Patrick Explains STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (And Why It's Great)


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  • lucas plick
    lucas plick 19 hours ago +1

    I love this guy's videos

  • pjtiger10
    pjtiger10 3 days ago

    It’s better than Empire tbh

  • Kevin Wilde
    Kevin Wilde 4 days ago

    Lost me at "Alien boobies are the best addition to the Star Wars franchise"...This guy just HAS to be a troll.

  • Andrew I. Crocker
    Andrew I. Crocker 4 days ago

    It's interesting how in the comments for both this video and the plot holes video there are people getting butthurt, talking about how "condecending" Patrick is being, but hardly anybody is actually responding to his point. How do people have that response to this video, but insists that Mauler's video on TLJ is a fair and rational critique? I tried watching his video, and it became obvious he was only interested in the tiniest nitpicks.

  • Jack Ripper
    Jack Ripper 4 days ago

    Why is it that people who have wet dreams over TLJ always want to piss all over the prequels as though that is some sort of justification for their position.
    If you like TLJ that's fine but don't try and justify why you like it by telling those of us who think it is a stinking pile of cat crap why we are wrong.
    It is not made by George Lucas or anyone of any significance that was associated with him so it is nothing more than a glorified fan film, and by a lousy fan at that.

  • Thiago Dias
    Thiago Dias 4 days ago

    About the jedi sucks could argue that George Lucas himself pointed that out on the prequel trilogy. I mean, it's there, it's just not on the nose!

  • Lawrence Calablaster

    I knew that reading the comments on this video would make me want to throw up.

  • Kris Ag
    Kris Ag 5 days ago

    I subscribed after seeing the Michael Bay 2 part video and unsubscribed after this one. No offense, but your arguments here were even more incoherent than the actual Last Jedi movie. I honestly thought you were being ironic and was expecting a fun twist at the end of your review to highlight poor attempts at plot twists in the Last Jedi movie. I am totally OK with someone loving this movie as long they are making rational arguments about plot hols, poor characters, idiotic premise, and other flaws in favor of something they love e.g. visuals, set designs, sound/score or other undeniably great things you can say abut this movie. Same way I love most of Michael Bay's movies while knowing full well that they are eye candy made by a fun loving frat boy type dude who has the same appreciation for cars and hot girls as myself

  • Johnny Braccia
    Johnny Braccia 5 days ago

    "intended for children"? Patrick, would you be so kind as to identify another childrens' movie where A) the child is a slave, B) when the child grows up he massacres a room full of children, C) He stands by as his boss kills and entire planet of innocent people, (it happens off camera, skip that one), D) a father cuts off his child's hand in a sword fight. E) someone jumps off a ledge instead of joining a group they disagree with.
    The fundamental concepts good vs evil, sure those are children concepts, but the way they are presented are not child-like in their delivery.

  • Gen Z Diego Garcia Elenes

    I've always said that THE LAST JEDI is the BVS of the STARWARS movies. Character deconstruction , beautiful themes explored and of course, CONTROVERSIAL and POLARIZING.

  • Nandor Nagy
    Nandor Nagy 5 days ago

    Dude, you’re hypocrite. I won’t quote, but a lot of your points cancel each other out. I didn’t like the last jedi, because it didn’t feel like a star wars movie. Some interesting choices are made, but most of them have no effect (or they even say that: sorry, it’s actually how it was before.) and if I’m right, you made a whole video shitting on all the jurassic park sequels, because their choices didn’t matter and they learned nothing. It’s the same thing with the last jedi. So, I don’t know why you are defending this movie so much, but I must say you are wrong, of course not in every aspect.
    What they tried to make was kill the star wars we know and love, and that is okay ( I wanted the same thing before watching this movie) but they got overexcited and thought it would be a good idea to ruin the star wars feeling. But that is not the way to do it, you need to respect star wars, because you are making star wars movies so they yould have just made it into a big fight and let the past die, but not shit and pee on it, like it’s worthless.

  • MrFreakUK
    MrFreakUK 6 days ago

    Nice work Patrick .... a very informed and logical video. I admit to being one of the detractors of this movie ... for one simple reason ... Luke could forgive the biggest mass murderer in the galaxy (Vader) but he wanted to kill Ben even before he has committed a single crime ... that is not who Luke is ... rest of the movie was okay ... except perhaps why the first order didn't just get another ship to appear in front of the rebels and blast them to hell rather than the slow chase through space ... weird. I enjoyed your video and I am going to watch TLJ again this weekend to review my thoughts.

  • C.S. Edits
    C.S. Edits 6 days ago

    This is hate speech, you know?

  • Lady's Handbag or PURSE

    Yes. Yes. YES!!!!!

  • wesful1
    wesful1 6 days ago

    Why are you wearing sunglasses in your kitchen?

  • Reservoir Wolves
    Reservoir Wolves 6 days ago

    LOL this video is trash.

  • bruno bolognesi
    bruno bolognesi 6 days ago

    great video

  • MatrixAndrAIa
    MatrixAndrAIa 6 days ago

    I'm a long time fan (not a die hard nutcase fan, mind you) of the OT Star Wars movies, having started on VHS in the 80s when I was a kid. I always loved Luke Skywalker - he was always a true hero, and I loved his portrayal in Return of the Jedi.
    That said, I love love LOVE The Last Jedi - it's my all time favorite Star Wars movie, and I saw it in the theater five times. To see my hero on screen after so many years, talking, and having his story beats, was amazing. I loved everything about Luke in TLJ. I love the new characters in the sequel trilogy - they're f***ing amazing, and I got that they were learning from their various failures in TLJ. All of the subversions to my expectations? They were welcome. I have hope for Episode IX, but I already suspect that there's just no way it will ever surpass the way I feel about TLJ. I just hope it's near as great.

  • pavo6503
    pavo6503 6 days ago

    I watched TLJ for the first time a few days ago and I have to say I liked it. Since my 7 yo boys were with me I put away my snark and sarcasm and I just watched the movie. I kept all the hate I have heard about it to myself and I gotta say they're pretty much fucking wrong about all of it. I'll watch all of it by myself before Disney yanks it from Netflix but I'm expecting something good.
    But the prequels are still unforgivable. I still haven't seen ep3 and just can't bring myself to watch it. Clone Wars was great though.

  • Ben Hacmon
    Ben Hacmon 7 days ago

    I rarher believe that you were paid to say its good then that you actually believe it

  • Ben Hacmon
    Ben Hacmon 7 days ago

    I didnt like that thing that luck milked and hated the whole movie.
    But I still want to be your friend! Please dont judge me so harsh🙏

  • Phil The Thrill
    Phil The Thrill 7 days ago

    There's so many salty white dudes in this thread, you'd think Patrick burned down a Urban Outfitters

  • jg pliskin
    jg pliskin 7 days ago

    Fuck your gun control. I'd rather have my enemies have whatever weapon they choose than for my art and expereriences as a person to be haulted

  • Hemant Karasala
    Hemant Karasala 8 days ago

    Good video Patrick. One of your best. The Last Jedi was a subversive and immersive experience, as a very casual fan. It was my favorite Star Wars movie. The serious fans invested too much time thinking about the movie before it released and got fucked over by their own expectations.

  • 1 17
    1 17 9 days ago

    Although I think he could’ve explained it better, when he holds up the sign saying “Star Wars is a movie about space wizards made for children,” it’s his way of saying that Star Wars shouldn’t be taken so seriously. If you disagree, don’t get all salty and pissed off, just disagree with him and be on your merry way. Is that so much to ask? This video is not meant to be a critique either, it’s him talking about why he enjoys movies, such as The Last Jedi.

  • Juil
    Juil 9 days ago

    I'm pretty~ sure Star Wars wasn't originally intended as a movie for children but only moved in that direction because of merchandising economics.

    • Ti My
      Ti My 8 days ago

      That's something fans made up after ROTJ. The one and only reason why Star Wars exists is because George wanted to make something wholesome that reflected his own childhood to contrast all of the dystopian sci fi stories and anti heros in the 70's. It was always for kids.

  • ChrisPeteG
    ChrisPeteG 10 days ago +1

    Remember....if you have to try THIS hard to convince people that a movie is probably isn't. I could take any terrible movie and say "I like it because it isn't all that stuff you like, and I like it for all of the reasons you dislike it".....that doesn't make it a compelling argument. Just saying "It is great, I love it, masterful and new and subverts expectations and takes us in a new direction" doesn't really mean anything.

    • ChrisPeteG
      ChrisPeteG 9 days ago +1

      There is no greater point of condescension than saying 'Your opinion isn't wrong, you just don't understand the movie, but I do, so let me explain it for you, you imbecile'....I've been a lifelong Star Wars fan, and I do not just shun everything that isn't OT. I enjoyed The Force Awakens immensely and thought it was a great start, The Last Jedi took things in a total left turn. Left turns are not inherently evil, but taking a left isn't automatically always a good idea just because it is a new or different idea.
      I went in with no theories. I just wanted a good movie that felt like a Star Wars movie. The Last Jedi felt like it was trying to hit all of the right notes....but it simply wasn't playing the music. The 'essence' that Star Wars has, that I even felt in the prequels, was simply not there.

    • Incognito Fool
      Incognito Fool 10 days ago

      He isnt trying to convience you that the movie is good. He is explaining why you dont understand the movie. StarWars fans have been toxic since "Return of the Jedi", and havent gotten worsr over the years. You are all so blinded by your own theories, that you cant just accept whats infront of you

  • ChrisPeteG
    ChrisPeteG 10 days ago +1

    Every time the film dared to do something interesting it actually was too afraid to do so. Kill Leia? No, she made it. End the Jedi? No, Rey will continue that legacy. Kylo Ren being redeemed? No he is more evil than ever. Rey joining Kylo? No she stays with the Rebels. Episode 9 has a lot of damage control to do.

  • ChrisPeteG
    ChrisPeteG 10 days ago +1

    The Star Wars Saga was meant to be a generational Game of Thrones. AFTER this Saga was completed, we could then move onto 'Star Wars about anybody' movies.

  • ChrisPeteG
    ChrisPeteG 10 days ago

    "Walk out with a laser sword and face down the whole First Order".....would have been the easiest $2 Billion Disney ever made.

  • ChrisPeteG
    ChrisPeteG 10 days ago +1

    How is the movie apparently about "Moving Forward" when the climactic moment is Luke's reaffirmation of all of the standards seen up to this point, "The Rebellion is reborn today, I will no longer be the Last Jedi", etc etc

    • Lawrence Calablaster
      Lawrence Calablaster 4 days ago

      ChrisPeteG Rebirth and continuation are moving forward if those things (the Rebellion, the Jedi) change.

  • ChrisPeteG
    ChrisPeteG 10 days ago

    Wow....Patrick H Willems goes woke.

  • Anonymоus
    Anonymоus 10 days ago +2


  • Neil Brown
    Neil Brown 10 days ago

    I've some of the other stuff you like, so what the Hell happened here? Bad stuff, this movie is, hmmm?

  • Mr.Stargazer
    Mr.Stargazer 10 days ago

    If your first conceit is that one shouldn't care if a cultural touchstone is butchered then I have no reason to continue. You lack the basic requirements to have a meaningful opinion.
    After all, you say that the films quality is meaningless. Your commentary must be less so.

  • Fabrizio Catalano
    Fabrizio Catalano 10 days ago

    YES!! Yes to everything you said.

  • Little Townie
    Little Townie 11 days ago

    Thank You that was great.
    I really like SW ep8.
    I think it's the best SW film yet.

  • Dim Bose
    Dim Bose 13 days ago +1

    I was thinking. Ok interesting, a new perspective. 7 minutes into video, "huh? "

  • Skolanthropy
    Skolanthropy 13 days ago +3

    You explained why everyone who doesn't like things from the film simply "don't like new things," or you "don't want to be friends with them," or you "feel sorry" for them, or you "weep" for them. You don't need to preemptively tear down others in defense of your opinions. You make good points, but then you reduce yourself to playground psychology.

  • Asip
    Asip 14 days ago

    people can't accept changes.. stop with Skywalker.. its called "STAR WARS".. not "SKY WARS"... as one of people who love "Last Jedi".. JEDI do not own FORCE.. JEDI just a group of people who can control FORCE and exploit as military.. LUKE find it and want to stop the OLD TRADITION of JEDI.. remember FORCE USER.. break the ice

    • Ti My
      Ti My 8 days ago

      Perhaps people are responding to the terms "sequel trilogy" and "episode 7" and to the fact that all of the Skywalkers are in the movie and the fact that the whole appeal of the main villain is that he's also a Skywalker. But that just a guess....

    • Incognito Fool
      Incognito Fool 10 days ago +1

      I mean, this is LITERALLY the plot of the movie.

  • Noah Petry
    Noah Petry 14 days ago

    I've seen a lot of videos on both sides of this, and what's weird is that I agree with most of them. There are a lot of things wrong with the movie, but there are also a ton of things that I like.

  • Anton Marshall
    Anton Marshall 14 days ago

    Patrick, your parents are awesome!

  • Rossriver31
    Rossriver31 14 days ago +1

    There was a potentially great movie hiding in TLJ, but RJ proved that he was way out of his depth here. I await the re-cut fan version to see if someone can piece together the good elements properly and cut out all the garbage. I have a hunch it will go from being the longest Star Wars film to the shortest; perhaps 90 minutes or less.
    Yes, we will definitely be talking about the Star Wars errors long into the future.

  • gon9898
    gon9898 14 days ago

    so Leia doing stuff during the time off good but Luke doing things during time off is bad?

  • Brian Leibforth
    Brian Leibforth 14 days ago +1

    Ok I'm sorry but this made absolutely no sense at all

  • Number 57
    Number 57 14 days ago

    15:18 - 15:41 BELIEVE IT!

  • Noblesse Obligee
    Noblesse Obligee 15 days ago +2

    I have boring taste and don't want to be your friend.

    • Lawrence Calablaster
      Lawrence Calablaster 4 days ago +1

      Noblesse Obligee He was being sarcastic! He just really likes the goofier or odder bits of films like these.

  • JakeTheRipper 73
    JakeTheRipper 73 15 days ago

    I agree. It's about moving on from the past. However, I just think it did it a bit too hamfistedly.
    Also, there's something to be said about attempting to build a better mousetrap when you don't need to, and the one you build changes some of the best features of the already functional and well tried and true incarnation and not in ways that the people who use it either need or want.
    Star Wars always has been ABOUT the Skywalker family and their effects on the galaxy, and how crucial they are to it. That was George's vision and narrative. I know it isn't necessarily his anymore, but if Disney really wanted to capitalize on their newly aquired IP with insane revenue potential, they would at least ATTEMPT to follow the blueprints.
    I didn't hate the movie like most people did, amd I actually really enjoyed the new interpretation of the Force. In fact it's kind of how I've always thought about it. However, there's alot about it that just make me have this disconnect from it and not hold it closely like I do the other films. It's hard to explain, but it's unpleasant feeling

  • Necrocosmopoliticon
    Necrocosmopoliticon 16 days ago

    I liked TLJ, although I think the first 30 min of the movie had some pacing issues. But after that the movie became pretty good. I agree with you TLJ has a great theme, it is about something new; the old Star Wars movie were about "special blood lines and special families", which is an archetype that's being rehashed to death in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. This is why TLJ is great, because it subverts that archetype and giving us something new, that you don't have to be a chosen one born in a special family with special bloodline to be a part of something big and meaningful, but you can come from nowhere and a nobody yet you can still take up the fight and be a part of something big and special.

  • Jon Rizzo
    Jon Rizzo 17 days ago +3

    2:07 "This is a film about space wizards intended for children"
    7:22 "It is now canon that Maz Kanata has had sex with Justin Theroux"
    ...plot hole.

  • Reymond Villasenor
    Reymond Villasenor 17 days ago +3

    NO. It is horrible. No magic.

  • Brady Groves
    Brady Groves 17 days ago +4

    This video just reiterates WHY I hated the film so much. It was a great concept but so poorly executed. Serious scenes were not allowed to remain serious, the were always interrupted by or ended on a joke. This video says the film's theme is "let the past die" but the editors went through point by point to quash all of the foreshadowing from The Force Awakens as meaningless.

  • Anti-Federalist 1776
    Anti-Federalist 1776 18 days ago +4

    The *fact* that it's a movie "intended for children" is what makes it so egregious... that it is the indoctrination trying to brainwash kids with these bizarre sociological norms.

    • Anti-Federalist 1776
      Anti-Federalist 1776 5 days ago

      +Artemisia sidenote- ISIS is a Western power creation to be used in a Proxy War against a secular dictator who is keeping Order over a disparate bunch of violent tribes... ISIS was then allowed to continue its operations for years by NATO to function as pathways for the engineered invasion of "migrants" into Europe. Here's a video on that topic you might find interesting...

    • Anti-Federalist 1776
      Anti-Federalist 1776 5 days ago

      +Artemisia why do I care about another awful Semite tribe or the later indoctrinated idiots of the original Bolshevik Jews??? One is group that can do whatever the fuck they want east of the Bosphorus in their own geographical territory... the other is the very degenerates that this kind of indoctrination produces that causes the social stressors that cause civilizations to tear themselves apart. It's what causes Strong Men like Napoleon, Franco, & Hitler to arise in nations to hold them together or Pinochet & Bosanaro to arise after the catastrophic failure has run rampant. I'd vastly prefer that society *NOT* have to restore to such extremes as necessity to restore Order but unfortunately my preferences are demonstrably going to go unfilled it seems.

    • Artemisia
      Artemisia 5 days ago

      Oh we do have antibodies that exterminates them when discovered. We just realized who the real parasites were. Go out and dine with other fanatical ideologists. I'm sure Isis and the communists have a seat left for you as well.

    • Anti-Federalist 1776
      Anti-Federalist 1776 5 days ago

      +Artemisia history is interesting... I have no idea why no one else seems to bother learning it. Humans clearly aren't very complicated since we just seem to be repetitively making the same mistakes in a series of cycles... the fact that there is an insidious group within the whole that profits from this cycle is unfortunate but viruses can't help but be what they are. It's our fault for not having the normal healthy response to a viral infection & develop antibodies that remember the virus and are designed to exterminate it when discovered.

  • UberKuma84
    UberKuma84 18 days ago +1

    Whilst it's a movie about 'Space Wizards', the key demographic of Star Wars is *not* and never has been children.


    'Star Wars crowds' for each successive year that Star Wars movies were released. Look at the interviews of people coming out of the theatre and people going again and again for repeat viewings.

    Star Wars is for adults. QED.

    • Ti My
      Ti My 8 days ago

      All ages. it's called being a child at heart. That doesn't excuse this movie. But it was always created for a young demographic.

  • BlackSwordChronicles
    BlackSwordChronicles 18 days ago

    I have to tell you that hearing somebody say out loud Finn's arc was the best "brings warm feelings to my heart" (Episode II quote). I think this and I had'nt found anyone who agreed with me. When he was gonna sacrifice himself and Rose saved him I squealed.

  • Corey Broom
    Corey Broom 19 days ago

    Thank you bro. Great video. The Last Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie. I laughed my ass off when Kylo said blow that piece of junk out of the sky! Lolol Kylo Ren is my favorite character. Waiting for the Rey Skywalker reveal in episode 9. Hopefully we get to see Rey and Kylo team up against the Knights of Ren. Cousins should be teaming up and come together, they can have another duel ... but neither one needs to die. Too much $$$ for Disney and Lucasfilm to be made from both characters.

  • Nsima Inyang
    Nsima Inyang 19 days ago

    I love your mom's accent!!

  • diwatangalunsina
    diwatangalunsina 21 day ago

    Hear, hear!

  • mark lloyd
    mark lloyd 21 day ago +1

    43% rotten tomatoes... brilliant masterpiece

  • Max Digital Studio
    Max Digital Studio 21 day ago +1

    It isn’t the best Star Wars lol, cliffhanger ending yeah, idk you made a good video about James Cameron and I find this video Hahaha wth bro, Yeah last Jedi best ever star wars, Yeah and Im 1000 years old

  • Christina Grandrath
    Christina Grandrath 22 days ago

    I agree. Last Jedi saved Star Wars from itself. The Solo film was boring (but not totally bad) because it was fan service instead of telling a interesting story (which Han Solos origin story is not).

  • vladoshi
    vladoshi 22 days ago +1

    It took Luke Skywalker 3 movies over 8 years to become a Jedi Knight. Mary Sue did it in 8 minutes. She is a magnified version of the magnified version of Luke that little Anakin was in the much hated prequels. The story is broken and Disney cannot make money out of it anymore (double the costs you read about to get costs + advertising). Emos are not scary villains. Does anyone know what Snoke did or was meant to be? The skill of Marvel's X-Men comic was it did not force social engineering. You enjoyed earth wizards fighting baddies, and sympathised with the downtrodden. This is bad politics shouted by emo geek bullies.

  • 72Isaacblue
    72Isaacblue 23 days ago

    I don't agree with your conclusion but I respect and understand how you reached it.

  • /tv/'s personal dubs consultant

    I actually loved The Last Jedi.
    But MAN, you reek of so much Soy.

  • OfficialLEBK
    OfficialLEBK 26 days ago +1

    Guys... can we all just please get along? I can’t even be bothered to argue with anyone over why they liked/disliked this movie. I just want us to all keep enjoying movies together. Is that such a bad thing?

  • Write Heroes
    Write Heroes 27 days ago +1

    Luke Skywalker didn't need to have superpowers. He just had to stand and fight like a man. Like Rocky, William Wallace, Rambo, King Leonidis, William Money.
    Instead he sooked on a rock and then killed himself with his brain.

  • Ken Fresno
    Ken Fresno 28 days ago +1

    Oh good - another pathetic attempt to defend this steaming shit pile of a Star Wars movie. Thanks for continually proving those of us with sanity right.

  • Null Set
    Null Set 28 days ago

    Clearly being paid by Barry's tea

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus 28 days ago

    NOW I get it!! thee old:

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady 29 days ago +1

    Spot on. Best comment you made is how this film isn't subtle at all about its message or its character arcs and yet so many people still miss them completely.

  • Chinonye obi
    Chinonye obi Month ago

    soo... According to your logic Patrick, people also shouldn't be angry or criticize Michael bay's transformers, because they're movies about space robots that turn into vehicles...

  • Bryan Henriques
    Bryan Henriques Month ago +1

    Your parents need more screen time.

  • FuriousDiamonds
    FuriousDiamonds Month ago

    Okay... The Last Jedi is by no means the worst star wars movie ever. *cough* Medichlorians *cough* its not the best either. What force made the bombs fall.

    • Ti My
      Ti My Month ago

      Explain the problem with midchlorians. A real problem.

  • FuriousDiamonds
    FuriousDiamonds Month ago +1

    This is a film about space wizards intended for children.

  • Freedom Force
    Freedom Force Month ago

    Fuck you! FUCK YOU! And STOP snoring cocaine, bitch!

  • HMM
    HMM Month ago

    "This is a movie about space wizards intended for children".
    The why the heck do you and other people criticise the Prequels then?

  • Chocolate Diamond Media

    I think you make some great points, and i do think this film isn't nearly as bad as most people think, but I think how much you like the Porgs does undercut your argument.

  • Beppe
    Beppe Month ago

    This is so weak, how anyone would put their name behind this is baffling.
    The cow thing is your favourite addition...
    You're just trolling.

  • Robert Albertsen
    Robert Albertsen Month ago +1

    Wait til jj finishes with it.

  • Tyler Gabrielski
    Tyler Gabrielski Month ago

    It's not that people don't want new shit in their Star Wars, Patrick. It's that we want the new stuff to make sense with the mythology/universe that has already been established. Those aren't mutually exclusive. Also, we didn't ask for a Snoke anthology movie with his backstory, we just didn't want him unceremoniously killed off before he actually played any significant role in the trilogy.

  • Alex Spadge
    Alex Spadge Month ago

    I like art for art's sake, and I like it free and uncontrived, so my interest faded when I found out it was being purchased by Disney. Corporations are driven by profit and their products submit to the current political climate, as a result, the new Star Wars movies could be nothing else but contrived by nature, therefore I'm not interested.

  • Stacey Wadsworth
    Stacey Wadsworth Month ago +1

    Too many favorite lines to choose from... but Hux to Kylo Ren: "Do you think you got him?" is one of my favs.

  • James Fontana
    James Fontana Month ago

    Yea i like this movie a lot but most of these defenses are pretty weak.

  • Brotmeister
    Brotmeister Month ago

    There is so much wrong with this video, it's astonishing.

  • Sean Averill
    Sean Averill Month ago

    No worries, it will be a classic's classic with people who responded negatively keeping it secret that its grown on them and eventually acting superior about their knowledge of it.

  • Justus
    Justus Month ago

    Why are you thinkig so much about a KIDS movie hhhahahahhhahahahhahahahhahahhahhahahahahhh

  • CallOfEuropeanSpirit

    This movie deconstruct everything and construct nothing. Star Wars is mythology, and mythology is timeless, it's not something you want to deconstruct. The Last Jedi is a cosmopolitan post-modernist abomination.

    KENNETH FOSTER Month ago

    I'm glad this video was made. I rarely hear positive opinions on the film so this was refreshing. Even if I rate the film low for my own reasons (Like Rose's counterproductive self sacrifice) I can appreciate an assessment that's contrary to mine. And thank you for reminding us that, yeah, it's a movie about space wizards. Whether we love or hate it, it's still just a movie and our quality of life isn't dependent on it.

  • Hans Dampf
    Hans Dampf Month ago

    7:25 Hope you’re not planning on getting rich then.

  • Hans Dampf
    Hans Dampf Month ago

    It’s 3am, yet broad daylight?

  • Hans Dampf
    Hans Dampf Month ago

    Why The Last Jedi is a great movie: It subverted expectations and really surprised the shit out of people. By all costs, including canon, logic and beloved and iconic characters. It also managed to throw a wrench into any vision Abrams’ had and set up for a trilogy.
    A true masterpiece.

  • sync232
    sync232 Month ago

    This guy sounds like a communist.

  • skunk12
    skunk12 Month ago

    Its not enough that you are smarmy and wrong.
    You are obnoxious.

  • WoWOmegor
    WoWOmegor Month ago

    Okay, I agree with a lot of your points particularly surrounding the casino story arc and how the failure forms a huge part of the character development for Poe and Finn. However you enjoyed the superman Leia scene: that is just so insane to me. Yeah it's nice to see Leia finally use the force but not in such a ridiculous way where she somehow survives the emptiness of space for a good minute before pulling herself in. I also dislike that this film tried to explain the technology (the lightspeed tracker is perhaps the worst thing I've ever seen in a film in a film that already has routine lightspeed travel and communication - a tracker should be the easiest thing in the world to make)

  • Alex Spevak
    Alex Spevak Month ago

    "and also this is the funniest goddamn thing" - this may help explain why you found it so appealing 🤔
    PS, if you loved the sister's death in the opening battle, just wait until 2016 when you'll see Jyn Erso realize where the Death Star plans are hidden, via a Christopher Nolan-esque hadouken right in the feels.

  • TheOrangex88
    TheOrangex88 Month ago

    After seeing your SHUT UP ABOUT PLOT HOLES I can see why you made the video in response to those who strongly disagree with you on this movie

  • Michael Snodgrass
    Michael Snodgrass Month ago +6

    I usually like your analysis but I think you missed on this one.
    What made The Last Jedi so terrible for me was none of the issues you mentioned or tried to refute. What they screwed up were the archetypes.
    The original series was filled with archetypes, specifically the hero's journey. Luke goes from orphan in middle of nowhere to hero to realizing his path mirrors Vaders to realizing Vader is his dad to having to face him. The cave scene is the critical point in the series. It reflects Luke facing Vader when, in reality, Luke is facing himself and his internal demons (a common archetype).
    It also reveals the true nature of Luke and why he differs from Vader, his love for his friends. This is the same pattern in Harry Potter only less obvious. Luke restrains himself and is wiling to risk himself in movie 6 until Vader threatens to find Leah. Then Luke, using the force, defeats him until he cuts off his hand and then realizes Vader and him are the same. He stands up the Emperor which creates the final redemptive act by Vader.
    The prequels, although mostly dumb, kept this story arc the same.
    The Force Awakens is really a reboot of A New Hope. It was entertaining but not really knew.
    The Last Jedi didn't have to be like The Empire Strikes back but it did need to tell a story. What are the archetypes though? Rey is a nobody who with almost no training is super good at the force because...why exactly? Kylo is a torn character, which is interesting but where is he going? Is the theme that everything needs to burn down, like the Jedi tree? Is it that failure and destruction bring new hope and life? What are the themes here?
    This is why, I think, TLJ is terrible.
    Beyond that, you have completely flippant scenes that are meaningless. The bombing run, the casino planet, the coup, the slow crawl to a planet to hide where they last five minutes, the attempt to self-sacrifice being subverted by someone almost killing themselves for their own selfish love? Almost none of the moving was redeeming.

  • christian schulz
    christian schulz Month ago

    What a fucking idiot, his whole thing is to disagree with anyone else because hes more intelligent.

  • paxpacis2
    paxpacis2 Month ago

    The moment someone says "It's for kids" to defend a shitty movie, I know DEFINITELY that it's shit.
    So yeah thanks for clearing the last of my doubt that there is even anything remotely good in TLJ

  • David Cruz
    David Cruz Month ago

    this guy has such creative videos... Keep it up bro!