Gordon Ramsay Kicks Head Chef Out the Kitchen! | Hotel Hell


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  • Proach87
    Proach87 2 days ago

    Tina from Bob's Burgers all grown up :D

  • Rizal Idris
    Rizal Idris 2 days ago


  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 3 days ago

    1:33 Quick Tire her down, begin waterboarding

  • Bruce Lamberton
    Bruce Lamberton 5 days ago

    That's just sad.

  • OVC JCM0
    OVC JCM0 6 days ago

    That’s tuff

  • dogpetdog
    dogpetdog 8 days ago

    00:58 Adam Sandler

  • Biscuit Da Dogg
    Biscuit Da Dogg 9 days ago

    that food critic looks like a fucking spaz

  • Karthik Venkata
    Karthik Venkata 11 days ago

    Wow he respected her till the end, but she doesn't have the quality of communication with others

  • A M B I L A N D
    A M B I L A N D 12 days ago

    :/ what’s her deal tf

  • Charlie Foxtrot
    Charlie Foxtrot 12 days ago

    I came here because I thought Gordon Ramsay kicks the head of a chef

  • LordMoebius
    LordMoebius 12 days ago

    Why don't you guys put which episode this is from? These clips are so annoying to track down. Not everyone pirates.
    Pirates are just gonna download the entire series anyways so not preventing them from doing anything.

  • Angie Nwigwe
    Angie Nwigwe 15 days ago +1

    he said take your apron off and go home instead of TAKE YOUR JACKET FUCK OFF. she should consider herself lucky

  • LobsterKid18
    LobsterKid18 17 days ago +1

    The head chef would not be fired if he put Lamb sause

  • Йосиф Сталин


  • chrish12345
    chrish12345 19 days ago

    Dress the fukin salad bitch or get the fuck outa the kitchen, we don't need fukin chicken asses

  • P V
    P V 21 day ago

    She can’t handle it, and therefore needs to find something she can do. She couldn’t even make a simple kale salad, or make sure that the apple crisp was warm, before putting the scoop of ice cream on it.

  • ILLFilms
    ILLFilms 23 days ago

    A woman!? No way. She needs to get her ass back in the ki... oh.

  • TheSpiikki
    TheSpiikki 24 days ago

    Ofcourse the critic looks like that

  • Jason Grevy
    Jason Grevy 24 days ago

    Bitches cant handle pressure at all

  • 박지호
    박지호 26 days ago

    Is it just me, or did that waiter who served the critic seem a bit rude while giving them the chicken?

  • Drew
    Drew 26 days ago +1

    She didn't want to be there anyway. She had no passion

  • Jawrdan Yehee
    Jawrdan Yehee 29 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Jarren Morgan
    Jarren Morgan Month ago

    Its nice to see hes calmed down over the years where as he would have yelled at her and called her a donkey 10 years ago but now he calmly tells her to leave

  • Worm Hole
    Worm Hole Month ago +1

    At least he didn't call her a donkey. Lol

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday Month ago +1

    Demoted and fired in the span of like 5 minutes LOL. How the fuck do you become head chef and can't heat up some pie and scoop ice cream? This idiot was in charge of the kitchen?

  • Simon Norris
    Simon Norris Month ago

    Brutal but fair

  • Web Dev
    Web Dev Month ago +1

    If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen

  • Jan Wakaka 3.0
    Jan Wakaka 3.0 Month ago +1

    This is not hotel hell. This is hell's kitchen

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne Month ago

    only gordon can walk into a restaurant and boss an owner around xD

  • Curiosit y
    Curiosit y Month ago

    From all of the comments I'd heard.. that's just criticism, I mean. Look at the old women, trying her hard work to get paid for her grand children, or even her own self just trying to find a job for her own live! I agree with ya'll, but jeez. She was maybe nervous and feared of Gordon! Of her though Gordon was disappointed of her work and Gordon's Changes, as her still personality doesn't still change as her try to change it. That's too harsh for an old women! Shes about 60-70! Give it a break. And have respect.

  • Queenofawesome25
    Queenofawesome25 Month ago

    If you can't even scoop ice cream you shouldn't be running a kitchen.

  • Elizabeth Rod
    Elizabeth Rod Month ago +1

    When you get sent home by Gordon Ramsey 🙄 how embarrassing😣

  • xxlCortez
    xxlCortez 2 months ago

    "Take off your jacket and leave!"
    "But this is my kitche-"

  • Arturo Cabral
    Arturo Cabral 2 months ago

    Is this hotel hell or kitchen nightmares? Either way I love it!!!!

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 2 months ago

    What a dumb bitch

  • Keith Adams
    Keith Adams 2 months ago


  • 3boodiman 98
    3boodiman 98 2 months ago

    Gordon had kicked an owner before

  • Shr00mfairy Mcgee
    Shr00mfairy Mcgee 2 months ago

    That menu loooks FYREEE

  • adrian anzaldo
    adrian anzaldo 2 months ago


  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael 2 months ago

    Lukashenko is lodge owner ?

  • Aitawna Bennett
    Aitawna Bennett 2 months ago

    I’m only 21years old and I wanna come help all these “chefs”..... it’s quite sad when you have troubles re heating a dish.

  • weerobot
    weerobot 2 months ago

    F*** Me...

  • The Pro
    The Pro 2 months ago

    Lmao she got kicked bro and its not hells kitchen

  • The Pro
    The Pro 2 months ago

    Yo headchef are you supposed to know how to cook you stupid fuck,stop acting like you know what you are doing because you are confused,distressed and act like a little kid,grow up woman

  • Gnostic Mom
    Gnostic Mom 3 months ago

    Merrily going about their kitchen business with the door wide open on the electrical panel box. Probably not a great idea.

  • Lucio'o'z
    Lucio'o'z 3 months ago

    It's like Gordon's working with an old computer.

  • Janae Clarice
    Janae Clarice 3 months ago

    I wonder if Nino knows how popular he is. He probably has screenshots all the comments that he prints and hands out to customers.

  • Amaze World
    Amaze World 3 months ago


  • verbalassault87
    verbalassault87 3 months ago

    I agree with him but that’s a shit load of pressure it’s not as easy as it looks but I agree with the ultimate call

  • Sla V
    Sla V 3 months ago

    You can’t say Gordon is dramatic. I’d be melting seeing someone so lost

  • Xavier
    Xavier 3 months ago

    How is she the head chef? Hah

  • Monki
    Monki 3 months ago

    *YOU- GET OUT!*

  • The Kameleon
    The Kameleon 3 months ago

    Lol the title was narrowed down here. So i just read gordon kicks headchef.

  • Dyubos 69
    Dyubos 69 4 months ago

    Sometimes people just fucked up things.

  • Green Mean
    Green Mean 4 months ago +1

    I want you to take your apron off and follow me home 😉

  • Libby Rees
    Libby Rees 4 months ago

    like a boss

  • WYC ?
    WYC ? 4 months ago

    Anyone know if the score was made specifically for the show or is the music at the beginning an already existing piece?

  • SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    You know you fucking suck, when you're told to take over the dessert station... the slowest area of the kitchen. Not that making a dessert, and plating a dessert is "easy". Its just the slowest part, if a place has one at all.

  • Ryan William Templeton
    Ryan William Templeton 4 months ago

    It's a shame how stressed she got but some things are for everyone and that's ok

  • VamptoristicOne
    VamptoristicOne 4 months ago

    Season 3 episode 1

  • Katherine Dupoise
    Katherine Dupoise 4 months ago

    Worthless pieces of junk those owners are.

  • Katherine Dupoise
    Katherine Dupoise 4 months ago

    If I was Gordon Ramsay I’d kick her in the head. And I’d lynch everyone who worked there. These people have no purpose in life.

  • BeaMode1990
    BeaMode1990 4 months ago

    That bacon cheeseburger looks bomb.

  • LoSito
    LoSito 4 months ago

    This ice cream is stone cold, go home!

  • I haven’t ate cheese in over 3 minutes

    The thumbnail looks like beef next to ice cream

  • The Jokler Valeska
    The Jokler Valeska 4 months ago


  • CantBuy Love420
    CantBuy Love420 4 months ago

    I can tell this is fake

  • Jacob O'Keefe
    Jacob O'Keefe 4 months ago

    Take your apron off and go home😆

  • Deoxys X
    Deoxys X 4 months ago +1

    FUCK OFF UPSTA- wait wrong show

  • Ryan Smart
    Ryan Smart 4 months ago

    I thought he was gonna say “take your apron off and fuck off” lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Jovetj
    Jovetj 5 months ago

    2:26 About to burst into tears, cracking under the pressure, knows she isn't qualified to cater a tea party.

  • TheInfected
    TheInfected 5 months ago

    I love how these people think because food happens that means they work well on their own, but does it taste good? Does it look good? Or is it rushed, tasteless and messy? Listen to the Chef, he has this show for a reason.

  • Daigo kurenai
    Daigo kurenai 5 months ago

    I tell ya //
    He's gonna spank yoy

  • MrPizzaBRUH 1233
    MrPizzaBRUH 1233 5 months ago

    He is so mean she old man so shut the fuck I bet Gordian will do the same shut bag gordan

  • crazy 8
    crazy 8 5 months ago

    Made her ass look sorry AF' for then having to leave bcuz she can't get damn near anything right!?!!

  • Logan Craig
    Logan Craig 5 months ago

    If critic was a bad word the critic at this restaurant would be its embodiment

  • Matthew Becker
    Matthew Becker 5 months ago

    The ego cannot process information. This is what happens when you dump a task onto your ego. It fumbles the ball every goddam time. The least you can do is be honest or leave. Taking everyone down with you is pure evil.

  • Ben Rosenberg
    Ben Rosenberg 5 months ago

    1:13 she just touched her face. The gloves are now soiled. She's the head chef?

  • Rach A
    Rach A 5 months ago +9

    I feel bad for her but at the same time she shouldn't work there

  • Benjamin Thvedt
    Benjamin Thvedt 5 months ago

    Feel kind of sorry for her. I mean she didn't have attitude or anything she was just bad but she could learn with time

  • Bonica Babyeahh
    Bonica Babyeahh 5 months ago

    If i am Gina.. i would panic as well, ig Gordon is there while me doing my thing!

  • Philip Doud
    Philip Doud 5 months ago

    At this point he wasn't even being mean. He was being 100% realistic. He wasn't trying to create pressure to see if she would crack, he was trying to get her to realize what was happening. She was taking apart, and it was a good idea to send her home

  • alan teoh
    alan teoh 5 months ago

    You know you are really shit when Gordon doesn't even want to yell at you and ask you to leave.

  • Zedtomb
    Zedtomb 5 months ago

    What's the full episode number

  • xxDrain
    xxDrain 5 months ago

    His revamp and training is supposed to be a lasting solution. If she can't do it right then and there while he's still around, she definitely won't adhere to those standards later when he leaves.

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown 5 months ago

    the son is cute

  • Richard Bright
    Richard Bright 5 months ago

    Who misread title that: Ramsay kicks chef in the head?

  • Eihab Shadow's Design
    Eihab Shadow's Design 5 months ago

    I think she got fired from the Hell's Kitchen and she wasn't in the show!!

  • A C
    A C 5 months ago

    Some people get to their stations in life due to nepotism instead of true skills

  • craig shrimpton
    craig shrimpton 5 months ago

    "I want you to take your apron off and then go home" like he's trying not to wake a baby. Didn't expect that from Gordon.

  • Virginia Runcie
    Virginia Runcie 5 months ago

    My name is also Gina. So disorienting.

  • comic-con con
    comic-con con 5 months ago

    she was deliberately failing

  • Mike Custer
    Mike Custer 5 months ago

    love when GR gets serious.

  • Nguyễn Quang Sơn
    Nguyễn Quang Sơn 5 months ago

    the way they cooked seems tired and stressfull

  • SunnyD
    SunnyD 5 months ago

    I wish I could learn from him just so I can be able to provide myself more sustaining meals...

  • David Medford
    David Medford 5 months ago

    Lol a local food critic = a local yelper.

  • Alfie Solomons
    Alfie Solomons 5 months ago

    “Take your apron off and go home.”

  • ao el
    ao el 5 months ago


  • ignatius fernando 412014005

    Is gordon ramsey the one who maintain the video or there is a helper. My advise to make your video not to be stolen or copyrighted is to link the full video or maybe tell us which hotel or restaurant in the description

    • Ron Happold
      Ron Happold 5 months ago

      Guarantee you the actual Gordon Ramsay has nothing to do with this TheXvid channel. HE might get some royalties from ad revenue but that's it

  • Muzzly1234
    Muzzly1234 5 months ago

    That is an executive chef? My lord, I have met and worked with dishwashers who are sharper and more able than her.