Patrick Explains STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (And Why It's Great)


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  • Scerttle
    Scerttle 2 hours ago

    As someone who was disappointed with TLJ, I’m on board with all the points in this video. The things that bugged me about it probably mostly stem from the setups from TFA. I really want Star Wars to get like hundreds of years away from the original trilogy.

  • Bozzie
    Bozzie 9 hours ago

    I wish I had the ability you had to ignore horrendously bad writing, awkwardly placed comedy and corporate wheelspinning but then I'm not willing to get my own head up my ass.

  • Malamo Diamanto
    Malamo Diamanto 10 hours ago

    Your understanding of Star Wars is twisted.
    Yes, Goodfellas is awesome because, like Life, it's funny and scary and boring and exciting and everything.
    But you shouldn't look to Goodfellas for clues to achieving the _Star Wars_ feel.
    IT'S INTENDED FOR KIDS, re-fucking-member?
    You do not understand the Star Wars recipe for danger/sorrow to humor/feelgoods ratio, at all.

  • Schwarzer Ritter
    Schwarzer Ritter 12 hours ago

    "This is a movie about space wizards intended for children."
    So... you agree it is stupid?

  • Assassin Cactus
    Assassin Cactus 12 hours ago

    The "it's for kids so adults won't like it" argument isn't really valid when you're movie is made by Disney

  • Fred Marble
    Fred Marble 12 hours ago

    I respectfully disagree, simply because everything "new" this movie introduces was already there in the original trilogy.
    The old Jedi sucked and Darth Vader was the result of them... well, sucking? Luke already knew that. In fact, he realized this truth right when Vader told him he was his father. That's what shocked him so much. He thought the Jedi were perfect... only to realize that his Jedi mentor and his Jedi father are respectively a liar and a monster. In THAT moment, yeah, Luke really had all the rights to say "screw it, the Jedi must end".
    But then "Return of the Jedi" comes. Luke grows, he accepts the Jedi's mistakes and realizes he has to be the one who won't repeat those mistakes. By showing compassion to Vader and later saving him, Luke does exactly that. He learns the lesson.
    The problem is... in "The Last Jedi", he acts like he hasn't. Like "Return of the Jedi" just never happened, like he never went beyond the "I am your father" shock.
    Aaaand that makes no sense at all. Or better yet, it makes sense: Johnson&Kennedy didn't find any chance of expanding Luke's story beyond "RotJ" (because it was already over), so they just ignored it and rewrote it their way.
    A bad and clumsy way, in my modest opinion. Except for the visuals, ok, Luke facing the sunset and the final duel with Kylo (in a very Arthur vs Mordred fashion) were awesome to watch.

  • Jared M Johnson
    Jared M Johnson 13 hours ago

    How can a movie with such a dumb story be the best star wars movie? Because it was told well? They actually made Rey boring and turned the pilot guy into a moron. Then they made the Storm trooper a tool... I don't get how the craft of the movie making can completely overwhelmed what movies are: stories... These are boring stories...

  • S Logan
    S Logan 14 hours ago

    Great video, and I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought Leia using the force to save herself was cool.

  • Ashikur Rahman
    Ashikur Rahman 19 hours ago

    3am and yet we can see sunlight through windows 🤪🤪🤪

  • Atharv Sawant
    Atharv Sawant 19 hours ago +1

    TLJ is awesome

  • Lycan Broadcasting Network

    I ask this honestly: Is this a parody of people defending The Last Jedi?

  • HelaS
    HelaS 21 hour ago

    Excellent video Patrick! By the way, are those your real parents?

  • Paul tar
    Paul tar 21 hour ago

    Seriously!? The sea cow is you're favorite new edition? Go fuck yourself

  • Paul tar
    Paul tar 21 hour ago

    Whoops, guess you're wrong

  • CynicallyObnoxious

    Nothing like a 150lb soaking wet well to do hipster being condescending and hes from fucking Brooklyn jesus fuck how gentrified is Brooklyn now?

  • Sinister Dynamo
    Sinister Dynamo Day ago

    Ok, you showed us your favorite scenes, but where is the explanation?

  • MyMiniMovieMagic

    Also, I'm so damn happy I see this movie exactly how you see it.

  • MyMiniMovieMagic

    It's funny how people could easily ignore all the things wrong with the OT because of how "it makes them feel" and how those movies "feel like star wars" they also do the same with the Force Awakens, happy to ingest the railroad tracked, color by numbers story because it "feels like star wars" ignoring #PLOTHOLES and the silliness that happens along the way.
    With the Prequels, they had their faults, and were hated because they didnt "feel" like Star Wars.
    With the Last Jedi, a movie that simultaneously FEELS like Star Wars and pushes the boundaries of what to expect from a Star wars movie, all of a sudden all of these issues (The Comedy, #PLOTHOLES, etc) are suddenly unforgivable....even though the Original trilogy has many of the very same sins - you just accepted them because you grew up with them and viewed them through a different lens.

  • Tristan Begin
    Tristan Begin Day ago +1

    Finally someone who understands how awesome this movie is! In my experience most of the complaints about this movie are that it does things that haven't been previously established in Star Wars. But it's precisely because of that that I personally loved it. It pisses me off that people praise the Force Awakens when it's literally a beat-for-beat copy of episode 4, and now that they've finally felt gutsy enough to bring new things to the franchise, they're getting torn apart because of it. For once I actually am hoping they DON'T listen to the hardcore fans because then they might go back to copying the original trilogy in episode 9.

  • el paso
    el paso Day ago

    The premise of the movie is good, as you say. The movie is not.

  • Tyler Harmor
    Tyler Harmor Day ago

    I generally like your videos. This one is no exception, but you’re wrong. The Last Jedi is rubbish.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Kings
    Kings Day ago

    Do you know what ruined the movie? A terrible story and awful characters.

  • Nicholas Quinton

    In this video you attempt to make a point. You failed miserably, but an attempt was made.

  • Smufette101
    Smufette101 Day ago +1

    OH MY GOD YES. When people are fans of kylo ren it's not because they endorse his crimes its because hes a well fleshed out villain with interesting motivations!!!

  • Geoffrey Lang
    Geoffrey Lang Day ago

    Heads wars is NOT for children. It is for ALL ages. Why? Because its original audience is GROWN UP. Children literally are the smallest portion of the audience. So how dumb would one have to be to create it solely for the smallest audience....? The fact that you missed something THAT obvious, calls every other point you are making about it into question.

  • Yusuf Polat
    Yusuf Polat Day ago +1

    At last someone gets it! Great video!

  • Murphy O Alexander

    If you dont like luke skywalker milking a space cow you have boring taste? WTF? do you actually hear yourself speak, you sir are a complete bell end, oh look a penis joke, thats probably right up your street.

  • John Cappello
    John Cappello Day ago

    I see the TLJ haters came out in full force for you.

  • Charlie James
    Charlie James Day ago

    Dude! Thank you! I only just found your channel a few days ago, but I've been running to catch up, and I just gotta say thank you for expressing these ideas about The Last Jedi

  • NKA23
    NKA23 2 days ago

    Usually I agree to P(H)W, but this time I can´t. TLJ sucks. Rey sucks, not because she´s a female, but because she is a boring Mary Sue character, who doesn´t have to face any challenges that actually might harm her. She never learned how to use a light sabre, yet she beats a heavily trained and battle hardened sword fighter. Actually she beats two of them. In previous Star Wars movies it has been established that it takes practice, more practice and then some more to become an effective light sabre fighter, but TLJ and TFA just give a fuck about that. She never learned how to repair a space ship, yet she comes up with ideas for improvised repairs on the Falcon that even Han Solo didn´t come up with, even though he knows that ship by heart and is an experienced mechanic. She never used a quad laser cannon before, yet she takes her first single shot and destroys three TIE fighters in a row, while previous SW movies established that it´s not that easy to hit a TIE fighter using a quad laser cannon, f.e. Han Sole is USED to fight off enemy fighters with that gun and it still takes some time for him to hit anything with it. Rey simply manages everything the first time trying. That´s boring. It´s like watching somebody playing a vid game in god mode. IT IS FUCKING BORING! Rose sucks, not because she is a female, but because she tries to save somebody from sacrificing himself to save the ones he loves by ramming her ship into his at full speed. After this really stupid idea somehow works out, she tells him that the resistance shouldn´t fight those who hate them, but save the ones they love. That was what he was trying to do, but she kept him from it, endagering ALL her friends lives. Okay, Star Wars was originally intended for children, mainly for boys aged 8-12 (according to George Lucas), but over the decades it has grown to be much more than that. And after all, stories made for children don´t necessarily have to be THAT stupid. Star Wars has always been a bit silly, but not THIS SILLY. TLJ sucks. It was the first Star Wars movie I didn´t like. It was the first Star Wars movie that I watched only once. It sucks. Nothing you can make up to defend it can change anything about that. I wanted new things in Star Wars as well, I wanted to be surprised, but not for the price of it becoming completely incoharent and illogical bullshit. So you like to watch rich people getting their expensive shit destroyed? Who will have to work hard for no money to repair this shit? The slaves Rose and Finn left behind even though they could at least have saved SOME of them, but they were too busy breaking shit and freeing these animals, which will be recaptured anyway. TFA had some good ideas that could have been developed further in TLJ, but Rian Johnson decided to fuck up all those ideas. TLJ had some good ideas and concepts in itself, but Rian Johnson decided to also fuck up these as well. And now people like me, who have been Star Wars fans ever since 1977 and have literally spend thousands of bucks on Star Wars movies, Star Wars novels, Star Wars audio dramas, Star Wars video games, Star Wars toys, Star Wars t-shirts, Star Wars posters and fucking Star Wars bed linen are called "sexist" and "racist" and "DUMB", just because we didn´t like what Rian Johnson has done to our favourite franchise and dared to speak out our criticism ? Kathlene Kennedy and fucking Rian Johnson told us that Star Wars doesn´t need us. Well, after Solo became such a bomb (the first Star Wars movie that wasn´t a commercial success...the first Star Wars movie I didn´t watch on the big screen), maybe they think again about who kept Star Wars alive all those years. It hasn´t been them. It hasn´t been Disney. It hasn´t even been George Lucas. People like me kept it alive. And now they fucking insulted us. They will not receive any more of my hard earned money for their fucking crap. They can go fuck themselves. Oh...."first female action movie protagonist"? I´ve got two words for you: Ellen Ripley.

  • shanto_ren
    shanto_ren 2 days ago

    Surprised I made it all the way to 5:56

  • Derek Sitko
    Derek Sitko 2 days ago


  • Philippe Marcil
    Philippe Marcil 2 days ago +1

    Space Wizards!!!!!!!

  • Goprobro
    Goprobro 2 days ago

    Tlj is trash and your analysis is bullshit straw man arguments you love this movie because you don’t like narrative logic or writing

  • rochae 03
    rochae 03 2 days ago +1

    So i hate this movie, right. But i watched this video to hopefully gain some insight on good points as to why its maybe not so bad. At least give some insight on the other perspective. But it just made all the arguments that the guys who tear it apart argue against anyway. So you only stated the points that i already know all the arguments against and didnt argue against the good points the other side makes
    And ok, star wars can move forward and away from the skywalkers... but not IN THE SKYWALKER SAGA!! These movies were made about a family. Its a space opera. The journey of this family who is indeed the central to the first 6. Therefore, if you make a third trilogy it needs to be about them or finishing them. If you want to move away from them and become more generalized and make everyone feel good cause anybody can do anything, then fine, but do so separately. Dont call those movies ep 7,8,9.

  • William Olson
    William Olson 2 days ago

    This video is so pretentious its basically unwatchable. Just taking shots at people that don’t like the movie for forcefields and they don’t get what the movie it trying to say is so ridiculous. Peoples problems were mainly all about the story and the arcs of the movie. Of course the people that have views that border and sometimes not border on being racist and sexist are the ones that get highlighted but I saw lots of people that love Star Wars and loved the Force Awakens that thought this movie was just ok and bad. You’re acting like the divisiveness over the movie is over stupid reasons when it’s all about the story and how it played out. This review belittles all the people who had problems with the movie that’s it’s really truly sad. It makes sense that you’re wearing sunglasses indoors, and knowing that you’re not blind...

  • The Sean Ward Show
    The Sean Ward Show 2 days ago

    I think this movie is so lazy, entitled, and stupid that I'm not even interested in watching one of my favorite TheXvidrs talk about it. But before I go, Here's a note of commentary - Someone can like this movie, and it can also have been a misstep for the brand and the franchise at the same time.

    MAN_CHiLD 2 days ago

    Great points mentioned. I love this movie and I'm glad you brought up some very interesting ideas especially about canto bite. Even though I didn't like that part the few things you did mentioned about it I now think differently about it.

  • Michael Cimpher
    Michael Cimpher 2 days ago

    This video is fine. The turn off is that you're telling people what they should feel when they're watching star wars.

  • Ahmed Mohamed
    Ahmed Mohamed 2 days ago

    Nobody said the idea that Leia used her powers at the very end is bad. It was the execution which was bad. You are taking the general idea of what The Last Jedi went for, and ignoring how it executed upon its idea. Another example is the Canto Bight sequence. The idea of seeing oppression is fine, the execution was horrible.
    Also, you belittling Star Wars by saying it's a movie about space wizards for children is not becoming of someone who sees art as a higher form of human connection and meaning. Do you only like movies for the purposes of entertainment? Art is much more than that, and a film channel should probably hold that to be true.

  • Cardinal Visions
    Cardinal Visions 2 days ago

    Grumpy Luke stuff - Fine.
    Rey and Kylo stuff - Fine.
    Kylo and Hux stuff - Fine.
    Leia using the force - Fine.

  • Peter Sherwood-King
    Peter Sherwood-King 2 days ago

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes.

  • KindredGh0st
    KindredGh0st 3 days ago

    Your favorite part of this movie was watching a character get built up only to get killed in ten seconds?
    Bruv... WTF.
    I stopped watching this shit video riiiiiight then....

  • Nethseäar
    Nethseäar 3 days ago

    1 thing you brought to my attention that is neat:
    Luke being a projection the last time he sees Leia mirroring Leia being a projection the first time Luke can remember seeing her.
    That's neat, but it doesn't make TLJ a great movie. You never even attempted to explain what makes it a great movie. Subjective feelings are integral to the art of storytelling, but they are insufficient in a discussion about what makes great art. There actually are principles to storytelling, and it's actually valuable to discuss them, especially with people who disagree with you, especially civilly. Try seeking out intelligent dissenters and having an honest conversation with them, instead of aggregating the complaints of a handful of casual moviegoers and using them as strawmen so you can feel superior.

  • Nethseäar
    Nethseäar 3 days ago

    So, The Last Jedi is great because you like it? Because it makes lots of references to things you like, includes things you wanted to see, and affirms thoughts you had about the Star Wars universe?
    I'm so convinced it's a great movie now. Your explanation of its storytelling excellence is flawless.

  • ValueOfNothing
    ValueOfNothing 3 days ago

    Fascinating. I found the Ireland stuff good, but the rest was wandering, confused, and lacking in character development and depth.
    By splitting the movie into 3 parts, it takes away focus and meaning to any one part. What if Rei took the knowledge she learned about being a regular person, and went to the Las Vegas planet and led a movement to overcome the first order? Instead, Rei's lesson results to no effect, and ends up raising rocks.
    I agree that this movie replaced thoughtful character development with gimmicks and tricks to subvert reasonable expectations based on previous films.

  • Movie Games
    Movie Games 3 days ago

    In general the movie was good, but there are a few things that absolutely overshadow everything. Using light speed as a weapon. The complete reversal in Luke's character and how he died. And completely wasted storylines like Snoke and Captain Phasma.

  • Shannon Mitchell
    Shannon Mitchell 3 days ago

    I unapologetically love every star wars movie. May the force be with you......

  • Bee gone
    Bee gone 3 days ago

    I like your video. It's disbelief.

  • Air-tin
    Air-tin 3 days ago

    Your deceptive.

  • James Ward
    James Ward 3 days ago

    I love this video, finally someone shares my opinion about what Star Wars is “a MOVIE about space WIZARDS intended for CHILDREN”

  • hbe421
    hbe421 4 days ago

    if you have to explain why something is great with a 20 minute video.. It's not great.

  • Joseph Adam
    Joseph Adam 4 days ago

    1- The Last Jedi was very good. But I do scoff at the idea that filmmakers, Hollywood or Disney are the best people to be making the, "It's wrong to be wealthy" argument. Telling the rest of us to live simply while you live lavishly....
    2- 16:00 Princess Leia never looked more beautiful than at the end of A New Hope. Yeah, yeah I know most people go straight to the gold bikini. And that was nice! But she'll never look more perfect to me than during the medal ceremony.
    3- Oh, and when people say, "monk-like rules where they bury their emotions..." I realize there are different types of monks. But the Catholic ones I've met were actually very happy and fascinating people. The Jedi were more like Vulcans in the prequels.... Purging their "human" emotions.

  • spacecase8888
    spacecase8888 4 days ago

    I agree with most of what you said. Except for the Jedi rules leading to Anakin turning to the dark side. To the contrary, Anakin PROVED that all of their rules served an important purpose. If anything, they should have stuck to their rules and should not have trained him in the first place.
    Nearly all of The Last Jedi hater's arguments are absolute shit. It's amazing to me how dense these fools are. I have spent months doing my best to refute their bullshit arguments, but it's inexhaustible, and really a waste of time and energy. Suffice to say, these people suck, they are shallow, unperceptive, and are sad killjoys who don't understand anything about storytelling.

  • Rich
    Rich 4 days ago

    Who is upvoting this???

  • Daniel Rubinstein
    Daniel Rubinstein 4 days ago

    Yes! THANK you!

  • The Geeky Amreeki
    The Geeky Amreeki 4 days ago

    Fucking finally someone agrees with me.

  • M. Lion
    M. Lion 4 days ago

    Yes! Everything :)
    + Jedi shmedi is something my dad would say xD

  • flensoest
    flensoest 5 days ago

    This video is stupid as shit. Everything in this movie is great according to you, no critical thinking. I don't know who you're trying to impress with this video, but you come out as a biased, irrational piece of turd.

  • Riku Forsman
    Riku Forsman 5 days ago

    Totally agree with this!

  • Jim Nicholls
    Jim Nicholls 5 days ago

    Is anyone gonna mention that "Finn has the best character arc"?

  • SirToby
    SirToby 5 days ago

    Welp. I gave it a shot. But when you start making disingenuous claims about Return of the Jedi, in an attempt to make a point via relative comparison, you lose me.
    RotJ gave us plenty of new things. It introduced us to Jabba the Hut and gave us an insight into organized crime in the Star Wars galaxy. The forest moon of Endor was a good setpiece. Ewoks>Porgs anyday of the week.
    Plus, RotJ is the movie that *actually* introduces us to the Emperor. And the Throne Room scenes are so good that a certain other SW movie shamelessly ripped them of.
    Of course, more importantly: It had the strongest theme in any Star Wars movie. One of redemption and spiritual struggle, as opposed to... "dealing with failure by using magic wizard powers"...
    Something to consider.

  • xXStretcHXx
    xXStretcHXx 5 days ago +2

    What a man baby...
    Can you adress the actual criticism instead of your own strawman?

  • Mr. W _
    Mr. W _ 5 days ago

    wow. what a suck up

  • hunchbackgrowler
    hunchbackgrowler 5 days ago

    What did Disney promise you? You should be ashamed of yourself

  • Sergio Afonso
    Sergio Afonso 5 days ago

    The Last Jedi was a comedy...a BAD comedy!!!

  • grkpektis
    grkpektis 5 days ago +2

    I personally hate this movie for the opposite reason of dumbass fanboys, I thought the movie didn't push the envelope enough, I think they pussied out. I thought if Rey would've joined Kylo (not romantically) and gotten rid of the rebellion, empire, etc the movie could've been great it could've sent SW in a whole new direction. Instead we're just going to keep getting the same god damn shit movie over and over again. Infinity War did similar themes a much more satisfying way.

  • Christian Bone
    Christian Bone 5 days ago

    I know this is not in response to one of your videos, but would love to see your thoughts on this long-form rebuttal from Left Foot Media: 'How The Last Jedi Defies Expectations' is wrong:

  • Shubham Anurag
    Shubham Anurag 5 days ago

    I always watch his these videos in 2× speed.

  • Nicholas Olsen
    Nicholas Olsen 5 days ago If you dont like what a weird looking creature that adds nothing to the story, your personality is shitty, your opinions are shitty and your a piece of shit so "F" off. lol

  • Will Cole
    Will Cole 5 days ago

    7:46 what do u mean zero connection to the force? It was heavily implied leia had some force sense in the OT. And leia eventually trained in the force in the eu so it’s not like it’s a revolutionary concept.

  • ModernSurvivor
    ModernSurvivor 6 days ago

    They literally could've made a 2 hour porno of Admiral Ackbar fucking the cast of The Shape of Water and you could use the same "space wizards don't have to make sense" excuse.

  • slashandbones13
    slashandbones13 6 days ago

    I have some issues with this film but people who like this film, including the parts I don't, give actual reasons that can be discussed. People who don't talk like 4Chan trolls most of the time.

  • CaptainBriBot
    CaptainBriBot 6 days ago

    Hey brother, while I still dont think the good out ways the bad in this movie, and I cant agree with your view, I respect it. Thumbs up! I look forward to more of your film breakdowns! Double thumbs up to your awesome parents!

  • anthos332
    anthos332 6 days ago +1

    "A movie about space wizards intended for children" That you made a video on and spent , probably, a good chunk of time filming and editing because.....? I get that you THINK it was made for children but I could say the same about most super popular franchises where the audience is mainly adults. Most people who like, or used to like, Star Wars are adult's who want to be entertained. You can trivialize the audience and make jokes all you want but Star Wars is not actually for children only. The most vocal and active supporters of the Clone Wars cartoon? Adults.
    TLJ really didn't do much to move forward. It just killed off a lot of the questions in the last film. It's answer was "Yeah forget about those mysteries they don't really mean anything." There are plenty of videos that highlight how much of TLJ's lore or plot holes or whatever you want to call them, are answered in the tie in novels. If you have people writing stuff that helps clarify your film in optional tie in novels then you probably should have just made sure that info got into the movie. Most people like these mysteries in Star Wars like, "Who is Palpetine?" "What's up with that Darth Vader Guy and the Jedi?" "Who's Snoke and what will happen with Kylo or Rey or Finn?" Questions like that invest people and make them want to keep watching.
    TLJ disrupted what was set up before and Hamill himself has even said that the writers don't have a set plan. They just pass the baton. TLJ looks good but really is not very exciting and for all the "Subverting expectations" and "New direction" takes on the film most people forget that you can take a film in the wrong direction and subvert expectations in a bad way.
    It may seem like the people who dislike the movie are white basement dwelling dudes, but the truth is a HUGE chunk of Star Wars fans were turned off and let down by this film because they had valid gripes with it. Being condescending and dismissing these people, like most of actors and writers involved in making this film won't make the movie better or criticisms less valid. You may not care about Star Wars or take it seriously because, "It's for children" but a ton of people who saw these films as children have grown up and still care about the films. I feel like you could have made an honest video that just expressed the thing you liked about the films and then why you might not care for or mind the criticisms because you simply wanted good visuals and a fun time out of the movie. You were close to that but the condescension only turns people off.
    P.S. Not sure if you are joking or are actually that condescending and just pretend that your joking but condescension rarely helps get the point across.

  • androssteague
    androssteague 6 days ago

    Sorry Patrick. But Po rubbing bb8 belly was cheesy, cantobyte was a misuse of story arc, and Lupita Nyongo's character mas kanada or whatever her name is, was completely pointless and unnecessary in both films. I agree with everything you're saying about what makes this movie great and taking star wars in a new direction because it desperately needs it, but Kylo Ren is still the worse sith.

  • MrColuber
    MrColuber 6 days ago

    I loved watching the takedown that Mauler, Appabend, and Dishonored Wolf did of this video.

  • Bakalaka Gaming
    Bakalaka Gaming 6 days ago

    this mans videos on this movie is some of the most moronic videos ive seen on the internet

  • elizabethnight
    elizabethnight 6 days ago

    SCREAMS AND WEEPS RE: SKYWALKER PROJECTION! Man, I love this channel so much!

  • Wreck-It Rolfe
    Wreck-It Rolfe 6 days ago

    This is a really good spoof of Star Wars fanboys.

  • Giuseppe Misia
    Giuseppe Misia 7 days ago


  • Zee Kay
    Zee Kay 7 days ago +2

    The average age of a star wars fan is between 18-49 years old with a good chunk being in their 30s according to a bunch of sites brought up from google. So why would it be the assumption that Star Wars is a movie made for kids and if it were the case, why would the studio make a movie geared towards kids when majority of their target demographic isn't?
    Also, are you saying we have to judge this movie as "made for kids" while some of the movies are made for everyone? Shouldn't they be targeting the same demographic when making these movies that are part of a single franchise? You don't see the MCU have movies that have some enjoyed by kids only and some by adults. They are made with the intent that all ages might enjoy.
    Most of the hate comes from those who get invested in the universe lore and get immersed in the star wars worlds. It seems you're not that kind of viewer when it comes to movies, which is fine. You don't care who snoke is, what is the first order, why is rey so good at the force, etc. You have to understand a lot of fans do though, and you need to respect that.

  • david morin
    david morin 7 days ago

    I agree with Patrick. It was pretty dope. It expanded the universe, it surprised me sometimes, it was fairly poetic. There were things I liked less, I thought Rose was kind of a blah character arc. Kylo Ren was awesome. And those that think that it took Star Wars too far away from itself, I heartily disagree. First off, as far as killing the magic, nothing, NOTHING will ever top the stupid Mitichlorian nonsense. Fortunately, this movie handily erased that garbage. Secondly, Star Wars is in perpetual danger of staying in too narrow of a lane. Even in the orginial series we get death star I. Then we get Empire, which is still my fave. Then we get Death star II. Which to my mind, is just kinda lazy and too safe. Then fast forward to episode VII, we get death star III, except bigger, and with a bigger gun. Episode VII was fun, but it was too safe in some aspects, which arguably, it had to be. Episode VIII treats us to more interesting character development, some pretty cool surprises, and an exploration of this theme that there is in fact a lot of gray area between good and evil. I LOVE that, because there is. I liked Luke a lot in this movie, and man, I loved how he went out with a bang. For those of you who get butt hurt about some of the physics or cheeseball logic of the plot line, I invite you to go rewatch episode IV. Yeah, then we can talk.

  • Josh Boza
    Josh Boza 7 days ago

    So here was my problem, when they showed that kid with the broom, I understood what they were trying to say, a hope for the people in this galaxy, but when I saw the movie in theaters, I didn't get that feeling. It felt like the movie was trying to say that, but failed. I feel Patrick was a little too rough on the fans here.
    Just because you went into the movie expecting certain things, doesn't mean you don't know what's good for this franchise. This movie went in a direction that was ok, but far far away from being the best.

  • Koyin Productions
    Koyin Productions 7 days ago +2

    You can't criticize Jurassic parks sequel because there about dinosaurs intended for children . That's what you sound like. And also thanks for belittling children's intelligence more icing on the cake.

  • Rowan Hawklan
    Rowan Hawklan 7 days ago

    I f you would like a masterclass in film making please PLEASE watch the "Age of Adaline" .

  • Joshua Eckhardt
    Joshua Eckhardt 7 days ago

    "Porgs are great!" ...why don't you have a link to the Disney store to buy some, then, Shill?

  • Marco
    Marco 7 days ago


  • Joshua Eckhardt
    Joshua Eckhardt 7 days ago +1

    It is so infuriating when liars try to claim this movie was intended for children. One of the reasons intelligent adults get so upset about the many major blunders The Last Jedi is founded on, is because of the incredible lost revenue in mismanaging this franchise. It is appalling how much opportunity was squandered. If you cannot see that, you are just not very bright.

  • Walter Scott
    Walter Scott 8 days ago +1

    You don't care about Biggs?? You care more for Roses UNNAMED sister more than you care for BIGGS?? You have just lost all credibility. To even suggest that Star Wars doesn't set up Biggs as Lukes best friend when he is mentioned 2 times before we even get off Tatooine. And that if you're only watching the original releases. The special editions added additional scenes with Biggs in it that make you even more invested in him.
    Also I'm genuinely curious as to what character you think Paige is. Using only the movie could you demonstrate what Paiges character is? Porkins is an extra. Biggs though? Clearly you watch Star Wars while doing something else because it ain't paying attention to the movie.

  • Rat Sallad
    Rat Sallad 8 days ago +1

    Why is it that every defender of the movie talking about feelings and Luke Skywalker. Never - ever - about scriptwriting, dialogue, acting and directing, you know, small details thats kind of crucial when it comes to discuss the virtue of a film. Mediocre!

  • CultClassic/ DeadInside

    You've made the best hand written sign I've ever seen

  • Connor Van Winter
    Connor Van Winter 8 days ago +2

    see no offense man but the fact that you find 13:55 to be the "funniest god damn thing" is maybe why you don't align with the general view of this movie. I thought that was the cringiest, most forced humor in a. movie I've seen in recent memory, no exaggeration. The comedy in this movie was misplaced and brutal

  • Darth Elvis
    Darth Elvis 8 days ago

    Yes! Last Jedi is my favourite Star Wars film and you nailed why in so many ways in your video, thankyouverymuch!!

  • Sheldon Norton
    Sheldon Norton 8 days ago

    Since TLJ came out I’ve primarily pulled away from the Star Wars community because it was so NOT fun listening to what I believed to be torrents of misguided and self-indulgent critique. It was a complete turn off and ugly. I felt TLJ was easily the 3rd best Star Wars film ever made. Everything fit, had it’s place and it worked and it was a blast. It wasn’t your party and I didn’t feel you could cry if you wanted to. Shame on the party poopers I thought. AND something really felt off about the criticisms. Then my son showed me this video. Patrick’s articulate observations proving why the film works so well are far more intricate than any superficial musings I’ve heard as to why it doesn’t.
    It seems to me since the epidemic of “plotless” scriptwriting of the nineties culminating in the campaign against the 1998 Godzilla, with the banner response from filgoer’s “Plot does matter” people have become more privy to and educated on the basic tenets of script structure and character building. Fed up movie lovers wanted to know what was up and learned about the issue. Hollywood responded and popcorn films did get a LOT better. However fanboys and girls ever since seem to consider themselves legit experts.
    I believe much of the problem regarding sour and bitter fandom Is that every fan who has an inkling of or brief education on, what good story structure is, has become more preoccupied with trying to recognize it and congratulating themselves on identifying it than just watching movies and letting them do their thing. Anything outside of the basic, albeit extremely important, script construction, they immediately cry foul before even letting the story do it’s work. For instance every hardcore fan now thinks he/she knows when a scene is “unnecessary”. Their only guideline? If a scene doesn’t slip into a script in a typical on-the-nose Raiders of the Lost Ark fashion it must go. It is clearly extraneous if not blatantly perfect or obvious.
    And as things go, with sophomoric style responses, you’re much cooler tearing something down than building it up. So you have all these armchair film “professors” banding together on a mission to show the studios how they screwed everything up at every turn on a regular basis. This before, even for a moment considering that the inner workings of the story, script, structure, plot, character may be far more complicated than their knee jerk conclusion initially lead them to believe.
    Concerning TLJ, you take the above and add decades of fan entitlement based on a feeling of ownership and it’s near hopeless to try and progress the SW story. BUT it WAS bravely done regardless. How? I don’t need to explain how because Patrick has done that for us all.
    1. Patrick does not have SW fan baggage.
    2. Patrick understands films on a far deeper level than the average armchair critic or hardcore franchise fan.
    I believe history will prove Rian Johnson a genius in how he extended the saga, evidenced by the adoration bestowed on the film by those in the future without fan baggage and self importance regarding film art.
    If plain and simple you just didn’t like the film, fine NP of course! But if you HATE it based on your own ideas concluding that it is a massively flawed film? Hmmmmmm

  • Cinematic Curtain
    Cinematic Curtain 8 days ago

    Jesus, the comments are already full of these "fans" drudging on about why their precious opinions outrank everyone they disagree with...Almost a year in and they won't stop pissing people off...This is why the fanbase is cancer now.

  • scottski02
    scottski02 8 days ago

    You unironically defended Luke drinking green semen milk from a titted space walrus......
    Is this whole video just a massive troll?

  • Rhythm King
    Rhythm King 8 days ago +1

    stop burning your strawman already

  • ThatOneDudeWhoIsn'tInTheSameRoomAsYou

    I didn't think it was possible for you to be more smug but you sure as fuck are. You're not smarter then everyone else just because YOU THINK YOU ARE. Read the actual definitions of the shit you talk about you ignorant jackass. You're like the Nostalgia Critic but somehow more annoying, more smug, and somehow less intelligent. Others have absolutely destroyed your arguments completely and you won't hear them either. That makes you just like the hacks who made TLJ so good job on that I guess.