• Published on Dec 8, 2019
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Comments • 1 413

  • Visio
    Visio 12 days ago

    That’s why the poor mans fury left you dummy

  • Top Boy
    Top Boy 17 days ago

    Hahaha ben davidson gets dumped by billie joe and tyson fury loool

  • PW PW
    PW PW Month ago

    Ben"anybody who chooses to box well is a poor man's tyson fury "Davidson

  • Adam smith
    Adam smith Month ago

    Ben Davidson poor man's sugarhill steward

  • Shaun Gumble
    Shaun Gumble Month ago

    I like aj but Ben is right, poor mans fury..

  • LJ-B
    LJ-B Month ago

    I wonder what really happened between him and tyson. This was very recent and now boom Ben's gone

  • Ilyas ilyas
    Ilyas ilyas Month ago

    Ben Davison is not a boxing trainer but a personal trainer!!!

  • Rocket Andretti
    Rocket Andretti Month ago +1

    Now look at him no job. Trying to shit on Anthony Joshua now look. AJ never say nothing bad about these peoome but they always have things to say about him

  • rickardo patterson
    rickardo patterson Month ago

    Delusional!!! AJ got the win and £66,000,000 , no wonder you got fired, Tyson real and your fake, forget boxing and go on love island because your comments reveal your " problem" , 😂

  • Rico Kalam
    Rico Kalam Month ago

    Ben Davidson.... Just poor now lol

  • Rico Kalam
    Rico Kalam Month ago

    You just worry about keeping your fighters!

  • CatACor
    CatACor Month ago +1

    You’re fired!!!!! 😂🤣

  • Star Light
    Star Light Month ago

    I'm not a Fan of Fury at all but I admit there's no way AJ gets close to him...

  • Akram Ezzafzafi
    Akram Ezzafzafi Month ago

    Ben Davison is a clown.... Hater. It was a masterclass

  • d p
    d p Month ago

    Well that’s rich coming from the poor man’s version of nothing even close to Freddie Roach...

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago

    I don't think Joshua will fight like this in the future. I hope not. He will become boring. This style was only for this fight against Ruiz. Joshua will steamroller Fury. Fury simply doesn't have real knockout power. You take so much fear away when the opponent knows you are looking to win on points. Joshua will have no fear going into a fight against Fury. Prediction: Joshua wins round 3 or 4. Joshua is the most all round of the three. Wilder too wild. Fury lacks much power. Joshua can and has shown he can fight various styles depending on opponent.

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester Month ago

    Andy ruis is nothing like the boxing king of the boxing world tyson fury no1 simply the best in the world boom

  • J D
    J D Month ago

    Could he do what Joshua did? No!
    Tyson could fight just as good before he met square sponge Bob.

  • anw - 1
    anw - 1 Month ago

    Glad to see the support for AJ. He fought the right fight, not as good as fury would have fought but he's certainly not a one trick pony anymore 😂

  • Scott P
    Scott P Month ago

    This bloke is a complete knob
    I get the feeling he thinks he’s the star out of the fury camp

  • KDot Kris
    KDot Kris Month ago

    Fury was a poor man's AJ when he tried to knock out otto wallin.

  • Giant Joe
    Giant Joe Month ago

    I’m beginning to think this guy is a fake trainer, and that he is just a boxing fan like the rest of us, who has used his traveller connections to get a job with Fury, who clearly doesn’t need him to learn anything. Why isn’t he in the gym working with other fighters like other trainers who make a genuine living from this game? Fury has the Wilder rematch in 9 weeks and they not in camp yet. Is that because Tyson tells Davison how and when they gonna train, not the other way around? How has he got so much time to be out and about giving interviews, watching fights and continuously over-selling his only fighter? Something don’t smell right about this guy no more. 🤔

  • Gareth Roberts
    Gareth Roberts Month ago

    This guys shite, Big John will verify that !

  • SamDaWarriorsFan
    SamDaWarriorsFan Month ago

    Fury'll embarrass AJ if they fight and all his fans know it.

  • jamestoni
    jamestoni Month ago

    guess whos got the belts? lol and they wont come for them.

  • Nik Gnashers
    Nik Gnashers Month ago

    Not helping your popularity much with that interview Ben. Try STAYING HUMBLE like the champion says......

  • Rowan Morris
    Rowan Morris Month ago

    Wtf was that whistle.

  • Lee Benstead
    Lee Benstead Month ago

    A.J AKA The Running Man

  • john doe
    john doe Month ago

    the way joshua boxed against ruiz would give fury trouble, especially if fury is the one doing the chasing.the old version of joshua would be too stationary to knock out fury who would just dance around him like he did to klitchko. the question is now is if joshua can do the same against somebody with fury's reach, if he can then he rules the heavyweight division for the next 6 years.

  • Jay Man
    Jay Man Month ago

    AJ would beat Fury on points

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams Month ago

    Davidson is a puppet who licks furys baldy nugget

  • Gary Anwar
    Gary Anwar Month ago

    Ben ur a snail eater mate 😂😂

  • danielmarkfroggatt
    danielmarkfroggatt Month ago

    A disappointing and arrogant comment to make. Team Fury were quick to laugh at Joshua when he lost - they should give credit where it is due now, after a classy performance from AJ.

  • grayed
    grayed Month ago

    Jealousy is a horrible trait my friend

  • Ian Anthony
    Ian Anthony Month ago

    I say fury would get dropped within 5 rounds. AJ ain't gotto be weary about being on the inside with pillow fists. He'd get the Lions Den uppercut and down goes lanky knees.

  • Clayton Björk
    Clayton Björk Month ago

    Good win for Joshua... Tyson Fury mucks around a little bit too much in the ring sometimes,it cost him a knockdown and decision in the Wilder fight..i think maybe he needs to take the next fight a little more seriously and stop the clown act or he may go to sleep this time

  • Thomas Noctor
    Thomas Noctor Month ago

    Fury and Wilder are the two best heavyweights in the world

  • scanlon97
    scanlon97 Month ago

    You people in the comment sections are worse than aids bruv, you jump ship and bandwagons like the wind. Bens interviews after Tyson’s wins are all “best trainer on the planet” “So talented for such a young trainer”. The geezer gives his opinion on a Tyson rival and now you all hate him? He never disrespected Joshua in the slightest, Tyson’s genuinely a boxer & AJ is genuinely a knockout artist.

  • uldons37
    uldons37 Month ago

    He is telling the truth.

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox Month ago

    This guy is a tit,he thinks he's the best trainer in the world,tyson gets hit more since he joined up with him Peter fury done all the hard work with Tyson and this twat tries to take all the credit.......while flicking that stupid haircut about.

  • joe hayes
    joe hayes Month ago

    No one heard the not in a nasty way then? Because Joshua found his jab for once he’s actually right, Tyson still beats AJ every day of the week

  • punchesinbunches
    punchesinbunches Month ago

    Not sure why aj can never get his dues.
    Before he lost he had no movement he is a muscle bound robot.
    He has a bad night and looked like shouldn't have been there at all and he got beaten- he's done he is a rubbish boxer can't move.
    Under all the pressure he comes back and absolutely boxed ruiz head off. He did everything right and now oh its boring how big was the ring ruiz weight lost it. Fuck me pay him his dues he was a ring general and if you can't see it you shouldn't be commenting as you know zero

  • Ricky Downing
    Ricky Downing Month ago

    When your salty because Joshua just played a perfect fight, very similar to fury

  • Kelvin Rogers
    Kelvin Rogers Month ago

    Looking at the comments I think he's made himself look like a right plonker there

  • Fay Ahmad
    Fay Ahmad Month ago

    Considering fury is a pikey that’s a big diss

  • Jamie Hunter
    Jamie Hunter Month ago

    ben - face the fact your hairline is going back further and further every week. growing it wont stop you receding

  • mehmet bekir
    mehmet bekir Month ago

    Not in a nasty way but what belts has fury got?

  • Stephen Thompson
    Stephen Thompson Month ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Poor mans fury , do me a fucking favour pal. Otto Wallin ? Tom Schwarz , who was the seventh best heavyweight in Germany and hadn’t beat one ranked fighter by the way , 2 fucking pub doorman on his warm ups oh and outboxed the worst ever heavyweight champion in hotdog wilder who has beat complete bums and one old man ! Your fighter fury is the most overrated heavyweight I’ve ever seen , he couldn’t knock the skin off a rice pudding 🤣

  • David Ward
    David Ward Month ago

    A big ring?it was 22 ft square just like in the uk!!!

  • Ragnar Klavan
    Ragnar Klavan Month ago

    Grown men acting like bitter jelous school girl is just embarrassing

  • Ragnar Klavan
    Ragnar Klavan Month ago

    How long has it been since the invisible belt champ actually had a belt??

  • Brighty
    Brighty Month ago

    Was he watching the same fight. No way was that 50/50. AJ was all over him. Ruiz barely got in a few good shots

  • Asadel H.
    Asadel H. Month ago

    Bruh Tyson aint even accomplished half of what Josh has, and unlike Tyson, Josh can actually inflict damage on his opponents, and not get his eye busted open by a cherry picked opponent😉

    • Angel tonny
      Angel tonny Month ago

      @Asadel H. My entire reply got deleted so all I'll say is that Fury isn't mentally weak, mental heath is a real thing and that you should go watch the Joe Rogan MMA podcast with Tyson Fury. Also I don't hate AJ I think he's a exceptional boxer and I can't wait to see who will win out of the big three. I don't necessarily back any of them and I think all of them have had a right to be called Champ.

    • Asadel H.
      Asadel H. Month ago

      @Angel tonny Yeah, and then got stripped of them for being a wuss and falling into alcholism and drug abuse. Just goes to show how mentally weak Fury is. He went into depression because he felt his life has no meaning after winning those titles lmao. And moreover, Josh got the belts one by one, and Fury just got them all in one fight over Klitschko. And AJ has a way better resume than Fury does, he doesnt cherry pick his opponents because he knows he can walk all over them. And as for getting KO'd, what did he do? Took an immediate rematch and absolutely schooled Ruiz, whereas Tyson, pulled out of the Klitschko rematch. Stop overhyping him, HW boxing requires alot more than just being slick.

    • Angel tonny
      Angel tonny Month ago

      No he gets KO'd instead. Fury held the exact same titles in 2015 and did it more convincingly than Joshua. I have respect for both and I believe that Ben Davison just miss spoke. You can tell by the way he hesitated.

  • ash hamnett
    ash hamnett Month ago

    Ben Davidson you should get behind a fellow brit and congratulate him on bringing the belts back to the UK Joshua's resume pisses all lover Tysons & Wilders combined you are a poor man's David Beckham

  • chief brody Robertson

    Aj done very well but let's be honest fury beats him and beats him bad

  • 1best Partyman
    1best Partyman Month ago

    I agree but I did not think aj could do that...poor mans tyson fury yep but it worked,,,,, He would not get a win against fury doing this ..I heard Hearn calling fury's kilch win boring fight but this one from AJ Ruiz is ' a masterclass ' ... The mans deluded... . Fury still clearly better than AJ though he is improving ...If Fury bears Wilder AJ is a much easier fight in my opinion at the moment. Anyway Im off to read my hero's autobiography behind the mask - my Christmas present to myself.. Ps I might be bias here but I think that win or lose any fight Fury is the undisputed champion boxer of my generation... The biggest fights are not the ones he has won in the ring....respect

  • Anyname willdo
    Anyname willdo Month ago

    AJ a laughing stock now, he gonna fight pulev then uysk, ducking the real heavyweights Fury and Wilder, loses all respect if he doesnt press ahead for a wilder fight or Fury.

    • Anyname willdo
      Anyname willdo Month ago

      @Angel tonny Tbh he had no where else to go, if he didnt rematch him he was finished, the way in which he fought makes me question it, And the fact that he couldnt take the shots in the first fight, he certainly wont be able to take the punishment wilder or fury will dish out, 1 has way more power than him and other could box rings around him blindfolded.

      Usually id agree and say the promoters aswell but in this case id say its mutually accepted you wont see Aj kicking up much fuss.

    • Angel tonny
      Angel tonny Month ago

      @Anyname willdo If AJ has the heart to do an immediate rematch against a guy who dropped him 4 times then my gut feeling says he has the heart to fight anyone.

      Personally, I think its the promoters getting in the way of things rather than fighters ducking each other.

    • Anyname willdo
      Anyname willdo Month ago

      @Angel tonny If the moneys right there is plenty of ways around mandatorys, he is delighted he has mandatorys to fight instead of losing to wilder or fury which he 100% will after watchin his last 2 fights.

    • Angel tonny
      Angel tonny Month ago

      It's a mandatory fight though so he's not really ducking.

  • Olaredo
    Olaredo Month ago

    So Tyson Fury invented that style? Delusional

  • Noor Muktar
    Noor Muktar Month ago

    It looked like Ruiz was the Challenger.

  • Michael Rowley
    Michael Rowley Month ago

    Joshua would destroy fury if the stupid fool turns up and fights like he did in his last fight fury was almost beaten by a no hopper fury mot that good just a silly show off who almost got caught by wilder and if fury cant beat a toe rag like wilder I'll eat my hat wilder first heavyweight champion I've seen for a long time I think joshua beats both with ease