Patrick Explains STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (And Why It's Great)


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  • Conner O'Neill
    Conner O'Neill 57 minutes ago +1

    I unsubscribed the second after I watched this! Nice sun glasses douche bag.

  • JoaoRelego
    JoaoRelego 7 hours ago

    The movie sucks.

  • ShivJ16
    ShivJ16 11 hours ago

    I don't agree with all your points but you don't deserve all these dislikes.

  • Ian Mackie
    Ian Mackie 23 hours ago

    "The movie begins with one of the best space battles in the entire series..." ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!?!?!?!?! Have you even seen a star wars film?!?! ALL of the prequels, which you claim are bad films, have better space battles than this junk. Even the clone wars tv show which disney cancelled, had better space battles. These bombers make no sense, none. You have 100% been paid off by Disney to say something like that. There is nothing in star was canon that moves that slowly that isn't HEAVILY shielded to shrug off tie fighters. This entire film should be burned for the crimes not only against star-wars but also against the film industry. Thank GOD J.J Abrams is directing Episode IX. Even Solo was better than TLJ.

  • noobslayer135
    noobslayer135 Day ago +2

    One of the best movies in the series imo. Looking at the like to dislike ratio just makes me sad. I forget where I saw this quote, but someone once said "no one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans" and with TLJ that seems to be absolutely true

  • Theman Joe
    Theman Joe Day ago

    is this smart?

    no, this is Patrick.

  • Tim TheAutist
    Tim TheAutist Day ago

    Im just gonna say it, i didnt like the original trilogy I definitely dont like the prequels except for the third one and the sequels are okay.

  • MarJay1980
    MarJay1980 2 days ago

    I thought TLG did exactly what it needed to do. The star wars fans had become a little too po faced, and I think this had a great bit of plot expansion whilst doing things that are unexpected.

  • Justin Richards
    Justin Richards 2 days ago

    I've watched this review a couple times since it came out. I feel it necessary to comment now because I can't believe the highest rated comments are from the later fanboys. This movie is fantastic. It is imo THE best Star Wars film ever made. It challenges the past and reintroduces hope for the future. It has the best character development of the series. I could go on. Videos like this one are important because the backlash for this film is from the side that likes to be loud. The only way to combat it is to also be loud.

  • jumpinjimflash
    jumpinjimflash 3 days ago +1

    "Biggs and Porkins were never really characters".
    I suppose Wedge wasn't either?
    Look, your position on defending this movie is greatly diminished by your apparent lack of appreciation for what came before it.
    PS- Darth Vader kept his lightsaber ON with the Force in Return of the Jedi. Pay attention.
    Can I down vote more than once? No?
    (( ____
    (( _____
    ((____ ----
    / /
    (_(( :(

  • Melvin JC
    Melvin JC 3 days ago +1

    I feel sorry for your brain

  • Kurtice YZ
    Kurtice YZ 3 days ago

    these moments... camouflaged behind shit. thats why i hate it. it had so much going for it and to me.. just took the worst possible way goin there

  • Kurtice YZ
    Kurtice YZ 3 days ago

    these are complicated characters that they dumbed down so badly it got overly complicately stupid and impossible to justify. ughhh the movie just get worse and worse. i really tried to like it.. i walked out confuzed and empty. im glad u liked it. i wish i did trust me. yea i laughed at times but nobody else did. i must have been laughing at its retardness, filling the void of not being entertained. i made it funny. thats how convaludedly bad it is

  • Kurtice YZ
    Kurtice YZ 3 days ago

    it was a shitty kids movies about space wizards.. considering the other kids movies about space wizards were pretty good. look i respect ur view. i watched it in hopes to find something worth liking. i did that for about 2 months & its not a good movie.. and i like every other starwars movie.. also *TLJ* isnt fresh or new. it copied like hell and did a horrible job at it. ok. it looks good but doesnt ever feel good. nothing is new. in *TFA* theres all these crazy cool angles and shots when flying around.. in TLJ all borring. like.. han not evasive manuevering is more entertaining than kylo ren spinning. i wanted this dark ba starwars. this was a movie for diapers about space shit. nothing more. ok.. i liked lukes scenes but.. allll underwhelming. could have been good. instead i just waiting until it gets good but it never did. it just felt like it was going to get good the whole movie but never did

  • Riley Baylee
    Riley Baylee 3 days ago

    Intended for children. And you loved it. So you're a child. So I shouldn't listen to you. Got it.

  • Ramon Vasquez Jr.
    Ramon Vasquez Jr. 4 days ago

    Holy shit, dude. Fantastic video. Really good work. Another video of yours where I’m screaming, “yes!” cause finally someone is saying all the same shit I was thinking. I LOVED The Last Jedi. It had its goofy flaws, like you point out, but it was a masterful piece of cinema and resuscitated the franchise. But for the record, I also loved Force Awakens. And I thought it had more hidden gems than people thought.

  • Lion Lion
    Lion Lion 6 days ago

    I hate that it that it end with a Cliffhanger. And when Po got safed.

  • Violet716
    Violet716 7 days ago


  • Pedro Scoponi
    Pedro Scoponi 8 days ago

    I haven't seen a comment section this toxic in a WHILE
    You hang in there and keep sane amidst this chaos, if you can

  • Lucas Michael Luzzi
    Lucas Michael Luzzi 9 days ago +1

    Star Wars sequels sucks balls. I loved the prequels, but the sequels just sucks

  • Ah
    Ah 9 days ago

    2:07 oh yeah... you’re talking shit

  • Dan Argese
    Dan Argese 10 days ago +2

    Dude that’s not what the Skywalker anthology is supposed to be. Expanding the universe belongs in a different trilogy altogether

  • william laurent
    william laurent 10 days ago

    Have to agree with everything.
    Some condescending fans say the movie didn't get the spirit of SW when they are just too stupid to get the movie. Sorry but truth hurts.
    Keep complaining about SJW bullshit excuse, some fans are just stupid anti-SJW robots.

  • Lachlan Lacey
    Lachlan Lacey 12 days ago +1

    So this is a "movie about space wizards intended for children" yet you're still thinking about it. Right. Also, my kids found many of the characters confusing. Particularly Holdo. Who they all thought was a villain!
    This essay is filled with facts protected by "opinions", while continuously contradicting himself. In short, Patrick talks a lot. Yet says very little.

  • Óscar Maldonado
    Óscar Maldonado 14 days ago

    Thanks for not using the intro music and for a wonderful channel.

  • David Oake
    David Oake 14 days ago +1

    No attention paid to its many flaws. Just condescending "I wish you could see what I see..." Your New York is showing, bub

  • DefenderofFuture
    DefenderofFuture 14 days ago

    "This is a movie about space wizards intended for children, just like Goodfellas."

  • Dan Argese
    Dan Argese 15 days ago

    Yea cinematography wise it’s good but awful movie. Plot is terrible. They ruined star wars

  • Ujustgotdunkedon
    Ujustgotdunkedon 16 days ago

    Best Star Wars film Kylo is bae but Daisy Ridley is the fucking worst actress.

  • Syed Hamza
    Syed Hamza 17 days ago +1

    Sucking Mickey Mouses cock. 😂

    • Pervis Edmonds
      Pervis Edmonds 10 days ago

      Syed Hamza But can you prove he is just a shill for Disney versus he just likes the movie?

    • Syed Hamza
      Syed Hamza 10 days ago

      +Pervis Edmonds, Liking terrible Disney films so you could make good relations with Disney and get their passes is just terrible and shows how much integrity people like Patrick, Mr. Sunday Movies, etc. have.

    • Pervis Edmonds
      Pervis Edmonds 11 days ago

      And you watched him do it didn’t you! 😳

  • Austin Johnsen
    Austin Johnsen 19 days ago

    Whoa man, leave the prequels alone. Their movies about space wizards for kids.

    PLZ FILMZ 20 days ago

    Real Star Wars Fans loved TLJ. The problem is that is so deep into pop culture that now everybody is a Star Wars fan, BUT THEY'RE NOT! If TFA Was a remake of ANH Ep4, TLJ was the opposite of Ep5. There are similar lines but in TLJ the result is completely unpredictable

  • Gene Kim
    Gene Kim 20 days ago +1

    Unsubscribed... I'm sorry but you have completely de-legitimized your taste in proper storytelling with this one... People don't watch Star Wars because they want to experience something completely new... They want to experience a new story in the world they know and love with the characters they know and love. Also this is a trilogy so it has to work in the scheme of a greater picture. Maybe as a standalone film this is a fine movie but as a second part to a trilogy it completely derails everything the last movie worked for and I am livid that this is what we have to work with for the third film. And cut the bullshit with the space wizards for kids shit seriously I really can't believe you for this one. Please tell me you're just trying to be the edgy hipster on this one and you don't actually think this is the best star wars since empire... You broke my heart Patrick

  • Plunder Bunny
    Plunder Bunny 23 days ago

    Every era of Star Wars will also be accompanied by people whining about how the new ones ruined their childhood.

    • Luis Quecedo
      Luis Quecedo 17 days ago

      as long the writting is complete nonsense and full of plot holes, that will be the case. It's just sad that an old movie have less mistakes than modern ones with so much more resources to make them better.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy 23 days ago

    This is why your Oberlin degree has not translated into a film career. You're incompetent.

  • Pablo Kolter Sanchez
    Pablo Kolter Sanchez 24 days ago

    Honestly I kinda Love the movie and hate it at the same time sometimes I love it sometimes im just so disappointed.
    Number 1 that honestly was the biggest disappointment: I watched Star Wars 7 in IMAXwithLASER (1day before the last jedi) wich is like the closest to 70mm IMAX and I was just astonished by that IMAX Sequence then I read that the Last jedi had 40minutes filmed with 70mm IMAX cameras and I waited the whole movie for that IMAX Sequence that never came because it was fucking cropped. And I know that that doesn’t make the movie good or bad because it’s only the aspect ratio it’s just that If it had that 1.43:1 aspect ratio I would have fucking loved that movie.
    Now to some arguments normal people can understand.
    I hated that joke about poes mother because honestly that just made the first order seem like only idiots would be in control.
    Although A JAW DROPPING moment I hated snokes death because I spend two years speculating about him.
    I hated, although it made me laugh at first, that luke just threw the lightsaber away.
    I love the Cinematography
    And the Story
    I don’t mind Leya Flying through space although they could have showed her knowledge with the force in a different way.
    I love the throne Room fight I love the whole Light speed crash “POW” “BOOM” scene.
    I liked lukes story though Id liked to see him fucking throw star destroyers from the sky and shit.
    I loved all of the fights In loved kylo.
    To sum up main problem 70mm IMAX
    Then humor in unappropriate scenes
    (Not all the humor) and just some of those throwing away things we spend years thinking about.
    So the last jedi is a movie that I want to love but I simply just can’t.

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 25 days ago

    This flaky bastard is a complete useless goofball.

  • Crayton Caswell
    Crayton Caswell 26 days ago

    "Watching rich people get their shit destroyed is one of the purest pleasures in cinema and if you can't enjoy that, I feel sorry for you."
    Yeah, see, this is why the movies end up being more than space wizard consumables for children. The film just let you mentally jerk off to a caricature of an actual social class getting wrecked in a ludicrously stupid good versus evil mythos... for children. This is called propaganda. If the other side satirized some of the social classes they don't like in the same way, you would not be telling anyone to calm down. You'd say it is garbage and deserves to fail, regardless of the quality of the rest of the film. I actually didn't mind this movie, especially Luke's arc and the questioning of Jedi orthodoxy and such, but I'm not a fanboy and it's not for me. You, on the other hand, it's FOR YOU, so you can question everything except who the good guys are. Forty years on, it's space wizards for overgrown children.

  • Michael Silve
    Michael Silve 26 days ago

    LOL retarded

  • Othy
    Othy 27 days ago +1

    What the hell are you on about Pat?

  • A S
    A S 27 days ago

    I honestly added this video to my "Watch Later" list because I wanted to know why someone WOULD like Last Jedi, unless, as I've heard from at least one person, you basically ignore everything outside of the Luke and Rey scenes. Because those are fantastic, some of the best scenes in all of Star Wars. Before I get into my complaints, I also want to say that I actually think the Last Jedi had a lot of good ideas and good intentions. There's almost nothing about the direction things went that I dislike. But I dislike a lot of how they did it. Watching your review, I was like, "Yeah, I agree" a surprising amount. But the difference between us seems to be that, just having the intentions isn't good enough for me.

    I too wanted this to be a different kind of Star Wars movie. It can't be the same handful of family lines getting all the adventuring done in the galaxy forever. There's got to be growth and change, and I would love to see a Star Wars movie that tries something different and sticks it. And the Last Jedi certainly tried, but the only stuff that actually worked was the Luke and Rey stuff.

    I also love the idea of the Grey Jedi. I think injecting more of a grey morality into Star Wars would be fantastic, light and dark have always been two sides of the same force. And I actually think they did pretty well with that, although I was left wanting more with the relationship between Rey and Kylo.

    I don't have the same hatred of rich people as you do, but I would've been totally into scenes showing the corruption of the New Republic's leaders. Say that they had Cantobite be full of New Order and New Republic leaders hobnobbing while slaves swept the floor. But the closest we get is DJ implying that there's some grey morality because the Resistance and the New Order both buy guns from the same people? Like... That's silly. They needed weapons. They were fighting a war. And weapon manufacturers, unless they are government owned or directly financed by the government, make weapons for whoever pays the most money. They're rarely morally upright people. Did anyone think that they were? Instead we got Rose and Fynn completely failing at being

    I also like the theme of failure. I love that the movie starts off in a rough spot, and just gets worse from there. I have a lot of problems with the Cantobite run, but I absolutely love the idea of spending a third of the movie on a mission to save the fleet... That just ends in abject failure, with everyone surviving by the skin of their teeth. That's difficult to get right, because you'd have to make the mission feel like it meant something even though it ended in failure, but if you could do that, wow.

    Unfortunately, Ryan Johnson could not do that. Like everything outside of Luke's hideaway, it feels like a first draft of a really cool idea that never got polished.

    I totally agree about Luke though. Luke becoming a bitter, gross old man hiding from his past was perfect. Kind of similar to Yoda as he appeared in Empire, if you ask me. He's this weird little gremlin on a gross swamp planet, Luke finds it hard to believe that he's this great Jedi master at first. It's perfect, 10/10, loved everything about Luke, up to maybe him astral projecting across the galaxy instead of just going back with Rey. I got questions there, but they're not important, because everything else about those scenes are perfect.

    Also, talking about how it's a "Movie about space wizards made for children" always drives me crazy. Come on dude. Like, I assume you actually like and get something out of Star Wars other than the space wizards and the cool visual effects. Why would you minimize it like that? Is that technically correct? Sort of. I would argue against it being JUST for children, as I think we all know it's a movie series that people of all ages can and have enjoyed for decades. But yes, it's about space wizards. So what? Does that mean it has a license to be of worse quality than other movies? You may as well say of a movie, "It's just a chick flick," or "It's just an animated movie," or "It's just an action movie." Do you refuse to criticize the prequels, because hey, they're movies about space wizards made for children, lighten up?

    It's just such a childish thing to use to try and knock down the arguments your opponents are making. Especially when you then go on to talk about how much you love Star Wars, and how you love specific things about it. It's incongrous, you don't actually think of it as a space movie made for children. You only use that argument to try and make fun of arguments that you don't think are important.

    That's why the physics, while not all important, need to feel at least consistent. When the physics don't make sense, at least within the universe, it makes the story feel less real. Little things are completely irrelevant. How do lightsabers keep the beam to a specific length? Who cares, future tech makes it possible, it's fine. Why doesn't the beam cut through the handle? It just doesn't there's some kind of future tech that prevents it.

    But Holdo's ramming speed maneouver is a different league. When I think about lightsabers and how they work, I can justify things that I don't totally understand. But being able to destroy ships by flying through them at ramming speed? I can instantly think of dozens of ways that could, and should, have been used elsewhere. Why do a dangerous trench run that will surely kill a good percentage of your pilots when you can just point an X-Wing at the middle of the Death Star, toss a brick on the peddle, and call it a day? I'm glad for you that it didn't take you out of the experience, but some of us think about these things. For some of us, part of the fun of a semi-Sci Fi universe like Star Wars is thinking about how things work, and what it means. When Holdo does her lightspeed ramming trick, it shocked me out of the movie. My second thought in that moment was actually, "I'll probably like this a lot more if I watch it again, because I won't be surprised by it." Because it is visually stunning. But my immediate thought was absolutely, "This breaks everything."

    And even then, I might have let it go if it were the only thing. But at that point, I'd watched a whole movie that kept yanking me out of it to be like, "What? Why did that person do that?" And, "Oh great, so all the foreshadowing of X, Y, and Z weren't actually foreshadowing at all because X, Y, and Z aren't true or aren't important." It was just a frustrating cherry on top.

    And a lot of that frustration, like I said, comes from seeing what you seem to see underneath it all, but then having the movie fail to actually achieve it at every turn. I want the movie to be as good as you think it is, I really do. And I think it could've been. But I also think it wasn't.

    DEADSCHOOLED 27 days ago +1

    *famous star wars siren*
    R E T A R D A L E R T

  • BattleOne
    BattleOne Month ago

    Wrong. But I respect your right to be wrong.

  • KEL Willi
    KEL Willi Month ago


  • Matt William
    Matt William Month ago

    Watching this video, I feel like I finally understand the point of these new Star Wars films.
    You see, it's one thing to muster the strength and organization to overthrow a tyrannical Empire. But it's something else entirely to look within yourself, within the fabric of your society, and make the necessary changes to prevent something similar from ever happening again.
    That's what makes the Sequel Trilogy a natural third act to the Star Wars saga. Taken alone, the Prequel and Original trilogies paint a picture of "we're good, they're evil, and we just have to keep beating them back until the end of time." That's incredibly narrow thinking, and I don't think even the old Expanded Universe was able to overcome it.
    And if I may posit a theory... THAT'S why so many people are rushing out to hate on these new films. Remember, the original film came out in 1977, around the same time that _Apocalypse Now_ and other Vietnam War films were being released. The Galactic Empire was meant to be an allegory for the US Government, or at least what it could become (later appropriated by the Reagan administration to further demonize the Soviets; God _damn_ his soul). To propose that the conclusion in _Return of the Jedi_ was insufficient, probably comes across as threatening to some people.
    But y'know what? _Let them feel that way._ To be offended by a liberal allegory is to be part of the problem. I just hope that Disney or whoever doesn't give into the pressure and not see this through to the end (but since they are a large corporation, I'm not expecting much). Still, thanks for this, Patrick.
    TL;DR these aren't the droids you're looking for.

  • S Js
    S Js Month ago

    I want to leave you with this - I love how Ben hates the falcon - and the Rathtar scene in TFA that some complain about shows why - the falcon reminds Ben that his father would rather have been doing what he loved more than being a father and I hope Ben can find closure with his father and I think if he is redeemed will have a ton to do with Hans sacrifice in TFA and I hope Ben flies the falcon in 9 and feels like he finally has a home and not lost anymore even if he dies

  • S Js
    S Js Month ago

    And finally thank you for your comments about lukes arc and how he is at the end of TLJ is the most Luke thing he could do

  • S Js
    S Js Month ago

    I totally agree tho that somehow it’s the hardcore fans who miss the most obvious of things sometimes

  • S Js
    S Js Month ago

    Again I will say that TFA and the past is a theme of the movie I think you should look into it more with that lens - that history repeats Itself and you have to look back to move forward - and then TLJ evolves that theme

  • S Js
    S Js Month ago

    And yes I’m so glad the fact that the jedi sucked in the prequels was addressed in TLJ

  • S Js
    S Js Month ago

    What a great point about Leia getting ZERO closure with her father

  • S Js
    S Js Month ago

    I disagree that TFA played it super safe - but that’s ok

  • big boss bob ross
    big boss bob ross Month ago

    I love your videos and I like the Last Jedi. In fact my star wars ranking goes as follows: Empire > ANH > Last Jedi > Return > Force Awakens > Revenge > Phantom > Clones. But I find some of your points reaching in this vid.

  • superhanky2
    superhanky2 Month ago

    Patrick stop talking that way to your parents. I mean shit we get it, people don't like a film you like, but thats no reason to take it out on your parents. Get counseling.

  • Matthew Mazzetti
    Matthew Mazzetti Month ago +1

    This movie was so great except for a few really bad things. If they removed, like, five minutes, this movie would have been amazing.

  • Matthew Mazzetti
    Matthew Mazzetti Month ago +1

    I really really really really really really really really really really really really really want a Mr and Mrs Willems episode where they watch a movie and explain to you why they love it.

  • Skylightt
    Skylightt Month ago +1

    Perfect video

  • Kang Shen
    Kang Shen Month ago +1

    Patrick, I agree, Luke milking that giant, alien, cow creature was also my favorite part. Glad I don't have boring tastes.

  • avocadotart
    avocadotart Month ago +2

    I love your enthusiasm for the movie! The Last Jedi is tied with Ep4 as what I think is the best in the series. Although I didn't bond with every part of the film, I have so much respect for what it was doing.
    One of the things I think is rarely talked about outside a specific group is Reylo--and why i think it was kind of, well, brilliant. I almost started laughing in he movie theater when I realized "oh, this is like a fanfic because they're going THERE" i.e. have hero/villain romantic subtext, which frankly most media stories are way too terrified to actually do outside of long forms like television. But this movie went there! And then they went BETTER and said "oh hey, this kind for attraction and feelings are real and can impact your actions" and then they went and said "But maybe a shitty guy IS JUST A SHITTY GUY even when you give him a chance to change". The latter is what I really loved about star wars--that moment when Rey and Kylo both realize the other will not change and that a bond and a moment of shirtlessness isn't enough to alter someone's chosen path in life. That's incredible! What an amazing story to tell. To acknowledge that one can empathize with a someone who does bad things, but show that you can still walk away, and not be caught up in their traps and emotional manipulation.
    My only hope going forward (and I'm still not sure about this) is that the series will double down on evil Kylo Ren in episode 9. So much beautiful work was done to bring him to the point of choosing evil while Rey chooses good. I really, really don't want the next film to walk that back and say he's good underneath all be selfishness and murder. Please no. Give us the dark evil prince and don't turn back.

  • Lacan Am
    Lacan Am Month ago

    Going through a lot of comments on this video, and I'm honestly surprised, well, baffled would be a better word, that almost anyone hasn't realized Patrick is actually trolling. He doesn't really mean what's he's saying, and as the video progresses it's more clear. Instead of making just another video about why The Last Jedi isn't a good movie, he made one trying to defend it...and the result was clearly ridiculous. That was the point. And almost no one is getting it.
    Try rewatching the video knowing that Patrick is trying to mock the film. Now, it will make sense.

  • Sion
    Sion Month ago

    Just because you call it a children's movie, doesn't bar it from genuine criticism. In fact, those very movies require more scrutiny because of the impressionable nature of the audience. So congratulations, you subverted yourself.

  • Obscene Vegetable Matter

    You put words to all my feelings with this video.

  • Keith O'Neil
    Keith O'Neil Month ago +1

    Here’s why I didn’t like the Last Jedi:
    1) As a movie it was WAY too long. There were parts that just dragged the movie to a screeching halt, like Finn and Rose’s plotline and some of the Snoke Throne Room. A half hour could have been left on the editing room floor.
    2) Rose literally derailed all of Finn’s plans. Finn was gonna sacrifice himself for the Resistance and possibly help them win the battle. NOPE, in comes Rose and delivers a speech how we save the ones we love, meanwhile in the background THE BASE IS GETTING OBLITERATED!
    3) The constant left turns were exhausting after a while. Once in a while is fine, but when every scene goes sideways, it’s tiring.

  • Mogwai786
    Mogwai786 Month ago +1

    I genuinely feel nothing but sadness for those Star Wars fans that are unable to see the good or understand it in this movie.

  • Mogwai786
    Mogwai786 Month ago +1

    This analysis hit the nail on the end. The current older generation has been spoilt on Star Wars. Drunk on nostalgia, they are incapable of moving forward. Newer, younger generations love this film. Time to move on.

  • Nikos Vlahakos
    Nikos Vlahakos Month ago +1

    Personally i get your points.They re justified to me.I disagree with most of them for a number of reasons though.Most people who watched the movie dont like Ray.Because Ray is a Mary Sue.She does not earn the power she has,she does not seem less powerfull than the villain of the movie neither at any point.She magically JUST knows everything.From repairing the Millenium Falcon,to perfectly wield a lightsaber ,to expertly use the Force against the Elite Praetorian Guard no less .In a span of one day.It just does not feel earned to me in way if you like.
    Another thing is the portrayal of the villian in TLJ and in TFA.The very first scene we get with Kylo Ren paints him as a very powerful and fear striking presence.He is portrayed as a person who has been training in the ways of the force since he was a kid,by Luke Skywalker himself,a person who fully commits to the dark side by killing his own father.And then the same movie tells me that he is a Sith who gets owned by a random Stormtroper and a Sith who gets owned by a person who literally three hours before didnt even believe in the Force.That carries on in TLJ where Ray easily and handily Rekts him.Ray.Who yesterday thought that the Force was a tinfoil hat level conspiracy theory can destroy Kylo Ren who was trained to use the Force not long after he first opened his eyes.Now having said that how me,as a viewer am i supposed to take the main,the only, villain of the movie seriously,when even the movie itself cant decide if he is powerful or not?In the classic trilogy Vader was an intimidating presence the moment he was on screen,only the thought of Luke facing him before Episode 6 was suicidal.And every time he appeared the viewer understood that this figure is immensily powerful and everyone around him acted like it.Thats some good writing.
    Also i dont think anyone ever thought that Ray would join him.Even if you ve never seen Star Wars in your whole life you wouldnt be able to possibly believe that,taking into consideration what Ray as a person stands for.Thats a strawman argument.
    As Tolkien believed ,the storyteller sets up a universe that is governed by rules.The charachters behave,act,live and die by the rules of the established universe that the writer has presented to us.The moment these rules are broken by a charachter the trust in the storyteller is gone.We know that SW works in a pre established universe.We know that if someone is to be a Jedi or a Sith or even a wielder of the Force,he/she must go by numerous and rather rigorous years of training.We trust the writer because this is his/her established rule.Charachters written like Ray kill that rule.This is not "progress" .This is bad ,lazy writing.
    I d like to point out also that your view about Luke Skywalker and the Jedi order isnt shared by the person who played Luke Skywalker,Mark Hamill.That says a lot.I could go on about the movie (the tone thats all over the place,the producer and the director calling out the fanbase etc etc),but there are much more qualified people than me that can do this.
    Lastly,the argument that this movie is about children is totally irrelevant when it come to the critique of the film.Not to mention that most Star Wars fans are people between 18-40 so these are the ones that will go to see the movie,regardless for who it was originally intented for or not.Sorry for the long comment,i havent written that much since i was my english ,syntax errors,grammatical errors etc etc.Be well and keep up the good work.Happy New Year.

  • mark lloyd
    mark lloyd Month ago

    Titty milk 😂😂😂

  • RebelCommander7 Star Wars kid

    There is a difference with Luke skywalker because well look I understand everything about him and it is believable that he would do that except ONE BUG THING why would he LET HIS FATHER KILL HIM TO BRING HIM BACK TO THE LIGHT SIDE to just KILL HIS NEFUE JUST BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HE WAS TURNED TO THE DARK SIDE and also I hate it because they KILLED ya killed admiral acbar without giving him any screen time at all look that’s just disrespectful to the fans honestly I think I may have cried when it happened if I realized it happened in the first time I watched it I had to watch it twice and then have my mom point it out to figure out he died its when they say everyone but lea died on the beige even him and another thing about this movie I hate is well or undid everything from the force awakens the force awakens was not bad just unoriginal but with the last Jedi well why did Luke skywalker disappear and the only clue or way to find him was that map chuck the map who’s snoke doesn’t matter he’s dead who’s rays parents there nobody’s who are the knights or ren never heard of them and another thing I don’t like about it is that holdo is just going to not tell anyone the plan to just not tell them the plan not because she thinks there’s a spy or anything just to not tell them the plan for no reason you need to consider all of this and please tell me your opinion and thoughts on all this but as much as I hate this movie I want to have everything civil here and ps I like the prequels and rouge one is my favorite Star Wars movie I sorta like the new Star Wars tv shows and am happy that the books and games are cannon with the movies and solo is my second favorite Star Wars movie but because clone was was canceled (yes I know they have 12 more episodes coming to Disney+ but it would have gone onto more then 12 more episodes if it was not cancelled) and that gorge Lukas hated the force awakens and possibly the last Jedi I think he did not like that as well (I could be wrong not saying 100% Iam right) I would rather have had Disney not buy Star Wars at all so ya that’s it I guess and remember keep things civil

  • Connor Nyhan
    Connor Nyhan Month ago +1

    How am I surprised about the hate in the comments?

  • Shya LaBeouf
    Shya LaBeouf Month ago

    You are a total asshole I figured it out after you review of Fast and furious... then Alien Covenant... but now you come with this... BTW You start with a wrong statement It wasnt a movie for children at all... Now it is.

  • Alcoholic Goat
    Alcoholic Goat Month ago +1

    sHuT uP aBoUt pLoThoLeS

  • Shinku no Yami
    Shinku no Yami Month ago

    Also I'm interested to hear some clarification here. You say that you're not ok with Leia not showing any Force powers in the OT despite her heritage, but you're ok with Rey having incredible Force powers and control... despite her lack of heritage? That seems a bit contradicting. Our problem with Rey having all this power is she lacks any real training or otherwise an explanation behind it (like her heritage), but we're ok with Leia's lack of Force prowess because she hasn't had any proper training, though she's shown in the OT to be Force sensitive at least.
    See, Leia is just like Luke was at the start of the OT. Luke had no Force powers either. Remember? He had to be trained for it and hone those skills. When we learned she was related to Luke, we were like "Oh, so she can be trained and become a Jedi just like Luke." We weren't like "Why isn't she a Jedi like Luke?". It doesn't work like that. You can't just expect something without earning it. People would've been railing out the OT just the same if Leia suddenly had all these Force powers without having to learn them. I don't get this sense of entitlement, which ties into "If you don't find joy in watching rich people's stuff being destroyed, I feel sorry for you".
    What? If I were rich, I wouldn't want to be vandalized or have people find joy in my misfortune. Just because I'm rich wouldn't make me evil. Instead of hating people for having something you don't, you should focus on getting it yourself. A lot of people work hard for their wealth, or make smart/risky decisions that pay off. It's childish to hate them for being successful. We should be asking them to take us under their wing so we can learn from them.

  • Shinku no Yami
    Shinku no Yami Month ago +1

    If that 5 hour thing is a reference to MauLer, it wasn't an "angry rant". The video was a thoroughly-researched, carefully scripted, calm, and point-by-point critique. He wasn't angry in it. He made a lot of well thought-out arguments and pointed out a lot of things that were either inconsistent or didn't make sense. He missed a lot too. But it's stuff that, while you might not actively think about on a first watch, your brain subconsciously picks up on and makes you go "something doesn't feel right".
    That's how I felt. I mean, in the beginning Leia's anger at Poe for his "recklessness" made no sense. She acted like he disobeyed orders, but when Poe was like "Happy beeps BB" in the beginning, and then it cuts to Leia listening in and going "I have to agree with the droid on this one", it shows her in compliance with Poe's actions. It shows she doesn't necessarily agree with them, but she's allowing them, showing she doesn't have absolute command. She doesn't like it, but she's going along with it. But then he's demoted afterwards and treated like it was all his fault, even though the rest of the squadron that went with him were shown to be acting on their own, and not forced by Poe. The command turns from being portrayed as a democracy to then being a hierarchy when he's demoted for Holdo to take over.
    And in the opening crawl. It's been minutes since TFA, but "The First Order reigns supreme". First of all... how? Also, if they did "reign supreme", they wouldn't be "Fighting for military control" as the same opening crawl says. They'd already have it. The First Order wouldn't be described as a "rising threat" in the opening crawl if they already "reigned supreme". They can't both reign supreme and be a RISING threat. It clearly says the First Order and Republic/Resistance are in a struggle for power, which wouldn't be the case if the First Order already "reigned supreme". They would already have the power. It would be the Rebels... sorry Resistance, fighting against that power.
    Basically the opening crawl is establishing the First Order as both the superior opposition and yet the Resistance's equal at the same time, which just looks like a total mess. Like no one proofread it.

  • Politis Dimitrios
    Politis Dimitrios Month ago +1

    The good things about this movie are the MOST unimportant! The Last Jedi is a bad movie, not for the whole "destroy the past" philosophy, but HOW it does that! Worst part? The fight scene after Snoke dies!

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Month ago


  • Mr.Bigzy26
    Mr.Bigzy26 Month ago

    “It finally use the force to switch on a lightsaber” Obi Wan in phantom when he cuts Maul in half

    • BlueFox94
      BlueFox94 Month ago

      Um, Obi-Wan uses the Force to draw the lightsaber to where he's going to land at the end of his jump. He then catches the lightsaber, activates it *manually*, and *then* halves Maul.

  • Mr.Bigzy26
    Mr.Bigzy26 Month ago

    You lost me when you said Paige Tico becomes the star of the movie.

  • David RTD
    David RTD Month ago

    This ain't it Chief and it's not about space wizards intended for children . How could you defend this shit of a movie ?

    • BlueFox94
      BlueFox94 Month ago

      "Movie" is the first key word there.

  • solomon jensen
    solomon jensen Month ago +3

    Mauler > Patrick

  • NightShift
    NightShift Month ago +7

    I’m relatively new to your channel, and I thought your Michael Bay video, for instance, was exceedingly well-reasoned and eye-opening.
    Unfortunately, none of that craft makes the jump to this video. Not because I have a different opinion to you, but because you don’t adequately argue your points.
    People are not upset with Luke’s negative outlook on its own; they’re upset because it’s not earned.
    People aren’t upset that the Resistance is made up of female leaders: they’re upset because Laura Dern’s character is poorly written and poorly acted.
    And finally, are you really so blind to the irony of a corporate monolith like Disney shoehorning in quasi-Marxist anti-wealth messages while in the same breath absorbing properties and whole entities like PacMan?
    It’s not just that people dislike political messaging in something that to your mind is “space wizards meant for children.” It’s that people’s bullshit detectors went off when they realized they were being spoon-fed thinly-veiled propaganda they didn’t ask for from this property.
    The biggest tragedy of this current social climate is that otherwise intelligent people put together foolish arguments to back a position they adopt for tribalistic reasons. Swing and a miss mate.

    • BlueFox94
      BlueFox94 Month ago

      Totally disagree.
      "People are not upset with Luke’s negative outlook on its own; they’re upset because it’s not earned."
      (Luke explicitly explains that he didn't go into hiding for nothing. We start this trilogy with him in self-imposed exile. How is that not earned?)
      "...Laura Dern’s character is poorly written and poorly acted."
      (Yeah well, she's the boss and Poe's not, much less privy to information she possesses as the boss.)
      "Disney shoehorning in quasi-Marxist anti-wealth messages while in the same breath absorbing properties and whole entities like PacMan?"
      (No, they're anti-war profiteering and anti-lukewarm messages.)

    • David RTD
      David RTD Month ago +1

      Couldn't agree more , thank you .

  • Brian Bagnall
    Brian Bagnall Month ago

    Mauler got around to critiquing Patrick Willems' videos: /watch?v=IPkdJP0Ut2Q

  • suniis
    suniis Month ago

    Most of your videos make good points. This one does not. I guess you probably don't really believe the arguments you put forth yourself (only explanation) and that making a video on why a movie everyone hates is actually good would gather a lot of views...

  • Elmar live
    Elmar live Month ago

    Talked vor 20 minutes. Didn't make a single point.

  • Luke M
    Luke M Month ago

    I'm sorry but the way the writers destroyed certain characters and their potential for the sake of shit characters like Rose... The Last Jedi can never be great

  • Rob Gibson
    Rob Gibson Month ago

    It's not intended for children. It's pg-13. It's intended for teenagers.

  • John C. M.
    John C. M. Month ago

    Overall I am positive about TLJ, but you are taking it to the nth degree defending everything in it

    • BlueFox94
      BlueFox94 Month ago

      He's defending it because he really loves it and wants to talk about it.

  • Skaroosh
    Skaroosh Month ago +1

    This was almost as painful to watch as the movie itself... Almost.

  • News with Smokedog
    News with Smokedog Month ago +1

    Oh shit......
    This Patrick guy wasn't trolling??? 😂 No way....... Un fucking believable, lol.

  • News with Smokedog
    News with Smokedog Month ago

    Absolutely brilliant troll video. Assuming it's a parody of TLJ reviews. He made me laugh so hard when he said the quadriplegic obese animal is his favorite addition to all of star wars. And he sounded convincing!, Like he believed his parody......... Of course....... Unless this is not a parody and this gentleman is one of those morons who's parents falsely convinced him that he is actually a person of above average intelligence. I doubt it though. He would have to be ridiculously stupid to believe anything he stated.

  • JuicyShaqMeat
    JuicyShaqMeat Month ago

    (TLDR: This video is a paper-thin defense of the movie, and swiftly ostracizes anyone disagreeing with the host.)
    I wasted enough time (15 minutes) watching this. But I guess you still get revenue from my click.
    This defense of the movie is vapid, condescending, and straight up dismissive of other people's opinions. To be honest I am an episode 8 hater, watching this vid with an open mind, hoping to understand fans of this movie. But 3/4 into the review (which is seemingly more similiar to a preteenager's defense to a poor addition to a beloved franchise - FOR ALL AGES, NOT ONLY CHILDREN), I find no substantial insight to make the film's aspects seem more positive than I originally perceived. You never even discussed the technical aspect of the storytelling of the film, which for me, failed is the most elementary sense.
    I considered subscribing to your channel after watching your X-Men video many months ago, and only recently watching your Fantastic Four video (after being bugged by my recommendations list, for months) and other Cinematic Universes. However, I realized your insight is paper thin, and quite frankly isn't as fresh as other channels I already subscribed to (see RedLetterMedia and Owen Likes Comics, among others).
    I was quite interesting to view this channel though. Yt really gives a platform for everyone... even if their opinions are poorly expressed.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy Month ago

    This dude is a film school failure trying to fellate his way into Hollywood.

  • dhanushka sachintha

    it's not just about arguing a's about coming to a consensuses or atleast something close to liking it or not is not a valid it good or not (for a star wars movie's not)

  • Rogue Two
    Rogue Two Month ago

    "This is a movie about space wizards intended for children." Yet the Skywalkers has 2 generations in their bloodline that has slaughtered and murdered children. Okay, got it!

  • Big Sheed
    Big Sheed Month ago +7

    I love The Last Jedi because it made me hate fandom. Yes, people take Star Wars way to serious because even the original trilogy has flaws. People forgive the original films because of nostalgia and it was the only blockbuster of its kind during the 80’s. Each year you get ten or more huge blockbuster films to compare to each other and pick apart. Ironically the fans hate for the prequels made George Lucas quit, then Disney listened to the fans complaints about the prequels( poor writing, too much cgi, didn’t feel like the originals) made The Force Awakens. Fans complained about that (too much like A New Hope give us something new) then they did something new and the fans hated that so guess what? Episode 9 will probably play it safe and fans will complain that. Truth is fans claim they want something new but they don’t. I am not saying people don’t have a right to hate any film but with Star Wars fans go waaaaaasy to far. Remember Lucas raped my childhood? Now those same fans want Lucas back. If Lucas came back this new trilogy was going to be about communication with midiclorians. More blood line stuff and I am not making that up. Fans would have loved that I bet. So go ahead and hate till your heart is content but stop trying to convince us the movie sucks just because the internet says so. See opening night for Episode 9.

  • Face Criminal Russian Troll Bot

    You are an idiot
    Did you actually give any real reasons why this script is not a piece of hot garbage with poor execution or why it is really good?
    I feel dumber for watching this.
    The only thing you did to try and defend this was allude to Just Writes glowing review of the story arcs. While I will agree with Just Write that trying to pull the character arcs off in TLJ was ambitious I strongly disagree that it was executed well.

  • Mike O'Barr
    Mike O'Barr Month ago +1

    They aren't made for kids, they are family movies. That means everyone in the family, adults included. Think Muppets, Pixar, Harry Potter, Transformers and on and on. You trying to tell me they FLOODED the prequels with political machinations for the kiddies?

  • Mike O'Barr
    Mike O'Barr Month ago

    I've liked everything you've done but the "Plot holes" and this. A-Hole does not become you. You literally said in the what do we want from star wars we can't watch movies wrong, the proceed to accuse us of watching movies wrong.

  • Nashmann Jango
    Nashmann Jango Month ago

    I think you are adopted Patrick !!! You're "parents" have common sense - YOU DONT DUMBASS !!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😳🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮👎👎👎👎

  • Nightmare Batman
    Nightmare Batman Month ago +1

    This is what happens when a modern Star Wars “fan” tries to explain how you are bad for not liking the shitty agenda filled modern Disney Star Wars

  • Brezo11
    Brezo11 Month ago +1

    Thank you so much for this video. I loved this movie but I feel like I can’t talk about the things I love without people jumping down my throat about how much they think it sucks. This was a relief to listen to.