything. She even translates Chewbacca for Luke, despite living on a planet with no wookies. She does exactly what the story demands of her and she feels fake because of it. she doesn't earn anything. She accomplishes everything Luke struggled to accomplish effortlessly in only two days as opposed to Luke's years of training.

    • Hey I Subbed
      Hey I Subbed Month ago +2

      You said "People don't want new things in their Star Wars" at 4:57, but I disagree. Everyone wants new things in Star Wars. I personally disliked The Force Awakens because it had nothing new to offer, and I didn't find The Last Jedi to be imaginative either.
      I would've perferred the Sequel Trilogy to take the obvious direction of following Luke's new Jedi Order and their struggles (since the last film is called "Return of the Jedi"). I think it would've been a much more interesting setup, and rich with new opportunities. I would've liked to see a new era with a new status quo, and new ships, and new planets, and new species. I'm not a long-time fan of Star Wars so nostalgia baiting like TFA and TLJ did hasn't been working for me.
      I've become a fan of the Clone Wars series, and I'm impressed at how it stayed new, creative, and fresh up until it was canceled. Star Wars is a huge galaxy with so much untapped potential, and that series made it feel huge! The sequel trilogy doesn't even come close to capturing that for me. It made the galaxy feel small. And it's a glorified rehash. Resistence = Rebels, First Order = Empire, Jakku = Tatooine, Crait = Hoth, Starkiller Base = Death Star.
      It rehashes without any of the elegance of the original. It's like a cheap knockoff. The First Order feels goofy compared to the empire. The Resistence keeps changing sizes, is disconnected from the main character, and doesn't feel like a concrete idea. The heroes rarely ever seem like they're in real danger. Luke, Leia and Han weren't exactly "deep" characters, but the new characters are almost devoid of personality.

  • Aloniver Cuthalion
    Aloniver Cuthalion Month ago +9

    Why is everybody in the comments praising his parents when his upbringing led to him becoming an incompetent buffoon?

  • Aloniver Cuthalion
    Aloniver Cuthalion Month ago +2

    Oh oh oh, you took an "unhealthy amount of time reading comments?" And you still walked away with this bullcrap view??? Oh my gosh, so when the majority of viewers are literally screaming out logically sound arguments as to why this film was an absolute abomination, you still are convinced that this film is great? I'm not even finished with this video, so there will probably be more comments coming if you keep this garbage up

  • Aloniver Cuthalion
    Aloniver Cuthalion Month ago +2

    How are you this much of an incompetent muttonhead, Patrick? Please do us a favor and delete your channel. There are a LOT of impressionable morons out there that are hard enough to lead down the correct path. We don't need you and your brain of spare parts leading them astray. Also, if any of you want quality videos of intellectual perspective and objective critiques, please visit Robot Head or Mauler or The Word of Wolf. These guys are actually intelligent and won't fill your head with nonsense and lunacy.

  • Alan Flores Ayoroa
    Alan Flores Ayoroa Month ago

    Having interns is so damn cool

  • J_Eilonwy
    J_Eilonwy Month ago +9

    I'm not angry... I wasn't coming out of the theater. And I'm glad you liked it. But I'm done caring... I had no investment in this movie. Nothing changed, not much happened, and all the "threats" promised by the Force Awakens was systematically torn away until I could not take anything seriously.
    Its not that Rey is "too powerful" its that all the villains SUCK!!! and consequently I feel zero investment in the story because I cannot take the bad guys seriously. When the villain is no threat, how am I supposed to care about the Heroes?

  • Ruthless Savage Hatred

    This video was well made and forced me to look at the movie in another perspective but I still think The Last Jedi has some major issues in characterization

  • Terinije
    Terinije Month ago

    Space wizard samurai monks, actually.

  • ultimabk
    ultimabk Month ago +1

    Putting the story aside(which is trash). there are still too many mistakes that a movie of this caliber had that i don't see in local theater productions.

  • Empanada y Gaseosa
    Empanada y Gaseosa Month ago +3

    Patrick the alien cow titty sucker Willems

  • Robert Mielke
    Robert Mielke Month ago +2

    After months upon Months upon MONTHS, I have been forced to read the ultra-negative comments about how The Last Jedi "killed Star Wars for good" and how "Disney destroyed George Lucas' creation. Then I see this video, and all I can say is...


    I have literally (in the actual dictionary definition of the word and not merely meant to add an unnecessary adverb in front of another word) said these exact same things in the exact same way to people in my defense of absolutely loving The Last Jedi. Seeing someone else who actually understands this movie and how great it was not only as a stand-alone story, but also as a universe-expanding doorway to possibilities never before contemplated, fills me with hope (pun intended) for the future of this franchise and its more open-minded fan base.

    THANK YOU!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  • okagron
    okagron Month ago +2

    2:07 Poor writing, characters making idiotic decisions to have the plot go on a specific way, and plot holes for days doesn't justify this. This is also an insult to movies that are intended for children that are tightly written and have actual internal consistency.

  • 『 Vanilla Mike 』
    『 Vanilla Mike 』 2 months ago +4

    It's not about being resistant to 'new things' and subverting expectations at the expense of a cohesive narrative is only good for short term hype. Every defense you use is surface deep and no one is arguing that the movie isn't great for people who don't give a shit about Star Wars. But for the fans who have supported and loved the series for literally decades it was a massive middle finger, and you just condescend that entire demographic. Also can you list a single example of Rey failing?

  • Trigger Me6
    Trigger Me6 2 months ago +1

    Drinkin the alien tiddy milk. = Great movie moment.

    I want the drugs your own, because that sounds fun as fuck.

  • Ryan Mettler
    Ryan Mettler 2 months ago +6

    So, wearing sunglasses inside during daylight hours does.... what, exactly?

  • Negameleon
    Negameleon 2 months ago +1

    "Let me explain why the new movie is great by making the old movies look worse by comparison."

  • Allan White
    Allan White 2 months ago +2

    you should not be allowed to exist in this state, you are a menace that god should correct at MY nearest convenience

  • Hannah Pilkey
    Hannah Pilkey 2 months ago

    6:28 That, my friend, is a Devaronian

  • Pascetti
    Pascetti 2 months ago +2

    U must be blind

  • vashthestampede11
    vashthestampede11 2 months ago +1

    That fact that the ballsack tit elephant was one of your favorite additions to the entire saga really says something about you.

  • ADHD-pycho-maniac
    ADHD-pycho-maniac 2 months ago +2

    Well this video made me unsubscribe

  • Tegh Matharu
    Tegh Matharu 2 months ago +7

    Now do Season 8 of Game of Thrones

    • Yetizod1
      Yetizod1 Month ago +1

      He'll probably love it.

  • jackpaice
    jackpaice 2 months ago

    Thanks to videos like these (especially Mike Neumann's one) I came around to this film big time. I now adore it, and I think it's possibly the most well made SW film.

  • Disingenuous White-Boy
    Disingenuous White-Boy 2 months ago +1

    as if anyone would care to "intern" with you
    what skill could you possibly think you possess that would deserve passing down to another person?

  • Philm Blog
    Philm Blog 2 months ago

    YES! It’s time... for the fan hating... to end.

  • 466chalk
    466chalk 2 months ago +6

    Someone said a good thing about The Last Jedi; behold the undue dislike ratio!

    • Battle Pope
      Battle Pope Month ago +3

      But he didnt, he skipped over a lot of genuine complaints, made out the fans who didnt like the film as man children, and didnt present anything solid or credible, this whole video is just a mess of opinion and sly digs at anyone who doesn't agree with him

  • DozyProductions
    DozyProductions 2 months ago +1

    Seems like Patrick is the real man baby who's living in a failed to launch reality. Perhaps that why he thinks the movie is good.

  • Matthew Loewen
    Matthew Loewen 2 months ago

    I didn't think LAST JEDI was all that great, but I don't agree with most of the major complaints I hear. I haven't seen the movie since it came out, so probably I'm forgetting other problems - but here's a problem I had that I can remember right now:
    A number of the big things in the movie? I've seen them before, from so many other movies.
    A young person being trained in the ways of Great Power by an Old Mentor like in EMPIRE? I've seen it.
    The bizarre visions Rey has in the underground cave? I've seen it.
    The Rashoman sequence where we see Luke's moment with Kylo from different perspectives? I've seen it.
    You can talk about things in the movie that haven't been seen in Star Wars movies - but *they've been seen in other movies*, enough so that I'm overly familiar with them by now.
    And if we get to THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, and Kylo Ren is redeemed (which, let's be real, he probably will be)... hopefully they'll do it well and distinctively, but frankly, looking at it from right now, I'VE SEEN THAT ARC BEFORE. IN "DIGIMON," WHEN I WAS TWELVE.

  • Cathal Duane
    Cathal Duane 2 months ago

    Barry's tea. Nice.

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 2 months ago

    I really love this video!

  • King G
    King G 2 months ago +2

    This is hilarious 😂😂

  • Purefoldnz
    Purefoldnz 2 months ago +2

    Isn't this review some pseudo intellectual nonsense by some idiot trying to sell something called Skillshare? lol

  • jonny pepperston
    jonny pepperston 2 months ago +1

    ❤️ TLJ

  • Wight Rat
    Wight Rat 2 months ago +3

    Okay. At 4:16 when you claim this battle is the greatest in the franchise you've erased any credibility you had built with me. I won't go into the myriad of issues with the scene. I'm sure you've gotten an earful.

  • Marty Huntford
    Marty Huntford 2 months ago +1


  • Marty Huntford
    Marty Huntford 2 months ago


  • Marty Huntford
    Marty Huntford 2 months ago


  • Marty Huntford
    Marty Huntford 2 months ago


  • Marty Huntford
    Marty Huntford 2 months ago


  • Marty Huntford
    Marty Huntford 2 months ago


  • David
    David 2 months ago

    I did not enjoy the Last Jedi. That does not mean that it had no positives to the film, but I felt the negatives outweighed the positives. I viewed it as a math formula, Good part (+1) bad part (-1) and when I got to the end I would say that it was a negative number. Still better than much of the prequels though.

  • Nando Brando
    Nando Brando 2 months ago +2

    This video is sarcastic right?

  • Michał Robert Rudzki
    Michał Robert Rudzki 2 months ago +7

    You sir should stop drinking that coffe. Or whatever it is.

    STARWARSGUYE11 2 months ago +1

    Dude. Dude. Dude. “It’s a movie about space wizards for kids” if I apply this logic to the MCU, which you dismantled over three videos, all three videos become moot. That’s a trash blanket statement you can apply to so much mainstream entertainment that gets viewed under a critical lens; and this statement does nothing but suggest it ought not to. I’m very very disappointed, coming straight from those MCU videos.

  • FrostKaiser
    FrostKaiser 2 months ago +2

    5 minutes into this video I already disagree, this is going to be good.

  • Will McDonald
    Will McDonald 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for this content. Pls keep it up

  • gwvaio
    gwvaio 2 months ago +1

    I like this movie more than most but this is just one of those "look at me, i'm special because I think differently than the masses" video.

    • BlueFox94
      BlueFox94 2 months ago +1

      ​@gwvaio "Mass thinking"? Despite what Rotten Tomatoes' audience rating says, people still voted with their wallets to make it the highest grossing film of 2017 worldwide and landed it at a 7.2 average on IMDb. At worst, most people think it's not a good as The Force Awakens, not "absolute dog crap". Plus, Patrick said it himself: He just wants to talk about why he loves this film ("I wish you could see what I see"), to which most of the film's detractors would accuse him of being a "Disney shill". It is how he really feels, as do I.

    • gwvaio
      gwvaio 2 months ago +1

      BlueFox94 well that’s what I mean. I don’t think his feelings are organic and that’s how he really feels. He just saw the mass thinking one way and decided to make a counter post.

    • BlueFox94
      BlueFox94 2 months ago

      *I don't think so. It's more like something to counter the rather vocal faction that detests this film.*

  • Nicholas Knudson
    Nicholas Knudson 2 months ago +1

    I vehemently object to the idea that this movie should be held to a lower standard because it's about space wizards. Metal Gear Rising was a game that involved cyborg ninjas fighting chainsaw-tailed robot dogs, and it was still able to explore deep themes about the nature of war and freedom in its cheesy soundtrack alone! No matter how superficially silly a story may be, that doesn't excuse an inability to naturally weave nuanced themes into its narrative.

    • Kevin Cobb
      Kevin Cobb 2 months ago

      @Nicholas Knudson
      The Last Jedi was deep as well. Would you consider yourself interested in spirituality? If not, then that may explain some of your dislike, having missed or ignored the spiritual substance and designs of the plot and film.
      Star Wars has always been spiritual, distinguishing light and dark, representing realities above literal space battles.
      I think a lot of the people who absolutely hated Star Wars are really rejecting the particular spiritual message of the film, and nothing to do with the plot, which was solid.
      They thought Star Wars was an escape into an alternate universe, when really it is a work of art about Real Life, for us to be affected and transformed by. People were looking at it pedantically, as if Rian was recording a historical event in a real place instead of inventing a work of art for the spiritual benefit of the audience.

    • BlueFox94
      BlueFox94 2 months ago +1

      *It's not about a "lower standard" at all. It's about devoting so much of one's energy to hating or loving this one movie when there are other movies and the rest of life out there. It's the same sentiment found in the words of actress Bette Davis: "I don't take the movies seriously, and anyone who does is in for a headache."*

  • allstarme3000 Basile
    allstarme3000 Basile 2 months ago +1

    no ones problem was the character who dropped the bombs.... false argument

  • Maya Parisan
    Maya Parisan 2 months ago +1

    OMG, I didn't even realize how Leia last seeing Luke as a projection mirrored him seeing her first as a projection. Nice catch!

    TLJ is my fav movie and I totally agree the haters are missing out. It's truly pathetic how they want to convince TLJ fans they shouldn't like TLJ because of "plot holes". I'm like, if I can't spot a plot hole for myself, I don't really care. My mom's still going on about Leia telling Luke about their mother even though she didn't know Padme any longer than he did, LOL!

    But I absolutely loved seeing Leia pull herself back into the ship. I have zero problems with that scene, probably because I was just cheering in my seat. Same goes for Rey and Kylo teaming up against the Praetorian Guards. Some people have an issue with the CGI in that scene, but I'm like, guys, this is the most epic team-up ever! I was just cheering the whole way through.

    And oh man, when Kylo asked Rey to join him, I was literally holding my breath. I totally believed she could have joined him at that moment. The story was set up so well! I don't understand the people who don't see any character development in TLJ. Like you said, for Finn especially. Poe's arc was a bit more frustrating because of Holdo, but in the end I loved her character, especially after seeing her interact with Leia. And I loved the rivalry between Kylo and Hux. Especially when Hux echoed Kylo's order and Kylo slowly turned his head to glare at Hux. I laughed so hard, it was hilarious! IMHO, TLJ is a brilliant movie and I love pretty much all of it! My only beef was with Holdo not telling Poe the plan, but I've grown to accept it.

  • Adnan Kasujja
    Adnan Kasujja 2 months ago

    Any thoughts on this? Just as good as your video, imo

  • Clayton Stretch
    Clayton Stretch 2 months ago +3

    But patrick your your opinion does not matter when talking about movies......your words not mine

  • dan sub
    dan sub 3 months ago +1

    You are dumb. This movie is crap. Like real steaming pile of shit. Poor story, writing and directing. Stop analyzing this shit as though it is some kinda deep profound storytelling. Lie to yourself if you want, not true fans. Which u r not.

  • 17th Visions
    17th Visions 3 months ago

    100% Agree

  • John Terpack
    John Terpack 3 months ago +5

    What amazes me about the haters is how vapid some of their complaints are. Just the other day a guy told me he didn't like it because they messed up the physics... what? Or they complain about the "over the top" humor as if they don't remember Yoda fighting with R2-D2 or any of the scores of jokes from the original trilogy. It's just bizarre how selective memories can be.

  • Wyatt The Nerd
    Wyatt The Nerd 3 months ago +1

    To me, Driver’s delivery of that line makes me think little Ben had to clean it out or had some bad road trips in the Falcon. “Daaaaaadddd why aren’t we at Kashyyyk yet??? I’m BOOOOOORRRRREEEEDDDDD!!!!!”

  • Raben Vater
    Raben Vater 3 months ago +4

    A movie about moving on, that moves so little...

  • Dom Dom
    Dom Dom 3 months ago +2

    The Last Jedi is in the top 3 best Star Wars films along with New Hope and Empire... deal with it. Rian Johnson did a phenomenal job and he knows his shit more than any haters of this movie. I really like your essay and I’m with you 100%

    • King G
      King G 2 months ago +2

      Dom Dom 😂😂😂😂😂 oh wait you’re serious?😂😂

  • Max Marks
    Max Marks 3 months ago +1

    You seriously wearing sunglasses indoors whilest talking to your parents? Where are your manners, dude?

  • CC&D
    CC&D 3 months ago +1

    Finn’s character arc so far is comparable to Logan’s in the first two X-Men movies. Don’t believe me? Rewatch them and tell me I’m wrong.