Gordon Ramsay Kicks Head Chef Out the Kitchen! | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • Couldn't even scoop ice-cream properly!
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  • Britloves Quincy
    Britloves Quincy 2 days ago

    Gina is incompetent

  • Slices of SIB
    Slices of SIB 7 days ago

    That was embarrassing for both of them. Ramsay did the wrong thing here, that was not his place to to that!

  • Aislinn Constable
    Aislinn Constable 7 days ago

    Why is there cameras in the hotel rooms

  • Steve Ricardo
    Steve Ricardo 7 days ago +1

    This is all staged. AINT REAL

  • kotk05
    kotk05 9 days ago

    Food critic's WordPress blog: "Dinner on the river, you won't believe who was there!" "My sustainance appeared quite pretentious but I'll fancy I do exaggerate a bit. The chicken skin was crispy and exquisite. I imagined a field of memories, happy and sad, but no so much the later, I kid, I kid. The squashed potatoes left a lot to be desired, but was enhanced by piping hot gravy seasoned with local native American herbs and spices, it was most, delectable ... Chef Ramsay despite his in ornately flaws in which I deduced upon a menagerie of sequential reflections during his advantageous tenure amongst masters both sagacious and unyielding ..."

  • isaiah Anthony
    isaiah Anthony 10 days ago

    Gordon: Why do you think you should stay in your own kitchen?
    Head chef: ......
    Gordon: Takeoff and give me your jacket, you aren’t ready to be your own head chef

    • leighten Blake
      leighten Blake 4 days ago

      Oh you really are the lowest intelligence person I've ever had the displeasure of reading a sentence from.

  • The_Red
    The_Red 13 days ago

    I never seen Gordon Ramsay so nice when he told someone to go home

  • Brian Lister
    Brian Lister 13 days ago

    “Out the kitchen” ? I guess you kicked your grammar skills out too.

  • strikefighter137
    strikefighter137 13 days ago

    I am also a food critic look out for me

  • Muhammed Ali
    Muhammed Ali 16 days ago

    She gotta be v bad if gordon made owners decision on their behalf ...

  • Uncle Remus
    Uncle Remus 16 days ago +1

    What Idiots to not take advantage of his knowledge & advice!! Just too stupid to realize a great opportunity.

  • Biking 4 Britain
    Biking 4 Britain 19 days ago

    Unlike most I thought at least she was actually trying she just needs to escape her minds fight response

  • kfoster009
    kfoster009 20 days ago +1

    Chef: I can do everything all by myself

    Gordon: GTFO

  • Chen2464
    Chen2464 20 days ago

    This was a depressing episode

  • Bone Jones
    Bone Jones 22 days ago +1

    Season 3, Episode 1

  • Monsieur Café
    Monsieur Café 23 days ago

    Only The Lord of The Chefs can fire a head chef

  • Steve MacLeod
    Steve MacLeod 23 days ago

    For a second I thought Ramsay kicked someone in the head.. :(

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 24 days ago

    3:00 TheXvid's Captions: "Step back art Jesus on the desert"

  • ComptonBeatss TiR!ss-Music

    Bruce Buffer: Introducing The reigning, defending undisputed Head Chef of the world... GORDON the MAAASTERchef RAMSAYYYYY

  • Segathemega 9898
    Segathemega 9898 25 days ago

    At the beginning the food looked amazing 😉

  • Jon Mccracken
    Jon Mccracken 26 days ago

    Gordon's patience ran out on the chef its like it went in one ear out the other

  • Uncultured Sw1ne
    Uncultured Sw1ne 27 days ago +2

    When Gordon Ramsay goes like "Come here.." with his index finger😡 know that your career is over.

  • Edwin Valdez
    Edwin Valdez 27 days ago

    Sir you need to change the outro to the video. It kills my ears 👂 (misophonia)

  • Kid Phoenix
    Kid Phoenix 28 days ago

    That was depressing

  • Lala Addas
    Lala Addas 28 days ago


  • Steven Gardner
    Steven Gardner 28 days ago


  • Sir Bigdik
    Sir Bigdik 29 days ago

    THE GREATEST CHEF OF MY ERA ( just my opinion there are many great chefs past/present ) tells him that's your table nice and gently!!! He literally stoped what he was doing to let him know super duper you can't fuck this up just bring the food to the customer who everyone SHOULD FUCKIN know is the god Damn CRITIC! HE DROPS IT IN ON THE TABLE TOP AND SAYS roasted chicken with a crispy skin like his fuckin girlfriend just told him 2 hours before she was gay.

  • gettingitfirst4
    gettingitfirst4 29 days ago

    Gordon should fire whoever posts these videos for him. What kind of muppet doesn't put the season and episode with the title? As Gordon would say. YOU DONKEY!!!!

  • MrGillyStar
    MrGillyStar Month ago

    That's the gentlest i have seen Gordon telling someone to fuck off home.

  • Artmiese 💋Elizabeth

    What season and episode is this?

  • MadMan 479R
    MadMan 479R Month ago +1

    Head chef: this is my kitchen!
    Gordon: are you really in charge here?

  • Sydney Schlemer
    Sydney Schlemer Month ago

    :57 babe alert
    Carry on

  • Iamnottheonemfer
    Iamnottheonemfer Month ago

    That was the nicest elimination that I have ever seen him do 😂

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas Month ago

    I got a Gordon Ramsay ad before this video lol.

  • Garbage Head
    Garbage Head Month ago

    Lol why did I read this as Ramsey head kicks chef out of kitchen

  • Xavier Lapis
    Xavier Lapis Month ago

    I love it when gordon ramsey talks in 3rd person as the title

  • Mo Luv
    Mo Luv Month ago

    Damnnn Gina

  • Johnny Connelly
    Johnny Connelly Month ago

    How Ramsey thought she could pull it off is mystifying.The woman was drowning way out of her depth.

  • LobsterPuncher
    LobsterPuncher Month ago +2

    "Gordon kicks head off of chef out of kitchen."
    Let's spice up these titles.

  • Ninja Guy
    Ninja Guy Month ago +2

    3:28 I never would have thought I could actually get depressed by looking at food but goddamn...

  • Tiny Tina
    Tiny Tina Month ago

    Some people do not like being out of their comfort zone and happy staying in their safe, little bubble all their lives

  • Morgan Kodysz
    Morgan Kodysz Month ago

    She a lazy bitch

  • Hoobliga
    Hoobliga Month ago

    Really thought the title said “Gordon Ramsey Kicks the Head Off of Chef”

  • Yeet Police
    Yeet Police Month ago

    I’m not sure why but it’s so soothing to hear Gordon Ramsey verbally butcher people

  • Dabbel der Frosch
    Dabbel der Frosch Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay is the Chris Hansen for Chefs. "Why dont you take a seat right here."

  • Robert M
    Robert M Month ago

    i wouldn't of left im not gonna let someone stop me from making my hourly pay especially if they didn't own the business!

  • American Planes
    American Planes Month ago

    Should be a movie

  • Battlesheep
    Battlesheep Month ago

    1:12 is anybody going to acknowledge she touched her face with a gloved hand and went back to handling food?

  • Slurpy
    Slurpy Month ago

    Stop being a pussy keaaaaaattttttttttt meowwwwww

  • RabidNemo
    RabidNemo Month ago

    1:21 Hotel Hell drifted to Hells Kitchen lol

  • The Jamz
    The Jamz Month ago +1


    CHICHII ! Month ago

    What episode is this?

  • derpty dumb
    derpty dumb Month ago

    I read the title as “Ramsay head kicks chef out the kitchen” 😂

  • J Pennington
    J Pennington Month ago

    Even when Gordon Ramsay Scolds you as a Chef, Its a HUGE honor to even receive Criticism From a chef of his caliber.
    When a World renowned chef that has multiple restaurants Globally AND Has over 16 Michelin stars gives you advice or criticism....
    It would be smart to take it, it can only help you!

  • leopold
    leopold Month ago

    Oh dear. That's the point where you know you're beyond saving. As long as Gordon is screaming at you, it means he still has some faith that you'll turn things around. At the point where he calmly says, "just go home", you're done.

  • Andrija Lucko
    Andrija Lucko Month ago

    Crispy skin

  • Ryan Carlen
    Ryan Carlen Month ago

    She should have told him "I'm a female! I can do anything! And I should be paid as much as a 5 star male chef!! The US woman's soccer team told me so!!"

  • Metal Mannequiin
    Metal Mannequiin Month ago

    It's honestly baffling to know she was their head chef. She has no voice in the kitchen and cannot delegate tasks to those who work beside her.

  • mightyvoovoo
    mightyvoovoo Month ago +6

    You messed up when Gordon loses his mind and screams you out of the kitchen. You've reached a rare level when he calmly kicks you out lol

  • lang 1007
    lang 1007 Month ago +1

    She sounded like she was about to cry