Minecraft at E3: Super Duper Graphics, cross-platform play and more!

  • Published on Jun 10, 2017
  • This Summer, we’re bringing you a whole new bunch of ways to play Minecraft! We’re releasing a new update for consoles, which brings players together across mobile, console and Windows 10. This means you can play Minecraft on any device, whenever and wherever you’d like! Also this summer, players will be able to join millions of new people from all over the world when we add servers directly to the game. Access a multitude of fun online communities from within Minecraft, safely and securely. And that’s not all! This Autumn, players will be able to explore endless worlds, rendered in stunning 4k HDR with the Super Duper Graphics pack. Shiny!
    Song: Alakazam!
    by: Justice
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  • ibxtoycat
    ibxtoycat 4 months ago +128

    the chills I get when the music plays at 1:06 are still so intense haha

  • DlolFace
    DlolFace 2 years ago +1727

    Mojang : **cancel the project**
    RTX Team : Fine I'll do it myself

    • gsshunter
      gsshunter Day ago

      @Lost_Places _Global new consoles might get it but it looks doubtful

    • Neonblue1
      Neonblue1 Month ago

      About that.

    • LoneWolf
      LoneWolf Month ago +2

      Minecraft RTX is now also cancelled

    • Everyone’sFavoriteSenpai
      Everyone’sFavoriteSenpai 2 months ago

      @W1zardas ^^^ called it.

    • W1zardas
      W1zardas 2 months ago

      @Everyone’sFavoriteSenpai thats cap

  • Water
    Water 2 years ago +4521

    RIP Super Duper Graphics Pack.
    2017 - 2019

    • Darknight
      Darknight 7 months ago

      @Bluevolt 20 how?

    • Fikry,AiZS
      Fikry,AiZS 8 months ago


    • tesa kontu
      tesa kontu 8 months ago

      That right

    • joao neto 110
      joao neto 110 8 months ago

      @Bluevolt 20 soo.. much probably the CONSOLE LEGACY editions would get it to, given the circumstances that there are no external resource packs nor shaders for those versions, it would be a great thing.

  • Your random fox on the interwebs

    Mojang is the super duper graphics pack coming this year
    Mojang: no it will come next year
    *the next year*
    Is it coming out now
    Mojang: no maybe next year
    *another year*
    Mojang: maybe never

    • Squid Cena
      Squid Cena 3 months ago

      @Happy Is it an official project that can be used on PS5 or Xbox Series? If not, it's useless.

    • Happy
      Happy 3 months ago

      @Squid Cena You're telling me you can to this specific coment 2 years ago to tell me something Everyone knew?
      Besides a project to attempt to remake this has started.

    • Squid Cena
      Squid Cena 3 months ago

      @Happy They cancelled it

    • 🥣
      🥣 11 months ago


    • StarMakerStudioZ LucaXaseliv
      StarMakerStudioZ LucaXaseliv Year ago

      Yeah EVIL

  • Cardinal1228
    Cardinal1228 2 years ago +1528

    Minecraft: *Cancels super duper graphics pack*
    TheXvid: Let’s put on your recommendations!

    • Tim II
      Tim II 8 months ago

      Nah I searched it I got a grudge

    • Y3L10WFLASH
      Y3L10WFLASH Year ago

      @Arion what is RTX?

    • Arion
      Arion Year ago

      RTX replaced super duper graphics pack

    • Doge is a meme
      Doge is a meme Year ago

      YouTutor i don’t want to believe it but it’s a sad truth

    • YouTutor
      YouTutor 2 years ago

      They cancelled it just to make RTX...
      all they want to do is promote Bedrock. I won't switch until Hypixel does.

  • KFC Katsu
    KFC Katsu 2 years ago +939

    Me waits 2 years for a shaders pack
    *gets cancelled*
    Me: *cries

  • ReDenzi
    ReDenzi 2 years ago +911

    Super Duper Graphics Pack For Minecraft has been cancelled! Minecraft announced it... I’m waiting for two years for this!! 😪😭

      LASKINATOR 9 days ago

      I've been waiting 4 years bud

    • Box Beat
      Box Beat Month ago

      And Now Minecraft RTX patch on xbox x s got cancelled.. Which was also a 2 yrs wait..
      Is mojang and Microsoft serious

    • EverybodyH8s Jayden
      EverybodyH8s Jayden 3 months ago

      4 years

    • Irfanmib07
      Irfanmib07 5 months ago

      And this is a 2 years ago comment

    • superior.gamez999
      superior.gamez999 6 months ago

      It's already been 4 years and they still haven't released it

  • Pythonetta 777
    Pythonetta 777 2 years ago +256

    “We don’t want to seperate the community just because of graphics”
    *1 week later*
    “Announcing the new rtx exclusive shader”

    • YouTutor
      YouTutor 11 months ago

      @Edgy O-Wolf Not just that, RTX cards specifically. Ray tracing has been shown to be able to run on any GPU, NVIDIA just writes code that limits RTX to certain graphics cards.

    • Heroninja112
      Heroninja112 Year ago +2

      @Al Coholic pcs of similar specs can often cost the same or less then a console. lets not forget that consoles will also charge u a somewhat large monthly subscription just for access to multiplayer meanwhile consoles dont even get mods or any of the pc exclusive games

    • Al Coholic
      Al Coholic Year ago +1

      @Heroninja112 imagine being so rich you think normal people can buy PC's

    • Al Coholic
      Al Coholic Year ago +1

      @Heroninja112 gee maybe because we aren't rich

  • Schwaodin
    Schwaodin 2 years ago +552

    0:02 “Coming this summer”
    The developers at mojang should become stand up comedians

    • Jack Rainey
      Jack Rainey 4 months ago

      @J0s714 Wild update is this summer😭😭

    • J0s714
      J0s714 7 months ago +2

      I see a pattern here..
      *"Coming this summer!"*
      *Super duper graphics gets delayed*
      *"Coming this summer!"*

    • MrS_4 :D
      MrS_4 :D Year ago +1


    • FurbeeE
      FurbeeE Year ago +1

      @Lolgamer_102 xd I- what also whibth hell plays Roblox over Minecraft

    • CottageClad
      CottageClad 2 years ago +2

      they should volunteer to be the main act of the circus cause the clownery is strong with this one

  • Teufortimus Prime
    Teufortimus Prime Year ago +74

    You may have released rtx mojang, but we’ll never forget your broken promise!

    • blanchbacker
      blanchbacker Month ago

      Mojang didn’t even make Minecraft RTX, nvidia developers did the work for them

    • Advent
      Advent 4 months ago +1

      @flaming skull me looking for the person who asked

    • flaming skull
      flaming skull Year ago +6

      At the beginning you can see a old minecon cape on a different player skin not a steve skin 0:26

  • ValzicPlayz
    ValzicPlayz 10 months ago +11

    love how the Super Duper graphic pack was cancel bc it couldn't run on all platforms so Mojang decided to work on RTX that can't work on 95% devices. Big brain Mojang at it again.

  • Wither Lord
    Wither Lord 2 years ago +234

    01:09 after hearing that the pack got cancelled, idk why but hearing that music gives me chills

    • Panzer Of The Lake
      Panzer Of The Lake 26 days ago

      @Yuri Its the bedrock one that got official rtx tho

    • Sam Smith
      Sam Smith 2 years ago +1

      "the dreams that never came true..."

    • Yuri
      Yuri 2 years ago +9

      Atleast the java has ray tracing now

  • Deer
    Deer 2 years ago +4

    Omg this is gonna look sick! I can’t wait for this to come out!

  • RepsUp100
    RepsUp100 2 years ago +2137

    They canceled this project, shame on Mojang.

    • RoUx
      RoUx 7 months ago

      @TheMilkman how exactly?

    • M. Ostrowski
      M. Ostrowski 8 months ago

      @Mizutrie are your standards so low that you support announcing things that might never come causing years of wasted anticipation?

    • hi_zack77
      hi_zack77 8 months ago

      RTX: let me introduce myself.

    • KarwanTDS
      KarwanTDS 8 months ago

      @RD yeah I think they should upgrade if maybe use unreal engine

    • Mr. Sauce 101
      Mr. Sauce 101 9 months ago

      @Bluevolt 20 help me do it on PS4 then since it’s also on bedrock

  • Sydical
    Sydical 11 months ago +7

    I remember being so stoked for the graphics. Now I got modded Java and don't gotta rely on mojang anymore.

    • Dang
      Dang Month ago

      They are as reliable as a fence made of jelly

  • Oliver.
    Oliver. 2 years ago +2

    This looks pretty cool! Can’t wait for this fall

  • BraNsS
    BraNsS 2 months ago +4

    Super Duper graphics on ps5 and xbox series x can perfectly run this, this project should come to light because it would be possible now in the middle of 2022

  • Hero
    Hero 2 years ago +23

    Mojang 2019: Super duper graphics pack cannceled
    Also Mojang 2019: announce Nvidia ray tracing for Minecraft

  • Angry
    Angry 2 years ago +3

    I love the song they used, Justice doesn’t get enough recognition

  • Lost_Places _Global
    Lost_Places _Global Year ago +7

    10.000.000 views now... this has to mean something now...
    Dear Mojang and Microsoft team...
    Atleast release a „Lite“ version of the super duper graphics for console...now...
    We only need that first on console to feel completed...

  • L_back
    L_back Year ago +1

    By far, in my opinion this is the best Minecraft trailer so far. It’s just so mesmerising and epic!

  • BraNsS
    BraNsS 2 months ago +3

    Super Duper graphics on ps5 and xbox series x can perfectly run this, this project should come to light because it would be possible now in the middle of 2022

  • J.C. Jones
    J.C. Jones 2 years ago +85

    Mojang: *postpones this for two years, then cancels it*
    Me: "cha cha real smooth"

  • Min432g
    Min432g 2 years ago

    The super duper graphics pack actually looked really good. I'm actually sad that they canceled it.

  • James
    James Year ago +6

    “Coming this fall” they said, “coming to the marketplace” they said, “4K” they said... letting us down is what they did.

    • Archivalrhino 0
      Archivalrhino 0 Year ago

      Yea because the mojang team couldn’t do it. The Xbox one x they promised it on couldn’t run the very thing people bought it for

  • Jack Rainey
    Jack Rainey 5 months ago +2

    The biggest disappointment from Mojang ever. I would of loved to see 1.18 lush caves in this version. Help me Mojang Studios, you’re my only hope. Please just release this before 2025, pretty please?

  • Reno
    Reno 2 years ago +44

    Mojang: *cancels super duper graphics pack*
    Also Mojang: *Makes the super duper graphics pack with a different name*

    • Prince Jugali
      Prince Jugali Month ago


    • Diridibindy
      Diridibindy 9 months ago

      @Viztiz can you prove it? All the official documentation states that you need a GPU with RT cores

    • Diridibindy
      Diridibindy 9 months ago

      @Viztiz You cannot use RT in bedrock without an RTX card.

    • Diridibindy
      Diridibindy 9 months ago +1

      @Viztiz Dude, Minecraft bedrock's ray tracing implementation is specifically RTX.
      Also you replied to a 2 year old comment

    • Diridibindy
      Diridibindy 2 years ago +4

      @Мади Тургунов Ikr

  • Roni._.gaming
    Roni._.gaming 10 months ago +5

    Im stil waiting for this master piece

    ECKOSOLDIER 5 years ago +315

    So amazing :o

  • Vicente T Lopez G
    Vicente T Lopez G 2 years ago

    I think the Super Duper Graphics pack had the potential of giving this game even a third life. Im really sad they stoped working on it, i feel like they will regret this decision

  • BraNsS
    BraNsS 2 months ago +4

    Super Duper graphics on ps5 and xbox series x can perfectly run this, this project should come to light because it would be possible now in the middle of 2022

    • Dang
      Dang Month ago

      It would be possible but do they care? NO LOLLLLLLLL

    • Lemmy
      Lemmy Month ago


  • Computerneun Commawang

    Press F for the pack
    You were the Greatest pack we've ever expected

  • LeFouDuQuebec
    LeFouDuQuebec 2 years ago

    The studio explains that this update has proved "technically too demanding" and explains its decision to put an end to the development unfortunately, we are not satisfied with its performance on the different platforms. That's why we're suspending development and looking for new ways to discover Minecraft

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez 7 months ago +2

    The fact this was going to be on a console and now we got nothing for it bothers me, these new gen consoles can handle so much more

  • emmanuelito18
    emmanuelito18 7 months ago

    Recuerdo que mojang dijo que harían los super duper graphics pack, pero nunca los hicieron que porque falta de tiempo y problemas técnicos relacionados con la xbox one x, sigo pensando que hubieran visto geniales, espero algún día mojang haga su porpio super duper graphics pack con el RTX actual.

  • Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 2 years ago +56

    They played us like a damn fiddle..

  • dragonslayer h2
    dragonslayer h2 Year ago

    Bro they need this to make the game more beautiful I remember when this first came out and I was excited but then it got canceled 😭

  • TeraBrite Games
    TeraBrite Games 5 years ago +505


  • Lost_Places _Global
    Lost_Places _Global Year ago +2

    A more limited edition compared
    to the original duper duper would had been the proper solution instead of just canceling a project that millions of people looked up to...

  • Pacosaur _
    Pacosaur _ 2 years ago +1

    They have a very small team of less than possibly 5 people reworking the rendering engine to bring us the Render-Dragon (New Render Engine) so then they can actually get this to work!

  • AdrianTortilla1
    AdrianTortilla1 7 months ago +2

    I hope one day they revisit this project and finish it

  • Sprite
    Sprite Month ago +7

    Mojang: Hey we got this upgrade for xbox one x and high end pcs
    Mojang: Hey we cancelled it because it didint run well on mobile, low end pcs, switch, and the base xbox one and ps4, devices we didint even make this for

  • UnderMations
    UnderMations 2 years ago

    I’m so mad this was canceled, they need to bring this back as some point

  • VStyx
    VStyx Year ago +4

    My hearts still mourns such a terrible loss, we waited so long 💔 😔

  • Nexus Plays
    Nexus Plays Year ago +9

    Plot twist: super duper graphics pack is actually RTX

  • ej1033
    ej1033 2 years ago

    This is now a reality. AMAZING!

  • Jacob
    Jacob 5 years ago +321

    Most players dont realise how graphic intensive the super duper graphics will be. Have fun playing on 10 fps

    • Chitra Raviraj
      Chitra Raviraj 4 years ago

      Jadeau ツ Haha my little brother has 4000$ Computer

    • Parrotturn
      Parrotturn 4 years ago +1

      most probably they have a mac

    • Eric Xu
      Eric Xu 4 years ago

      Jadeau ツ getting a i3?that's hard,they get pentium and celeron!!!

    • SooNej
      SooNej 5 years ago

      gibby g GG

  • Jesus 200
    Jesus 200 Year ago +1

    I think that this pack looks better than actual RTX

  • Odicey
    Odicey 2 years ago

    I honestly would've just appreciated better water textures or even better lighting

  • Flamingœ
    Flamingœ 2 years ago +1

    Community: So is super duper pack actually going to be realised?
    Mojang: *Well yes but actually no*

  • noeneon
    noeneon Month ago +4

    Bedrock edition is such a let down compared to Java.

  • Gmardy 90
    Gmardy 90 2 years ago +2

    I've been waiting for super duper graphics on Minecraft for a long time

    • Mr l3g3nd
      Mr l3g3nd 2 years ago

      Gmardy 90 that time you've waited wasn't worth it turns out

  • Coolghostleo 05
    Coolghostleo 05 Year ago

    This is an example that sometimes too ambitious stuff can’t be made. RIP Super Duper Graphics 2017-2019

    • Spy
      Spy Year ago

      Yeah even when it came out it wouldn't run well on ps4 or xbox one x.

  • Speedyrm372
    Speedyrm372 Year ago +3

    I know it was cancelled but I wonder if they would be able to do this on next-gen

  • Louie Stenner
    Louie Stenner 2 years ago

    I was really looking forward to this because the shader pack doesn't look too intense. When I use shaders my eyes start to hurt because everything is just too much ya know? I've been using Sildurs Enhanced Default which is nice but in my opinion isn't beautiful enough.

  • Koda
    Koda 10 months ago +3

    SDGP looks better than RTX imo
    "But you can just get it with mods!"
    Cool, and I do that, but it would have been better without having to mess with all that

  • Joshua van Vulpen
    Joshua van Vulpen 2 years ago

    I love how they showed every console at the crossplay part except for PlayStation.

  • Eric Bedrosian
    Eric Bedrosian 2 years ago

    It’s disappointing to know that we aren’t getting the super duper graphics pack anymore

  • Nico
    Nico Year ago +3

    I like how they spent all this money on the resources and musical trailer just for it to get canned.

  • X Progo
    X Progo 2 years ago

    I still want to see this shader this looks great

  • Vanilla
    Vanilla Year ago

    It should be easily fable now especially with the upcoming next gen console.

  • Julian Cruz
    Julian Cruz 5 months ago +1

    Revive this pack for the new consoles!

  • apostolis anastasiou
    apostolis anastasiou 2 years ago +6

    When the marketing department decides to advertise something that they have no idea if it's even possible to do in the first place, this happens ...
    *Minecraft super duper texture pack won't ever be released, as it was announced* . That's why you should listen to your programmers more.

  • Dillon Laishram
    Dillon Laishram 5 years ago +36

    Now I am excited to go back and play Minecraft! Good job Mojang and Microsoft for your hard work!

  • Fortnite Player
    Fortnite Player 3 years ago

    I don’t care if the super graphics pack isn’t finished just release it!

  • WindSweptYT
    WindSweptYT 8 months ago +3

    Hopefully they add it back for the new Xbox’s

    KAIZARK THE TITAN 2 years ago +2

    2017: it’s coming
    2018: still waiting
    2019: it’s not coming
    Also: 2019 new RTX shaders coming soon
    2021: that’s canceled too

      KAIZARK THE TITAN 2 years ago

      scuttle06 face it Minecraft will never get 4K

    • DaniFold
      DaniFold 2 years ago +2

      also 2021: new XTX shaders coming soon
      2022: no news
      2023: thats cancelled btw

  • SupaIsaiah016
    SupaIsaiah016 2 years ago +2

    This water surface looks so much better than the RTX water surface

  • JerenVids
    JerenVids 5 years ago +17

    That's actually really cool

    • Juniari Batuakik 🅔
      Juniari Batuakik 🅔 7 months ago

      Yeah its really cool....

    • Levi
      Levi Year ago

      @Hana BBY Plays about that...

    • Hana BBY Plays
      Hana BBY Plays 4 years ago

      I’m glad that your 😃 happy

    • A DoLLaR
      A DoLLaR 5 years ago

      JerenVids well but you understand that java version of thid game that was being created from 2009 will be destroyed? remember thousands of mods that will only work with java

    • Aphmau And Cry baby fan
      Aphmau And Cry baby fan 5 years ago +1

      JerenVids finally someone is happy about this

  • 100 subs without a video

    It looks WAY better than the new ray tracing thing 😭

  • XxxTakaji-KaixxX
    XxxTakaji-KaixxX Year ago +1

    And I bet Hytale would do a graphics pack and we would get a proper creator who lets us have the advancement of the shader
    After mojang cancelling the project
    Minecraft and Hytale are best friends but different

  • Jonjoe E
    Jonjoe E 2 years ago +2


  • Spy
    Spy Year ago

    I really hope this will come for the ps5 and xbox series x. Minecraft definitely needs an upgrade on console.

    • Galaxy
      Galaxy Year ago

      Don't take what I say as a fact, but Im pretty sure that this was only for people who purchased the Xbox One X. They are adding Ray tracing now but Im still not sure if PS users will have it aswell.

  • HoodieCrunch
    HoodieCrunch 5 years ago +19

    Finally I can now creat my builds with more detail and realistic objects in the world of minecraft and it's all a big thanks to Microsoft and The Mojang Team Thank you!

    EVILBUNNY28 Year ago

    Even though the pack is cancelled I hope Minecraft don't remove this video, because i love it so much

  • egamic
    egamic 2 years ago

    The more I watch the more I wish it came out

    • pascal
      pascal 2 years ago

      Buy an rtx vga.

  • Kurby
    Kurby 2 years ago +2

    Guys its not Mojangs fault,Microsoft is our true enemy. If Notch was still here, things would have been very different

  • Leuname_
    Leuname_ Year ago +2

    Me lembro da época que eu tava hypado achando que essa joça ia lançar

  • KingN3cr02
    KingN3cr02 5 years ago +27

    I'm so hyped for this!

    • Zetrahh
      Zetrahh 5 years ago +3


  • EvilScorbunny
    EvilScorbunny 2 years ago +2

    Mojang: we are going to have to cancel the Minecraft SuperDuperGraphics project due to too many resources which could mess with the software.
    Addon creators: there's not that many resources being loaded.
    RTX: Yeah im gonna have to agree with them on this one Mojang, if you need help and someone to do the job (Cough) Correctly (Cough!) just contact us if your in that position.
    Mojang:📞😓 AAARRRHHGG!
    OK we need your help.
    RTX: Alright¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Lets get to work everybody!
    My fingers: IM DONE TYPING!!!

  • Lraff120
    Lraff120 Year ago

    Let’s give them a crazy amount of credit for building and making all this

    • Jack Assets
      Jack Assets Year ago +1

      This package has been officially canceled, it will never be released.

    PSCRAZYPRO 2 years ago +48

    Y’all just thought we would forget about that super duper graphics pack update? Hmmm

    • резервный канал TimurC
    • James Macdonald
      James Macdonald 2 years ago +2

      Got canceled today.

    • Pacosaur _
      Pacosaur _ 2 years ago +1

      Yes, the Render-Dragon will be created and soon after will we get SDGP, they have a super small team working on it!

    • Arshenio
      Arshenio 2 years ago +2

      @PSCRAZYPRO as bad as they're handling this, they have.
      Il tell you what I've heard in case you haven't but they're writing a whole new engine and it's gonna be called the render dragon, that's what i heard from ibxtoycat i think

      PSCRAZYPRO 2 years ago +2

      Arshenio Kempes well, they never made any follow ups to it so...

  • RezkiGamingID
    RezkiGamingID 10 months ago +3

    even though I really wanted the graphics but they were canceled, I was disappointed with Mojang

  • Christian
    Christian 5 years ago +16

    Awesome, cant wait for it

  • Raxnm
    Raxnm 2 years ago

    Can I just go to the universe where this actually got released already?

  • liamburlingham
    liamburlingham 2 years ago

    You don’t even understand how disappointed I was when I found out the Super Duper Graphics pack was canceled

  • C̸͙̆h̵̰̿a̶̲̳͑ó̶͖̌s̴̯̏́

    I like how I got this video in my recommended after I heard of the cancelation of the super duper graphics pack

  • Blubrrypi _
    Blubrrypi _ Year ago +1

    Damn it feels like yesterday that this was announced and it’s already been 3yrs

  • Dr. Richtofen
    Dr. Richtofen 2 years ago +3

    Rest In Peace Super Duper Graphics Pack June 11 2017 - August 13 2019
    We never got to experience it

  • Quip Gaming
    Quip Gaming Year ago +3

    The super duper pack looks way better tbh

  • Ilham Fatan
    Ilham Fatan 8 months ago +3

    Still cant believe that mojang cancel the super duper graphics packs!

  • Loyal Texas
    Loyal Texas Year ago

    Bring it back guys or at least make it so we can use shaders that will work

  • UnderMations
    UnderMations 3 years ago +259

    WHERE IS THE SUPER DUPER GRAPHICS PACK!!??? We’re literally been waiting for this for a year now. You’re making a lot of people really mad. You better release this soon and at least let us know when it’s ACTUALLY coming out!

    • ‎Coreforce
      ‎Coreforce 3 months ago

      i am so sorry..

    • Kian Moore
      Kian Moore 8 months ago

      @Ysox0 it got replaced by RTX

    • Ysox0
      Ysox0 Year ago

      It's never coming out...

    • yung spinach
      yung spinach Year ago

      Dude, RTX, Raytracing, and Shaders are available now.

    • Nozomi-Kun 07
      Nozomi-Kun 07 Year ago

      Actually, it’s now three years

  • Mushyy
    Mushyy Month ago +4

    extremely disappointing to know that this is the second time they cancel something related to graphics improvement... Mojang disappointing again...

  • Boba Vhett
    Boba Vhett 2 years ago

    It may be cancelled but now I'm on PC and have the RTX update coming out which seem like basically the same thing and maybe they'll return to this project for console when the next gen consoles come out with better hardware

  • real paul dano
    real paul dano 2 years ago

    And now two years later, we have official rtx.

  • Mateusz Kaczmarek
    Mateusz Kaczmarek 2 years ago +5

    Minecraft Java players: We have optifine, shades, and texture packs
    Minecraft Bedrock players: We will have Super Duper Graphics Pa-
    Mojang: *Cancels Super Duper Graphics Pack*
    MC Bedrock Players: *Pikachu face*

  • Mario Lok
    Mario Lok 5 years ago +47

    Also can't wait for the shaders!

    • SebiPlayzGames
      SebiPlayzGames 5 years ago +1

      Jajaziel8amtz EVEN BETTER 4K

    • Cerebro Delictivo Car Club PS4 CHAPTER
      Cerebro Delictivo Car Club PS4 CHAPTER 5 years ago +1

      PopularCorn • Well I hope they make a 1080p shaders...

    • SebiPlayzGames
      SebiPlayzGames 5 years ago

      PopularCorn • xbox one will be able to play Hello Neighbor on ultra graphics so it should be able to run 4k mc

    • tubbyflatpack
      tubbyflatpack 5 years ago +1

      You won't ps4, xbox one, nintendo switch and maybe windows 10 edition will not have enough graphical horsepower to run 4k shaders

    • Hell Frosty
      Hell Frosty 5 years ago

      Mojang Forgot About Pocket And Win 10 Edition if Mojang Always Forget PE And Win 10 I Will Hate Minecraft Forever

  • Doccifer
    Doccifer 6 months ago +2

    it’s been 4 years since they canceled the super duper graphics pack may it Rest In Peace

  • Acosador sexual
    Acosador sexual 27 days ago +3

    Bring this and rtx to next gen minecraft