One Day At a Time: Season 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • The Alvarez family returns for season 3 on February 8, only on Netflix.
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    One Day At a Time: Season 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 1 104

  • John P
    John P 22 hours ago

    The show had its points but it was not cutting edge and at times adding zany and silly was just stupid and offending,. Being from a Hispanic family myself, I am Mexican and Greek, we could get stupid too but not like the situation comedy kind of stupid. Caricature's of any family let alone a Hispanic family helps nobody in this day and age. I am personally in love with
    " Gloria Estefan" she is my favorite artist. So I'm glad that it was canceled because I don't want to see her in a stupid role. She would have rocked the part of 'Connie Francis' but
    it didn't happen because Connie Francis is a psycho

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S Day ago

    Its canceled :(

  • Giovana Rocha
    Giovana Rocha 4 days ago +1

    netflix where's season 4??? i really need the s4 !!!1 Where is it???????

  • Ezudz
    Ezudz 4 days ago +1

    When will season 4 be coming?

  • Miss Slytherin
    Miss Slytherin 6 days ago

    Omg I totally freaked when I saw Melissa Fumero AND Stephanie Beatriz!!!

  • Gi Tif
    Gi Tif 6 days ago +1

    Pfv renovem, desistam de cancelar a série, ou sei lá vendam logo e esqueçam esse protocolo essa série n foi corretamente divulgada, por isso MTS n conhecem, mas quando alguém começa a assistir se apaixona, é uma série necessária, que trata de assuntos importantes de uma forma incrível e ela n pode acabar assim, do nada!!!! #saveODAAT

  • Comfy Mary
    Comfy Mary 6 days ago +1


  • lime gaming
    lime gaming 7 days ago +2

    I so disappointed why cancel the show I am so annoyed #saveodaat

  • Acting is My Religon

    Dear netflix its 2019 kindly stop giving that laughter affect its fucking overrated cant even watch good shows more than 20 mints coz of that... Seriously sucks stop acting like its 80's or 90's

  • urbanrose51
    urbanrose51 8 days ago +1

    I cannot believe Netflix canceled this incredible show

  • Lia
    Lia 8 days ago


  • Joy Martinez
    Joy Martinez 9 days ago

    hopefully this isn’t the last season😭

  • Samkit Vejani
    Samkit Vejani 10 days ago

    WE WANT SEASON 4!!!!

  • Lena Camenzind
    Lena Camenzind 10 days ago +1

    Why cancel this show, it is so great

  • Omar Boussaïd
    Omar Boussaïd 10 days ago +1

    Fuck you Netflix for cancelling this masterpiece of a show and renewing the crappy ones. Especially in this time were Disney and others are going to pull back content. It seems like I'll have less reasons in the future to renew my subscription.

  • Austin Fortuno
    Austin Fortuno 10 days ago

    Netflix made a horrible mistake cancelling One Day At A Time... I wish this show can find a new home at NBC or somewhere! 🙏#SaveODAAT

  • John A Steadman, III
    John A Steadman, III 10 days ago +1

    It's messed up this show it's not getting a 4th season to hate when shows like this don't get the attention it deserves

  • Stephen Aderinokun
    Stephen Aderinokun 10 days ago

    NETFLIX U HAD ONE JOB. Netflix is cancelled 🤮

  • Adriana G.
    Adriana G. 10 days ago

    Por favor 4ta temporada es una serie hermosa

  • vl0k
    vl0k 10 days ago

    One more season please?

  • Stephanie Rodriquez
    Stephanie Rodriquez 11 days ago

    Ugly pedoz and crap show run by ugly people and ugly hags and the ugly thin tranny hoe is lame

  • marylu Diosdado
    marylu Diosdado 11 days ago

    I can't believe this show is being cancel! 😕 I loved this show so much! Bring it back.

  • Delmi Cortave
    Delmi Cortave 11 days ago

    And now is cancelled😭😭😭 why it was so good and funny??!

  • Hanin M
    Hanin M 11 days ago

    This is really sad, they canceled the show and we are madds
    So here
    Netflix: Renew One Day At A Time for season 4! - Sign the Petition! via @Change

  • Oriana Trindade
    Oriana Trindade 11 days ago +2


  • carla
    carla 11 days ago +6

    You cancelled your best show 💔
    You made a mistake there.

  • A Gon
    A Gon 11 days ago +1

    Can't believe Netflix has cancelled One Day at a Time 😭😭😭 this was a beutiful show that had many elements to it from some serious issues and comedy. As mexican woman who was raised by woman this show really touched me. Which they would have came to a different conclusion...instead of investing on some crappy shows they still have on.

  • David Me
    David Me 12 days ago +3

    I know why it was cancelled now

  • sxperlexie
    sxperlexie 12 days ago +5

    can't believe this show is getting cancelled. i am so sad. such a beautiful show that cover endless important issues and shows how important family is, while other shows that show no impact on people are getting renewed. to the cast and everyone who worked on the show, thank you for everything.

  • weirdo since birth
    weirdo since birth 12 days ago +2

    And now you cancelled it....thanks

  • carla
    carla 13 days ago +5

    Renew this show!!!!!

  • William Sowell
    William Sowell 13 days ago +1

    Love this show hope to see more seasons to come.

    • Nick+
      Nick+ 11 days ago +1

      The Show Has Been Cancelled.

  • Justin Adams
    Justin Adams 14 days ago +2

    I just finished binge watching the whole show yesterday and it's my favorite sitcom in years. It addresses so many issues and I love it so much ❤️.

  • LexxLeo
    LexxLeo 15 days ago


  • Fama Seck
    Fama Seck 15 days ago

    Zhou xxfgmvvc. Bcc. Mom dad ,vnmmbnmnbmmb. Mob n,
    H my k nnbm n. B ,cm n,b nvm papa vnvxvn'b n B.B. Yes m k,mom. ..m,.m,m. .mbknb ,con,kfc

  • Lone Star
    Lone Star 16 days ago

    This show sucks. The writing is terrible and not funny. The only normal character is Penelope. Everyone else is either a moron or a stereotype. If i want to watch a show about a minority family. Ill watch reruns of Family Matters.

  • Abi Manalansan
    Abi Manalansan 17 days ago


  • laura
    laura 18 days ago


    • Nick+
      Nick+ 11 days ago

      too late

  • igor known
    igor known 19 days ago

    the best sitcom on netflix now! 💕

    LIGHT SABER 25 days ago

    Am I weird because I watched the whole season in one day

  • ray10b73
    ray10b73 26 days ago

    I'm hoping this gets renewed. Watched all episodes twice.

  • tori2dles
    tori2dles 27 days ago

    Please continue this show, NETFLIX! We need a season 4 & beyond! Such a fantastic show touching so many important topics, just like its predecessor!

  • Gloria Tovar
    Gloria Tovar Month ago +2

    I will watch more if you take it off from Netflix and put on the TV

  • zihuetlachtli
    zihuetlachtli Month ago +2

    why nobody call their bullshit on their face? this social justice propaganda shit? and beside it is fucking horrible

  • Michael Grayson
    Michael Grayson Month ago +3

    Rita Moreno is a comedic genius that has rightfully deserved every award she’s received. I wish my grandma was like Lydia 😭

  • Hammad Rizvi
    Hammad Rizvi Month ago

    0:46 I wasn't smoking,
    I WAS V A P I N G

    lmao. his tone when he said vaping. XD

  • Mariana Gobatti
    Mariana Gobatti Month ago


  • Zuleima Morales
    Zuleima Morales Month ago +2

    I need to season 4 😭😭😭

  • tori2dles
    tori2dles Month ago

    Yes, Brooklyn 9-9. BUT also love some other talent.
    Danny Pino shows up looking sooo diff than all the cop shows he’s been in thus far. Wow!
    Judy Reyes, as feisty as evs! Still miss *Scrubs.*
    And, of course, LOVE, LOVE Mackenzie Phillips from the original *One Day at a Time.*
    Hope they one day get Valerie Bertinelli on there, too.

  • Battled Feet ALDC
    Battled Feet ALDC Month ago +1

    I won't lie I have a huge crush on alex

  • Harvir Sapraj
    Harvir Sapraj Month ago

    i can't wait

  • Kimora Senay
    Kimora Senay Month ago

    I can't find one day at a time netfeix

  • SHRED! '
    SHRED! ' Month ago +1

    Hey Netflix if you add lego movie 2 and spider man into the spider verse in Netflix that will be so amazing!

  • Donny Cupid
    Donny Cupid Month ago +1

    One day at a time is not on Netflix for me

  • Larissa Tavares
    Larissa Tavares Month ago

    My favorite 💗

  • movie Master
    movie Master Month ago

    can't stand Elena!! or the actress

  • piponc
    piponc Month ago

    love this showww caramba la abuelita genial!!!!!

  • shazleen shahrudin
    shazleen shahrudin Month ago

    Dear Netflix you should put seasons like this maybe house of anubis pls if anyone agrees like pls

  • time2cclear
    time2cclear Month ago +2

    Is this entertainment or are they brainwashing you ? more of Netflix normalizing bad behaviors to make you think that this is how a normal modern family should act .... and they made it a comedy too. the zionist jews set the trends and they make you think this is what normal behaviors are. only 1 out of 100 people (the smart ones) that reads this comment will have a clue they will 'get' what i just wrote . The rest of you are just sheep and shows like this will get inside your subconscious and this will be considered normal behavior to you . Time 2 wake up ....or dont . your choice .

  • janette
    janette Month ago +1

    already watched the whole thing and now i'm rewatching 😭😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 favorite show ever! excellent season!!!

  • Richie Hopes
    Richie Hopes Month ago +3

    go easy Netflix, too many good shows to watch. Let's watch each show one day at a time... ;-)

  • edenoli erezon
    edenoli erezon Month ago

    The best TV's show ever!!!!!

  • Jareth The Goblin King

    Whats wrong with saying better whole? I think Syd is a very lovely-ooooooooh, now I see the wrong

  • let's talk about harry potter

    Penelope: Hufflepuff
    Elena: Slytherin
    Alex: Ravenclaw (FIGHT ME ON THIS)
    Lydia: Slytherin
    Leslie: Hufflepuff
    Schneider: Hufflepuff

  • Joop van Eijk - Slootweg

    The daughter is gay, I think we get that now.

  • Elias Lozano
    Elias Lozano Month ago

    What’s the music in the background?

  • Rei Rei
    Rei Rei Month ago +1

    Ok....who binged watched all of season 3 in one day? 😊

  • Rosrychaplet
    Rosrychaplet Month ago

    mini bar scene! not cheap enough m'ija! you go and get your own at the store!

  • ams khan
    ams khan Month ago

    This season is kinda depressing. It should’ve been more funnier. Instead it is going on a slo-mo style. Expected a bit more entertainer.

  • Not Urbiz
    Not Urbiz Month ago

    I like to show a lot I think has a lot of good points but they make the daughter so f****** obnoxious literally they make the story plot lines so f****** obnoxious about non-binary about lesbianism about you cant say nothing cuz the me-too movement it's literally a bunch of horseshit just make it a normal show we have enough of this social crap stuff down our throw on a daily basis come on.

  • stupid alone
    stupid alone Month ago +2

    this show is one of my favorite in netflix ☺️☺️☺️ so fun, so touching, so cute..

  • Star Swan89
    Star Swan89 Month ago

    I love this. I was born and raised in Cuba and I feel this is sooooooo accurate.

  • Franciele Rodrigues


  • Charlotte Driver
    Charlotte Driver Month ago

    Overall I like this show even though it is not "original'. But why does EVERY episode have to be a SJW sermon? Enough is enough.

  • Alice Palermo
    Alice Palermo Month ago


  • Marisol Sanchez
    Marisol Sanchez Month ago

    I finished the season and idk what to do with my life knowing Lydia is in Cuba. Season 4!!!!

  • Debbie C.
    Debbie C. Month ago +4

    I watched all of it in one day ;-;

  • Baby Shenron
    Baby Shenron Month ago +2

    I finished it in one day and I NEED MORE

  • サファイアLil shrimp

    See so many people complaining about how the show is forcing lgbt on them when one of the main characters is gay. THE SHOW IS SPECIFICALLY ABOUT THINGS LIKE THAT SO DONT WATCH THE FUCKING SHOW. Love the new season btw

  • Nichole Ong
    Nichole Ong Month ago +2


  • Koji 交
    Koji 交 Month ago

    bruh ong this show bout to die cuz of these lesbians 😂😂 it’s so terrible and irritating

    • サファイアLil shrimp
      サファイアLil shrimp Month ago +2

      No it's a great show in fact we need more like it...It talks about other things lots of people need to hear (you clearly could learn something from it) just because ur homophobic doesnt mean the show isnt amazing one of the main characters is gay and the show is based around lgbt so ofc its going to be talked about several times

  • Jaycie Smith
    Jaycie Smith Month ago +1

    Great programme, but only can watch so much. Sick of seeing or hearing daughters sexuality pushed into my throat and how Pen went to war. Life is a nightmare to others with nurse jobs etc, you dont have to be out in Afghanistan to experience sadness when sadness is at your front door. And, I dont feel the need to point out to every single bloody person I am straight, just to be accepted - who gives a shit really? You arent going to change peoples thoughts and most, as said dont give a shit. If your gay, straight or bi, noone cares, nor does the world need to hear your acceptance speech

    • Jaycie Smith
      Jaycie Smith Month ago

      +サファイアLil shrimp Re-read my comment then reply back.

    • サファイアLil shrimp
      サファイアLil shrimp Month ago

      Don't watch the fucking show you're basically saying u dont like the damn show. Other shows ur ass can watch. Oh yea and youre the only reason why they even need to make shows like this

  • I N S A N E ! ! ! !


  • Blue Blue.a
    Blue Blue.a Month ago

    Max??????? Please be in this season

  • John M
    John M Month ago +1

    This show deserves more seasons!

  • Mystical Lionn
    Mystical Lionn Month ago

    I just watched the 3rd season of One Day At A Time and i did not see that girl in it at all 1:21 unless I’m tripping or forgot

  • Vin. cy
    Vin. cy Month ago +8


  • Mommy and Matthew
    Mommy and Matthew Month ago

    Funny show but they seem Puerto Rican when they are not constantly mentioning they are Cuban.

  • PãoZinhu
    PãoZinhu Month ago +1

    Temporada e mais temporada e nd de trazer
    Boku No Hero dubladinho

  • ugly piece of crap
    ugly piece of crap Month ago +1

    Just binged the whole season,, missed some syd and elena scenes but other than that, amazing show

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M Month ago +1

    binged watched the entire season in one day and i don’t regret it

  • Joy Law
    Joy Law Month ago

    Hey can you please download a movie in Netflix called A monster calls and also The Lego Movie because my son and daughter has been waiting for it more than 5 months.


    i definitely believe that Schneider and Penelope are perfect for each other. I mean, i believe in a friendship between man and woman, but they are perfect for be a couple. They feel so comfortable and safe when they are together. With this season i confirmed.

    • its splastic
      its splastic Month ago

      Sadly they aren't together ;(

    • stupid alone
      stupid alone Month ago +1

      Jocelyn RODRIGUEZ GUERRERO agreeeeee!!!!! I can’t wait to watch them together

  • Al Yi
    Al Yi Month ago +1

    I watch the first two seasons each of them all in one day I got up in the morning and I smoked a joint and I couldn't stop eating next episode I love this show 8 totally totally gives me joy to watch these types of shows I've watched Full House Fuller house excuse me and I just stopped because absolute crap and Goofy and not realistic but this show is spot on this show talks about trama the show talks about everyday life things that happen to Latino and gay people and people living in Los Angeles

  • trystan avery
    trystan avery Month ago +8

    Watched all of Season 3 this morning and it did not disappoint. The only thing I dislike is having to wait another year for (hopefully) another season.

  • Jonathan Zamo'ra
    Jonathan Zamo'ra Month ago

    i finished watching season 3!!!!!!!!!

  • daniela martinez
    daniela martinez Month ago

    I just now watching season 3 does anyone else feel like it’s dejavú because I feel like I’ve seen these episodes. Lmao but ik I haven’t it so wierd

  • Raziel Dutra
    Raziel Dutra Month ago

    The Best!!!!!!!

  • •[MyArtShow]•
    •[MyArtShow]• Month ago

    Where’s season4